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Fic: "An Evening With Hugh Jackman" Logan/OC

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  • Sunshine
    An Evening With Hugh Jackman PG 13 for language Summary – a night of fun for some and jealousy for others - for those of you who have been following my Into
    Message 1 of 1 , May 2, 2004
      An Evening With Hugh Jackman

      PG 13 for language

      Summary – a night of fun for some and jealousy for others - for those
      of you who have been following my "Into New Territory" saga with
      Logan and Danielle

      Disclaimer – I don't own any of the Marvel characters, however
      Danielle, AKA Panther, is mine and use of her is strickly forbidden
      unless permission is granted by me

      Author's note – This fic is in no way meant to be harmful to anyone,
      especially Mr. Jackman. Wolverine's feelings were not permanently
      damaged by the writing of this fic.

      "Oh, my gawd. He's like so gorgeous," Rogue whispered.

      "Huh?" Bobby said with worry.

      The latest trailer for a new science fiction movie was playing and
      Rogue, Jubilee, and Kitty were sitting down highly engrossed in
      watching the teasing scenes for Van Helsing. After the commercial
      finished and the movie Swordfish came back on, Jubilee jumped up.

      "We have got to go see that movie!"

      "Yeah! Let's all go!" Marie added with excitement.

      "Hugh Jackman is just so hot!" Kitty said.

      Hearing Logan's heavy work boots on the hardwood floor, all the girls
      quickly sat down and became silent. They tried to hide their
      excitement, but Logan still sensed it – there was a collective scent
      in the air of excited female.

      "What the hell are you all grinning about?" Logan growled as he
      walked into the room, beer in hand, and an irritated look on his
      face. He watched the enthusiasm build inside the women until it
      finally burst out.

      "Van Helsing!" the trio of females shouted.

      "C'mon, Bobby. Let's see if we can get tickets now!" Marie cried out
      while pulling Bobby's hand in an attempt to get him up off the couch.

      "Maybe you should go without me," Bobby said sorrowfully.

      "Bobby, c'mon," Rogue nearly ordered.

      "Chin up, boy. Nothing stops a female in heat," Logan said in a
      matter of fact way and observing the tentativeness and hidden
      jealousy boiling inside Bobby.

      Just as Bobby turned to face Logan, the young man's eyes meeting the
      cold unsympathetic stare from those of the feral man, the front door
      was heard closing.

      "Fear not, ladies. I hold ten tickets to a private showing of Van
      Helsing – in Hollywood - and with the cast and crew."

      The quartet grouped together jumping up and down like a bunch of star
      struck teenagers.

      "How did you get these?" Kitty asked.

      "A business associate in the entertainment industry got them on
      special request for me. No one from the public sector is going to be
      at this showing. And… we all will get to meet Hugh Jackman!!"

      They began to jump up and down again screaming like giddy young girls.

      Bobby glanced in Logan's direction noticing a scowl on his face and
      then a very irritated look washing over him. It was pretty obvious
      the intensely excited mention of meeting another male struck Logan
      pretty hard since the leader of this female attack pack was his

      Bobby walked over, placed his hand on Logan's shoulder and
      said, "Chin up, boy. Nothing stops a female in heat."

      Bobby quickly walked away sensing Logan's increased agitation. This
      was a moment where claws might be shown.

      After the girls settled down and the younger women headed off, each
      with a ticket in hand and all still talking loudly with excitement,
      Danielle turned to face Logan. She walked over to him slowly,
      wrapping her arms around his midsection and pulling him close. Logan
      looked deep into her eyes seeing the gleam of excitement shining
      bright in them.

      "Darlin', ya will come with us, won't ya?" Danielle asked.

      Logan was silent. She giggled to herself that Logan was jealous over
      the star of the movie. Logan looked up to the ceiling not wanting to
      see her excitement any further.

      "Tell me ya ain't jealous," Danielle said softly while running her
      finger down the center of Logan's chest.

      "What's that guy got that I don't?"

      Danielle quickly released him.

      "Well, now let me think," Danielle said putting a finger to the side
      of her face and looking deep in thought.

      "Hum, he's suave and debonair, great sense of humor, which my dear
      you could take a lesson on, and he's really a good guy – a rarity in
      today's society. Not to mention, he is Hollywood's next Mel Gibson."

      Logan turned away from her and lifted his beer bottle to his lips.

      "And, I want to screw him."

      Logan was mid gulp with his beer as Danielle said that and it caused
      him to nearly choke. He slammed the bottle down on the coffee table
      as Danielle forcefully held back the laugh that wanted to burst out
      of her.

      "I thought I was a good guy – and all ya ever needed."

      "Why ya bein' so insecure? Mr. Jackman is a very happily married
      man, Logan. He's nothing to fear."

