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  • Alisa Lindsay
    Title: Here There Be Monsters Authors: Stormwolfe and Tinhutlady E-mail: Stormwolfe@mindspring.com and Tinhutlady@yahoo.com Rating: R, story contains violence,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 14, 2004
      Title: Here There Be Monsters

      Authors: Stormwolfe and Tinhutlady

      E-mail: Stormwolfe@... and Tinhutlady@...

      Rating: R, story contains violence, strong language, and suggested sexual

      Summary: As for a summary, let's see, we've got aliens, mutants, the
      military, and evil scientists. How on Earth are we going to peg this? I
      mean, what more could anyone ask for? (Grins)

      Story Notes: This story is based on the ending of the novelization of X-2,
      X-Men United. Therefore, Jean is not dead.

      Notes Stormwolfe: I realize that there are many Predator and Predator VS
      Alien novels on the market. I have not read them. Most of the basic
      information regarding Predator was taken from the two movies. The names,
      background on his culture and society, etc. were completely fabricated to
      suit this story.

      Notes from Tinhutlady: I'm so glad Stormwolfe offered me the chance to work
      with her on this. It has been a blast! I love action scenarios like this and
      she really let me have a go at it. Many, many thanks to you, lady, and to
      LaDonaJ_Rose (Rabbit); you two are wonderful.

      Category: Crossover/Alternate Universe. The X-Men characters are portrayed
      as closely to canon as set down by the various Marvel comic universes,
      cartoons, and movies. However, artistic license has been taken where needed.

      Disclaimer: The X-Men and the X-Men movies are the properties of Marvel
      Comics, Inc. and 20th Century Fox Studios. Predator belongs to 20th Century
      Fox. No copyright infringement intended in any way.

      Dedication from Stormwolfe: To LaDonaJ_Rose for superb beta'ing as always
      and just being a Rabbit. Wolverine6Claws (for help with a particular scene,
      thanks sugar) and X-MenLoganFan for test reading, input, general support,
      and just being friends. Last but far from least, Tinhutlady - for taking on
      this project and putting so very much into it! What a blessing to have such
      wonderful friends and writing companions.

      Here There be Monsters

      Chapter 1

      Ororo Munroe stared blankly at the results from the pregnancy home-test kit.
      She blinked once then backed up and carefully sat down on the edge of her
      bed. This only happened in bad romance novels, she thought. One-night stands
      just did not result in pregnancy. Ororo was not wildly sexually active, but
      took birth control precautions anyway. Her birth control implant was less
      than a year old and although she had only had spotting during her prior
      month's menstrual cycle, she had attributed that to an abnormally light
      period and the queasiness to stomach flu. This month, however, had passed
      without her normal cycle and Ororo knew her own body well enough to know
      that something was not right. There was still hope, though; home test kits
      were sometimes inaccurate. She prayed to her Goddess that this was the case
      this time. The next step involved having either Jean or Hank confirm the

      Try as she might, Ororo could not completely contain her emotions and
      thunder rumbled overhead. Her blue eyes clouded over and she allowed another
      ominous rumble of thunder before dismissing the tempestuous weather and
      pushing open the French doors to step out on the rooftop balcony. Wrapping
      her arms around herself, she stood staring into the distance, lost in

      After the incident at Alkali Lake, Kurt Wagner, the strangely beautiful man
      also known as Nightcrawler, had returned to Xavier's School for Gifted
      Youngsters with them. Though his religious and philosophical beliefs
      differed from Ororo's, she had found herself attracted to the man. His
      gentle spirit, wry and deprecating sense of humor, and boundless faith had
      offset their different beliefs. They had spent more and more time in each
      other's company and, for Ororo, it seemed inevitable that they would fall in
      love. She never dreamed that something both as simple and complex as
      different religious beliefs could part them. As she pressed for a more
      intimate relationship, however, Kurt turned to talking more about the

      In frustration, Ororo had questioned him regarding where he saw their
      relationship leading. With a great deal of sorrow in his beautiful, yellow
      eyes, Kurt had sadly told her that he saw no future for them. Nightcrawler
      respected Ororo's chosen beliefs but could not share them. He also realized
      that she could not put aside a lifetime of faith to embrace a religion that
      was almost alien to her.

      A few days after leaving her sitting in the garden, mute with disbelief that
      the man was going to let religion come between them, Kurt had left Xavier's.
      He had located an abbey deep in the Catskill Mountains whose brethren
      accepted and embraced mutant kind. Kurt promised to stay in touch and come
      back to teach as he completed his own seminary training.

