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  • Lilly christensen
    Title: hidden love Author: Lilly christensen Rating: R Character(s): Bobby/Remy Warnings: This may be... way out there... Disclaimers: i dont own any one but
    Message 1 of 1 , May 25, 2004
      Title: hidden love
      Author: Lilly christensen
      Rating: R
      Character(s): Bobby/Remy
      Warnings: This may be... way out there...
      Disclaimers: i dont own any one but Krista
      Feedback: yes please, i would be so happy if you did.

      Bobby woke to an empty feeling, he was alone. He sat up and looked around, in panic.
      No answer. He pushed the covers down, to show his soft creamy skin. He remembered last night, and smiled.
      There was still no answer. Bobby got up and walked to the bathroom in his dorm, the door was closed, so bobby pushed it open slightly, and looked in, Remy was deep in the tub. Water covered him near completely, the hot tub style tub was black tiled, and Remy's head was back and his eyes were closed. Bobby smiled and walked to the side of the tub, and knelt down.
      Remy's eyes opened with a flutter. He sat up and saw Bobby, and smiled.
      "Hey, love. Ya' ok?"
      Bobby slipped out of his boxers and climbed in with him.
      "Yeah. You just... weren't there."
      Remy put his his wet arms around the other man's waist. Bobby rested his head back onto Remy's shoulder, and closed his eyes. Remy kissed his neck and whispered softly
      "Ah love ya' . Bu' de wata is get'en to col' "
      Bobby laughed and got up and wrapped a towel around his waist, and got out, flowed by Remy, and Bobby wrapped a towel around his waist.

      The two men walked back into the dorm. Bobby sat down on the edge of the bed, and Remy looked at him, with a soft gleam in his eyes. Bobby blushed and looked down. He knew that gleam. He knew it well, and he wasn't sure it was good right then. He looked away from Remy, and blushed abit. Remy lifted his chin and looked deep into his piercing blue eyes.
      "Ya ok?"
      "Yeah. I just..... nothing..."
      Remy smiled and kissed him, then got dressed.
      "Come on den... we gots places ta go... people ta see...."
      Bobby nodded, and did the same. He knew the Cajun was right. They both had classes, and training... love just had to wait. No one knew about the two men. well not that they knew. They werent really sure anyone cared. But they didnt mind, they werent really ready to tell. The two of them kissed softly, and then walked there own ways.

      Bobby was getting use to this. He knew Remy loved him, needed him, but he wasnt ready. Not for them to know... Not even Rogue. Things worked out well... a few days after there first time, they became room mates, and things just keep getting better for them, but Bobby wanted more. He wanted to yell it to everyone that he was inlove. That Remy was his, and no one elses. But he was willing to wait.

      The day passed slowly for them. But after there last class, both Remy and Bobby headed right for there dorm. Remy got there first, and sat him self on the bed, and waited. But Bobby didnt come in. Then there was a loud crash and Remy jumped. He rose to his feet and went to the door. He was quiet and he waited. He heard the voices of Logan and Bobby. Logan was growling out the words to low for Remy to make out. But Bobby's pleeds to be let go of were quite clear. Remy opened the door to the dorm and walked out. Only to find Logan with Bobby above his head on the wall. Logan's claws were out and pressed on Bobby's waist, waiting, and ready to slice through cloth and flesh.

      Tears streamed down Bobby's face as he begged Logan to let him go. Remy couldn't take it. He walked over to Logan and placed his hands over his on Bobbys neck and made Logan let go. Remy took his lover into his arms and walked away. Logan smelled the air, turned up his nose and did the same.

