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FIC: X-Book 4: Of Politics..., PG-13, Chpt 15

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    X-Book 4 -- Of Politics, Tacos and Other Things that Give You Indegestion Chapter 15: A Long Dreaded Reunion By: Kath713/Leen713 Rating: PG-13 (violence,
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      X-Book 4 -- Of Politics, Tacos and Other Things that Give You

      Chapter 15: A Long Dreaded Reunion

      By: Kath713/Leen713
      Rating: PG-13 (violence, language)

      Genre: Crossover (with anything I can squeeze in), SPOILERS FOR X2
      Summary: See prologue to book 4

      Disclaimer: I own nothing in regards to the Marvel characters or
      any character from a previously published source portrayed in this

      Reviews: Any feedback would be great and is appreciated!


      Chapter Fifteen:

      "Hello, Sebastian..." Erik replied pleasantly, "Nice to see you

      Sebastian Malloy stood with his arms folded and regarded Erik
      Lensherr and Raven Darkholm closely. It had been a very long time
      since he had seen either of them, and (besides looking a little
      older) neither of them seemed to have changed much.

      "I'm not sure if I should share that sentiment," Sebastian said,
      with some understandable anger, but Erik simply smiled with
      unwavering politeness. Sebastian may now be a very powerful
      creature, but Erik only saw the brash young man he knew from his
      days at the Council.

      "I understand," Erik replied, "Which is why I accompanied your niece
      and nephew back to your home. I know you have many questions for me
      and we have much to discuss. May we sit?"

      "I would prefer if you didn't," Sebastian replied, catching Raven's
      icy but not unexpected glare, "However, since Sid told me that one
      of your people tended to Rebecca's wounds, I suppose I owe you a
      chance to explain your actions."

      Erik nodded appreciatively, and inwardly was amused by how well
      Sebastian was managing to mind his manners. Perhaps he had grown up
      a little bit over these past two decades after all. Raven, however,
      was not so entertained by Sebastian's subtle insults. She was still
      Raven Darkholm in Sebastian's mind. He had never become accustom to
      calling her Mystique.

      They took their places on several couches before a large, unlit
      fireplace. Small beams of the morning light escaped through the
      large shuttered windows, and Sebastian stepped around them carefully
      before joining his `guests.'

      Erik glanced around the room with honest approval, "It seems you've
      done quite well for yourself in this new life, Sebastian. Your
      brother and parents would be proud..."

      "Cut the shit, Erik," Sebastian replied quickly, "Just tell me what
      you want with my family now and what possessed you...and your little
      terrorist group... to invade my home."

      The polite smile faded from Erik's face. If Sebastian wanted to
      skip formalities and speak with Erik on equal ground...fine. So be

      "It's quite simple, really," Erik said darkly, "Your family has one
      of the longest histories of supernatural and mutant powers that the
      Council ever recorded. Yes...I say mutant powers. Just because
      they did not have a name beyond `witch' or `sorcerer' did not mean
      they were not mutants."

      Sebastian did not interrupt, but nodded once, unable to deny Erik's

      "Now..." Erik continued, "That mutant legacy is in danger. The past
      few years have seen an increase in violence towards mutants that has
      not existed since before your niece and nephew were born. I suppose
      you recall the riots and mobs that would kill any psychic and slayer
      they could find..."

      Sebastian nodded again, "Of course I remember. The violence we
      always suspected William Stryker of sparking, though he never took
      credit for them. But, if I'm not mistaken, Erik...you're actions at
      Liberty Island marked the beginning of the most recent increase in
      violence against mutants. Right after that, the Friends of Humanity
      formed, a type of KKK just for mutants. Stop me if I'm wrong, Erik."

      Erik narrowed his eyes at the young/old man, and tapped his fingers
      against the wooden arm of the sofa. Sebastian met his gaze, and
      Erik once again wondered at how much Sebastian had changed since
      becoming one of the undead. Yet, he still knew the boy within this
      tougher, vampiric body...but the time to provoke Sebastian into a
      true argument would come later...when the twins joined their little
      party again.

      "You want my niece and nephew to help you against those violent
      forces, right?" Sebastian continued, "You want them to do exactly
      what their mother...and their father...helped you do before."

      "That was a long time ago, Sebastian," Erik replied calmly, "Our
      methods of facing such violence had changed and grown as much as you

      Sebastian glared at Erik, "I guess so, considering the state in
      which I found my home two nights ago. We've both become more
      effective at what we do to our enemies."

