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FIC: X-Book 4: Of Politics..., PG-13, Chpt 20

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    X-Book 4 -- Of Politics, Tacos and Other Things that Give You Indegestion Chapter 20: An Expected Call By: Kath713/Leen713 Rating: PG-13 (violence, language)
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      X-Book 4 -- Of Politics, Tacos and Other Things that Give You

      Chapter 20: An Expected Call

      By: Kath713/Leen713
      Rating: PG-13 (violence, language)

      Genre: Crossover (with anything I can squeeze in), SPOILERS FOR X2
      Summary: See prologue to book 4

      Disclaimer: I own nothing in regards to the Marvel characters or
      any character from a previously published source portrayed in this

      Reviews: Any feedback would be great and is appreciated!


      Chapter Twenty:

      It was very late when the phone in Charles Xavier's office began to

      However, the call was not unexpected. Charles had sensed the
      presence of a few very familiar minds as they crossed the New York
      state border. His power to manipulate others did not transcend over
      the long miles between them, but he was still able to recognize
      those individuals he knew best.

      Charles answered in the same manner he had with President McKenna.

      "Hello, Sebastian," he said in friendly greeting, and he heard a
      heavy (though he suspected relieved) sigh.

      "Hi, Charles," his former student said quickly, "I didn't wake you
      up, did I?"

      "No," the Professor replied with a touch of amusement, "I rather
      expected to hear from you sooner..."

      "Yeah, well...I have a few guests," Sebastian replied, "But I'm sure
      you know that already."

      Charles sighed, "Yes. Were your relatives returned to you? Your
      nephew advised us to leave prior to the explosion, but we had not
      learned about their condition..."

      There was no reply for a moment, and then Sebastian continued in a
      lower voice.

      "They're fine," he said, "The explosion...The only way I can explain
      it is that Rebecca's power reacts in her defense, whenever she is in
      danger or injured...or any other emotional extreme. She just
      doesn't have control when she's like that. Not like Charlie had..."

      "She still does have a measure of control, however," Xavier
      said, "And that is in great thanks to you. And your nephew seems to
      have incredible control over his element, from what I've witnessed,"
      he continued with a smile, "He reminds me of you very much..."

      "I guess I've been a bad influence then," Sebastian said with a
      laugh, "He actually has more of Charlie's mannerisms than mine."

      "I look forward to meeting them again," Xavier said, "I'm afraid the
      prior circumstances were not at all pleasant ones."

      "Are you planning a visit then too?" Sebastian asked, "Might want to
      wait a few days. I've noticed that Erik's Brotherhood and
      your...what did they call you? X-Men? You guys don't really get
      along," Xavier heard Sebastian chuckle again, "X-Men...ha, I just
      got that...very cute..."

      Charles appreciated the other man's nostalgic humor, "The students
      came up with that. Just as they address each other with
      affectionate nicknames sometimes."

      "Kids have been calling you Professor X since your Watcher days,"
      Sebastian added, but then his humor faded, "I wondered for a long
      time whether or not I should have sent the twins to your school when
      they were younger. Maybe some things would have been easier for

      "Different, maybe," Xavier replied, "But easier? I doubt that. As
      I said, you have done well with them, Sebastian..."

      "You and Erik agree on something again then," the younger man
      replied, "All these compliments from you two...it's just not
      natural. Considering how critical of teachers you were in the past."

      Charles laughed softly, "I'll take some credit for your own teaching
      skills then, if you'd like."

      "Actually," Sebastian suddenly said, "What I would like is for us to
      visit your school. You know, once things have settled down...or at
      least the insanity has been reduced a little bit. From what Sid's
      told me, some of the mutants found in that base were linked to the
      Lot Projects...and I know you had gathered data on those experiments
      in the past..."

      "Yes, I had," Charles agreed, "Though not much. However, in recent
      months, one of the X-Men has been able to acquire information in
      regards to the Lot Project that I had never encountered before. He
      set out again this very evening. He plans to return to West
      Virginia and salvage whatever he can. If someone else is trying to
      revive those experiments, rest assured we will do everything in our
      power to stop them."

