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FIC: It Happened After All, 1/1, Charles/Erik, NC-17, AU, post X2

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  • Henrika
    Story title: It Happened After All Author: Henrika (henrika_amanda@yahoo.se) Rating: NC-17 Pairing: Charles/Erik Summary: Awaiting mutant registration, former
    Message 1 of 1 , May 23, 2004
      Story title: It Happened After All

      Author: Henrika (henrika_amanda@...)

      Rating: NC-17

      Pairing: Charles/Erik

      Summary: Awaiting mutant registration, former friends Charles Xavier
      and Magneto end up in the same cell. Slightly AU, post X2.

      Disclaimer: I don't own the characters, and I make no money of

      Archive: My personal site,
      http://www.geocities.com/henrika_amanda/Index and list archives.
      Others, please ask first.

      Feedback: Please? That would really make my day. Constructive
      criticism is welcome, but please, no flames.

      A/N: The theme of this story is pretty dark, but other than that I
      can't think of any warnings.


      The guards were dragging the paralysed mutant between them, scraping
      his limp, immobile feet against the cold stone floor. Charles was
      dazed from the injection they had given him earlier, but he was
      still conscious enough to notice he was being moved from one place
      to another. His gaze was blurred, and he had trouble seeing clearly,
      though the surroundings strongly suggested this was some kind of
      military compound.

      Charles tried to ask his escorts some questions, but the two men
      blankly ignored his slurred speech. A lot of thoughts crossed his
      mind, and one of those was that he was glad not being able to feel
      his feet, as they would undoubtedly have felt sore now from being
      dragged against the floor like that.

      Suddenly they just stopped by a door, opened it by pressing a code
      into a number plate, and carelessly threw Charles inside. Neither
      said a word to him, or even glanced in his direction, before closing
      the door and leaving.

      The formerly telepathic mutant took a few deep breaths from where he
      lay, and absently rubbed his throat, where he could feel the collar.
      It was narrow, and made of metal, and even in his drugged condition
      he understood that it had been put on him to inhibit his powers. The
      headpiece Stryker called his "neural inhibitor" had had a
      effect, but this was far more refined and practical, much because he
      could not remove it by himself, even with his hands free. Trying
      would only earn him sore fingertips and broken nails.

      "Well, is it not my old friend?" an unexpected, though not
      unfamiliar voice suddenly said, seemingly from nowhere, but actually
      only from a corner of the cell.

      Charles tried to spin around and gaze in the direction of the voice.
      He would recognize *that* particular voice anywhere,
      anytime. "Erik?" he asked, blinking several times to sharpen
      blurred eyesight.

      "Yes, here I am," Erik replied casually and got up from his
      bunk. "So they took your wheelchair? No wonder. The sorry
      take everything from us, even our last scrap of dignity. Do you
      think you need help getting up?"

      "Yes, please…" Charles croaked, realizing he was completely
      without his chair. He even needed help with simple things like
      getting off the floor.

      Erik approached him, worked his thin but strong arms under his body,
      and lifted him up with some strain. "Well, after a few weeks
      you will be much lighter," he chuckled sarcastically while
      Charles toward his own bunk. When Charles opened his mouth to ask
      him why, Erik answered him before he could frame his question.

      "Your "bed" has not been made yet," he said. "You
      have no pillow, no
      quilt, or anything else. Just that."

      There were indeed two bunks in the cell, but only one of them –
      Erik's – could be called a bed. The other one was empty
      except for a
      thin, white mattress.

      Charles was beginning to feel the cold now. He had been stripped off
      his own clothes a while ago, and all he wore now was a flimsy, white
      hospital gown with an open back. No pants, socks, or even underwear.
      Erik wore something similar, but at least he had been allowed small,
      plastic slippers.