      Thus, another romance ended for the Windrider. Ororo vowed to herself that
      it would be the last. She was through wanting a man in her life. She was
      Storm, Mistress of the Elements, the Windrider! She had once been worshipped
      as a living Goddess. Never again would Ororo Munroe allow herself to be so
      devastated by a mere man.

      These thoughts whipped through Ororo's mind as she stared out over the vast
      Xavier estate. From her balcony, she could see the lake and the dock that
      extended into it. Several of the students lay on the dock in swimsuits,
      sunbathing and enjoying the cool breeze by the lake. It was a great respite
      from the sweltering summertime heat. A movement at the edge of the forest
      caught her attention and her eyes narrowed.

      Leaving the shelter of the forest, the Wolverine walked across the rear lawn
      of the mansion. Halfway to the massive house, he stopped dead and looked up
      in her direction. For a moment, even from the distance, she felt their eyes
      lock, then he proceeded on toward the rear entrance. Ororo's hands gripped
      the wrought iron balcony railing as she followed him with her eyes. She did
      not release the breath she had been unaware of holding until he disappeared

      How was that man, of all men, going to take the news that he would soon be a

      - - -

      With so many adults around the mansion, it was inevitable that some of them
      would keep stashes of alcoholic beverages. Therefore, the Professor wisely
      had a cooler installed in the large pantry just off the main kitchen. The
      only unusual thing about it was the combination lock built into its door. To
      date, the lock and the cooler had both done their jobs. The cooler allowed
      the occasional indulgence by the adults in a wine cooler, glass of chilled
      wine, or beer. The lock kept the student body sober and in compliance with
      the law.

      Logan keyed in his combination to the drinks cooler and opened the door.
      With a shake of his head, he moved the bottles of pricey micro-brewed beer
      that Scott kept, to reach his own. Turning around he almost bumped into
      Scott, who was on a similar mission. Back in the kitchen, Logan lifted an
      eyebrow as Scott opened his bottle and poured the icy beverage into a
      chilled, glass beer mug.

      "How can you drink that stuff, Slim?" Logan asked, uncapping his own bottle
      and taking a long drink.

      "This is an excellent beer, designed and brewed by an exclusive brewery in
      Seattle, Washington. There are only one or two beverage stores that even
      carry it," Scott replied. "You should try one."

      Logan laughed and pointed at Scott's glass with his bottle, "It looks like
      pond water." He wrinkled his nose and sniffed, "Smells like it too."

      Scott grinned, "Shows how much you know." He raised the glass and took a
      healthy swig of the pale, golden-green liquid. In the next instant, he was
      choking and trying to spit the stuff into the sink inset in the kitchen
      island. "Tastes like pond water too," Scott said wryly. He poured the rest
      of the drink down the drain and returned to the beer cooler.

      Turning for the door to the outside, intent on relaxing on the patio, Logan
      called back, "DO NOT get one of mine, Junior!"

      Scott laughed as he joined Logan on the patio carrying one of the other
      man's Molson Canadian brand beers, "Consider it an education for me."

      Logan feigned a glare in the younger man's direction but did not object
      further. It was just another round in the never-ending cycle of games they
      played with each other. Scott stretched out in the next lounge chair and
      sighed. Even this late in the day, with the sun barely showing over the
      horizon, it was agonizingly hot. A few of the students sat around the
      Olympic sized swimming pool or floated on its cool surface. Most of them
      spent the day down at the lake where they could take advantage of a slight
      breeze and shade from the nearby forest. Even Logan had chosen a pair of
      khaki colored shorts and a loose sleeveless t-shirt rather than his usual
      blue jeans.

      Scott indicated the surrounding area with a wave of the hand; "Thank heavens
      the Professor chose to run only three days of classes a week for this
      session. I don't think any of us would have survived both the heat and a
      full load."

      Logan nodded, sharing his companion's sentiments. Fortunately, the X-Men had
      also had a considerable period of down time. Perhaps, he thought wryly, even
      the bad guys - mutants and humans alike - had taken the summer off to avoid
      the heat. Usually this amount of inactivity would have Logan climbing the
      walls. For now, however, he was as grateful for the quiet time as Scott was.
      The relentless heat was enervating.