      Once in their dorm again, Remy set Bobby down on the bed, and curled up with him. Tears still glissined on Bobby's face.
      "Ya o'tay icey?"
      "I.... guess so....... thanks."
      "Twas no'ting. I love ya dat's how tis supos' ta go."
      "Sure, ok, yeah"
      Remy kissed Bobby's soft lips and hide his face in his neck. hoping his lover would stop crying. Remy knew that was ruff on Bobby, but he needed his touch tonight. but he knew he would have to wait, untill he was ready. Bobby cried himself to sleep in Remy's arms that night. But he didnt sleep well. He tossed and turned. Sweat pored coldly down his back and chest. It shined in the dim light on his face and arms. Remy quickly removed Bobby's soking wet shirt and went to get a wet wash cloth. When Remy returned Bobby was still sweating. Remy sat down on the bed next to him, and wiped Bobby's face softly, and down his chest. Bobby cried out and tossed away from Remy, trying to fight off what ever or who ever was after him.
      "Bobby..... Bobby, love ge' up."
      Bobby cried out screaming in the dead stillness of the large dorm.
      "Bobby... Rober' .... Bobby, love please... ge' up."
      Sweat still glid down Bobby's body, and he cried fitfully.
      "Wake up, please.... ge up."
      Bobby sat stright up eyes open wide. Breath as cold as ice filled the air infront of his own face. His hands were cold and iced over. The sweat that was still driping down his milky creamy skin froze as well. He was near completly ice now. Drinched in pure sweat and panic. Remy panicked and reached out to Jean.
      /AAAh. Remy.... calm down it is ok i am here, what is it?/
      /Tis Bobby, he... he tis slipin' 'way. Please... /
      /Ok Remy I will try and help, but you have to calm down first. /
      /O'tay jus' please... don' loose him. Don' hur' him./
      /I wont, do you want to.../
      /Non, jus'... ge' ta it jean... please.... he needs ya./
      Jean left his mind, and Remy quickly moved into Bobby. Holding him closely. Remys body burned from the cold that was quickly slipping away. Bobby's cold hands groped the wet sheets as he quickly came too. He was well aware that Remy was holding him and that he was half frozen. But he shook that all away, and swollowed hard. He quickly burried the memories and smiled at Remy. And in a soft joking voice he wispered.
      "Dont tell anyone I wet the sheets again.... ok?"
      Remy smiled and kissed Bobby softly. Remy was scared, but he knew everything was alright now. He had his lover back, and he was back untill tommorrow, but he knew he would... he could only face it then. and no sooner.

      Remy knew better than to push his luck, he knew Bobby's limit was near, but... he had to know.
      "Wha' was it 'bout dis time babe?"
      "Nothing. I am ok now... ok?"
      "O'tay love..."
      Bobby didnt take it any further. He knew Remy 'loved' him, but he didn't know why. Bobby couldn't understand why the one person, who pretty much could have anyone one he wanted, wanted him. He wasnt worth the fight. Not any more, but Bobby didn't want to let go. He didnt want Remy to leave, but he just didnt know why Remy stayed. Bobby felt a sudden rush of heat surge through his body, and he moaned. Just as the first dieded down a new wave raced through him it grew in his head down to between his legs. Bobby was hungry, and he felt it rising in him. He couldn't take anymore, fighting it was like a solatude. But he was strong, it had been so long since Bobby let Remy in, he knew that's why he woke up alone most mornings. Remy was starting to feel unloved, unwanted but most of all, unneeded. But Bobby was strong, he didn't have to cave, hr didn't want to cave, and he felt - damn, Bobby fell for them again. He rased his icey-blue passionit eyes till they met the hungry flamin'
      black ones of the lonly cajun infront of him. Then Bobby knew, if he wasnt going to do it for himself, he sould atleast cave for Remy... just this once.
      "Remy- I want... when can we tell them?"
      "I don' know... bu' I'm non ready ta..."
      "But I want to tell everyone about us... about our love...."
      "An' ya will Cher..."
      "Oui soon Cher, soon."
      Remy then kissed Bobby softly, he knew Bobby was going to open up and let him in, and that for now everything, every was... ok

      The two loves kissed passionitly, finding comfort in each other. Finding a haven, and safe a place to run to when it was needed. The both of them knew one needed the other, but it was a matter of pride, who needed it more, and who was willing to give it all away. Just to watch the other walk away in the dawn of the next day. It was getting hard for Bobby. He felt as if he was running his self dry waiting for Remy to make up his mind and admit that he too was in love. But also, Bobby's heart had been frozen over ever since Rogue broke it. Remy had found Bobby crying his eyes out a few weeks ago in the reck room. Remy sat himself next to Bobby, and held him. Remy just let him cry, and without a word he made Bobby feel save. Once he was calm, Remy wiped away Bobby's stray tears, and held him. Bobby still didnt know quite how it happed, but the two men kissed, and things were growing from there. Bobby never regreted that kiss, not even when he was mad at Remy. Because, Remy made him
      feel loved, and wanted. For once Bobby knew he wasnt alone. Bobby hadnt felt the same passion with Remy since then.... Till now.