      Rubbing his temples to clear his head, Charles tried to remember
      what had happened. The drug they had injected into him not that long
      ago hampered his ability to think clearly, and his short-time
      memories were all shadowy and unclear. He could remember being home
      at the mansion, and then waking up here in the compound, but not
      much of what happened in between. He had been stripped, cleaned
      mercilessly with cold water, and subjected to an extremely thorough
      and humiliating body search. He could remember a man in a military
      outfit and a plastic glove pawing at his body and at his insides as
      well, shoving his latex-clad fingers first into his mouth, and then
      up his rectum. He had not been gentle, and the examination left
      Charles with a sore backside. Probably he had even been deliberately

      "What is this place?" he asked Erik. "What are we doing

      "Oh, you are still drugged," Erik replied in the same casual
      voice. "Things will clear up, trust me. You will remember. You
      in jail, Charles, and you will remain here until they have you

      "What…?" Charles slurred, suddenly feeling nauseous.

      "The registration act," Erik sighed. "Every mutant in
      this country
      will be branded. You and I are still awaiting our turn. No one knows
      how long they are going to keep us here. It could take months.
      Perhaps longer. I don't really know, and I have stopped caring.
      will too, after some time here."

      "Erik…no… That is not true, it can't be…"

      Erik chuckled dryly. "Just wait until your head clears up, and
      memory will return. It is true, because you did not allow me to stop
      them in time. It is too late now. Even if we survive this, we will
      probably never regain our freedom."

      Charles touched the collar around his neck again, as to remind
      himself that it was still there. Did Erik have one? One glance at
      Erik told him the answer. Of course. They were both powerful and
      potentially dangerous mutants, whose powers needed restraining.

      "I have already tried removing this collar in every way
      but I can't," Erik sighed, more to himself than Charles.
      "I have no
      access to my powers with it, and I suppose, neither have you. You
      are too powerful. That's probably why you were drugged. They want
      make sure the collar is working before taking any chances."

      Rubbing his eyes, Xavier passed his gaze over the cell. The walls
      were sterile and white, and besides the two bunks, a toilet and a
      washstand, there was no furniture. Not even a bedside table. He
      could see none of Erik's personal possessions either. No books,
      magazines, or even newspapers. Nothing. Of course, the room was
      windowless. Their illumination consisted of two fluorescent tubes in
      the ceiling generating sharp, white light that stung his eyes when
      he looked up.

      "The lights go off automatically, I think, by 10 P.M. every
      and back on by 7. I can't be really sure, though. Time flows sort
      funny down here," Erik said, smiling wryly. "But you will get
      to it, like I said."

      Charles didn't know what to do or say. How could Erik be so
      It almost sounded like he had stopped caring completely. That was
      nothing like the Erik he knew. Even in his plastic prison, he had
      never given up hope.

      "Where are my children?" Charles asked, suddenly realizing
      that he
      was hardly the *only* mutant taken from the mansion. What had those
      bastards done with the kids?

      Erik shrugged. "How should I know? Probably they have been taken
      here as well, or elsewhere, to receive the same treatment. We
      mutants are many, after all."

      Charles felt so miserable and broken that he failed to hold back a
      sob. He had promised those poor, frightened young mutants that had
      come to his school for help that he would protect them and keep them
      safe from the hostile world outside. Now, he had failed them all.
      They would never forgive him, and even if they would, he did not
      deserve their forgiveness.

      "Oh, come on, Charles, it wasn't your fault," Erik said
      and placed his arm around his old friend's shoulders. "I am
      there was nothing you could have done, as you were probably the
      first one they took out. Don't blame yourself. That changes

      "But…I promised them…"

      "Some promises can't be kept," Erik said firmly.
      "With that
      attitude, your time here will be even more miserable than mine."

      "How long have you been here?" Charles asked.

      "Roughly two weeks," Erik replied. "I think. Without a
      watch or a
      window, time seems funny."

      "Have you… I mean, haven't you been let out? Even

      Erik shook his grey head. "Not once. They come here at times, to
      change my towels and such, but I am never allowed to leave this
      cell. You see that hatch in the door?"

      Charles followed Erik's gaze. "That's where your food is
      through. You get one meal a day, so I wasn't kidding when I said
      weight-loss is inevitable here."

      Erik grinned. "Sounds really pleasant, doesn't it? Well, you
      always been the optimist, so maybe you can even see something
      positive in this."

