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  • Alisa Lindsay
    Title: Here There Be Monsters Authors: Stormwolfe and Tinhutlady E-mail: Stormwolfe@mindspring.com and Tinhutlady@yahoo.com Rating: R, story contains violence,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 14, 2004
      Title: Here There Be Monsters

      Authors: Stormwolfe and Tinhutlady

      E-mail: Stormwolfe@... and Tinhutlady@...

      Rating: R, story contains violence, strong language, and suggested sexual

      Based on the novelization of the movies, particularly X2, therefore Jean did
      not die.

      Summary: As for a summary, let's see, we've got aliens, mutants, the
      military, and evil scientists. How on Earth are we going to peg this? I
      mean, what more could anyone ask for? (Grins)

      Notes Stormwolfe: I realize that there are many Predator and Predator VS
      Alien novels on the market. I have not read them. Most of the basic
      information regarding Predator was taken from the two movies. The names,
      background on his culture and society, etc. were completely fabricated to
      suit this story.

      Notes from Tinhutlady: I'm so glad Stormwolfe offered me the chance to work
      with her on this. It has been a blast! I love action scenarios like this and
      she really let me have a go at it. Many, many thanks to you, lady, and to
      LaDonaJ_Rose (Rabbit); you two are wonderful.

      Category: Crossover/Alternate Universe. The X-Men characters are portrayed
      as closely to canon as set down by the various Marvel comic universes,
      cartoons, and movies. However, artistic license has been taken where needed.

      Disclaimer: The X-Men and the X-Men movies are the properties of Marvel
      Comics, Inc. and 20th Century Fox Studios. Predator belongs to 20th Century
      Fox. No copyright infringement intended in any way.

      Dedication from Stormwolfe: To LaDonaJ_Rose for superb beta'ing as always
      and just being a Rabbit. Wolverine6Claws (for help with a particular scene,
      thanks sugar) and X-MenLoganFan for test reading, input, general support,
      and just being friends. Last but far from least, Tinhutlady - for taking on
      this project and putting so very much into it! What a blessing to have such
      wonderful friends and writing companions.

      Here There Be Monsters


      From the vast darkness of space, a battered scout ship slipped into orbit
      around the blue-white orb of Earth. The ship belonged to one of the aliens
      called Predators by those few Humans who had encountered them and lived.
      Indeed the creature's race or even his personal name could not have been
      pronounced by anyone living on the sunlit planet below. In the Human
      language known as English, his name was K'Ha'Lon-ka. The 'Ha would be
      pronounced with a series of clicking noises and the Lon-ka part of the name
      involved a purring sound and another sharp click. Roughly translated, his
      name meant Strong Warrior of the Fading Sun. His clan lived on the small
      world in his star system furthest from the larger of the two suns. They had
      survived in the harshest of the climates that their system worlds offered.
      K'Ha'Lon-ka's clan were extremely fierce and proud creatures even for
      Predators. They were survivors.

      K'Ha'Lon-ka had lost mating rights with his chosen female, which was why he
      was making the journey to this infamous blue planet. M'AG'Na-rk,
      Still-Strong Warrior, had brought back many more kills from the Hunt this
      past season than had K'Ha'Lon-ka, so K'Ha'Lon-ka had gathered the
      information needed to best his rival. Although Earth was usually far too
      cold for his species, a predictable wobble in its orbit, coupled with
      strange weather patterns promised to bring the heat needed for him to
      survive. It offered K'Ha'Lon-ka the opportunity of a once-in-a-lifetime
      Hunt; a Hunt he desperately needed. Kills and trophies brought back from
      Earth, particularly Human kills, held far more prestige than bounty taken
      from any other planet. Humans were 'smart prey'. They had the intelligence
      to fight back and sometimes they even won. This added danger increased his
      personal risk therefore increasing the value of the treasure he would bring
      back and K'Ha'Lon-ka felt sure that he could reclaim his place with ease.
      GA'V-Ri-la, Clan is My Strength, would be sure to take him at the next
      Choosing. Thus focused on his musing, K'Ha'Lon-ka did not see the cluster of
      air vehicles coming his way.

