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FIC: Beyond Words (5/?)

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  • Laura Elaine
    Beyond Words- Part 5 Author: Sparkling-Diva Feedback: Yes, Please and thank you!!!! You can do so at rogue200348@yahoo.com Dedication: Thank you s to everyone
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 20, 2004
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      Beyond Words- Part 5
      Author: Sparkling-Diva
      Feedback: Yes, Please and thank you!!!! You can do so at
      Dedication: Thank you's to everyone I know and the people at the
      message boards and my reviewers at FanFiction.net. I promised I'd
      write more.
      Archive: If you are interested please ask me first just so I know. I
      don't consider it a problem if I say it is OK. I am a member to
      FanFiction.net and a bunch of other boards.
      Disclaimer: They are not mine!! WAAHHH!!!
      Rating: PG-13. Due to some romancy stuff.
      Summary: If you have read the first part you'd know. It is just a
      cute little L/M fic about them in luv with each other and them
      telling their P.O.V. of the whole situation.
      Warnings: More romancy (my little made up word) stuff in the next
      parts to come. I promise!! I'm slowly working my way there so please
      be patient.
      Author's Note: I told you that I would be back and here I am. Tis
      time for Part 5!
      Rogue's P.O.V.
      He led me into his room and closed the door behind him. I hadn't
      been there for so long so I took some time to look around to
      remember the place. It was just comfortable to be there. It was a
      place where I felt like I belonged.
      He stayed standing there and remained silent just staring at me
      until he said, "Sit down darlin'."
      I don't know why but I swear that I sensed some nervousness in his
      voice and I got a sudden chill that ran through my body. I knew that
      something was up.
      I sat down on the bed and made myself comfortable by sitting cross
      Logan smiled and then he sat down next to me and took my gloved hand
      in his. He was now wearing gloves too.
      He stroked my hair and asked me, "Are you okay?"
      "Yeah. Why? Aren't you?"
      I was thinking that he was the one that wasn't okay due to the fact
      of the hurt in his voice.
      "Yeah. I guess."
      I saw then him look at my neck and he growled. There around it was
      the ½ heart that had his name on it.
      "You're wearing it."
      "Yeah," I said holding it, "It means a lot to me."
      "I'm glad darlin'. I'm wearing mine too," he said as he showed it to
      me since it was hidden in his shirt.
      We caught each other staring at into each other's eyes and then he
      looked down and said, "I really need to talk to ya darlin'."
      He was now looking at me again. He was calling me "darling" a little
      too much now and that was making me very suspicious.
      "About what?"
      Oh god.
      Just then and there I had to look away.
      Please god no.
      He was going to reject me. He's going to go away. He's going to
      confide in me and our friendship to tell have the guts to tell me
      and spill everything about his feelings regarding and concerning
      Please not now.
      "Marie," he said holding my hands and staring into my eyes, "I don't
      know how to say all this…um, I've never been a good speaker and you
      know that. I'm not good for these type of things. Um, but-"
      "Logan, it's okay," I said.
      "I know it's just that –um…"
      "I-," he ran a hand through his hair, "God, Marie!" he said getting
      up and going to the window.
      I went up to him and put a hand on his shoulder.
      "You can tell me," I said softly.
      He turned around and looked into my eyes. They were filled with
      tears. Now I knew that this wasn't the Wolveine but the Logan and he
      meant what he was planning to say with his whole heart and soul.
      "If I tell you…please don't get scared."
      "I won't get scared. I promise," I said hugging him, "All I can do
      is feel safe when I'm around you."
      After a moment, he took my arms away from around my neck and held my
      hands in his. He stared at them for a while until he said, "You
      haven't talked to Charles yet?"
      "No. I was waiting for you."
      He smiled understanding. He then took me into an embrace. He let me
      go and took my hands again and said, "Alright, I'll tell you,"
      before he led me to the bed again.
      We sat down facing each other and stayed silent. He took my hands
      and stared into my eyes.
      "Yes, Logan."
      "I'm in love with you."
      Oh god. He…what?! He doesn't hate me or despise me?! He doesn't
      think of me as annoying?! He doesn't like Jean?!
      Oh god.
      He loves me.
      "I love you, darling," he repeated.
      I just stared down in disbelief. I was in shock. I was waiting for
      the longest time dreaming of this moment and how to react to it. Now
      the time had finally come and I couldn't say or do anything.
      "You don't have to do or say anything if you don't want. I just
      wanted to let you know," he said gazing at me. I could tell he was
      in tears. Even when I wasn't looking, I could feel him inside my
      "I know that you're only 19 and all but I really truly am in love
      with you," he continued, "Always have and always will. Darlin' I
      know that this is very hard for you and that it will probably take
      you some time for you to believe me because of all that Jean stuff
      but I don't love her anyway whatsoever, I love you."
      Then he kissed the top of my head and started playing with my pure
      white streaks.
      "Look at me, Marie. Look at me in the eyes. Tell me you feel the
      same, please."
      He then took his gloved hand and gently lifted my chin so that our
      gazes met.
      Our eyes were both full of tears now. I could see so much pain in
      his. He truly meant what he was saying and he didn't want me to feel
      "Oh, gosh Marie. Maybe I shouldn't have told you," he said as I
      looked back down, "Maybe I should have waited until you were older,"
      he said looking away letting go of my hands.
      "No!" I said grabbing them back causing him to have a surprised
      look, "Please. Don't say that," I said chocking on my tears, "I
      really need to tell you something too."
      "What Marie?"
      "I-I love you too."
      He just stared in shock.
      "I have ever since the day we met at the bar , when you talked to me
      and helped me get a place to stay, when you saved mah life , twice.
      I heard you cry for me."
      He was still looking at me.
      "When you gave me your tags and promised that you would come back,
      when you came back all the good times we had," I said caressing in
      his cheek. He took my gloved hand and kissed it.
      "I love you, Logan."
      We were both crying now.
      "Oh, Marie." he said talking me into his arms. We cried for a moment
      just there.
      "What are we going to do?" I asked.
      "I don't know darling," he said kissing the top of my head, "I
      really don't know."
      "I don't want to hide it," I whispered with my head on his chest.
      "Don't worry. We don't need to," he said kissing the top of my head.
      "I love you, Logan."
      "I love you too, darlin'."
      And with that we both fell under the sleeping spell and drifted off
      in each others arms.
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