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FIC: X-Book 4: Of Politics..., PG-13, Chpt 11

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    X-Book 4 -- Of Politics, Tacos and Other Things that Give You Indegestion Chapter Eleven: Magneto s Proposal By: Kath713/Leen713 Rating: PG-13 (violence,
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      X-Book 4 -- Of Politics, Tacos and Other Things that Give You

      Chapter Eleven: Magneto's Proposal

      By: Kath713/Leen713
      Rating: PG-13 (violence, language)

      Genre: Crossover (with anything I can squeeze in), SPOILERS FOR X2
      Summary: See prologue to book 4

      Disclaimer: I own nothing in regards to the Marvel characters or
      any character from a previously published source portrayed in this

      Reviews: Any feedback would be great and is appreciated!


      Chapter Eleven:

      Pyro lead the Malloy twins toward a long circular hallway, about
      eight feet in diameter. As they had passed through the island
      fortress, both Sid and Rebecca had been quietly impressed by the
      structure and workmanship each new chamber revealed. They walked
      across a grassy stretch, and noticed Sabertooth standing near the
      tunnel's entrance.

      "Is Magneto here?" Pyro asked Sabertooth quickly. The young man's
      earlier good nature seemed to have been lost beneath a somber
      shadow. His tone was very serious, and held no fear when addressing
      the larger mutant. He was simply one soldier speaking with
      another. Sid suppressed a shiver and wondered again about Magneto's
      motivation in finding his family.

      Sabertooth nodded his head in the direction of the tunnel, "He's
      waiting inside."

      The larger mutant's dark eyes glared down at the twins blankly.
      Rebecca met his gaze for a moment until Pyro pointed down the hall.

      "Head down there," he said and quickly stood aside.

      "You're not going with?" Rebecca asked curiously. Pyro shook his
      head but did not speak. It was almost as if he was trying to
      imitate the mood of the other members of the Brotherhood, somber and
      apathetic toward the entire situation.

      "Okay..." Sid said slowly, and then glanced at his sister before
      moving forward.

      Hard core, he mouthed without speaking and Rebecca caught at laugh
      before it escaped her throat. Sid began to walk forward down the
      circular hall, but Rebecca paused a moment and stared up at
      Sabertooth again.

      He did not react or look away, and after a moment, Rebecca sighed
      and sported an apologetic grin.

      "Sorry about your coat," she said, noticing he was not wearing the
      long fur lined garment that she had accidentally singed when he
      grabbed her back at her house. The large mutant still did not
      react, but Rebecca figured it was worth a try.

      She followed after her brother until they came to a smaller, but
      more intricately designed room than most of the others.

      Mystique and Magneto were seated near a long metallic desk, the only
      obvious furnishing in the room. The Brotherhood's leader smiled in
      greeting to them and made a gesture of welcome.

      "Hello again, Miss and Mr. Malloy," Magneto finally said and the
      twins gave him their politest attention, "Or may I call you by
      Rebecca and Jeremy?"

      The twins exchange glances and then shrugged (though Rebecca did
      this with only one shoulder).

      "Very well," Magneto said with a friendly tone and he gestured
      toward two other chairs in front of his deck, "Please...have a seat."

      They did, in strangely perfect time, and each one stared curiously
      at the man before them. It was one thing to hear the Council's
      frequently exaggerated stories of Erik Lensherr and Charles Xavier,
      but it was quite another to actually meet one of them.

      "I suppose you are wondering why I've brought you here..." Magneto
      said, as if he had a speech prepared for this situation, but the
      twins spoke before he could continue.

      "No," Rebecca said.

      "No, not really," Sid continued, and then added quickly with
      anger, "Though I would like to know what prompted you to break into
      our house, Mr. Lensherr..."

      "Sid..." Rebecca said quickly but he continued.

      "And why you thought assaulting one of us was the best way to
      introduce yourselves..." Sid said, his voice getting louder with
      every word.

      Rebecca glanced in between her brother and Magneto and, though the
      older man's expression remained even, it was obvious that Sid's
      disrespectful tone was not something he easily tolerated.

      "Sebastian is really, really hoping you're planning to recruit us to
      your little Brotherhood here," Sid suddenly added with vicious
      sarcasm, "Since you've destroyed our home, we might be looking for a
      place to stay."