      The sensors of his ship, directed toward the planet's surface to locate a
      good landing area with abundant prey, did not alert him to the possibility
      of danger. Thus, the first warnings indicating trouble were far too late in
      coming. The small group of fighter airplanes, developed specifically for
      this purpose, had the Predator's ship in range and in weapons lock within
      seconds. Laser-type beams lashed out, penetrating the shields on
      K'Ha'Lon-ka's ship and damaging the propulsion system. The second wave of
      laser blasts left him only enough control to keep from burning to a crisp in
      Earth's atmosphere. The final salvo cut into him personally, causing him to
      roar with pain.

      Far below K'Ha'Lon-Ka, on the planet's surface, a man, garbed in the uniform
      of the United States military, smiled coldly as he watched the brief air
      battle through his Army issue binoculars. If they could just bring it down
      alive, he thought to himself. He needed it alive.

      - - -

      According to all news and weather reports, this summer would be the hottest
      on record in many years. Logan certainly agreed with the reports. At least
      it was sweltering in the state of New York. He glanced at his companion only
      to note that the other man was equally hot, sweaty, dirty, and exhausted.
      Moreover, he and Scott still had three more of the winter's deadfall trees
      to clear from one of many trails that wound through the estate's grounds.
      Hiring a tree-cutting service would save them the headache of being out in
      the heat, but both men preferred doing the work themselves. Less chance of a
      security breach that way.

      Logan looked from Scott toward the back of the mansion. A tall, beautiful
      woman with flowing silver-white hair was walking in their direction,
      carrying a wicker basket over one arm. Logan smiled as she reached them and
      offered bottles of cold water and sandwiches from the basket. Her answering
      smile was cool and mirrored only slightly in the ice blue depths of her
      eyes. He sighed as Ororo Munroe moved away to speak softly to Scott, warmth
      and friendship for the other man apparent in her throaty voice. Despite the
      weather service's prediction of a hotter than normal summer, Logan felt it
      turn ice cold.

      - - -

      Dr. Augustus Stryker looked at the thick manila file folder that lay on his
      desk. It was marked 'Classified, Top Secret' in large, bold red letters
      across the front. The papers in the file told the story of one Major 'Dutch'
      Schaeffer and the fate of his last command. Frankly, Stryker thought, the
      story was preposterous. The well-dressed man seated in his visitor's chair,
      however, assured him otherwise.

      The beginnings of hope for his plan stirred in Stryker's brain, but he kept
      a tight reign on his emotions. It would not do to act prematurely. For so
      many nights, he had outlined the ways and means of executing vengeance upon
      those who had wronged his family's name. Here, on his desk, was the
      potential for restoring his family's name and honor, as well as bringing a
      cold-blooded murderer to justice. If, as this man claimed, the military had
      in their possession one of the alien Predators that had so easily destroyed
      Schaeffer's rescue team, he at last could see a means to avenging his
      brother's premature death. That they wanted to experiment on the alien to
      create a superior warrior was a given, even though it had not yet been
      mentioned. They would need his research as they had needed his brother's,
      any child could see that. What they did not know was that he was way ahead
      of them on a better use for the alien. He watched the man in front of him
      squirm in the chair and knew the military did not like asking outsiders for
      help; they preferred giving orders. Soon he would be in control, Augustus
      thought to himself. Once they revealed their plan, no matter what it was, he
      would consent to direct it to fruition. Now, he had to convince his guest
      that he required one thing to guarantee the success of whatever plan the
      military had. He needed the mutant known as Weapon X. Stryker would convince
      them to bring him the Wolverine.