      To Charles the situation still sounded unreal. As late as yesterday
      morning he had been home at the mansion, teaching his students
      physics, algebra, trigonometry and much more they needed to learn in
      order to rejoin the world as educated young people, and now…

      "They can't keep us here forever," he said, trying to
      himself more than Erik.

      "They can, but they probably won't," Erik concluded.
      "If we become
      too much of an inconvenience, they will probably put us down to save
      money. All we can do now is await their decision."

      "But Erik… we are still human beings…people…"
      Charles tried, not
      wanting to accept the cruel fact that they were indeed being treated
      like laboratory animals. "They have no right to…"

      "No, Charles," Erik snapped. "We are *not* people
      anymore. We
      stopped being people the day that registration act came into force.
      Technically, you are not even Charles Francis Xavier anymore. You
      are awaiting a number that will be your registered identity for the
      rest of your life, in case there is any. I know the deal."

      Erik glanced down at the vague, blue numbers, still clearly visible
      on his left forearm, even after 60 years. "Nothing has changed
      then…" he murmured. "I was only naïve to hope for
      something like

      Charles ruefully regarded the fading numbers on Erik arm. He knew
      their meaning too well, and also what they meant to Erik. Erik had
      survived the Nazi death camp, but a part of his spirit had been
      forever lost. Those tattooed numbers were the only physical proof
      left, but Erik had forgotten none of the horrors, and Charles
      doubted he ever would. He carefully took his old friend and
      hand in his own and rubbed it encouragingly.

      "Don't give up hope, Erik," he said. "Things can
      still change for
      the better."

      Erik snorted. "You always say that, Charles, but it's never

      "You don't know that."

      "I do, more or less. I stopped caring long ago."

      "We will get out of here, sooner or later," Charles said,
      he wasn't sure whether he believed that himself.

      "Yes, most certainly, in body bags, if not any sooner. They
      leave us in here to rot, or will they? That would make an awful
      smell, after all."

      "Erik…" Charles said, discouraged by his friend's

      "Now, then," Erik said, closing off the topic with a dogged
      expression on his face. "I have a distinct feeling they will soon
      turn off the lights, so we had better find you a sleeping place
      before that happens. The sorry bastards could at least have made you
      a bed!"

      Charles glanced at the bunk opposite the one where he and Erik were
      sitting. It certainly didn't look very tempting. Alright, with a
      pillow and a quilt it would have passed for a bed, but not as it was
      now. He was already freezing considerably without any real clothes,
      and sleeping without covers would be close to impossible. It
      seem like he had much of a choice, though. There was no way he could
      stay on Erik's bunk, as there was scarcely room for one grown
      let alone two.

      Erik realized Charles' predicament as well, and had to admit
      was no way he could, with a good conscience, allow his old friend to
      suffer through a night on that bunk, nearly naked and without
      pillows or covers. Luckily, he already had a solution.

      "I know what to do," he said. Returning Charles' curious
      gaze, he
      continued, "I figured putting you over there would be much too
      cruel, even for me, so this is what we'll do: I will move down
      mattresses to the floor, and we will sleep there, together. Any

      Charles quietly shook his head. It was perhaps not a genial
      solution, considering they still only had one pillow and one quilt,
      but it certainly sounded better than sleeping alone on a bare,
      narrow mattress.


      Erik knew he had to do it quickly to get it done before the lights
      were switched off, so he dragged Charles down from his bunk along
      with the mattress and the other bedclothes, and then the other one
      from the bunk opposite them. The mattresses were very narrow; barely
      more than two feet wide, but together they would make a decent

      Charles rubbed his upper arms to get some warmth into them, before
      hastily crawling down underneath Erik's covers. He really hoped
      would not mind. This was not their first time sharing a bed, after
      all, though it had been decades since last time they did it.

      When returning from the washstand, Erik offered Charles a small
      plastic mug of water.

      "At least they are not trying to dehydrate us," he said half-
      jokingly. "It doesn't look like they'll bring you any
      food this
      evening, but I figured you may be thirsty."

      "That's alright; I'm not very hungry anyway," Charles
      replied, and
      gratefully accepted the water Erik had brought him. He *was*
      thirsty, but right now the need to empty his bladder was greater
      than the need to fill it up, and he realized he would have to ask
      Erik for another favour.

