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Fic: The Darkness Before Dawn Prologue. Scott-centered. AU

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  • water_soter
    Hello everyone! I m new here and this is the first and probably only movieverse fic I ll write. Please read the notes and warnings before reading! Yahily
    Message 1 of 1 , May 19, 2004
      Hello everyone! I'm new here and this is the first and probably only
      movieverse fic I'll write. Please read the notes and warnings before


      Title: Into The Fire
      Date: 05/19/04
      Author: Yahily Rivera
      Summary: What makes us who we are? Is it the choices we make or the
      ones that are made on our behalf? Is it a series of accidentally
      circumstances, events that form an eerie web that will lead us to our
      fated destiny? Scott-centered.

      Main Characters/Pairings: Christopher, Katherine, Scott and Alex.

      Series: The Darkness Before Dawn Prologue

      Author's Notes: This story is my very own What If, so therefore will
      be considered an AU (Alternative Universe). This had been in the
      works for about three years and by the time you read it, you'll
      probably end up wishing that is had stayed that way, lol (laugh out
      loud), I know I am. The early version of this story sucks, so if you
      run into it, burn it, torch it, delete it just please don't read that
      atrocity. This story is mostly movieverse, but does combine aspects
      of canon and my own twisted madness. It's dark, deals with pretty
      disturbing stuff. It's a series, so it really doesn't have and end.
      Only arcs, multi-part episodes. Think of it like a comic! I have a
      mailing list for anyone who's interested in knowing when I update my
      story, so if you're interested, please e-mail me at the address

      Feedback: Absolutely! I'm new at this, so please don't burn me at
      the stake. Nevertheless I will appreciate any comments or suggestions
      you have on this story. Please write to me at

      Disclaimer: These characters belong to Marvel comics and the
      almighty Stan Lee. It's free so please don't take the shirt of my

      Warning: this story contains disturbing context, such a gang rape,
      child rape, home invasion concepts without the home, so if you're
      easily offended please don't read, otherwise, be afraid, be very
      afraid . . . hee! ha ha ha ha (diabolical laugh!) Lol (laugh out

      <Squishy> thoughts "Yummy" spoken Whoopee
      telepathic communication

      It promised to be a beautiful day. Clear skies, temperature below 60
      but still warm enough for locals to enjoy a full day of hiking,
      camping, fishing and anything their minds could conjure. Chris
      Summers had brought his family into the wilderness for that very
      reason. The Airforce's veteran test pilot had finally gotten the much
      requested and needed time off and he had every intention of enjoying
      his family's company to its fullest.

      "Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!" Chris looked up from his spot next to the
      campfire where the fish they had caught that morning simmered, just
      in time to brace himself for the six-year-old rocket that crashed
      into his chest.

      "Scott, Scott, Scott!" He chuckled as he detached the energetic
      bundle from his waist, lifting him into his arms. Delighted baby
      blues peaked from under messy light brown bangs, a shy smile playing
      on the child's lips.

      "Can we go hiking after breakfast, plueze?" Big baby blues widen to
      impossible proportions and pink lips curled slightly. How could he
      refuse his boy when he looked at him like that?

      "If your mother aggress," The boy pouted, "then yes, we can go."

      "If I agree to what?"

      Chris turned with a grin, his almond eyes sparkling. "Go hiking after
      we eat." The groan he got in response only made it grow wider.

      "You two aren't going to give me a chance to catch my breath, are
      you?" Anne Katherine Summers blew golden locks from where they spread
      obstructively over her eyes. Her lose pony tail barely grabbing the
      jaw length strands as she shifted the napping burden in her arms.

      "Plueze, mommy?" Scott gave her his best I'm-too-cute-so-you-can't-
      say-no look. She was doomed and they both knew it.

      "Alright, alright, but your father gets to carry your brother." She
      shifted the two-year-old blonde in her arms again. Alex's tiny thumb
      was inside his mouth, being was sucked by the young boy. Kate walked
      purposely toward her husband, kneeling carefully once she was by his
      side. "Going for charcoal fish this morning?" She muttered in his
      hear nearly making Chris fall in to the fire himself in his haste to
      look at the meal.

      He cursed under his breath and lowered his eldest son quickly to the
      ground, hurrying to move the now overly cooked fish from the fire. "I
      hope you like your food well down." He said sardonically. Eyeing
      contemptuously the fish as though they were at fault for getting

      "Daddy?" His son was looking at the darken fish distastefully,
      wrinkling his nose at the terrible smell. "We can't eat that!"

      Chris looked imploringly at his wife but she just gave him an impish

      "Don't look at me, his your son."

      "They sure looks good." A deep, slurred voice started them. They
      turned sharply as one and tensed.

      A muscular, gruff man was leaning casually against one of the many
      pines at the edge of their clearing. He looked harmless enough but
      every military instinct Chris had were screaming him into action, but
      Scott's small body had pressed tightly against his. The child was
      shaking terribly and Chris wondered, not for the first time, how
      someone as young and innocent as Scott could instinctively react to
      dangerous situations.

      "Doncha think, Paul?" Another man stepped out from his left and Chris
      cursed himself for not bringing his .46. This one was every bit as
      big and gruff as the other man, but the way he leered at his wife
      made his stomach clench. He was in a bad position to arm a good
      defense against two men, crouched down the way he was with his son
      hindering any possible movement.

