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FIC: Beyond Words (7/?)

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  • Laura Elaine
    Beyond Words-Part 7 Marie s P.O.V. Author: Sparkling-Diva Feedback: Yes, Please and thank you!!!! You can do so at rogue200348@yahoo.com Dedication: Thank
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 23, 2004
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      Beyond Words-Part 7
      Marie's P.O.V.
      Author: Sparkling-Diva
      Feedback: Yes, Please and thank you!!!! You can do so at
      Dedication: Thank you's to everyone I know and the people at the
      message boards and my reviewers at FanFiction.net. I promised I'd
      write more.
      Archive: If you are interested please ask me first just so I know. I
      don't consider it a problem if I say it is OK. I am a member to
      FanFiction.net and a bunch of other boards.
      Disclaimer: They are not mine!! WAAHHH!!!
      Rating: PG-13. Due to some romancy stuff.
      Summary: If you have read the first part you'd know. It is just a
      cute little L/M fic about them in luv with each other and them
      telling their P.O.V. of the whole situation.
      Author's Note: Sorry that I couldn't update yesterday but the
      internet wasn't working in the area where I lived nor the cable.
      Dang the cable company!! Anyways, read on!!

      We walked into the kitchen to find everyone laughing and talking. We
      were both holding hands and pretty close together.
      Everyone stared to look at us with the most shocked expression on
      their faces. It became so quiet that anyone could hear a cricket
      chirp from the distance.
      "Logan, you came back," Jean said startled.
      "Hello, everyone," he replied.
      Still silent that you could hear a pin drop too.
      Logan soon moved his hand to around my waist and whispered in my
      ears, "So, what do you want for breakfast?"
      "Some cereal," I said.
      "You got it. Sit down darlin'," he said before kissing the top of my
      That was it.
      Everyone knew.
      No explanations necessary.
      I sat down at a stool blushing. I even couldn't believe that Logan
      was making me breakfast. I could only stare around the room to see
      the look on everyone's face of astonishment.
      Jean looked like a surprise happy. Thank god she didn't look jealous
      like I thought she would look. Ororo smiled very pleased and Kitty
      and Jubilee had looks of "Awww!!!" and admiration. Scott looked
      really angry like he was going pound someone and BobbyÂ…well Bobby
      looked shocked like he was being stabbed or something.
      Logan handed me my bowl of cereal and said, "Here you go darlin'."
      Soon after Bobby, still pissed off got up and mumbled something
      about how it was Saturday and he was going to play soccer with Kurt
      and Evan.
      Everyone went back to their little talks after thaf while Logan
      stroked my hair and said, "After you want to talk to the Professor."
      "Okay," I said finishing my cereal, "After that, I think that I
      might need to talk to Bobby since- well you how he reacted."
      "Yeah, darlin'," he kissed me on the head again and put my bowl in
      the sink, "C'mon lets go."
      With that he took my hand and led me off the stool and into the
      I didn't need to turn around to imagine the look on everyone's faces
      as they stared at us.
      Sooner or later they were going to have to get used to it since this
      was the way it was supposed to be.
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