      "Erik, would you… I mean, could you help me, I need to…"

      "Urinate?" Erik asked blankly. Flushing, Charles nodded. Home
      at the
      mansion he could do simple stuff like that splendidly, but here he
      was completely dependent on Erik, and he hated it. He had hated it
      before, and he did so still. Right after the accident that left him
      paralysed, simple everyday stuff like dressing, visiting the toilet,
      and showering had become grim ordeals that exclusively required
      Erik's assistance. His then-lover had not enjoyed being a nurse
      than he enjoyed being the patient, and it had been a great relief
      for them both when Charles started exercising and gradually learned
      to use his upper body for things "regular" people did with
      whole body. Without his wheelchair, though, he was back on square

      "Alright," Erik sighed and had no choice but to face the
      head on. It was not Charles' fault, just an unhappy coincidence.
      lifted Charles up, and with some effort carried him to the small
      water closet. Telling the telepath to lean on him, he lowered his
      feet to the floor and started pulling up his hospital gown.

      "No underwear?" he asked, though it sounded more like a
      statement. "Hmm, me neither."

      Charles could feel Erik taking his shrivelled penis in his hand and
      holding it above the WC. It felt slightly humiliating, but his only
      other choice was to wet himself. Because of the awkward situation,
      it took a while before he could relax enough to let it flow. Erik
      then wiped him with a piece of toilet paper, and let his shirt fall
      back down.

      "Alright, we're done…" Erik murmured and carried him
      back to the
      bed. Charles could not express how much he wanted his wheelchair
      back. Not being able to walk, he was a huge burden to Erik, whose
      back would soon object strongly to carrying something as heavy as
      he, and Charles did not want to be responsible for causing Erik back
      pains. He decided to ask for a wheelchair the first chance he got,
      even though he suspected his request would be coldly ignored.

      The lights went off the same minute the two mutants crawled down
      under the covers and curled up together, mostly for warmth, but also
      because close contact felt comforting in a cold, empty place like

      "I am still freezing," Charles admitted after a while.

      "Yes, me too," Erik agreed. "No wonder, really. This cell
      freezing. But why waste expensive energy on creatures like us?"
      added with a sigh. "They keep us alive, but not much more."

      Charles tried to curl up as much as possible under the flimsy quilt,
      and press back against the warmth of Erik's body, spooned behind
      him. He had never liked low temperatures, especially not when trying
      to sleep. Two bodies were warmer than one, but even their joint body
      heat was not enough to drive the cold away.

      "Still cold?" Erik murmured after listening to Charles'
      breaths for some time. He received a nod in reply. "We must do
      something about that, then…"

      Erik sat up, pulling Charles with him, and then took the
      chilly hands in his own to try rubbing some warmth into them. The
      only light in the cell was filtered through the tiny crack between
      the floor and the closed door, but despite this he could see that
      Charles was moved by the concern, and that warmed Erik's heart as

      "Feeling better now?" he asked gently some moments later,
      warmly at Charles' hands.

      Charles nodded in the darkness, not sure if Erik could see it. He
      could see the outline of his friend's shape beside him, and after
      his eyes had adjusted to the sparse light, he started seeing
      clearer. Erik was still holding his hands, though he had ceased
      rubbing them, and Charles was not sure whether he should pull his
      hands back or let Erik continue holding them.

      "I'm glad you came," Erik suddenly whispered in
      Charles' ear. "If I
      have to be here with someone, I am glad you're it. Have you any
      how horrible those past two weeks have been? So quiet, so

      Erik's mouth was close to his ear now, almost touching. Charles
      could feel his warm breath on his neck, and was not sure whether the
      feeling was frightening or arousing. Soon there was not only his
      breath, but his lips as well, which started placing small, wet
      kisses along his jaw line.

      "Erik…" Charles whispered, shocked at his old lover's
      Could he really…

      "Do you want me to stop?" Erik asked hotly, nuzzling
      cheek. "Say yes, and I will. I just thought this would be a good
      to warm us up…"

      Charles had to admit that it had been effective so far. Heat was
      already pooling in his groin-area, and further action would make it
      spread through his body like wildfire. This was a strange time and
      place for such activities, but Erik had really managed to arouse

      "You didn't answer me…" Erik purred in his ear, nibbling
      at the
      earlobe. "Do you wish me to stop?"