      "Maybe I want to remain a happily married man."

      Danielle was really trying hard not to laugh. She was enjoying this
      little moment of control over Logan. Walking over to him, she put
      her arms around his waist again and batted her eyes at him.

      "Darlin', please say you will go with us. Lord knows I might need ya
      ta keep me from jumpin' Hugh's bones in the theater."

      Logan pushed Danielle off and stomped out of the room. Danielle
      couldn't help but laugh. There were times she truly enjoyed teasing
      Logan and his intense jealousy proved how much he loved her.

      Logan slammed the door to the Danger room closed causing Scott to
      nearly jump out of his skin.

      "Everything ok?"

      "Sure. If ya don't mind having a woman who's in heat for another

      "What's that all about?"

      "Danielle wants me to go with her and the kids to see some movie with
      some guy they are all goin' ga-ga over."

      Scott softly laughed.

      "Oh, that Hugh Jackman guy that's got every red-blooded female going

      Logan snarled.

      "Set up a really good program this time, Cyke. I need a freakin'
      good workout."


      Scott turned to the control panel and smiled the widest smile.
      Seeing Logan pissed off was just the cat's meow.


      The group walked into the movie theater. It was nearly empty besides
      a small crew of theater attendants and security guards.

      A man in a finely made black suit walked in their direction. Logan
      sniffed the air – it was thick around him with the scent of seven
      females all in arousal overload.

      Danielle walked over to the man and shook hands with him.

      "Dirk, these are my friends – Kitty, Marie, Jubilee, Storm, Jean,
      Yulanda, Bobby, John and Scott."

      She quickly reached for Logan's arm pulling him to stand with the
      rest of the bunch.

      "And, this is my Logan."

      "Nice to meet all of you. Mr. Jackman is inside with the rest of the
      gang waiting for all of you."

      Jubilee had her camera in hand.

      "Would he mind if we took some pictures?"

      "After the movie. There will be plenty of time," Dirk replied as he
      escorted the group inside.

      The theater's lights were at half brightness as several of the cast
      and crew had already obtained their seats.

      "Mr. Jackman, the Xavier clan has arrived."

      "Ah, good!" Hugh said with excitement – his voice thick with an
      Australian accent.

      "Mr. Jackman – it is a pleasure to meet you," Danielle said calmly
      while reaching out her hand in greeting.

      She instantly sensed Logan's irritation as her hand grasped the

      She introduced her friends. The adults were gracious and calm.
      Logan again dropped back. Kitty, Jubilee, and Marie were introduced
      and Hugh couldn't help but giggle at the collective look of
      starstruck "duh" on their faces.

      Danielle dragged Logan forward.

      "This is Logan – my man," Danielle said.

      Logan hesitated to shake his hand. He sniffed the air waiting for
      just the slightest hint of arousal from the actor. Satisfied that
      the scent he was picking up had nothing to do with Danielle, he took
      Mr. Jackman's hand with a firm grip.

      "Darling, these are our special guests," Mr. Jackman said introducing
      his wife.

      The younger women each took a turn meeting her.

      "Lucky chick," Jubilee whispered to Kitty.

      They were then introduced to the scriptwriter and co-stars.

      "Well, now. Why don't we all sit down and see how this bad boy
      turned out," Hugh said.

      As everyone piled into their seats, Danielle happened to sit next to
      Mr. Jackman and Logan angrily plopped down into the seat next to her.

      During several of the scenes, Danielle would lean close to Hugh to
      chat. Logan sank into his seat trying to hide his anger.


      After the movie, the group piled out of the theater all talking with
      excitement about various scenes in the movie. Danielle led the
      intense discussion hanging a little too close to the star than Logan
      cared for. At this point, she was oblivious to Logan's presence and
      deep in conversation with the actor and his wife.

      Logan walked over to cardboard display – a nearly full size picture
      of Mr. Jackman in costume as Van Helsing – hands outstretched to his
      sides and with weapons ready for action. Logan turned to watch
      Danielle. She was being cute – batting her eyes and giggling
      sweetly. Jealousy began to boil like molten lava inside Logan and he
      turned to the movie display again and snarled a very evil snarl.


      The blades shimmered in the light of the theater lobby and the entire
      group turned to look at Logan. He stood poised in the same stance as
      the actor in the picture – arms to his sides and his claws extended.

      Scott and Jean leaned on each other giggling softly.

      "Now, that's cool," Hugh said in reference to Logan's claws and
      quickly walking over to get a closer look.

      "Logan," Danielle growled.

      Hugh walked over to Logan sensing how tense Logan was. A hard glare
      met the actor's eyes. With a hand on Logan's shoulder, Hugh
      said, "Ya know, if ya ever think about having yer life story told,
      I'd be honored to play you."
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