      Magneto regarded the young man coolly but did not reply. He had had
      much practice in keeping his temper during his time with the
      Council, and Sid Malloy's indignant tone reminded him very much of
      those earlier days. Plus, Mystique's obvious fury as she glared at
      the young man made up for it. The tension in the room was heavy and
      Rebecca sighed.

      "Nice...way to stay civil..." she muttered before he could begin
      speaking again.

      "I'm sorry..." he whispered back, "They almost got you killed..."

      "No, the bullet the Lady took from my arm almost killed me," she
      shot back.

      "You wouldn't have been there to take that bullet if they hadn't
      brought that thing to the house," Sid said back, still in a low
      voice, but one that everyone could hear.

      "They didn't bring that robot to the house," Rebecca corrected
      him, "Those guerillas in camouflage did..."

      Sid was about to say something else when Rebecca touched his arm and
      gave him a hard look. They glared at each other for a moment,
      continuing their argument without words, until Sid sighed and folded
      his arms with frustration.

      Rebecca glanced over at Magneto and sighed.

      "Mr. Lensherr," she began, "I hope you understand the position
      you've placed us in."

      Magneto nodded, his composure never wavering, "Yes. It was
      unfortunate the way the situation unfolded. And you do have my
      extended apologies at the loses you've had. I'm afraid my decision
      to seek out your family, to find out the fate of your mother and her
      children, was part curiosity...and part necessity. In these
      troubling times, one must know all of their enemies, but also all of
      their allies. As for recruiting you...," he spared Sid a long
      glance at these words, "...I allow for every possible end when
      meeting other mutants. I had hoped your work for the Council would
      be leading to the same goal as the Brotherhood...a safer world for
      mutant kind."

      Rebecca nodded and shifted her injured arm uncomfortably. She was
      frowning with thought, and after a moment she replied.

      "I think that's the goal for any mutant organization, isn't it?" she
      said, "I guess it's the method of approaching those issues that
      separates you from Professor Xavier's school..."

      She made this reference deliberately, curious about why the two
      groups held such hostility towards each other.

      "Method..." Magneto repeated thoughtfully, "Yes, I suppose that is
      true. We have differing opinions on which methods would be

      "And you think some of the Council's methods of approaching issues
      may also be effective for you in the end," Rebecca said, matter-of-
      factly, "Especially considering the resources they have available.
      But...you would need contacts there. I guess they wouldn't just let
      you guys wander around one of the old libraries..."

      Magneto smiled and shook his head, "No, I doubt that."

      "And then you knew about our mother's powers and my family's
      paternal link to the Council," she continued, but her face suddenly
      faded into strange frown, "So, then...why the hell did you just
      break into the house? I hate to say Sid had a point with that

      "Oh, thanks," her brother said with annoyance, rolling his eyes
      toward the ceiling.

      "You knew what our mom could do..." she continued addressing
      Magneto, "Weren't you worried I'd just blow you up or something?"

      Magneto smiled, "Well, I hoped that you had inherited your mother's
      temperament also."

      "Well, yeah, I guess," Rebecca continued, "But you just decided to
      break into a pyrokenetic's house? Whose idea was that?"

      Her face was serious, but Magneto could not help but be amused by
      her sudden scolding tone. He found her eerie semblance to her uncle
      Sebastian almost comical as she ranted.

      "And," she continued, "What would have happened if we were a real
      Council house? There might have been guarding hexes over the doors
      or demons hanging around for whatever reason...I mean, really, how
      many people here have ever seen a demon, let alone know how to get
      away from one?"

      Mystique shifted her gaze to the young woman.

      "We've been watching you for months," she replied sharply to
      Rebecca, "Some of us have seen demons before, and we never saw
      anything supernatural during our reconnaissance."

      "Reconnaissance?" Sid asked quickly, and then chuckled
      cynically, "Why didn't you just pick up a phone book? We are
      listed. You could've just called and asked to stop by..."

      Rebecca grinned at her brother, and then glanced back at Magneto
      with amused suspicion.

      "I'm not the only one who avoids possible phone contact with our
      uncle," she said.

