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"Alkali Secrets" Chapter 3, Logan/OC [PG-13] X2

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  • lilyanialeigh
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      "Alkali Secrets" Chapter 3, Logan/OC [PG-13] X2

      Title: Alkali Secrets
      author: Megan Ellyson (lilyanialeigh@...)

      (brief) summary: Logan goes in search of more truth to his past and
      heads back to Alaska. What he does not except to find is a mutant
      with a familiar feel. Could she know about his past? Is there more
      to Alkali Lake that meets the eye? He seeks an answer to what they
      were doing at that facility.
      Rating/warning & pairing (if applicable): PG-13

      Feedback: Open to any feedback

      Alkali Secrets - Chapter Three

      The cold bitter wind seemed to have a vendetta against Medusa as her
      and Logan made their way back to town. Her senses started to drift
      outside in the air. The air was frozen with the smell of the snow.
      Her skin was ice much like the blood that flowed through her veins.
      Her strength was weakening as her cold-blooded instincts began to
      take over.

      "Logan, we need to hurry," she pleading silently. She could barely
      stand to walk anymore, but she needed to continue. She wasn't about
      to ask for help in being carried or something.

      Logan looked behind him and noticed her fatigue. "Only a little
      farther," he said helping her along.

      They reached the motel. Medusa leaned on the wall beside the door.
      Her breathing was becoming more and more shallow. Logan knew she
      wasn't dying, but didn't know what was going on with her. Her
      clothes were somewhat shredded due to her mutating in the bar. Logan
      opened the door and put down the stuff from the barn.

      Medusa's eyes were barely opened when Logan lifted her and took her
      into the room. Her head nuzzled against Logan's chest. It felt so
      familiar, like it something from the past. He stood in front of the
      bed for a moment with Medusa in his arms. Her pale, fair face looked
      serene lying asleep. He snapped back and laid her on the bed to
      rest. Her scarlet hair lay like waves of flames upon the flannel

      Medusa could feel Logan's arms carrying her. Her dreams seem to
      mimic reality with the past. She drifted into a night where she was
      being held to comfort her fears. Tears fell like acid rain from her
      eyes onto the man's chest. His scent felt soothing and familiar,
      like the scent she had gotten from Logan. She could make out the
      whispers, "we'll escape somehow, and I'll protect you."

      Logan walked back out to get the blankets and lantern. He shut the
      door after coming back inside to place a blanket over Medusa. He
      still couldn't figure out why she behaved the way she did. He sat in
      the chair watching the television and questions were running through
      his mind about the past and Medusa.

      Medusa felt the bed, but her dreams confronted the softness. She was
      lying on a cold metal slab. Shackled and gagged, she tried to move
      in order to escape the place. She felt the constricting binds
      keeping her movement almost controlled. Black lines were drawn
      across her body like a blueprint for something she had no clue
      about. She watched as some scientist looking man started towards her
      with an injection. Her screams were silenced by the gagged, but in
      some failing chance she wanted help. The injection pierced her skin
      with the pain of the liquid inside rushing like a plague through her
      body. Medusa's scream was heard this time, but she was truly awake.

      Logan, shocked, rushed to Medusa's side to try to help in someway.
      He placed his hand over her screaming mouth in order to hush her.
      She was scared to death by whatever she had dreamt of.

      "Shh…Medusa calm down," he whispered to her. "You need to stop

      Medusa couldn't speak, just cry from the fears that had rising
      inside her mind. She had never had a dream that vivid. She never
      remembered anything from her past till recently. The images swirled
      through her memories like puzzle pieces waiting to be put back in
      the right order. She didn't even know the right order; how could
      they make any sense.

      She slowly began to calm down with even just a few tears dripping
      down her face. Logan sat on the edge of the bed while she, still
      trembling, sat beside him. He handed her a cup of coffee from the
      machine that was hidden in one of the drawers. She took the cup
      which warmed her flesh by just a touch.

      Logan didn't like the uncomfortable silence very well, but he was at
      a lost for what to say. "What happened," he started, "outside before
      we got in the room?"

      Medusa wiped her face of the remaining tears. "I am cold-blooded due
      to my reptilian mutation," she said going back to the state she was
      in at the bar. "If my body gets too cold then I sleep, just like
      snakes do. It takes a very low temperature to get that to happen. As
      you can see, I wasn't actually dressed for a winter walk."

      Logan smiled for a moment, and then went back to being serious. "I
      am guessing, you are reliving the past in your sleep."

      "Yes, more now than I can ever remember. They are like haunting
      memories lost in no exact timeline. Why did they do this to us?"

      "They wanted to create the perfect weapon is what I was told."

      Medusa looked at Logan to hopefully find some answers in his eyes.
      Nothing was hidden in his eyes, just reality at its mere despair.
      Her eyes lowered to the bed, "I'm truly sorry if I scared you when I
      was screaming."

      "It was nothing," he said thinking about why he even came back to
      Alaska. Was it just an intuition of a search for more answers or
      something more?

      "I'll get off the bed so you may sleep…" Medusa started to get off
      the bed when Logan interrupted her.

      "No, I probably won't sleep tonight. You may have the bed."
      Medusa did not want to be a bother to Logan. He was being quite nice
      to her already; it was rude to take his own bed from him. Though he
      didn't seem the type she would argue with do to him having quite the
      knowledge about the Alkali Lake experiment.

      She stayed sitting on the bed while Logan looked deep in thought.
      They both stayed silent till Medusa finally drifted back to sleep
      curled up on the bed. Logan just sat upon the bed thinking about how
      Medusa felt so familiar and calming in his arms. Could Jean be
      drifting from his memories as the one his heart yearned for? Medusa
      was like him, while Jean was intimate with Scott. Jean would never
      choose him over Scott.
      hopefully chapter 4 will come sooner. :)
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