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"Alkali Secrets" Chapter 4, Logan/OC [PG-13] X2

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    Alkali Secrets Chapter 4, Logan/OC [PG-13] X2 Title: Alkali Secrets author: Megan Ellyson (lilyanialeigh@yahoo.com) (brief) summary: Logan goes in search of
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      "Alkali Secrets" Chapter 4, Logan/OC [PG-13] X2

      Title: Alkali Secrets
      author: Megan Ellyson (lilyanialeigh@...)

      (brief) summary: Logan goes in search of more truth to his past and
      heads back to Alaska. What he does not except to find is a mutant
      with a familiar feel. Could she know about his past? Is there more
      to Alkali Lake that meets the eye? He seeks an answer to what they
      were doing at that facility.
      Rating/warning & pairing (if applicable): PG-13

      Feedback: Open to any feedback


      Alkali Secrets - Chapter Four

      Someone knocked on the door. The sound took Logan out of his half-
      sleep trance like a rude alarm clock. He sat up and noticed that he
      had fallen asleep on the bed with Medusa. She was still fast asleep
      without any movement. He stumbled his way to the door. It opened a
      little bit to reveal Scott Summers.

      Scott was wearing his navy t-shirt with dark pants and his leather
      overcoat that went down to his knees. His visor was more slender
      than usual; the professor must have been working on a better model
      again. "Logan," he started, "the professor needs you at the mansion."

      "OhÂ…really. Charley needs my help," Logan replied with his rough
      voice from before returning. He stood in just a tank-top and his
      tight-painted on blue jeans. His muscles bulged from each movement
      of his breathing and standing here. His belt buckle shined in the
      light from the room.

      "Come on Logan. I don't have time for this. The professor needs to
      see you at the mansion now. I have the Blackbird and we need to go

      Logan rolled his eyes. He wanted more answers to what he is and how
      he became that way. Why would the professor need him back at the
      mansion? He went away because of Jean's death and what happened
      between him and Stryker.

      Scott looked at Logan wishing he would hurry up. He did not care to
      be with Logan too long. They had never got along and now it was even
      worse for them considering the accident of Alkali Lake. Nothing was
      ever going to be the same without her. She was his life and
      everything about him.

      "Logan, we need to go now." Scott demanded.

      "Hold your horses, Cy," Logan said with a sarcastic tone echoing
      through the air. "I just need to get something."

      Scott walked in and look towards the bed to find the fiery haired
      woman lying asleep. "Friend of yours?" He asked with a harsh tongue.

      Logan went over to where Medusa lied and shook her awake. She
      started to stir, her eyes slowly opened and Logan caught another
      glimpse of those emerald eyes that would hypnotize any man. She
      looked serene even in her waking. She stretched her arms and quickly
      her spines extended from her arms. She had caught the scent and saw
      Scott. She was frightened until Logan interrupted her fears.

      "Come on," Logan said grabbing his jacket. "We are leaving."

      Scott turned his head at Logan. "We are taking her?"

      Medusa spines submerged into her skin and lowered her head. "I
      understand. Logan, I will stay here. I had better start looking for
      a new town for a job. I terribly screwed up the last one."

      "No," Logan snapped back quickly. "I am sure the professor came help
      you, so you are going."

      "Logan," Scott started.

      "Scott, we are taking her," Logan argued back and started out the

      Medusa grabbed her blanket and walked after him, not wanting to be
      in the same room alone with Scott. She walked beside Logan and did
      not know what to say to him. He had more or less forced her way to
      see this `professor' he had talked about. Could he really help her
      find her past? Or would he lead her back to the emptiness that
      echoes through her mind already?

      Medusa had not really seen Logan be so forceful since the bar. He
      had calmed when he was around just her. Why was that? From the scent
      and feeling that she got off Scott, he did not believe Logan would
      be kind.

      Scott followed behind them both. He was not sure what to think of
      this new mutant that Logan had befriended. He could not even imagine
      Logan befriending anyone. Logan was not the friendliest of guys in
      Scott's mind. It was a stretch for him to be civilized towards him.

      "I have to get my bike," Logan said walking back towards the motel
      room. He was back to being the silent rough-neck since Scott was in
      his way again. He was hoping to find answers, not be summoned back
      to the mansion for a reason that he did not even know.

      Logan grabbed the handlebars of his bike and walked it back to where
      Scott and Medusa had stopped for him. If it was up to Scott, he
      wouldn't have stopped. Medusa was the one who waited for Logan. She
      had never met another mutant, and she did not know what to do about
      her situation now. It was just better for her to wait for the one
      person she has some trust in.

      They walked through the woods into a clearing big enough to hold the
      Blackbird. Scott turned off the stealth on the plane and it showed
      its truth form. Medusa was stunned at the size and structure of it.
      The opening lowered and Scott trudged up into the plane. Logan
      looked at Medusa and headed up the opening with the motorcycle.

      Medusa questioned going up into the Blackbird. She looked back at
      the remaining lights of the only place she knew as home for the past
      years. Did she want to leave behind all that she knew to find her
      true past and know what happened to her? Was what happened to her
      worth reliving?

      "Are you coming?" Logan questioned from the opening hatch.

      Medusa's eyes caught his chocolate eyes. She felt a trust there that
      she could only dream about. He would protect her, she was sure of
      it. But what was he to protect her from is the question that she
      chose to leave unanswered.

      She slowly took the biggest steps known to her towards the inside of
      the Blackbird. Her hair flew wildly in the air as she walked. The
      wind seemed to push her to a new adventure into the unknown.

      Scott shut the hatch as Logan and Medusa took their seats.

      "You might want to buckle up," Scott said with a dull tone.

      Logan leaned over to Medusa and whispered, "Relax."

      The Blackbird began to rise into the air and start off towards its
      home. Medusa was worried and frightened, but hopefully she would get
      over that by the time it was all over. Her heart rose and fell which
      each heavy breath she took. Relaxing was something that was harder
      to do than anything for her.
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