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FIC: X-Book 4: Of Politics..., PG-13, Chpt 13

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    X-Book 4 -- Of Politics, Tacos and Other Things that Give You Indegestion Chapter 13: 8110 Full Circle Lane, NY By: Kath713/Leen713 Rating: PG-13 (violence,
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      X-Book 4 -- Of Politics, Tacos and Other Things that Give You

      Chapter 13: 8110 Full Circle Lane, NY

      By: Kath713/Leen713
      Rating: PG-13 (violence, language)

      Genre: Crossover (with anything I can squeeze in), SPOILERS FOR X2
      Summary: See prologue to book 4

      Disclaimer: I own nothing in regards to the Marvel characters or
      any character from a previously published source portrayed in this

      Reviews: Any feedback would be great and is appreciated!


      Chapter Thirteen:

      Early the following morning, just as the light of the rising sun
      appeared over the eastern horizon, a long, black car drove quickly
      toward the New York state line. Mystique had called ahead for a car
      to be prepared at a small air field not far from Newark, where they
      had landed in the Brotherhood's small silver jet. Their arrival had
      been discreet, and the owner of the airfield was well paid to keep
      it that way.

      Pyro was sitting the in the front passenger seat, and stared ahead
      anxiously. He had never been to New York City before, even during
      his time at Xavier's school. Now, the thought of the large
      metropolitan area with millions of people around him made his months
      on the Island seem like solitary confinement. Magneto had not said
      if their stay in the city would be a matter of hours or days, so
      Pyro could only wonder how long this welcome sojourn would last.

      Pyro reached into the front pocket of his coat and closed his hand
      around his lighter. He tapped his fingers against its metal
      surface, resisting the urge to begin snapping the cover on and off
      as he did when he was nervous. No one had spoken much since they
      transferred from the plane to the car. Rebecca had fallen asleep
      again, and Sid was staring blankly out his own window. Magneto and
      Mystique had been conversing quietly for a few scattered moments,
      and Toad seemed entirely focused on the road ahead of them, not
      really paying any attention to anything else.

      As they entered the city, morning rush hour had not yet begun but
      the streets were still bustling with pedestrians. No one looked
      twice at the expensive looking black car that made its way through
      downtown Manhattan.

      Pyro glanced upward out his window as the buildings became taller
      and more impressive. With so much steel and glass around him, he
      was reminded of the Island's vast chambers, but that was where any
      similarity ended. This place was not hollow, it was alive, and
      everywhere he looked there were more people to see.

      With the Brotherhood, Pyro had his place and that would not change.
      But John Allerdyce was still a nineteen year old kid, who suddenly
      realized how lonely the past eight months had been.

      As they passed over a bridge toward Long Island, Pyro glanced
      backward at the Manhattan skyline. Magneto regarded the boy for a
      moment before speaking.

      "You look impressed," he said and Pyro shrugged.

      "It's okay," he said, feigning indifference, "Just...never seen it

      Magneto nodded, "Well, perhaps you'll get to see a few more sights
      before you leave."

      Pyro glanced at him with surprise, and Magneto grinned.

      "Though don't be surprised if some of us avoid one specific tourist
      attraction..." he continued in a low voice.

      Pyro frowned in confusion until he heard Toad begin to chuckle

      "Perhaps the Malloys would take you to Liberty Island if you've
      never seen it before..." Mystique offered with a coy smile. Magneto
      had Toad take the long route through the city on purpose. Just a
      glimpse for the boy, in hope that he may want to stay for a while...

      "It hasn't opened to the public again yet," Sid suddenly said, flat
      and humorless.

      "Then..." Mystique began as she glared at Sid, and then turned
      toward Pyro, "I suppose other arrangements will have to be made."

      Pyro nodded and turned to stare out the front window. The streets
      around them were becoming quieter, less densely packed with people
      and buildings as they headed east.

      "Thought you said this place was in the city?" Pyro asked back to

      "Near enough," Sid replied, and gave the boy a small smile, "Were
      you expecting a penthouse in Manhattan?"

      Pyro shrugged and Sid continued, "It's nice enough, and not too
      close to the Council's New York chapter. Just outside of

      "Levittown?" Pyro asked.

      "'S where Billy Joel's from..." Rebecca suddenly added with a yawn.
      She blinked heavily as she struggled out of sleep and muttered
      something inaudible as she shifted her injured arm.

      "Neat," Pyro said sarcastically, a little disappointed they wouldn't
      be staying in a Manhattan penthouse. The rows of little homes they
      passed were much less impressive than the Big Apple itself, but they
      were also much less conspicuous.

      After a short while, Sid directed Toad to pull down a small street
      that ended in a cul de sac. The roadway was nearly canopied by the
      long branches of a few tall trees, which would cast heavy shadows
      over the ground, even at high noon, once the small spring leaves
      filled out to their fullest.

