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Fic: Prologue to "A New Threat" Van Helsing spoilers, beware PG

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  • Sunshine
    A New Threat prologue Rated PG Summary: crossover story between XMen and Van Helsing - continuing saga of Wolverine and Panther as a New Threat rises in the
    Message 1 of 1 , May 9, 2004
      A New Threat


      Rated PG

      Summary: crossover story between XMen and Van Helsing - continuing
      saga of Wolverine and Panther as a New Threat rises in the world of

      Feedback - please

      Author's note: spoilers contained here, so if you haven't seen Van
      Helsing, pass on this until you do (if you do)

      For centuries, he fought the creatures of evil. Life was as he
      considered it – his job and his curse. Many considered him a
      murderer of the innocent – and others thought of him as a man of God –
      the savior of mankind from the many faces of evil. This is how
      Gabriel Van Helsing was thought of initially – and it kept him moving
      from place to place, never to settle and always hunted by those who
      wanted to bring him to justice.

      He traveled the lands fighting off creatures of unbelievable type and
      power – creatures with a lust for blood, hunting under the protection
      of night, wanting to destroy mankind and seed the world with only
      inhabitants like their own – to rid the world of humanity and all it
      stood for – to take over the world like a virus without any remorse
      or care for those they destroyed. There was no desire to live in
      harmony - no desire to even try.

      The worst of these was the horrid Count Dracula – a master vampire
      assisted by the devil himself. The battle proved terrible, and with
      the supposed destruction of the count and his offspring was the loss
      of a woman Gabriel had come to love. His only solace was that she
      and the nine generations of her family residing in Purgatory found
      eternal rest through the brightly lit gates of Heaven. He would
      forever remember seeing visions of their spirits during his funeral
      for Anna. She was the last of the family and atop the edge of the
      cliff overlooking the sea, they found each other and Anna led the way
      to eternal salvation.

      God had gifted Van Helsing with immortality – or maybe it was a
      curse, for the burden of constantly taking life had worn on him. It
      showed in his eyes – windows into a soul pained by being judge and
      executioner for so many centuries. He didn't age – still looking
      like the solid man who brought peace to the far reaches of Carpathia
      and the distant land of Transylvania. He went on to fight other
      demons - evil spirits who plagued the innocent - in other lands and
      with his trustworthy friend, Carl by his side, they shared many
      adventures together.

      But the good friar saw such pain in Van Helsing. Never could he
      settle down and just relax – to live the life of a normal man – to
      maybe marry and have children. Immortality had its price – he
      couldn't have children and taking a spouse would only result in the
      heartache of her eventual demise when life had been lived to the
      fullest and unavoidable end. And, he had a job to do – to keep the
      world free from evil whenever evil reared its ugly head.

      The years drifted by and as mankind drifted away from the myths and
      curses of the ancient years, they so drifted away from God. Then,
      mankind began to evolve again. Mutants posed a whole new set of
      dilemmas before him – they were neither monsters nor normal – but
      they were different - and Van Helsing wondered if this would again
      become a new fight he would have to champion. He debated with
      himself on how mutants would be handled. Vanquish those with evil
      tendencies and protect those who proved good of heart? Again, he
      would be the judge on whether or not a life would be taken or allowed
      to live.

      He held back for many years, remaining in the shadows of others
      trying to handle this dilemma without his intervention. He was weary
      of fighting the battle on his own. He wished God would allow him to
      die and rest eternally. Van Helsing had certainly done his share and
      he wished to pass the torch to a new warrior - a new champion.

      On the eve of the release of yet another motion picture featuring his
      triumph over the master vampire, he learned the great Count Dracula
      had somehow risen from the grave yet again. It was unknown as to how
      this could be, for only a werewolf could destroy the master vampire
      and it was in the jaws of a werewolf – Van Helsing himself after
      being bitten by one – that the undead demon seemed to be extinguished
      forever. So this proved to not be after all...
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