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FIC: Beyond Words (15/19)

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  • Laura Elaine
    Beyond Words- Part 15 Marie s P.O.V. Author: Sparkling-Diva Feedback: Yes, Please and thank you!!!! You can do so at rogue200348@yahoo.com Dedication: Thank
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 30, 2004
      Beyond Words- Part 15
      Marie's P.O.V.
      Author: Sparkling-Diva
      Feedback: Yes, Please and thank you!!!! You can do so at
      Dedication: Thank you's to everyone I know and the people at the
      message boards and my reviewers at FanFiction.net. I promised I'd
      write more.
      Archive: If you are interested please ask me first just so I know. I
      don't consider it a problem if I say it is OK. I am a member to
      FanFiction.net and a bunch of other boards.
      Disclaimer: They are not mine!! WAAHHH!!!
      Rating: PG-13. Due to some romancy stuff.
      Summary: If you have read the first part you'd know. It is just a
      cute little L/M fic about them in luv with each other and them
      telling their P.O.V. of the whole situation.
      Author's Note: I told you that I would be back and here I am. Tis
      time for Part 15!

      Before we left that morning, I went back to the old cabin that had
      once belonged to Logan to take a look at a few things. Logan was
      still asleep so I left him a note saying that I should be back
      within a couple of minutes.
      I went in and instantly felt Logan's presence all around. I
      couldn't believe all that was now happening to him in so little time.
      I moved towards the desk and picked up the picture of Rose. She had
      gone through so much with him and risked her life but even still she
      stayed with him because she loved him.
      I felt so much sympathy for her since I knew exactly how she felt.
      She died for him.
      I nearly did too but managed to survive.
      I don't know why I did so but I began to talk to myself aloud but I
      really was trying to talk to the spirit of Rose.
      "I promise to take care of him. I love him and I always will. I
      don't know if I'll ever be the same like you were to him but I kinda
      guess that destiny brought me to him. I'll be the best I can be and
      I will never leave his side. I promise."
      I turned around to see Logan in the doorway holding back some tears.
      "You mean that, darlin'?" he asked.
      "Yeah. You said that you'd take care of me so I'll take care of you."
      He came up to me and gave me a sweet kiss and a hug.
      Wiping some of the tears in his eyes, he said, "C'mon, darlin'.
      Let's go."
      We went back to the mansion and had a long talk with Charles. What
      we had found out was that it was all true. Logan was mad but I was
      able to calm him down and soon everything was alright.
      Time passed and I kept teaching and he kept assisting Charles and
      anyone else needing help in things here or there. He realized that
      he couldn't change the past even if it was very harsh.
      We were going to stay there for the holidays with the kids who had
      no place to go and no families. There were a lot and we made sure
      that everyone's Christmas would be nice and bright.
      We all decorated a huge Christmas tree and wrapped each others
      presents. Also, at night by the fireplace, for the little ones, we
      would all gather around the piano by the fireplace and sang
      Christmas Carols with Hank on the piano.
      It was late Christmas Eve and most of the people were already
      asleep. A few of us were still awake so we were cleaning up due to
      the dinner and a few early unwrapped presents who's wrappers had
      managed to get their way to the floor. Logan and I were in charge of
      the living room area.
      We were almost done and I was picking up some wrappers off the floor
      when he came up from behind me and hugged me and kissed my neck.
      "Hey. "
      "Wow, You're cuddlish."
      "Is that even a word?"
      "I don't know."
      We sat down on the couch exhausted.
      "Logan? Wanna open one of your Christmas presents early to keep up
      with the Christmas Eve tradition?"
      "Sure. Just as long as you open up one of mine.'
      "Okay," I said getting up and going to the tree, "Which one?"
      "Pick one."
      "Um…," I said suddenly spotting the small one with the green
      wrapping paper, "This one."
      "Bring it here, darlin'," he said as I walked over to him, "Thank
      "You're welcome."
      He took it and stared at it. Then he unwrapped it to reveal a small
      box. He looked up at me and I motioned him to go ahead and open it
      and he did so.
      His expression when he saw the expensive silver watch I gave him was
      "Oh gosh, darling. This is too much," he said.
      "No. It's actually not enough for someone as special as you."
      I knew that he never ever had any real gifts before since we met but
      this year I felt like giving him something really special. He had
      said he needed a new watch so here it was. A brand new first class
      "I got it the last time we had a field trip about a month ago," I
      "You didn't have to. Thank you," he said as he gave me a hug.
      "You're welcome…again."
      "You sure…um…that…you are ready for your gift?"
      "Yeah. Why are you so nervous?"
      "I just want to make sure that it's special and all and that you
      like it and everything."
      "Anything from you is special and I like, sugah. Don't worry about
      Then nervously he hesitated and took in a deep breath before taking
      out a small blue colored wrapped box and giving it to me.
      "For you."
      "Thank you," I said eying him suspiciously.
      I unwrapped it to find as well a tiny little black box. It was so
      pretty. After one look back up at him, I opened it.
      Oh god.
      A ring.
      An engagement ring.
      "Marie," he said kneeling on the floor in front of me as I was
      fighting back tears, `I know that due to your age you might not be
      ready. I'm not your typical Prince Charming but I love you with all
      my heart and promise to take care of you forever. Will you marry
      me?" he said before taking out some mistletoe from his pocket and
      with his arm raised it over the both of us, "Please?" he said giving
      me a pleading look.
      All I could do was nod my head.
      "You will?"
      "Yes Logan I will," I said as we kissed and hugged for a while, "Oh
      by the way, you are my prince charming."
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