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FIC: Beyond Words (11/?)

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  • Laura Elaine
    Beyond Words- Part 11 Marie s P.O.V. Author: Sparkling-Diva Feedback: Yes, Please and thank you!!!! You can do so at rogue200348@yahoo.com Dedication: Thank
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 26, 2004
      Beyond Words- Part 11
      Marie's P.O.V.
      Author: Sparkling-Diva
      Feedback: Yes, Please and thank you!!!! You can do so at
      Dedication: Thank you's to everyone I know and the people at the
      message boards and my reviewers at FanFiction.net. I promised I'd
      write more.
      Archive: If you are interested please ask me first just so I know. I
      don't consider it a problem if I say it is OK. I am a member to
      FanFiction.net and a bunch of other boards.
      Disclaimer: They are not mine!! WAAHHH!!!
      Rating: PG-13. Due to some romancy stuff.
      Summary: If you have read the first part you'd know. It is just a
      cute little L/M fic about them in luv with each other and them
      telling their P.O.V. of the whole situation.
      Author's Note: Only a few more chapters to go left.

      I couldn't believe that Logan was finally couldn't make all my
      dreams come true. Words couldn't nearly describe what I felt when he
      told me we were going to Canada and Alaska.
      I was more so jumpy all afternoon since I was so excited. I just
      hoped that I wouldn't be getting on his nerves.
      We ate breakfast that morning and after got dressed after showering
      and packing. We decided to take one of the black vans that Charles
      had offered us.
      We then had lunch and brought our luggage downstairs. The men
      (Logan, Bobby, Scott, and Kurt) loaded it all in the van as I hugged
      everyone else goodbye.
      We decided to stay there for about a month before coming back.
      I would miss everyone but I knew that they'd be waiting upon our
      "Well, darlin'. Ready to go?" asked Logan as he put his arm around
      my waist.
      "Yeah," I said looking at him. He must've seen the tears in my eyes
      since he gave me one of the sweetest comforting kisses that he ever
      gave me.
      God I loved him.
      We turned around to go down the front steps of the mansion to the
      van. When we got there we waved and went in. We rolled down the
      windows and pulled out as we said more good-byes.
      While he was driving me, Logan comforted me by saying stuff about
      how not to worry since they'd still be there when we come back. He
      also had me talk with him about our plans on what to do when we get
      there and what we wanted to see.
      We also karaoke singed to the radio as we traveled down the all too
      familiar highway we had gone down together a long time before.
      "So tell me darling'," he said faking serious, "What kind of a name
      is Rogue?"
      "Oh, I don't know," I said shyly, "What I want to know is what kind
      of a name is Wolverine?"
      "Alright, then. My name is Logan."
      And with that we laughed as we headed to our dream vacation getaway
      of a lifetime.
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