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[xmmff] black and blue pt 3 [xmmff]

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  • Lilly christensen
    see first for stuff. never lie to your family, it hurts in the end ************************************************************************* In the car things
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 20, 2004
      see first for stuff.

      never lie to your family, it hurts in the end

      In the car things were wierd, we had got away from the people who come to the school, i guess they ment us harm or something, i dont know i just ran. But in the car on our way to my house, it was quiet. no one talked so John, who hated things to be quiet turned on the music, but it was N'sync and we all felt sick, so we just turned it off again. When we got to my house, no one was there, and i didnt mind, we all were still in our Pj's. so i gave john some of my clothes and we changed. then it came to Rogue, i gave her some off my mom's old clothes and my grandma's old gloves. she loved it, it made her so happy. i dont know if she knows this, but even though i turned away, i watched her over my shoulder. as she sliped into the clothes. her bare ivory skin was so sexy. Once she was done she placed her hand on my shoulder and i turned to face her. then it happend. she kissed me. at first it was soft and sweet, no harm. then she wanted more, she moved in to me passionatly. i felt my
      very life being pulled from me. down the stairs logan was in the fridge, looking for beer or something, when the come home. they fliped out at first, but then it was ok... sorta, then i droped the bom on them. i told then all about it. ofcorse my brother, who once looked up to me, hated me. my mom thought it was her falt, and wanted to know if i had tried you know... to not be a mutant and i just thought, what next you going to ask if i tried to not be human? i mean i thought they would love me, exspept me, but i was wrong. My brother went up the stairs and called the cops and they were here in a flash. I mean they were here and out side, and then Logan was shot in the head. and joh flipped out and was burnning cars and trees and everything he could to scare them off. thanks to Rogue he stoped. when all the smoke settled, and jean and storm was there, we left, and all i could do was watch my hole life drift away. it hurt yeah i was abit pissed, but then who wouldnt be. i
      remembered the looks of hate tword us from my family. and it made my heart burn with anger. from that moment on, i was to hate them till one of us died.

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