      "Indeed..." Magneto agreed, "I actually have not seen him or spoken
      to him since his...well, let's just say, when he became more of a
      night person."

      "I talked to him a little while ago," Sid said, "He's moving our
      things to his New York City apartment. He was...and we
      were...hoping you'd be willing to bring us there...after you've
      spoken to us, of course..."

      Sid said this with doubt, but Magneto nodded politely.

      "Of course," he replied, "And, fortunately, your sister has guessed
      my motivations for contacting you both. Mutant issues do not have
      their proper place within the Council. Yet, it has many ancient and
      modern resources that would prove invaluable to our cause."

      Magneto leaned forward, his face filled with grave concern. His
      tone was soft, almost mournful, and in a more comfortable setting,
      could have easily lulled someone into sleep. This was practiced,
      and purposeful, and meant to draw their trust.

      "Since the psychic attacks the world experienced eight months ago,
      violence towards mutants in the community has increased. This
      anyone would know just by watching the evening news. Hate groups,
      such as the Friends of Humanity, form under the guise of concerned
      human citizens seeking peace, but in truth their goals are to make
      mutants subservient, weak and extinct. I take full responsibility
      for the catastrophe at Liberty Island, and I realize now that a
      direct assault on our aggressors would not be advantageous for us..."

      At least not yet, Mystique thought to herself, her mouth curling
      into a secretive smile.

      "...therefore, I am searching for alternative methods to answer this
      problem, this prejudice, that mutants must live with. Making
      connections with the Council is simply our first step. Our approach
      to you both may have been inappropriate, but it did expose a new
      threat to our people, and next time we will be better prepared to
      face such a threat, and maybe prevent a future tragedy."

      When he was finished, Rebecca and Sid exchanged a silence glance.
      His words had been forceful, but also seemed very sincere. After a
      few quiet moments, Magneto's expression changed again, returning to
      it previous pleasant smile.

      "Though, I don't expect you will make a decision on this right
      away," he offered with a small shrug, "It's a rather large favor to
      ask, especially considering the ordeals of the past few days. I
      imagine you'll want to discuss it further in private...and discuss
      my offer with your uncle, a task I do not envy. But, perhaps I will
      have an opportunity to speak with him when we take you to New

      The twins looked surprised at the sudden offer. Magneto sat back
      and touched his chin thoughtfully.

      "We'll leave in the morning," he said with a smile, "I assume you
      would like to arrive during the day. Get a few hours of peace
      before your uncle awakes?"

      "Oh, yes, please," Rebecca replied, her face brightening with
      exaggerated politeness. Sid rolled his eyes and sighed, but any
      trace of his earlier anger towards Magneto seemed to have diminished
      for the most part.

      Inwardly, Magneto was very pleased. He glanced at Mystique, and
      spoke his plan as if it had suddenly come to his mind.

      "You and Pyro should accompany us," he said, and she nodded as they
      had rehearsed, and Magneto continued, "He has been waiting for weeks
      to have a chance to leave the Island. A few days in the city may be
      good for him."

      "Sebastian's apartment has plenty of guest rooms," Rebecca
      said, "And I'm sure my dearest uncle will be way to busy yelling at
      me to even notice you're there..."

      Magneto chuckled, "Very well. I'll have Toad prepare the jet for a
      morning departure. Until then, I'm sure the Lady would prefer if
      you slept in the infirmary."

      Sid nodded, "That's a good idea...there were a bunch of cots..."

      "Fine, then we shall meet you in the front hanger in the morning,"
      Magneto said, rising to his feet. The twins and Mystique also rose
      and Rebecca and Sid exited through the long tunnel.

      Once they were gone, Mystique looked at Erik with a smile.

      "Do you think they believed you?" she asked wryly. Erik frowned at
      her with mock surprise.

      "Did I say something they should not believe?" he asked.

      Mystique shook her head, "No, they expected a lie or an unacceptable
      truth. You said exactly what they did not expect. You said exactly
      what you meant, but not exactly what you meant..."

      She gave him a wicked smile.

      "Truthful...but you did not exactly speak the entire truth..."

      "But I did not lie..." he said simply, "What truths I have not yet
      revealed...will be made clear to them in time..."

      Archived at www.fanfiction.net/~leen713
      *work in progress*
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