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FIC: X-Book 4: Of Politics..., PG-13, EPILOGUE

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  • Kathleen
    X-Book 4 -- Of Politics, Tacos and Other Things that Give You Indegestion EPILOGUE By: Kath713/Leen713 Rating: PG-13 (violence, language) Genre: Crossover
    Message 1 of 1 , May 11, 2004
      X-Book 4 -- Of Politics, Tacos and Other Things that Give You


      By: Kath713/Leen713
      Rating: PG-13 (violence, language)

      Genre: Crossover (with anything I can squeeze in), SPOILERS FOR X2
      Summary: See prologue to book 4

      Disclaimer: I own nothing in regards to the Marvel characters or
      any character from a previously published source portrayed in this

      Reviews: Any feedback would be great and is appreciated!



      It was dark here.

      He knew at any given time, there was always sunlight falling
      somewhere in the world...

      ...but here it was dark.

      A being stood in the forest above Aklalai Lake, and stared out into
      the night.

      Stryker had only ever referred to him as 'The Stranger' but this
      being had many other names...most of which he had forgotten over the

      Unlike those humans with the mutant gene, those names never defined
      what he was or what he could do. He was beyond definition...and
      what he could do could not be described in spoken words.

      He had come to Alkalai Lake again...after that child (Mary, he knew
      her name was Mary) had somehow...interfered with him. He would not
      allow himself to think of it as a defeat...simply an interruption in
      his work.

      The being stood in the form of a man, an image of what he had once
      been. For he was not a god...nor any immortal creature.

      As he walked forward, he gripped his chest painfully. He had only
      ever revealed to a few how old he actually was...and that he was
      dying...but he had not planned on being injured by anyone before his
      work was complete.

      Luckily, his legacy and his power would be passed on to his heir.

      More than two decades ago, he had been given a child, a gift offered
      to him by the child's elders (voluntarily by all except one) in
      exchange for their lives and the sanctity of their most horrific
      secrets. Since then, he had been raising this child, training this
      child, to continue his cause after he died...which he did hope would
      be very soon.

      But...until he could pass on his powers...he had to make sure no one
      alive could oppose this heir.

      Mutants, He thought with fury, Human creatures with the power to
      break...anything...everything...and they don't even know it...

      The being who called himself Legion...or some variation of
      that...had once been human. Just a simple man, two millennia before
      the word mutant would be uttered for the first time, and he had been
      taken...possessed by a legion of demons...who were then cast out by
      a good man. But the effects of those creatures left him
      changed...different...still alive, and with powers that would take
      generations to understand. The good man had told him to have faith
      in himself, no matter what the future holds...but two millennia was
      a long time, even for the sanest of creatures...

      The being stared out over the dark waters, uncertainly. There was
      power here as well, power that could prove dangerous for all beings,
      not just himself.

      He would need to find another, like Stryker, who would be willing to
      aid in the containment of these growing...powerful...mutants...

      The being closed his eyes...and rose into the air...

      ...he moved south...

      ...as the Wolverine drove through the dark countryside...

      ...as Xavier's children slept peacefully in his protective care...

      ...as Lensherr flew back to his Island, with confident and vengeful
      plans for the future...

      ...as President McKenna walked through the White House with concern
      for his country...

      ...as a young woman named Mary read a book about monsters...

      ...he moved south...

      In a small neighborhood, not too far from Washington, D.C., Edward
      Kelly yawned wearily. He was doing some last minute research for an
      early court appearance scheduled for the next day. He would be the
      prosecuting attorney for a family who claimed a neighbor had
      purposefully hit one of their children with his car because they
      thought the child had been a mutant.

      Edward sighed heavily and frowned as he read the case notes from a
      similar trial last year in New Hampshire, where a school lunch aide
      had refused to feed several children at lunch who were rumored to be
      mutants. Hell, even Judge Judy was airing cases of mutant
      persecution now. It always seems to be everyone's favorite topic,
      even if no mutants had been involved.

      Yet, to Edward's secret distaste, he had a suspicion that his
      client, who he would represent in the morning, was in fact a
      mutant. He had only met the child once, a small girl with a sweet
      little voice and a cheerful attitude, despite her broken arm and
      leg. But, it had not escaped his attention that her parents had
      dressed her in a wig for their first appointment at his office.
      There could be a hundred other reasons for the disguise, but the
      child had made Edward a drawing while he had been talking with her
      parents. It was a picture of the girl and her family, but the child
      drew herself above her family, in the air...like she was flying...

      Edward Kelly, brother of the late Senator Robert Kelly, slammed the
      book he was reading shut and tossed his lazily across the room.

      Mutants, mutants, mutants, he thought with annoyance, It always
      comes back to mutants...

      Fortunately for his current clients, Edward did not always share his
      brother's views on the subject. The family, mutants or not, were
      paying customers, and fairly wealthy paying customers. So what if
      their kid could fly...as long as the little bitch did not do it in
      the court room, everything would be fine.

      Edward rubbed his eyes and yawned again. Thoughts of his brother
      made him frown and he quickly pushed the memories away. They had
      never been very close, but it was a shame that the bastard got
      himself blown up after he changed his tune from anti-mutant to pro-
      mutant immediately after the Liberty Island terrorist attack.
      Robert had never had great timing.

      After a few more minutes, Edward headed upstairs, shuffling quietly
      past the rooms of his own children (both completely human, thank
      God) and quietly slipped into bed next to his wife.

      Mutants, he thought again, Life would be a lot simpler without

      I couldn't agree with you more, a voice suddenly rang in his head.

      Edward sat up quickly in bed and glanced around his dark room. He
      looked over at his wife, who was still sleeping soundly. His heart
      was racing and he broke out into a sweat, even though the room had
      become very cold.

      "What the hell..." he said aloud, and then shook his head, "I've
      gotta stop these all-nighters..."

      Night... A voice said again, ...is the only good part of the day...

      "Who is that?" Edward hissed at the darkness, "Fucking telepathic..."

      Don't you dare believe that I am one of those abominations, The
      commanding voice sounded painfully in his head.

      "What are you?" Edward said aloud, fear in his voice.

      A friend...of your brother... The voice lied, A friend to all great
      men...who can do great things...

      "Great men?" Edward asked.

      You believe your brother lost his way, The voice said, But, he did
      not die that day when his helicopter was destroyed. He had been
      killed months before that...

      "What are you talking about?" Edward asked, "This is crazy...I'm
      talking to myself..."

      Don't question your sanity, Mr. Kelly, The voice assured him, Think
      of me...as a muse... here to help you become the great man you
      should be...

      That statement struck Edward to his bones. Robert had always been
      the oldest, the first to become a lawyer, the first to make their
      parents proud, then he was elected to senate, and began his stupid

      "I should be a great man," Edward mumbled, his eyes widening as the
      Stranger took hold of him, "I am a great man...they just don't know

      "You have the power to do great things, Edward," the Stranger said,
      now appearing before Kelly in the shadows, "Great things...and I
      will help you... I'll give you what you want... and in time, you'll
      give me what I want..."

      "What you want," Edward said without question, "What you want...what
      I want... to be great..."

      "Yes, Edward," the Stranger said, and the voice and the figure began
      to fade away, "Once they are out of our way..."

      "They?" Edward mumbled, "They...mutants...they're in our way...in
      the world's way...in my way..."

      The Stranger smiled.

      Good night, Edward, the voice said.

      Kelly's eyes closed dully and he fell backward onto his pillow again.

      ...I'll be seeing you again very soon...

      End of Book 4

      Archived at www.fanfiction.net/~leen713
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