      "No, please, don't stop…" Charles panted in reply. The
      heat in his
      groin had passed on to an almost painful throbbing, causing his
      penis to rise into a full erection in no time. Erik's moves grew
      bolder and more aggressive when Charles had given him his express
      permission to continue, and he claimed the telepath's lips in a
      hungry kiss, simultaneously roaming his hands over his body. Pushing
      the offending shirt aside, he found the nearly rock-hard erection
      and instantly wrapped a steady hand around it. A smug grin spread
      over his face. Charles was definitely willing, and it was no use
      saying otherwise.

      Erik loosened the knot that kept his own shirt together in his neck,
      and shook the garment off. Charles could probably not see him any
      clearer than he could see Charles, but if they were going to do
      this, the feel of naked skin would still matter much.

      "Oh, Erik…" Charles murmured passionately when Erik grabbed
      both his
      hands and placed them on his own naked body. After that he needed no
      more guidance, but pawed at Erik as eagerly and passionately as the
      other man was pumping his throbbing, soon-to-burst erection. He
      found Erik's nipples with one hand, and his hard member with the
      other, and eagerly started to stimulate his lover's sensitive
      with his hands. Erik moaned into his mouth at the sensation,
      wrapping his free arm around his neck to steady himself.

      Despite being the one to generate it, Erik suddenly grasped
      hands and broke their ardent kiss. He could not see the look in his
      old friend's eyes, but Charles' breaths were enough to reveal

      "We mustn't finish like this…" Erik tried to explain,
      though he had
      trouble keeping his voice steady. "Let me… let me take it in

      Charles sighed pleasurably at the thought of Erik's sweet lips
      around his achingly hard erection, but another, more rational part
      of his brain was more hesitant. "Erik…" he breathed, "I
      don't know…
      what if… what if we're being…monitored, or something…
      What if…?"

      "Do you care?" Erik asked frankly. "Even if we *are*
      monitored, let's give those intolerant bastards something to

      All rational thoughts fled Charles' lust-clouded brain, and he
      only nod. Erik leaned toward him again and urged him to lie down on
      his back against the mattress. Charles complied, and could soon feel
      Erik's hot, skilled mouth on him again, this time on his right
      nipple and then on his left. Erik then proceeded downward, leaving a
      wet trail of open-mouthed kisses on his lover's flat belly.

      Charles whimpered, and had to fight back the urge to grab Erik's
      soft silver hair to speed up the process a little. He didn't,
      though, as he knew Erik hated being controlled.

      Erik started by trailing his tongue along the shaft, slowly from
      root to head. It responded with twitchy movements and a stifled
      groan sounded from Charles. It had been a while since Erik had
      performed this particular service on a man, but that didn't mean
      had forgotten the technique. Wrapping his lips around his teeth, he
      then took Charles' erection in as deeply as he could and was
      rewarded with a cry of pleasure erupting from the telepath.

      Charles soon found out he had a hard time keeping his hands under
      control, and figured Erik wouldn't mind having his hair stroked,
      long as he was allowed to set the pace himself. Pulling his fingers
      through the silken strands, Charles sighed in bliss and passed his
      other hand down Erik's slim neck and shoulder. He wished he could
      have seen his lover clearer, as this was a sight he'd wanted to
      preserve in his memory.

      Erik sped up after a while, even without any encouragement from the
      telepath, and Charles felt he was close to coming. Wanting to warn
      Erik beforehand, since he knew his lover did not like swallowing, he
      entangled his hand harder in Erik's hair and tugged slightly,
      speaking in incoherent gasps and murmurs.

      Erik knew what was happening, withdrew his mouth from the leaking
      erection, and instead began to use his hand to bring Charles over
      the edge. Creamy, white spurts of semen soon stained Erik's fist,
      the sheets and Charles' own belly.

