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Fic: Closure (St. John/Bobby)

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  • Lesel Bee
    Title: Closure Author: Bianca Pairing: St. John/Bobby, Rogue (implied slash) Rating: PG-13 for language Summary: John defects. John writes. Someone answers.
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 13, 2004
      Title: Closure
      Author: Bianca
      Pairing: St. John/Bobby, Rogue (implied slash)
      Rating: PG-13 for language
      Summary: John defects. John writes. Someone answers. This is not a
      happy story, at all. I'm sorry if it's not up to par with all of
      your wonderful writings, but this is my first St. John/Bobby fic, my
      second fic all together... so, please be kind!
      Feedback: Please? Pretty please? More feedback = More stories (I
      hope that's a good thing)
      Archive: I'd be honored.
      Author's note: This is set up in a series of emails... I made up the
      addresses and I know they're crazy (both really weird songs from a
      long time ago) but I thought they fit somewhat. I could just see the
      two of them making up email addresses for the other... anyway, hope
      you enjoy this.


      From: johnnybgood@...
      Sent: Friday, March 28, 2003 10:30 PM
      To: iceicebaby@...
      Subject: (none)

      Don't get your panties in a twist, Drake. I'm alive.

      Later… maybe.

      From: johnnybgood@...
      Sent: Saturday, March 29, 2003 5:23 PM
      To: iceicebaby@...
      Subject: Cute, man, real cute

      I'm impressed, man. The cold shoulder. Ironic. Not all that fucking
      funny, but ironic.

      Give up the act, Drake. Just throw your tantrum and get it over with.

      From: johnnybgood@...
      Sent: Sunday, March 30, 2003 11:47 AM
      To: iceicebaby@...
      Subject: Uh…?

      Well, damn, Bobby. You're either really pissed off or really good at
      this game. But hey, you did learn from the best, right? Yeah, yeah,
      I know. I am the master of all things stubborn and assholic… but
      seriously, if you're that pissed about all this, at least say so.

      It`s not cool (ha, gotta love puns) to keep all that frosty temper
      of yours bottled up. Plus, talking to myself fucking sucks, man.
      Answer, answer now. You know you wanna…

      From: johnnybgood@...
      Sent: Monday, March 31, 2003 1:13 PM
      To: iceicebaby@...
      Subject: Fuck

      Okay, well that answers that shit. You're pissed, probably icing up
      every bathroom in the mansion into an ice rink again huh? Yeah, I
      bet you are. I can just imagine the look on Rogue's face at that
      shit, she wasn't here when you were lacking all that nice control of
      yours. She wasn't there when you froze all the pipes on our side of
      the dorm. She wasn't there when… yeah, well, she just wasn't there,

      Fuck… anyway…

      You're definitely pissed off if you haven't answered me yet, not
      even to tell me what a bonehead I am and what a traitor I'm being
      and what a mistake I'm making…

      Crossing over to the dark side isn't all that fun unless there's
      some goody-two-shoed freedom fighter squawking at you to follow your
      heart and sense of morality and all that jazz. Really, you probably
      wont believe me, not after all I've said… but I really do miss
      hearing you bitch at me 24/7. It's way too quiet here, it's giving
      me the willies.

      Say something, Bobby… anything.

      From: johnnybgood@...
      Sent: Tuesday, April 1, 2003 11:53 PM
      To: iceicebaby@...
      Subject: Look, I'm sorry

      It's fucking April Fool's Day, dude. Not a prank. Not a joke. Not a
      word, man. I know you're mad but… shit, that's just messed up. Now
      you're just being an ass… Today is our day, Drake. The day we reap
      havoc on the unsuspecting and the slow witted - how is Logan doing,

      Whatever, you wanna play this your way? Alright. I'm sorry, man. I'm
      sorry I went with Magneto. I'm sorry I left the plane. I'm sorry I
      gave you shit about Marie. I'm sorry I stole your Ramones shirt. I'm
      sorry I borrowed your razor. I'm just fucking sorry, alright? Now
      drop this shit and *talk* to me.

      Me - you remember me right? St. John Allerdyce. John. Johnny Boy.
      Pyro. Your best friend? Yeah, that'd be me. Fire to your ice and all
      that shit.

      Please, dude. I'm sorry, really… but I miss you.

      From: Iceicebaby@...
      Sent: Wednesday, April 2, 2003 8:22 AM
      To: Johnnybgood@...
      Subject: RE: Look, I'm sorry

      John, is that you? Lord, please let it really be you.

      I'm sorry, but I was cleanin' out Bobby's computer and found all
      your emails. I had to contact ya, I had to.

      I've missed ya, we all have. It's not the same without ya here, not
      at all.

      So much has happened, sugar… so much. I dunno where to start at… but
      I gotta try and get this out before ya find out from someone else,
      someone who don't have a clue about how it really went down.

      After ya left the plane up at Alkali Lake, things got outta hand.
      I'm sure you felt the mental attack, just about every mutant on the
      planet did, I'm guessin'. Well, after that, things went quickly. I
      moved the plane closer to the dam, to help out the others an' all…
      but it wasn't enough, I guess.

      They all showed up, all `cept Magneto and Mystique of course, and
      just in time too, since the dam was set on breakin'. Time was
      runnin' out but no one could get the plane up and runnin' so Dr.
      Grey slipped out and used her powers to get us off the ground. It
      worked and all, but she… she didn't make it, John. She drowned
      trying to save us all.

      Well… not all of us. Everyone was so tore up about Dr. Grey just up
      and dyin' right there that no one really noticed that Bobby wasn't

      Dr. Grey had said somethin' about ya hitchin' up with Magneto but we
      didn't know if ya'd made it out alright. We didn't know if ya
      were `bout to drown too… we just didn't know, John. We shoulda all
      went after ya sooner but things were just so crazy… no one could
      even consider goin' out to look for ya in that kinda situation.

      No one but Bobby.

      He left the plane to look for ya, sugar. The dam was gonna bust and
      we were gonna leave, and he couldn't leave without ya, I guess. He
      slipped outta the plane right after Dr. Grey but no one noticed at
      the time, we were all too worried `bout gettin' the plane off the
      ground. As far as I can figure, Dr. Grey and the Professor were both
      too occupied to notice him takin' off after ya, tryin' to find ya,
      and dyin' in the process.

      On Monday, the adults set up a memorial service for Dr. Grey. Mr.
      Summers was a wreck, poor guy. Logan wasn't lookin' any better. The
      Professor and Ms. Monroe, too. Everyone was real upset after her
      passin' on, they still are. That's why it's up to me to clean out
      his personal stuff… yours too.

      Bobby's service was yesterday. I think ya woulda liked it John,
      bein' on April Fools Day and all. It was really fittin'. The eulogy
      was nice, the Professor and Jubliee did good, but I think Bobby
      woulda wanted ya there. Ya two were all kinds of close, weren't ya?
      I'm sorry about everythin' John, I am.

      Please come home, we cant handle losin' any more people. We need ya.
      We miss ya… and I'm sure its what Bobby woulda wanted too.

      Please, John, just consider it, alright?

      - Marie

      From: Iceicebaby@...
      Sent: Friday, April 4, 2003 4:52 PM
      To: Johnnybgood@...
      Subject: RE: Look, I'm sorry

      John? Answer me, please.

      From: Webmaster@...
      Sent: Friday, April 4, 2003 4:53 PM
      To: Iceicebaby@...
      Subject: Error

      The address you specified no longer exists. Please check the address
      and try again.
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