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Prodigals #17: And They Began to be Merry (part a) [Scott, Remy, Marie]

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  • Katt S.
    Title:Prodigals #17: And They Began to be Merry Author: Katt Characters: Scott, Remy, Marie (movieverse) Rating: PG-13 Summary: Scott aquires a housekeeper at
    Message 1 of 1 , May 4, 2004
      Title:Prodigals #17: And They Began to be Merry
      Author: Katt
      Characters: Scott, Remy, Marie (movieverse)
      Rating: PG-13
      Summary: Scott aquires a housekeeper at a time when when it is least
      expected but very much needed. Last in the Prodigals series
      Disclaimer: All the characters depicted in thsi fan fic belong to Marvel,
      Fox, and Bryan Singer and co.. All recipes were snatched from the Cajun &
      Creole Recipe Page (http://www.gumbopages.com/recipe-page.html). The
      definitions were taken from Webster's New World Dictionary, 3rd College
      Author Notes: HAH! Bet you all thought I'd dropped off the face of the
      Earth, eh? You all couldn't be that lucky. Thanks to lnghrn for helping out
      when I beeped her, frantically yelling "All my betas are swamped! I don't
      know what to title this thing! I think I'm going to have to scrap this and
      write it all over again!" This fic and the other before it can be archived
      at Down-Home Charm, Heart of a Hero, the LeBeau Library, and shoudl they
      desire it, XMMFF. It can be found at my website and at ff.net.

      katt's aerie::: http://www.xeno3kattz.com
      katt's aerie updates::: http://www.livejournal.com/users/xenokattz
      Scribblers' Fest::: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/scribblersfest



      shock (sh�ck) n. [[Fr choc < chequer. ]]
      1) the impact of persons, forces, etc. in combat or collision
      2 a) a sudden, powerful concussion; violent blow, shake, or jar [the shock
      of an earthquake] b) the result or effect of such concussion


      Rachel was a very demanding baby. She knew what she wanted when she wanted
      it and had no qualms about letting me know when her needs weren�t being met.
      She didn�t cry all the time but when she did, the local fire department
      thought it was a three-alarm call. Granted, the local fire department around
      here welcomed a bit of excitement now and again. Upstate New York wasn�t
      exactly known for wild and crazy citizens.

      It�s amazing what a difference a mile makes. The boathouse was an entirely
      different zone from the mansion. Take digital cable; I never watched all 375
      channels in the mansion. A month ago, I would have been suffering with only
      basic cable and AM radio. Now, I doubt I�ll ever install cable here. Come to
      think of it, I probably watched only five channels regularly back in the
      mansion, all but one available on basic cable. I don�t know why they don�t
      televise all the Rangers games; the world should come to a screeching halt
      when the Rangers went on ice.

      I measured out a spoonful of freshly roasted beans, poured them into the
      grinder, snapped the lid on, and set the machine on pulse. Three seconds on,
      three seconds off. Three on, three off. Three on, three off. My breathing
      synchronized with the high-pitched crackle of the grinder. Three on inhale,
      three off exhale. If I could grind the beans fine enough to snort, I would
      have. I wanted to ooze caffeine.

      Unfortunately, my drug of choice was going to be a plain old espresso. I�d
      just turned off the grinder when I heard Rachel cooing. I swear, the ability
      to move at lightening speed is a secondary mutation brought on by the stress
      of parenthood.

      �Hey there, fuzzball.� I tucked her blanket more snugly into the cracks of
      her carrier. �What�s wrong? You usually don�t mind it when I make coffee.�

      �I think she heard me come in.�

      My hand was at my temple, ready to fire off a blast. Then the voice
      registered. Funny, the urge to blast him didn�t decrease.

      �Nice of you to ring the doorbell.�

      Remy inspected the dust on under the couch. �Hello to you, too, Scotty.�

      �Don�t call me that,� I said, turning my attention back to Rachel. She
      grabbed my thumb and sucked it with ferocious concentration. �Want a beer?�

      He cocked an eyebrow up at me. �Where�ve you been, Remy? Why haven�t you
      been writing, Remy? How long you been in the States, Remy? I ain�t feelin�
      the love, Scotty-boy.�

      I shrugged. �It�s been almost a year and the closest thing I got to contact
      was an interview from the Interpol. You don�t need me as a nanny, Remy.
      That�s what you have Marie for.�

      He drew back at that. An imperceptible movement to most people. �How much
      you tell them?� he asked.

      �As little as possible, of course. They cleaned out your old room and went
      through the computer files. Fortunately, Kitty and another of the
      professor�s old students came around a month before to put in an iron-clad
      encryption. Interpol had no clue we were hiding anything on the computers

      �Byen. Glad for you.� He got up, boneless as always, and tilted his head
      towards the kitchen. �You want I should finish making you coffee while you
      take care of her?�

      �You just want a cup.�

      �That too.�

      He gave me and Rachel a wide berth on the way tot the coffee maker.
      Silently, he took the sugar container out of the overhead cupboard right of
      the stove. The lid popped open, rattling the cubes. The filters were on the
      same shelf. With a measuring spoon and a knife, he put five spoons of coffee
      grinds into the filter. Water from the fridge dispenser, nutmeg from the
      spice rack--he knew where everything was. Even I didn�t know where
      everything was.