      "Oh, yes, that was so great…" the exhausted telepath
      waiting for his heart rate and breathing to go back to normal. Erik
      fell down next to him, and wrapped his arm around his heaving chest.
      Erik himself was still unfulfilled with a painfully hard erection,
      but he realized he had to let Charles recover before asking for
      anything more.

      "I am glad I still have the skill…" he murmured in reply to
      earlier compliment.

      "You do indeed. Have you had a lot of practice lately?"

      The question was only half-serious, but Charles suspected that Erik
      would grasp the underlying purpose of it; it was simply another way
      of asking if he'd had any recent male lovers.

      Erik just snickered playfully against Charles' shoulder,
      completely unaffected. "Next to none, actually. I don't do
      that very
      often. More often I have others do it for me."

      "Would you like me to return the favour?" Charles asked.
      "I might
      not have your skill, but…"

      "Really, I was hoping you'd let me get inside you," Erik
      replied. "Will you let me do that?"

      Charles sighed ruefully. "Erik, I would like that, but without
      lubricant I'm afraid it will hurt very much."

      "But we have this," Erik suggested and started collecting the
      stains of cooling semen from Charles' belly. "It will

      "Alright," Charles said with a small smile. "Like I have
      ever been
      able to deny you anything."

      "Only if you want to, Charles."

      "Of course I do, Erik. You know I have always liked that."

      Erik got to his knees again, and this time he settled between
      Charles' splayed legs. As the lights were still off, he could not
      directly see Charles' opening, but had to locate it with his
      fingers. Using one, then two of his digits to stretch his lover,
      Erik even managed to locate Charles' prostate, which made the
      telepath squeak unexpectedly.

      "Yes, you liked that, didn't you?" Erik murmured between
      teeth, giving the small, internal nub an extra bump. "Are you

      Charles nodded, but figured Erik might not see it, so he
      added, "Yes, I am ready," in a hoarse, throaty voice.

      Lifting the telepath's limp legs over his shoulders, Erik slowly
      started pushing his slick erection into his willing body. There was
      nothing more wonderful than the feeling of tightly gripping flesh
      around his cock, and in the past two weeks his own hand had been the
      closest he could get to that feeling. Only vaguely aware that they
      could probably have needed a condom, he started thrusting carefully.

      A thin coat of sweat soon covered both their bodies, and neither was
      any longer bothered by the low temperature inside the cell.

      "Oh, Charles, this feels so great…!" Erik murmured and
      bent down to
      capture his lover's lips in a kiss. Charles found himself ground
      into the mattress when Erik slammed their hips together and thrust
      into him with all his might. It was evident that those past weeks in
      complete celibacy had left him with pent-up, sexual frustration he
      needed giving vent to.

      Erik didn't last for long this time. He came in a breathtaking
      climax that racked his slender frame and sent electric jolts of
      pleasure down his spine and further into every nerve ending. When
      the orgasm had passed, he collapsed on top of Charles, panting
      heavily against the telepath's neck.

      Charles raised his own trembling hand to stroke Erik's now sweat-
      slick tresses. He had not climaxed again himself, but it had been an
      amazing experience nonetheless. "Are you alright, Erik?" he
      some time later, just to say something.

      "Tired…" Erik murmured, still lying atop Charles.

      "Erik, please move, I have trouble breathing with…"

      Erik chuckled and rolled off of him, onto his own back. "Well, at
      least we're warm now…" he remarked, resting his hand on
      warm, slick thigh. His lover could not feel it physically, so he
      moved his hand up toward his pelvic region. Charles' penis was
      and warm, with some moistness left around the slit. He then leaned
      out for a kiss, which was wetly returned by his lover.

      "I didn't hurt you, did I?" Erik asked, slightly worried.
      "I know I
      was a little…"

      "No, I'm fine. Don't worry about that."

      They curled up together again, Erik spooning around Charles, as
      before. The chilly air in the cell had started feeling cold against
      their hot skin, so the quilt was pulled back up as well.

      "Do you really think we are being monitored?" Erik asked.

      "We might. I know we have these collars, but I suspect they are
      still quite wary of us."

      "Funny, isn't it?"

      "What?" Charles asked.

