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  • Lilly christensen
    Caracter(s): i am going to add in two of my own ppl. Krista and Bridget. Warning(s): They are not as sweet as you may think...
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 22, 2004
      Caracter(s): i am going to add in two of my own ppl. Krista and Bridget.
      Warning(s): They are not as sweet as you may think...
      Dear Bobby,

      Wow, Canada is great. I met these two girls.... one was just like you, all ice and shit, her name was Krista scott. And then... there was Bridget. she was just like me. and had a firey temper to match. well let me just say they are both... great in bed. Very argessive. they like to take control. I mean those two are hott. they were dancing together, in this little strip club right, and then out on the floor, those two were........setting a very fast sticky pace. I watched them as their soft ssweaty skin slide and stuck to one another. i mean... it was hot. i temp. went up to like109 in that club as the danced.
      But then after that, i got drinks for them... to help cool them down, and they flurted with me, and i took them back to my hotel with me, and i was them sweat more. they started out on each other, and then me... and i was just to far gone to care about anything. I mean those two could make a gay man straight. they had me screaming out for more. they did things to me, i didnt even know a person could do. they were great. they are coming down to met you in... three hours for the time you get this. hope you like them. dont hold back. be an animal.
      forever john.
      Dear john,

      Wow, they're hott alright... i love Krista, she is just so.... well hotter than hell! You werent kidding about the agrestion were you. they just teased me and temped my till i caved. and it didnt take much... but anyways, they miss you johny boy... they want it to be us four... maybe we can sheow them some of 'our' tricks....if you know what i mean.
      love bobby
      Dear Bobby,

      Wow, i didnt know what we would do would turn them on like that... wow... i guess i may be crashing over there again soon. How 'bout i come by to night and stay for a week? would that be ok?
      just wandering, john
      Dear John,

      yeah sure. come one over.... but i think they are craving more than what we gave them... so we need to give more... that ok?
      love bobby
      Dear bobby,

      Wow. last week was great. i hear that the girls are going to stay there? or here in the u.s. or something, is that right? Man if they stay here... we could see more of them... but i dont know... i think they are sick of us. oh well...
      forever john
      Dear john,

      Hey i got an idea.... lets use the phone from now on, ok?
      Love boby


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