      The two men lost control feeling the others hungry growning in there lips. Bobbys hands drifted over Remys body, feeling the heat and passion growing. Remy was lost in a sweet rush of a hidden high as Bobby's lips slide down his now bare chest. His lips slide down to Remy's naked hips, and thighs. Remy moaned soft at the feel of Bobby's hands on his inner thighs and his lips surrounding his erection. Bobby teased and tempted Remy to cum with his tongue sliding and gliding over him softly. Soft nips every once-in-awhile was sending Remy's mind screaming in to a numb state of passion. Warm cum glide down Bobby's throught. Bobby let go, swollowing hard, he kissed Remy's right hip then his left, and slowly made his way up Remys chest. Remy's eyes were thick and heavy. He wanted Bobby now more than ever befor. Something was growing inside him and Remy was about to burst. He had to let it out, but Remy was scared. He was scared of what 'it' was and what it would do to Bobby...

      After three hours of passion and hungry the two men lay still and half asleep in each others arms. Neither wanting to move away of even breath in heavy. The perfect calmness of the room washed over them and Remy felt whole. Bobby was the one thing that he needed the one thing to complet him, and now he had Bobby laying right there in his arms. Bobby knew that he was safe with Remy, but he wasnt sure.... He knew everything was ok now, but he didnt know how Remy would take to what was coming next. Bobby had been talking to some people, and he was starting to loose faith in Remy, and he wanted out. he wanted love that he could trust, and he wasnt geting that with Remy, so when the morning was apon them, Bobby was going to talk to Remy. But untill dawn Bobby wasnt going to let on. As Remy kissed his soft neck Bobby wimpered and moaned softly. Remy's hands slipped down Bobby's heating body, to his growing erection. He felt real hunger growing in him and He turned to face him, he felt
      Remy glide slowly into him, and he wimpered. He started off faking but he was really hot now. he felt hot cum fill him and Remy's dick slide in and out of him fast and hard. Bobby couldnt take it anymore, once Remy was done he moved away and cried. Remy looked at him and rubbed his back softly.
      "Bobby.....cher, ya ok?"
      "no, no i'm not Remy........"
      "What tis de matta?"
      "wha' what' did ah do?"
      "You... it is more of what you haven't done Remy. You haven't been there for me Remy. Every morning after one of the best nights i ever had, you just leave, and throught out the day you dont even look at me."
      His voice got higher and he spoke faster, trying not to cry.
      "All- I- wantisyoutolovemelikeiloveyou. Isthattomuchtoaskofyou?"
      "cher....cher calm down ah'm sorry ah don' show me love to ya, ah jus'... ain use ta lovin a man. Ya de first."
      "I know... But i just... i need more."
      "o'tay... o'tay. tell Remy wha' ya wan'. tell Remy and i'll do it. i 'ware ta god, please... jus'...."
      Tears slide down Remy's cheeks.
      "please don' leave Remy. ah need ya... please...."
      "i... i don't know Remy.... i don't know if i can stay."
      "please.... Cher, give Remy a week, let Remy show ya he can care...."
      "i'll give you three days. starting now. First class of the day.... is in three hours-"
      "Wanna shower?"
      "yeah, i guess.... come on, let's just.... stop talking 'bout it and get to it....ok?"
      "o'tay ice tea. ya go it."

      On the night of the third day....
      "Remy, Remy get up. We need to talk."
      "Wha 'bout cher?"
      "Again cher?"
      Remy smiled. he know Bobby wasnt trying to, but it made Remy happy to hear him speak to him that way...
      "O'tay, shoo' love."
      "Well, things have been getting better with us, and you have changed, and i am very happy..."
      "No, no buts. i am very happy. And if you want... i will still be yours."
      "Really cher? ya non leavin ol' Remy?"
      "Well... not yet love."
      Remy found him self kissing Bobby softly, and holding him close. Tears corressed Remy's cheeks. Remy felt himself let go to pain and worry and at that one second in that split second, Remy knew he wasnt alone.


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