      Stryker managed one of his most charming smiles, "Colonel McDaniel, this is
      an incredible tale. If it is true, I can see a multitude of applications for
      the research and I would indeed be interested in participating. I have a
      feeling though, that you have a more specific agenda in mind.Perhaps the
      result of Major Schaeffer's foray into that jungle has ignited the idea for
      a more military-minded product?"

      McDaniel surveyed the scientist with cold, dead-looking gray eyes, "That is
      true. Major Schaeffer rather adamantly declined our request for
      re-activation. It was the decision of my superiors not to press the matter
      with the man and to forge ahead without his input. Military applications are
      the primary focus. As you are probably aware, your brother was instrumental
      in.manipulating.mutant genetic engineering into more viable and aggressive
      uses for the Army. We plan to incorporate his research from Weapon X to
      produce an alien version of that.manipulation.which will create what we will
      term Weapon X2. Because of the technical knowledge needed for this
      undertaking we need a special kind of scientist. Your name, Dr. Stryker,
      came up almost immediately. What with the similarity of work that you and
      brother have accomplished and the unfortunate loss of your brother's life,
      we thought you would like to uphold his legacy." McDaniel tried to soften
      his voice in a vain attempt to convey sympathy for the loss of William

      Augustus smiled in feigned warmth and lowered his eyes for a moment as if in
      respect. Truthfully, the loss of his brother meant little to him
      emotionally. William was always a bit too passionate about things; a
      disappointing trait that fortunately Augustus lacked. The fact that someone
      out there had dared harm a Stryker should have evoked a malevolent hatred on
      his part, but Augustus only had a firm sense of duty; it required that he
      execute his older brother's murderer, nothing more. If the opportunity arose
      to make the killer suffer prior to its demise, that would be a bonus.
      Emotion would only cloud his ability to accomplish that task.

      William had always remarked that Augustus was too good looking to be very
      bright. In reality, each brother had to admit that the other was a genius in
      his own right. William looked for the faster route to scientific success,
      preferring to have the enormous resources of the U.S. and Canadian
      governments at his disposal. Augustus, never having the least bit of
      interest in the military, had headed down a different path, choosing to take
      his time and accumulate accolades and resources along the way. William
      mistook this circuitous path to mean that Augustus was lacking in ambition.
      His opinion of his younger brother had not changed even after seeing proof
      of Augustus' many accomplishments. William had died not realizing that his
      younger brother had become an immensely wealthy and powerful man, a man who
      played in the shadows of respectability just enough to pull strings that
      William could not have reached. Even as he dwelt upon the fact that his
      successes far exceeded anything that William ever hoped to accomplish,
      Augustus realized it was a moot point. William was dead and the Stryker name
      maligned due to both fiascoes at the Alkali Lake facility. It was up to
      Augustus to restore honor to the family name and bring the recognition to
      his work that William deserved. Augustus told himself that it would not
      matter, in the end, that his own name and achievements would far surpass

      "Colonel McDaniel, with the availability of the alien DNA.we, I'm sorry, I
      mean.you could realistically resume work on Weapon X with great success. It
      is apparent, due to the nature of my brother's death and where it occurred,
      that Weapon X is alive, well, and living somewhere, yes? If so, it would be
      an invaluable resource to have on hand should we proceed with your agenda."

      McDaniel narrowed his eyes. He completely understood what the other man was
      suggesting. Moreover, he liked the idea of bringing Weapon X back and
      forcing the creature to do the job for which it had been designed and

      McDaniel stood and offered his hand, "I'm sure we can come to a more than
      satisfactory arrangement. I'll be in touch as soon as we've completed the
      rest of our new facility and secured Weapon X."

      Augustus took the proffered hand and smiled, his own eyes more frigid than
      those of the Colonel. Colonel McDaniel felt a chill work its way down his
      spine as the other man said softly, "I look forward to working with you,

      Stay Tuned for Chapter 1

      Blessed be.... Alisa
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