      Logan opened his eyes as he heard Scott let out an 'umph' of discomfort. He
      had caught the scent of the lovely Jean Grey-Summers before she had reached
      them, but simply chose not to warn Scott that his wife was probably up to no
      good. Sure enough, Jean was sprawled across Scott's lap with his bottle of
      beer in her hand. In the moment it had taken him to readjust to her flopping
      into his lap, he had loosened his grip on the beer bottle. Using her
      telekinetic powers, Jean had snatched the bottle from his hand and was
      helping herself to its contents. Scott looked decidedly aggrieved at the
      whole situation.

      Logan chuckled, "That's what you get for snatching my beer."

      Jean winked, "That's right, Hon. Don't you have all that high priced.?"

      "Pond water," Logan interrupted. "What Slim has was obviously bottled from
      Old MacDonald's Stock Pond Brewery."

      Jean laughed and Scott attempted to frown, before he too grinned
      good-naturedly. Looking at Logan, he pretended to glare, "Ass."

      Logan responded without looking back at him, "Dick."

      - - -

      Ororo stood just inside the French doors that led to one of the mansion's
      large, rear patios. She had heard the exchange between Logan and her two
      friends and irrationally, wondered how the man could even consider joking
      around at a time like this. Ororo had just come from having her condition
      confirmed by Dr. Henry McCoy; she was, indeed, pregnant. She was also
      working herself into a good state of anger as she prepared herself for
      Logan's excuses and accusations.

      Taking a deep breath, Ororo pushed open the doors and stepped out on the
      patio. Walking over to where Logan, Jean, and Scott were sitting, she
      stopped near Logan's chair. In a voice sharp with annoyance she said,
      "Logan, I need to speak with you a moment."

      Logan tilted an eyebrow in surprise. Since the one night they had spent
      together, Ororo had limited speaking to him to only the necessary. 'Pass the
      salt' had become a long conversation for them. Swinging his legs off the
      lounge chair, he nodded toward the now vacant part of the seat, "Go ahead,

      If possible, the Windrider looked even more annoyed, "In private, Logan."

      Now decidedly curious, Logan stood up and put his empty beer bottle into a
      nearby trash container. Indicating with a small gesture of his hand that
      Ororo should lead off, he nodded at the other two X-Men and followed the
      Weather Witch off the patio. As they walked, Logan reviewed the last few
      days, wondering how he could have pissed her off since they rarely
      associated with one another. He chuckled to himself; since they both taught
      History it made for an interesting relationship.

      After Alkali Lake, he had watched Ororo fall for Kurt Wagner. As he observed
      their relationship unfold, Logan had found himself falling for her. Keeping
      in mind how recently he had thought he was in love with Jean Grey, he had
      kept his feelings to himself.and continued to watch. At that point, his
      friendship with Ororo had been light and easy. If she had confided her
      feelings to anyone after Kurt left, it was not Logan.

      Logan allowed his thoughts to drift back to the night two months previous
      when everything had changed.

      - - -

      Late on Friday evening Ororo encountered him in the foyer of the mansion
      talking to Rogue. The girl was pouting that she was not old enough to go to
      a bar with him and he adamantly refused to allow her to sneak in with him.

      Rogue looked at him archly, "I expect a decent night out when I hit
      twenty-one, sugar."

      Logan laughed, "Tell you what, darlin'.as soon as you're legal I'll take you
      out for a night you won't remember!"

      Rogue laughed, kissed his cheek, and headed toward the great staircase.
      Sometimes there was nothing like flirting with Logan to get the spirits
      up.even if you did not get what you really wanted, she thought.

      Ororo walked up to him, looking stunningly beautiful in her blue jeans and
      form fitting t-shirt, "She'll hold you to that, you know."

      "I'm sure she will." Logan grinned and leaned back against the wall and
      crossed his arms, "What about you, Goddess? Exciting weekend plans?"

      Ororo smiled slightly, "Not yet. Would you consider a stand-in date for
      tonight since your first choice is under age? I could use getting away from
      here for a few hours."

      Logan pushed himself off the wall, "I don't mind if you don't. Just going to
      Carver's. Shoot some pool, listen to music.that sort of thing."

      "Sounds like just the thing," Ororo said, smiling genuinely.

      The rest of the night would be etched indelibly in Logan's mind. Carver's, a
      favorite hangout, was crowded, but not so packed that they could not find a
      booth in the billiards room. They seated themselves and talked idly about
      their classes and the upcoming summer slowdown at the school. Once the
      server had taken their drink and appetizer order, Ororo indicated the pool
      tables with a wave of an elegantly manicured hand.