      "Good to hear," Sebastian said, "Let me know if you need a hand when
      you go after those bastards. I have a few things to discuss with
      them myself..."

      "Indeed," Charles said, "But, you do understand that violence will
      be our last option..."

      A low growling sound escaped Sebastian's throat when he replied, and
      Xavier wondered if the other man's true form appeared on his face
      when he was angry.

      "It wasn't your family they hurt, Charles," he said, "It wasn't your
      town they destroyed..."

      "That is true," Xavier replied sadly, "However, now we have the
      resources to make sure nothing like that ever happens again...to

      There was silence for a moment, and when Sebastian finally spoke, a
      measure of composure had returned to his voice. There was a low
      chuckle as he spoke.

      "You know," he said, "Between you and Erik...the level of confidence
      around is enough to scare someone."

      Xavier smiled, "Only if we let it go to our heads...which we more
      than likely will. That's one reason being around children was
      always so fulfilling for me. They never hesitate to let you know if
      you're doing something wrong."

      Sebastian made a `Pfffbbtt' sound through his lips, "Yeah, that's
      one lesson the two smart asses have taught me. I was never that
      obnoxious, was I?"

      Xavier mused, "If I want to retain your good humor, it may not be in
      my best interests to answer that."

      "See!" Sebastian said, "We can be civil. But, the twins' response
      would be, `Oh, hell yeah, Bas, you're the reason they added the ob-
      to -noxious!' Or something like that. Oh, cripes, what I am gonna
      do with three of them?"

      "Three?" Xavier asked with surprise.

      "Oh, yeah," Sebastian continued as an afterthought, "Erik `Magneto'
      Lensherr has asked me to look after one of his younger followers for
      a while. Maybe you saw him in the base. His powers are similar to
      Becca's. I guess he thinks we can help train him or something.
      I've been considering the offer, mostly cause I think Bec could use
      the extra help while she is recouping from her injury. I think they
      were calling him Pyro...But Becca's been callin' him Johnny all

      Xavier sat stunned for a moment, and then replied as Sebastian
      trailed off.

      "Yes," he said, "I am familiar with him. He was one of my
      students...until about eight months ago."

      "Really?" Sebastian said with surprise, "When did he get recruited
      by Magneto?"

      "At Alkalai Lake," Xavier said, his throat becoming dry just
      speaking the name.

      "Oh, I see," Sebastian said softly, "It wasn't a pleasant parting

      "Not entirely," Xavier admitted, "I saw him only briefly in the
      base, but Scott told me Pyro had reacted to seeing the X-Men with
      aggression. However, I am relieved to hear that he is well."

      "Hmm," Sebastian said, "I guess that's what eight months under
      Magneto's training has taught him. Hard to believe he's still the
      same Erik from the Council. Maybe it would be a good idea to let
      the kid stay here a while. I mean, Becca's training's always been
      about control, not using her power against others. Maybe some of
      that will rub off. He doesn't seem like a bad kid..."

      "No," Xavier said, "Though, from what I know of him, he did not have
      the easiest childhood. The idea of family...the idea of
      brotherhood...has always appealed to him. With Magneto, he found
      tolerance not only for his mutation, but also for his inner anger
      and aggression."

      "Real great for a kid with an inborn flamethrower," Sebastian
      replied, "Erik's taken in more than he can handle with Pyro then..."

      "No," Xavier replied, "Don't believe that for a second. Magneto has
      more dangerous individuals than John Allerdyce under his command.
      And I believe he will be looking for more mutants to join his cause."

      "Terrific," Sebastian said, "Just to keep your X-Men on their toes,

      "No doubt there either," Xavier agreed.

      "Maybe I'll make plans to pay you a visit by myself then," Sebastian
      said, "I really don't want to drag Bec and Sid back into this Lot
      shit again anyway."

      "Any time," Xavier said, "Just let me know when you will arrive so I
      can plan for another late night. I do look forward to seeing you
      again, Sebastian."

      "Same here, Professor X," the young man replied. A moment later,
      Xavier heard a click as the phone connection was closed.

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