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FIC: X-Book 4: Of Politics..., PG-13, Chpt 6

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    X-Book 4 -- Of Politics, Tacos and Other Things that Give You Indegestion Chapter Six: Passing into Evening By: Kath713/Leen713 Rating: PG-13 (violence,
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      X-Book 4 -- Of Politics, Tacos and Other Things that Give You

      Chapter Six: Passing into Evening

      By: Kath713/Leen713
      Rating: PG-13 (violence, language)

      Genre: Crossover (with anything I can squeeze in), SPOILERS FOR X2
      Summary: See prologue to book 4

      Disclaimer: I own nothing in regards to the Marvel characters or
      any character from a previously published source portrayed in this

      Reviews: Any feedback would be great and is appreciated!


      Chapter Six:

      The sun was beginning to set on another brisk March day, and Mary
      sat with Bobby and Rogue on one of the mansion's back porches
      talking pleasantly. She had felt uneasy until she spent some time
      in the dining hall with the younger students. The mood had been
      playful, without any mention of the previous day's events, and by
      the end of the meal, Mary had laughed so many times at the antics of
      the others she had settled into a welcome peace of mind.

      Rogue yawned widely and leaned her head against Bobby's shoulder.
      He slung one arm around her and touched her hair gently. Rogue
      smiled and sighed. Home was good, and after what happened
      yesterday, home was better than she ever remembered it.

      The remainder of the sunlight was shining down through the trees
      that circled the mansion's grounds, casting odd shadows on the
      grass. Mary was staring intently at the beams of light, how their
      lingering warmth cut through the growing shadows.

      "So here you all are," Storm's voice said from behind them, and Mary
      smiled as she sat down beside her, "I was wondering where you had
      escaped to..."

      Rogue chuckled, but she kept her eyes closed, "Escaping from what?"

      "Clean up duty," Bobby replied quickly and grinned.

      "Not tonight," Storm said, brushing one long, white strand of hair
      behind her ear, "The students are taking care of it...under

      Mary smiled at her, but the expression faded quickly as she looked
      out over the yard. Storm regarded her closely for a moment before

      "How are you, Mary?" she asked in a soft voice, and the younger
      woman blinked in surprise.

      "Fine," she replied, "I'm fine...really."

      Storm tilted her head slightly, "I guess Hank would be following you
      around if you weren't."

      Mary nodded and smiled.

      "I'm sorry you were drawn into our little adventure," Storm said
      somberly, "But, the Professor seems to believe that your
      intervention may have save lives."

      Mary glanced at her and then down at her hands, "Intervention? I
      wish I knew exactly what I did."

      Storm put a reassuring hand on Mary's arm, "Whatever it was...it
      came to you when it was needed. Not all of our gifts are easily
      understood, especially when we are first learning about them.
      Sometimes, their uses, their benefits, only become known in the most
      extreme of circumstances."

      When she finished speaking, all three of the others were staring at
      her curiously. She had sounded very much like the Professor for a
      moment, a teacher passing down what she herself had learned.

      Mary stared down at her hands again, thinking about her past and
      future, light and darkness...what she saw and what she had not yet

      Storm glanced up and smiled as Kurt stepped out onto the porch. He
      was wearing a long dark coat with a hood, and greeted each of them

      "I think I will go to mass tonight," he said softly, and then smiled
      at Storm, "I have much to speak about with Him...and much to be
      thankful for..."

      "If I'm asleep when you get back," Rogue said with another
      yawn, "Have a good night, Kurt."

      With one swift motion, Kurt pulled the hood up over his head and
      headed toward the porch steps. Mary looked over at him and called

      "I think I'll go with you," she said, standing and following him
      quickly, "I have a few questions of my own tonight, too. Do you
      think the Professor will mind if I go, Storm?"

      The other woman shook her head and smiled, "Of course not. We'll
      speak after you return."

      Mary walked quickly down the stairs. Kurt gave Storm a quick nod
      before heading on.

      I'll keep an eye on her, his glance said, and Storm sighed. She was
      actually glad neither of them were heading off alone anywhere
      tonight. She still felt very uneasy about any of her friends facing
      a crowd of the general (normal) public alone.

      It took Kurt a few quick steps before he caught up with Mary, who
      was marching across the grass at an unusually fast pace. Kurt
      matched her stride easily, and glanced at her with concern. Mary
      spoke before he could.

      "Thanks for letting me come along," she said, "And please don't ask
      me how I'm doing...I'm fine."

      Kurt shrugged, "Of course you are. You're walking and breathing.
      If you weren't doing either of those, I would worry..."

      Mary grinned and rolled her eyes, "I'm sorry...I'm just...shaken up
      still, I guess. All these questions about my visions and everything
      else. It's just been weighting on me. Dinner made me feel a little
      better but now that worry is back, burning in my chest and in my

      "Well, that could be indigestion..." Kurt said with a smile, and as
      Mary chuckled he patted her shoulder, "At least you're going to a
      place now where you can ask for guidance to those answers."

      Mary crossed her arms tightly over her chest, "I hope so..."

      "Sometimes I miss living in my little church," Kurt said, "Just
      because I felt so much peace there, among visages of saints and
      angels. But living in the school is much more fulfilling. At least
      there, we are not alone with our questions."

      Alone, Mary thought, I've always been alone. I've always been apart
      from everyone else...even before I saw the...

      "What do you think they are, Kurt?" she said.

      "What?" Kurt asked, frowning with confusion.

      "Angels," she replied simply, and Kurt smiled broadly.

      "Messengers and servants of God," he said without a second thought,
      touching one of the tattoos on his face with his large
      fingers, "Some of the many guides we find in our lives. I believe
      angels find us when we need them..."

      Or when they need us... Mary thought darkly, When we are needed for
      something...even if we don't want it...

      "Why do you ask?" he said.

      Mary shrugged, "I don't know. Just a question. I've read a lot of
      books about religion and tradition, but...no one ever really said
      what exactly they are."

      Kurt looked at her with surprise, "Well, some religious texts do
      describe where angels exist in God's plan, different choirs of
      angels, and archangels, like Michael and Gabr..."

      "Yes, I know," Mary interrupted him quickly, "But, angels can be
      fallen, too, can't they? How do you know the difference when you
      see one? The difference between demons and angels?"

      Kurt was not sure how to reply. He had thought on the subject of
      demons quite often in his religious studies. When hiding in his
      small church in Massachusetts, he had convinced many intruders that
      he was a demon. But, he had never thought about actually
      encountering such an evil.

      "I don't know," he replied, "I suppose if we are ever faced with
      such a being, the choice will be ours on what we believe that being
      may be."

      Mary sighed and nodded, "Hopefully...none of us will be faced with
      being like that again..."

      "Again?" Kurt asked.

      "I mean like the creature in the hanger," she said quickly, not
      ready to explain her childhood encounters again until after they got
      back to the mansion.

      As they approached the church, the bells signaling the beginning of
      mass rang beautifully. Kurt pulled his hood down further over his
      face as he moved through the front door.

      Mary paused and stood next to large statues of several saints and
      the brightly painted archway depicting an idyllic heaven. She
      looked over at Kurt, who was now sitting in the very last pew as
      other members of the congregation moved past him toward the front of
      the church, sparing him only suspicious glances.

      Why worry about demons and other evil things when there's already so
      much hate here on Earth, Mary thought sadly and walked through the
      archway so she could sit next to her friend.

      Archived at www.fanfiction.net/~leen713
      *work in progress*
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