      �You want to be safe, Scotty, you might want to change your set up from the
      one in the mansion,� Remy said as he switched the coffee machine on.

      �What�s the point?� I said. �If people can get into the mansion, how can a
      little wooden rancher fare any better?�

      Remy looked at me strangely but I was too tired to dissect his facial
      expressions. I focussed on Rachel instead. Everything seemed a lot less
      complicated when I did that.


      3 a) any sudden disturbance or agitation of the mind or emotions, as through
      great loss or surprise b) something causing this


      Boxes made good furniture. They were stackable, cheap, and reasonably
      durable provided you packed them tight. Most of the boxes I had weren�t even
      opened yet. Moving in normal circles was a bitch. Moving in the covert
      action circles was impossible. On the upside, I had a trendy Japanese-style
      dinner table, extra bookshelves, and storage space without spending a cent.

      Remy got cute on me and placed a vase of flowers on the dinner table. The
      bowls and silverware he used were mismatched; his own spoon was plastic. I
      had no idea what he�d cooked but smelled as good as take-out so it couldn�t
      have been that toxic.

      �I didn�t know I had this much stuff in the fridge,� I said as he ladled the
      stew over my bowl of rice.

      �Good thing about stew is that it don�t matter what you put in it as long as
      you got enough spices and tomato sauce to hide the taste,� he said.

      Reassuring. Still, I took a bite. Edible. It would never make the menu at
      Tavern on the Green but I never ate there any way so it was no big loss.

      �I know we didn�t have rice.�

      �You had a box of instant behind all the cans of tomato sauce.�

      Oh. I stand corrected. Shrugging mentally, I shoved another spoon in my
      mouth. Rachel begged for attention as always. She didn�t like being out of
      the loop when other people were around. I turned her carrier so that she
      could see both of us. That quieted her down until she realised we were
      holding spoons and she wasn�t. In the end, I got up and gave her another
      plastic spoon from the kitchen just to keep her from fussing again.

      Remy studied his food with more interest than it was due, stirring it around
      in his bowl like he was still in the middle of preparing the dish.

      �Should I be worried or something, Emeril?� I asked.

      He looked up and smirked. �No Emeril, that�s for sure. It�s easier to keep
      you head low when you cook for yourself than going out to restaurants. And
      Marie wasn�t a bad cook either.�

      �The Marie I knew couldn�t boil water.�

      �Glad I don�t know her then �cause I�d be in jail. But even then I�d be
      eating better than you.� The look he gave me was extremely disapproving. �Or
      were you going for the crack-snorting model look?�

      �It�s the Atkin�s diet.�

      �Diet is �die� with a �t.��


      �Byen, I used to live in a school, y�know.� He finally shovelled a dripping
      spoonful of food in his mouth. Smacking his lips, he announced, �Needs more

      �Smoking must have killed all your tastebuds.�

      He snorted. �Like you were smoking packs of it when she was bein� born.�

      I smirked, pleased at the opportunity to one-up him. �I wasn�t there when
      she was born,� I said around a mouthful of food. Strangely enough, he didn�t
      have a snappy come-back for that. He just stared at me, studying me while he
      scooped up his stew and let it fall back down into the bowl again and again
      and again. It sounded like water lapping up against the dock.

      �I was in Oregon picking up a student,� I said. �Jean was in the city
      visiting her friends. They were all doctors so of course, when she went into
      labour, they all panicked and forgot what to do.�

      �Yeah, that just made me feel much safer in hospitals.� Remy shifted in his
      seat. �Still, if you were there you would have.�

      I had no idea what he was talking about any more. �Would have felt safe in a

      �Would�ve been smoking like a chimney.� He snapped his fingers and thin,
      brown cigarette appeared between his index and middle finger. Giving it an
      appreciative sniff, he tucked it behind one ear.

      �Smoking�s bad for the baby,� I said.

      �Especially these ones. Co! I swear, everything is smaller and stronger over
      there. Take the cars for instance.� He leaned back, tilting the chair on
      its hind legs. �I had me a tiny Italian thing that would run circles around
      your Mazda even with all the mods you put in it.�

      �Probably,� I conceded.

      �You want me to give your car a few most boosts? Would be a good contest if
      I can figure out how much it�ll cost to ship it over here.�

      �If you really want to. Most of the cars in the garage are for shop class
      now. Or driver�s ed.�

      He hooted. �Driver�s ed? In Xavier�s Rolls Royce? I�d pay to see that. Hell,
      I�d help with the pre-show barbeque.�

      �Pre-show is cheap,� I said. �Let�s see if you want to stick around for the
      clean up.�

      �I can clean up.� Remy let his chair snap back on all fours, pushing his
      bowl my way as he did so. �See, I�m getting your empty bowl and bringing it
      to the kitchen. You go one and finish mine for seconds; I�ll get some

      Funny. I hadn�t known I was that hungry.