      "Teach me to play?"


      The next couple of hours passed with Logan teaching the usually aloof and
      serene Weather Witch how to shoot pool. She learned quickly and was
      surprisingly good so it was not a simple thing to beat her at the first real
      game they played. Ororo won the second game by sinking a particularly
      complex shot.

      Excited, she had spun around and launched herself into Logan's arms. The
      laughing, congratulatory kiss had changed rapidly to something far more

      That was the beginning. Logan had seen something he could not identify flash
      through Ororo's lovely blue eyes. Shortly after the kiss, he had allowed
      Ororo to lure him over to the 'country' side of the huge bar complex for
      dancing. They had danced, bodies close, to several slow country songs. Ororo
      had nursed her drinks throughout the evening and was not remotely
      intoxicated, yet still she was behaving in a manner inconsistent with what
      he knew of her. By the time they had finished a third dance, he was nearly
      incapable of coherent thought. Ororo had laughingly told him that she chose
      to dance to the country music that night because they played considerably
      more 'grope dance' songs than the other choices at Carver's.

      The next song played, a number called Black Velvet, had the kind of beat
      that invited 'dirty dancing'. As the song ended, Logan was nearly unable to
      breathe and Ororo was flushed and excited. The scent of desire on the
      beautiful Windrider was more than Logan could handle coupled with his own
      feelings for the woman.

      Neither of them spoke as Logan gathered up her jacket and escorted her out
      of the club. Stopping his Toyota SUV in Xavier's massive garage, he had
      turned to Ororo preparing to tell her that the night needed to end there. He
      had not counted on her wrapping her arms around his neck and kissing him
      passionately. His reservations regarding what was happening between them
      flew out the window in the wake of her kisses.

      Stopping frequently for heated kisses, they walked the trail down to the
      old, converted Hunting Lodge where Logan lived. Inside the door, Ororo had
      taken his keys from him and tossed them onto a table in the wide foyer,
      turning back to him and locking her blue eyes on his golden-hazel ones, she
      slowly and deliberately unbuttoned his shirt. As Ororo worked on the buttons
      of his shirt, Logan captured her lips in another kiss and began urging her
      to move backward into the great room. Ororo stopped moving as she felt the
      massive, soft leather sofa press against the back of her legs. Logan brushed
      her lips with his and only nibbled teasingly at her lower lip. Ororo swirled
      the top of her tongue against his upper lip as her nails lightly raked his
      chest, causing him to shiver slightly. As his tongue ravaged her mouth,
      Ororo let herself slide down onto the couch, pulling Logan with her.
      Briefly, sanity returned and Logan pulled away from the kiss.

      Looking down at Ororo, he started to speak when she reached up to place two
      fingers against his lips, "Don't. I want this. I need this."

      Logan surrendered as Ororo took control of the moment. Her scent and her
      every move told him that she did want him and need him. Logan bowed his head
      slightly allowing her to glide her hands through his thick hair, entwining
      the soft strands in her fingers. Ororo shifted slightly to allow herself the
      freedom to slip her hands from his hair to other things; his shoulders, his
      chest, his belly.seemingly needing to experience all of him at once.

      Logan's growl of desire rumbled softly, deep in his chest. Somewhere in the
      recesses of his mind, Logan felt a warning stir. There would be harsh
      punishment for taking the goddess, and possible regrets. For now, her hands,
      her scent, her entire essence filled his being. He wanted.needed.to feel her
      beneath him, her body wrapped around his, his body lost in the fiery warmth
      and power of hers.

      His voice hoarse with desire he said, "We need to move this to the bedroom,

      Ororo's only reply had been to slide out from under him, get to her feet,
      and walk toward the bedroom door, dropping bits of clothing along her path.
      He joined her in the bedroom as she was gracefully sliding out of her blue
      jeans and panties. Logan had often fantasized about what she would look like
      unclothed, but the fantasies could not compare with reality. Mesmerized, he
      watched as Ororo crossed the room to stand in front of him, reaching slender
      hands out to unfasten his belt.


      For several long seconds, Logan could not figure out why Ororo sounded so
      annoyed. Startled, he looked around to see that they had reached one of the
      small clearings near the lake. Ororo was staring at him, arms crossed, foot
      tapping in irritation, and fire dancing in her striking cat-like blue eyes.

      "Sorry." he said trying to pull the rest of his mind back to the present,
      "you were saying?"