      Kate got scooted herself closer to him, bringing Alex protectively to
      her chest.

      In a voice that was both calming and authoritative, he muttered to
      his eldest. "Scott," When he got the brunet's full attention, he
      continued, "I want you to go with Mommy and Alex and head into the
      woods and hide, okay?"

      Scott's were eyes watered slightly, and his lips were trembling but
      when he spoke, his voice was steady. "Are we playing hide and go

      Relieved beyond belief, he nodded minutely, "Yes, but you hide until
      I come and get you understand?"

      A diminutive nod was his response and Chris, despite the situation,
      found himself glowing with fierce pride.

      He reached over and pulled the two-year-old blonde to him The men
      didn't seem to be bothered by his movement, but then a third voice
      came out from behind cover. "Ay, Jake, Paul, where the hell did ya

      "Ov'r `ere, Mark."

      Shit! The odds weren't in their favor, but the distraction was all
      they needed.

      Kate grabbed Scott's hand and dashed into the woods as Chris made a
      grab for one of the logs in the fire. But before he could swing it,
      two strong arms rapped around his chest, effectively trapping both
      his arms in the hold. He caught glimpse of the two men, Paul and Jake
      running past him while a third made his way to him. So that made
      four, shit!

      His training taking over, he head-butted the man holding him, using
      his body to push the unknown assailant away from his body just as the
      third man, Mark, moved to tackle him. They fell, wrestled on the
      ground, throwing wild punches and kicks whenever he could, but the
      man was stronger and his hits were wearing Chris down.

      One particular hard hit left Chris seeing spots. His vision tunneled
      and for a moment, he was afraid he would pass out, but screaming
      pulled him out of his daze. The two men were now holding him up on
      his knees and when he turned to look at the source of the scream, he
      felt his stomach lurch.

      The man, Paul had Kate by the hair, an arm around her waist, dragging
      her into their camping site. The other, Jake, held a hysterical
      Scott. The man was struggling to hold on to the small boy, but even
      with the fierce way his son was trashing, the man's grip was

      <Oh God! Where's Alex?> Chris thought and his eyes roamed desperately
      the entire clearing looking for his youngest child. But he was
      nowhere in sight. He resisted the urge to demand that he know what
      had been done to his two-year-old. But if there was a change that he
      was safe, there was no way in hell that he was going to jeopardize
      his baby boy.

      Chris' attention was drawn back to the scene before him as Kate's
      screams intensified, <What were those bastards going to do to them?>
      Chris mind raced with a multitude of possibilities. None helping to
      calm his pounding heart.

      He struggled with renowned fierceness as he saw on of the men throw
      his wife roughly on the ground, "You son's of a bitch! Fucking
      bastards, let them go!" He shouted, knowing in his heart what was
      coming but a got kick on the stomach, knocked back on the ground.

      "Nah! We can't do that." A voice from above said mockingly, "We're
      gonna have some fun."

      In the cool Alaskan forest. A lone figure sat by a river, its silvery
      currents whisking about the long stretch. Little ripples spreading
      gentle as the current hit smooth rocks and tree trunks and branches.
      The only sound that broke the peaceful atmosphere was of the running
      water as a man, in his early thirties, hooked up another fly.

      He prepared another line to throw at into the watery stream. Cast the
      fishing pole back and prepared to launch when a loud scream stopped
      him in mid-swing. He whipped his head around so hard that he nearly
      dislodged a vertebra. There were two gunshots, more screaming then
      one more. A moment of silence broken by another scream, smaller,
      younger then a loud boom resonated in the air followed by a loud
      rumbling, then nothing.

      The deadly silence that followed chilled the man to his bones.

      For a moment he stood stock still without giving way to any coherent
      thought. Then as quick as lighting he sprang into action, collecting
      equipment, while his hands trembling so badly that he continuously
      dropped what he was holding. Everything was dumped carelessly into
      plastic containers, bags and anything he had could find, and made his
      way out of the area as fast as his feet could carry, stumbling all
      the way back to his jeep near an outback road.

      Perhaps if he had gone to check out the disturbance, he would have
      seen a large trail of vapor floating in the air. He would come to a
      large crater that appeared seemingly out of nowhere. If he had
      inspected more closely, he would seen a trail of blood on the edge
      that lead into the woods to what was left of several bodies. If he
      would have gotten nearer, he would have made out long blonde hair. A
      naked woman's battered body crushed between two boulders, then a man,
      brunet with a gapping hole where his head once had been as the only
      recognizable things among an assortment of limbs and torn organs.
      After he had wrenched profoundly, he would have heard the sounds of a
      small child calling out. If he had gone looking for its source, he
      would have found a two-year-old child clutching desperately another
      small body. He would have seen an older boy, laying half-naked on the
      humid ground curled up in a small ball, trembling not only from the
      cold. He would have seen tentacles of vapor coming from both of the
      tiny little bodies. Then the brunet's body glow red then blink away
      into a clear blue then return to his normal state. He would have seen
      a sheen of red coverer the area and the darker coloring of his

      Tum! Tum! Tum! . . . To be continued!

      End Notes: Okay guys, that was the prologue. This is an unbetad
      version so please, bare with me. Next chappie: Erik Lenscherr and
      Charles Xavier find themselves thrown on for a loop when their
      vacation turns into a rescue and a race against the system to protect
      a boy that had been severely traumatized. Nuff' said!
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