      There were several buildings around as they entered the circular
      dead end, and Toad pulled into the driveway of the largest. The
      numbers 8110 were painted black on the front brick wall, and were
      difficult to see, even the in growing morning light.

      Rebecca grinned and leaned forward.

      "That's it," she said and opened her door quickly, easing herself
      out of the car, and stretching. It was not as pretty to look at as
      their home in Chicago had been, but at least it was cozy. She
      glanced over the car and saw Pyro looking up at the building

      "Does...anyone else live here?" he asked and Rebecca gave him a one-
      shouldered shrug.

      "Sometimes," she said and winked at him mischievously.

      The twins lead the Brotherhood around the side of the building and
      up a shallow ramp. At the top, a weathered wooden door was lit by
      a blinking overhead light. The door had no knob or handle, and Pyro
      watched curiously as Sid opened the metal cover of a power box to
      his right. Instead of two rows of power breakers, the dirty cover
      revealed a very intricate computer panel lined with green blinking

      Sid pressed on one of the green button and the panel blinked to life.

      "Unlock," Sid said once and the door clicked and opened inward.

      Pyro laughed as he glanced at the hidden control panel.

      "That's it?" he asked, "All that hardware, and all you gotta say
      is `unlock?'"

      Sid grinned, "Keeps burglars confused...most of the buttons just
      play music if you hit them..."

      Rebecca leaned over and touched one random key. The air was
      suddenly filled with the tune to `Piano Man.' Pyro laughed again
      and followed after the twins as they entered the building.

      As they moved down the front hall, sensors catching their motion
      caused lights to flicker on. The condition of the hall stood in
      stark contrast to the building's plain brick exterior. The walls
      were painted a deep blue, and the floor was covered in dark wood
      panels. There were scattered pieces of furniture around, two coat
      racks and a few small tables and chairs. To their left was a large
      set of double doors and Sid hit a glowing button next to them to
      call for the elevator.

      When they were all inside, Pyro watched Sid hit the button for the
      top floor. Pyro noticed that the controls to go down below the
      first floor had been removed. Pyro wondered why, considering how
      easy getting in the front door had been. The elevator opened out
      onto the third floor with a soft chime.

      Pyro followed the others out of the elevator and looked around the
      flat with surprise. The rooms were very similar in d├ęcor to the
      Malloys' home in Chicago. Many shelves filled with books lined the
      walls, and in between an array of artwork ranging from old canvases
      to new color photographs in simple wooden frames.

      The main living area was large, and separated from the other rooms
      by short sections of wall. There were no doors dividing the main
      room from the dining hall or the kitchen or any other `public' room.

      One darkened hall lead back away from the central area, and Rebecca
      walked toward it.

      "I'm going to get changed," she said, a smile on her tired
      face, "And maybe sleep for a while. I'm sure Sebastian will have us
      up all night telling him what happened..."

      She wandered off, leaving Sid to grudgingly attend to their guests.

      "Feel free to use the kitchen or any other facility here," Sid
      said, "Guest rooms are down that hall...," he pointed in another
      direction, "...Sebastian probably won't be around until after
      sunset...and I have a few things to check up on back in Chicago.
      I'll be in the study making phone calls if you need anything..."

      Magneto nodded at the young man in appreciation before Sid headed
      off down the hall after Rebecca. Mystique watched him go with

      "He still mistrusts us," she said softly to Erik, "Why would he
      leave us here unattended?"

      Magneto smiled at her, "I'm sure they've had more dangerous guests
      here before than us, my dear. Toad...Pyro...Why don't you bring our
      things up from the car?"

      Mystique frowned and strolled around the room as the other two
      left. Magneto turned toward her.

      "It's been a long time since our involvement with the Council," he
      said to her, "Demons and other creatures have a much less difficult
      time blending in today's society than in the past. Mutants have
      taken much of the public's attention from them...and modern
      technologies have made it easier for them to secure themselves from
      watchful eyes. There are some places in this city, especially for
      young people, where even a Watcher would have difficulty telling the
      mutants from other non-human beings."

      Mystique nodded, looking at one of her blue-skinned hands

      "Much has changed then..." she said.

      "And much has not," a voice suddenly spoke from the shadows.
      Mystique spun around in surprise, but Erik Lensherr simply turned
      and smiled.

      From the outside, shutters began to cover the apartment's large
      windows, blocking out the morning sunlight. From one corner of the
      room, Sebastian Malloy stepped silently forward and met Magneto's

      "Hello, Erik," the vampire said and Erik Lensherr stepped toward him
      without fear.

      "Hello, Sebastian..." he replied pleasantly, "Nice to see you

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