      Ororo sank down on a nearby bench and stared at the lake. Indicating the
      spot beside her she said, "Please sit. If I have your attention now.?"

      Logan sat down, shifting his body slightly so that he could face her.
      Silently, he gave thanks to whatever Gods looked after fools and Wolverines
      that she was not a telepath. He would not want her to know where his
      thoughts had been on the walk to the lake. Her first words nearly caused him
      to choke on his own breath.

      "Logan, about that incident two months ago." she began, watching his face
      closely. He did not react other than to become more still and attentive. "I
      am pregnant." Logan's expression did not change and he did not move a
      muscle. Whatever he had been expecting, it was not this.

      "Excuse me?" he said automatically while his mind tried to cope with her

      Ororo looked at him, exasperation plain on her face, "I.AM.PREGNANT."


      ".and before you start denying culpability...let me assure you that . First,
      yes, I was using birth control; Second, I have not slept with anyone else;

      "Pregnant?" Logan ran a hand through his thick hair, "I guess I wasn't
      thinking clearly enough that night to insist on being more careful. I'm
      sorry for that, Ro. I'm not sorry about that night, though, and I'm not
      sorry about this child. We just need to work out the details of how to deal
      with this."

      Ororo stared at the man in amazement. Logan was regarding her intently with
      an unreadable expression in his golden-hazel eyes. With very little effort,
      he had managed to derail her carefully planned speech; how dare he not act
      like a typical man! As she sat glaring at him, she realized that this was
      not as horrific a situation as she thought. Yes, she was pregnant and
      single. Her baby's father, however, was an incredibly handsome, sexy, and
      intelligent man whose sense of honor and responsibility left her at a loss
      for words. Far from denying his role in the situation, he was calmly talking
      about how they should deal with it.together.

      Logan laughed ruefully, "I guess you're thinking that I'm about as far from
      good father material as you could get, huh?"

      The fleeting glimpse of pain in his eyes tugged at Ororo's heart, "You know
      I was prepared to be furious with you. I still want to be. But how can I?"
      She paused, considering her words carefully, "Logan, eighteen months ago,
      before Alkali Lake, I would have not considered you as remotely able to
      handle the responsibility of fatherhood. Somewhere along the way, you have
      changed.well changed is the wrong word.settled, maybe?"

      Ororo continued to speak, her voice firm and sure, "But since making your
      commitment to us that day at Alkali Lake, I have seen your dedication to
      keeping the children safe. Teaching them to defend themselves and each
      other. Working with and training us to try to make sure nothing like Alkali
      Lake ever happens again.and IF it does, making sure we are prepared to
      handle it.

      "Logan, I believe, with all my heart, that same dedication will be there for
      my.our.child. In fact, for the first time in three days, I feel like I can
      look toward the joy of being a mother without the fear of handling it
      entirely alone. Besides, all I have to do is look at Gryphon to know you'll
      be a wonderful father," Ororo added with a mischievous grin, alluding to
      Logan's pet Blue and Gold Macaw parrot.

      Logan chuckled slightly at that but was not ready to be distracted from the
      seriousness of the subject. "Ro, you would not have been alone. You know
      that. No one here would have allowed it. I promise you, I will do everything
      in my power to be the kind of father a child of yours deserves and to
      protect you and our child till my last breath," Logan reached for Ororo and
      pulled her into his arms. "Everything will sort itself out in time. The
      details that don't take care of themselves over the next few months, you and
      I will resolve."

      Ororo relaxed in his embrace and Logan rested his head against hers. For a
      few moments, he wanted nothing more than to hold her and think about the
      future and how, if he had his way, he would make it 'their' future. One
      thing still circled the back of his mind like a vulture. Ororo's attitude
      after their night together had been chilly and distant. That was something
      he would have to question her about, but now was not the time.

      - - -

      A lone figure, dressed in camouflage fatigues, put away her high-powered
      binoculars and eased back into the forest. It had been no easy thing to keep
      herself downwind of Weapon X and the woman. A smile lit her features as she
      turned and walked briskly but silently back through the forest. It would
      please her commanding officer to know that they had a ready-made advantage
      to use against the Wolverine. Major Patricia Dunst began altering her
      capture plan to include two objectives instead of one. The silver-haired
      woman would be expendable once Weapon X was back in custody and under
      control. Until then, she was a valuable asset.

      End Chapter 1.

      Blessed be.... Alisa
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      An Eagle may soar, but a Wolverine will never get sucked into a jet engine.

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