      �And while you�re at it, why you watchin� that shit on TV?� He wrinkled his
      nose and stuck his tongue out. �It�s the middle of the night. You should be
      watching porn like a normal guy.�

      Porn was on cable. Like I said before, I didn�t have much use for cable any


      4) an exteme stimulation of the nerves, muscles, etc. accompanying the
      passage of electric current through the body


      Remy came out of the laundry room with detergent in one hand and a hamper of
      dirty clothes under the other arm. �Does it matter if I wash the darks
      before the whites?� he asked.

      I shook my head, careful not to move too much. Rachel napped on my chest. It
      was the only place she napped. She weighed less than nothing though and
      besides, this position was perfect for staring up at the ceiling. I had the
      stucco pattered memorized. There was one spot over the TV that looked like
      the professor�s profile. On the downside, it was very difficult to drink
      coffee in this position. I�ve choked before, wasting at least 2 cups in

      I couldn�t get comfortable today. I kept shifting, kept waking Rachel up.
      Every drop of Jean�s controlled temper was concentrated into Rachel; when
      she�s sleepy, she�s cranky, and she does her best to make sure that everyone
      else is cranky. She was on fire today. In fact, the only reason she fell
      asleep was out of exhaustion.

      �Congratulations, Scotty, I think you�ve single-handedly made the khaki
      industry rich.� Remy collapsed onto the desk chair on the across the room.
      Kicking off the wall, he wheeled to my side. �I haven�t seen that much khaki
      since the last time I broke into a military building. Don�t even get me
      started on the blue shirts. I gotta take you shopping and introduce you to
      my two friends: Pattern and Colour.�

      �I�d rather be boring than be an eye-sore,� I said.

      �It�s not being an eye-sore, it�s being a trend-setter,� he corrected. �I
      know you can�t see colours too good but would it kill you to wear a white
      shirt with blue stripes instead? Or if you�re feeling �specially dangerous,

      �I have jeans.�

      �The one pair you got has ironed-on creases. Those aren�t real jeans. Those
      are jeans that�ve been arrested by the geek police. I�d go and break them
      out but, honestly, Scotty, your closet scares me.�

      �God forbid you don anything less conspicuous than pink stripes.� The
      Xavier-profile on the ceiling was starting to irritate me. I shifted my
      attention to the next section of moulding.

      �It�s not about bein� conspicuous,� said Remy. �It�s about having the money
      to buy clothes like that. I got boring clothes when I need to be boring.
      Maybe that�s the reason you�re so boring now, because you ain�t got clothes
      that make you feel alive.�

      I snorted. �I hardly think my emotional state is so shallow that it can be
      directly correlated with my clothing choices.�

      �It could.�

      �Yeah, and your emotional state is connected to your stubble growth.�

      He shook his head in mock dejection. �Hey now, no need to be mean and
      comparin� me to Ashton Kutcher movies.�

      �Get over it, Remy. I like boring clothes. I am a boring person.�

      �Who wears leather a few days out of the week,� he inserted just because the
      bastard liked having the last word.

      I kissed Rachel�s fly-away wisps of hair. �Not anymore, I don�t.�

      That gave him a pause. Hah.

      �Fine then. I�ll buy the kid better clothes.� I saw him reach out to Rachel
      then pause, inches away from my head. I even thought I saw his hand shake
      before he withdrew. �Ain�t right that the girl should only wear white.�

      �She only likes to wear her onsies,� I said. �She cries when I try to bundle
      her up any more. If it were up to her, she�d go around nude.�

      �Better hope she grows out of that.�

      �I don�t have to. I�m locking her in a convent.�

      �Co! The things I could tell you about convent schools.� Even without
      looking at him, I knew he was grinning wide enough for the top of his head
      to slip right off.

      I curled one arm tighter around Rachel�s body. �Do me a favour and don�t.
      Let me have the illusion that there�s someplace where I can tuck her away
      and keep her safe for the rest of her life.�

      �You dreamin�,� said Remy, his voice softening. �Ain�t no such place,

      �Then I�ll make one,� I said. �There�s got to be at least ten square feet of
      space somewhere in the world where no-one can get to her, where she can�t
      get hurt.�

      Remy didn�t have a snappy comeback for that. He rolled his chair back and
      forth, scratching the hell out of the hardwood floors that Jean had cooed
      over so much when we ripped out the linoleum. I focused on a spot on the
      ceiling that had cow-shaped stucco chewing stucco regurgitated stucco grass.
      Linoleum would have been much easier to take care of.

      Eventually, the washing machine beeped. Remy stood up to check on it. �If it
      helps any,� he said on his way out, �Marie always said she felt safest when
      she was around you.�

      Sure, Remy, the added pressure helped a whole bunch.

      (con't on part b)

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