      In that moment, Sebastian's face changed, his teeth grew longer and
      his true nature was revealed. He took more than a little pleasure
      in the fact that Raven recoiled slightly at his appearance, though
      Erik showed no reaction.

      "We are not responsible for the destruction of your home,
      Sebastian," Erik said calmly, "The machine which attacked your
      family, and my Brothers, was created by the same forces that started
      the riots a quarter century ago."

      "Stryker is dead," Sebastian said, his white fangs gleaming, "Even
      the Council agrees on that..."

      "And I would have as well," Erik said, "Before seeing him alive at
      the feet of that machine. Fortunately, I can agree with the
      Council's opinion again...Stryker is dead. His own creations saw to
      that. But his forces were not entirely destroyed. Your family was
      in danger from the followers of Stryker long before my people
      located you."

      Sebastian's face faded back to its normal state, and he sighed.

      "Yeah, that's true," he said, "But I would hate to think that your
      actions have brought new attention to us."

      Erik nodded, "It was certainly not my intention to do so. But, what
      is done...is done, as they say. And my interest in making contacts
      with your family again has not changed. Rebecca guessed it, you
      know. How knowing someone in the Council would be beneficial if I
      need to acquire certain records or information from their libraries
      and databases."

      "And what kind of information would you be looking for?" Sebastian
      asked, sounded suspicious again.

      Erik shrugged...and lied.

      "I'm not sure yet," he said, and Raven smiled sympathetically as to
      agree with him, "One does not miss the Council's vast resources
      until they are unable to access them. It is no secret between us
      that some demons masquerade as mutants, and visa versa. I would
      hate for any of my people to mistake a demon for a mutant and end up
      being changed into a..."

      "I get your point," Sebastian said angrily, and Erik shook his head

      "Educating mutants against such threats is the best way to protect
      them," Erik said, "And that means acquiring certain texts that one
      cannot find at the local mall book shop."

      Sebastian actually chuckled slightly at this, "Give it a few years.
      You know how demons like to sell their life stories as fictional

      Erik nodded and smiled, "Indeed. Until then, access to the Volumes
      would be appreciated."

      Sebastian stared at him for a moment, searching Erik's face for a
      falsity or hidden motive. However, Erik Lensherr had always been
      very convincing with words, and was confident that Sebastian Malloy
      would not recognize Magneto's true need to search the Council
      files... at least, not yet.

      Then, Pyro and Toad entered the flat again, carrying several bags
      and cases up from the car. Sebastian turned and looked at the two
      unknown mutant with surprise, but Erik was quick to introduce them.

      "Ah, here are two more of my Brothers," he said and Sebastian
      relaxed slightly, "This is Mortimer Toynbee...also known as Toad.
      And this is John Allerdyce...also known at Pyro..."

      "Pyro?" Sebastian said in surprise, and the younger mutant
      straightened his shoulders slightly.

      "Yes," Erik continued, "His gift is very similar to Rebecca and her
      mother. Pyro...Toad...please take our things to the guest rooms.
      Sid said they were down that hall...thank you."

      Sebastian watched the pair closely as they headed out of the room.
      Erik sighed and shook his head slightly in exaggerated worry.

      "I was actually hoping Rebecca might be able to help young Pyro,"
      Erik said in a low voice, "He has some difficulty controlling his
      power, you see. From what I've seen of your niece's skill, she may
      be a good teacher for him."

      "Unless he pisses her off," Sebastian mumbled and then put one hand
      to his temple, "We'll discuss this further tonight, Erik. Once the
      twins...and me...have had some rest. I'm not used to keeping such
      early hours..."

      "Of course, Sebastian," Erik said, trying to hide his pleased
      smile, "I wouldn't want to make any decisions if you don't feel in
      your best state of mind."

      "Whatever, Lensherr," Sebastian snapped rudely, "Just...keep your
      people out of trouble until sunset. Xenia...until then."

      Sebastian left in the same directions the twins had, and Magneto
      watched him go with curious amusement. Mystique glanced at him with
      a pleased expression.

      "If we get access to the Council's records," she said
      anxiously, "We'll have the location of every powerful mutant on the
      planet they have been tracking."

      "And more," Magneto agreed, "The trick will be keeping the Malloys'

      "Well, he did offer xenia," Mystique said, "That was more than I

      "We gave his kin shelter and protection in our home," Magneto
      said, "So he is morally obligated to allow us a safe stay here.
      Impressive, that he still remembers the old traditions. Hopefully,
      he will continue to be as hospitable when night falls."

      Archived at www.fanfiction.net/~leen713
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