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[xmmff] black and blue pt 2 [xmmff]

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  • Lilly christensen
    see first for stuff. untold power ************************************************************************* You see I love my family, it aint that. It is just
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 19, 2004
      see first for stuff.

      untold power
      You see I love my family, it aint that. It is just that they dont understand. I want them to, but they just cant. But then I found out about Professor Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, and well, that was me. It was nice, a huge building... but how was I going to get there? My mom and dad would never send me... unless... they thought it was a prep school. So that is what i told them. They talked to professor, and i was off. It was great. I fit right in there. I loved it, it was like a whole new life for me. I wasnt a freak, and i started to pick up in school again. But then again... you would too with teachers as pretty as Ms. Gray, or Dr. Gray. She had redish brown hair that hung at her shoulders, and deep brown eyes. Then there was Ms. Munroe with her long white hair and black eyes. Or teachers as cool as Mr. McCoy. then Logan was cool too. he was our martial arts and training teacher. He was tough you know. But deep down I think he is an ok guy, he just needs some one to lean
      on for the time, and he has her. The most beuatiful girl i have ever seen. Rogue, Marie. she has brownish hair, with two white pieces that frame her face. she wairs gloves and long sleeves and pants all the time, so she doesnt kill anyone. But those two are close. i mean i know i like her, but i will never be like logan is to her. she loves him, and i have to take back seet to him. but it is ok, cuz he has metal bones and a healing factor, so he would win in a fight.
      But any ways, everything was fine, untill i had to face them again.
      You see they still didnt know, and i just knew they would find out soon enough.... i was bringing Logan, rogue, and john home with me.

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