      "That they put us two in the same cell. That is too much of a
      coincidence, really. It must have something to do with our history

      "We both have many enemies, even among mutants," Charles
      him. "Perhaps they put us together because we were least likely
      kill each other. As an example, take you and Logan…"

      Erik groaned. "He could turn me into mincemeat, even without

      "Exactly. They might not care about our wellbeing, but to avoid a

      "Yes, I suppose so. Still, it's an unlikely coincidence."

      "Anyway, we're here now."

      "We could use some sleep, or at least I could," Erik said
      with a
      yawn. "I need to recharge my batteries."

      "It's strange, but I'm hungry now…" murmured
      Charles, who had just
      recently become aware of the rumbling in his stomach.

      "Well, they will bring you something to eat tomorrow… I
      hope," Erik
      replied. "Now go to sleep. We still have a few hours before the
      lights go on."


      Both mutants were brusquely awakened by the two strong fluorescent
      tubes in the ceiling, which, as always, went on somewhere around 7
      A.M., at least according to Erik. Charles groaned into the pillow
      they shared and started rubbing his sleepy, grit-filled eyes.

      "I know…" Erik said sympathetically and pulled the quilt
      over their
      heads. "I hate that every time. But you had better get used to
      old friend. It happens every morning."

      The two old lovers stayed in bed, as there was nowhere else to go in
      the cell. Their bunks were empty and bare, and there was no
      furniture, not even a single chair, and since their only pieces of
      clothing were two uncomfortable hospital gowns, they did not bother
      with those either. Instead they lay back, content to be in each
      other's arms, and spent some time talking, mostly about their
      past. Erik nearly never mentioned the time before the war, or the
      year he spent at Auschwitz as a boy. Charles knew what had happened
      in rough traits, but to find out more he would have needed to probe,
      and he respected Erik's integrity too much to do that. Probably
      just grieved him too much to talk about it.

      Suddenly they heard the sound of their cell door opening, and a man,
      dressed in white, partly protective clothing stepped inside. Erik
      instantly noted that the human looked much like someone who had just
      stepped into an area of contagion.

      What? he thought. Do they believe we are spreading some kind of

      Charles tensed up at the stranger's entry and his hold of Erik
      instinctively hardened. Erik warily regarded the man as he came
      inside and dumped what he'd been carrying – a pillow and a
      plus two small towels – on Charles' bunk. He also recognized
      weapon hanging by the man's belt as an electric truncheon, much
      similar to those used to rout cattle.

      "Mutation is not contagious, you know," Erik couldn't
      help saying,
      glaring up at their visitor with hateful eyes.

      The man reflexively reached for his weapon. "Shut up, you mutant
      faggot, or you will taste this," he snapped back, giving them a
      of pure disgust.

      Erik opened his mouth to counter the offensive remark, but
      interrupted himself as he thought it was below his dignity to bandy
      words with a creature as low as the human man.

      "We won't hurt you," Charles said instead, in a low, very
      threatening tone. "We can't – our powers have been
      restrained, and I
      can't even walk. And as my friend said, you needn't be afraid
      catching anything from us."

      The man said nothing more, but it was still very clear that his
      hostile attitude had not changed. He left without even glancing at
      the two prisoners, and they could hear the lock clicking shut behind

      "Stupid, intolerant bastard…" Erik muttered when the man had
      gone. "I hope he will get a mutant gay kid, so he will learn
      the feeling!"

      Charles nodded, but he wasn't sure having mutants forced into
      lives could successfully convert everyone. William Stryker was a
      good example of a case where that had gone horribly wrong. What
      those people needed to learn was peace and tolerance, but they had
      to do it by themselves. No one – not even the world's most
      telepath – could convince them otherwise in case they were
      to listen.

      "So, do you want me to fix your bed?" Erik asked, glancing at
      bedclothes now piled on the bunk.

      "Actually, I am quite happy with this arrangement," the
      replied with a small smile. "And if you don't mind, I would
      like to
      stay where I am. Besides, that bunk is not even safe for me. I might
      fall down."

      "I was hoping you'd say that, Charles," Erik chuckled,
      resting his
      forehead against his old friend's. "It suits me fine."

      The End
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