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FIC: Thorns Along The Way(1/?)

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  • magnolia5203
    Title: Thorns Along the Way. Author: Asder Blair Pairing: L/R Rating: PG-13 (maybe in later chapter it will change to an R) Disclamer:It will be a waste of
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      Title: Thorns Along the Way.

      Author: Asder Blair

      Pairing: L/R

      Rating: PG-13 (maybe in later chapter it will change to an R)

      Disclamer:It will be a waste of your time and money,cuz I don't have

      Feedback:Love to hear what you think, I love suggestions if you have
      one E-Mail me Magnolia5203@...

      A/N: This idea was born from a fight I had with my boyfriend(who is
      13 years older than I am.) and I heard this song which I don't
      remember the name of and haven't heard again, and the story just
      started to flow, I like to thank every single author that has ever
      posted a story, because your have been a great inspiration for
      many other people, and to my betas Angel,Nicca,Anna Meredith who took
      the time to look at this story and help me soo much,thanks.

      Chapter 1:Turning

      She didn't know why she was so nervous. After all, she was just
      picking up her friend from the airport. A friend she hadn't had
      contact with for over four years since she had gone to college and
      they had lost touch. Standing now on the arrival gate wasn't
      improving her anxious state. As arriving passengers passed her by,
      she wondered what was taking Kitty Pryde so long. Well it was
      probably the same thing that always took her so long: her luggage.

      Fifteen minutes seeped by before she finally saw Kitty, who was
      wheeling a trolley piled with five suitcases and two trunks. Helping
      her along was a pilot and both seemed to be engrossed in a very
      important conversation, which caused Kitty to fail to notice her. If
      she hadn't shouted her name, Kitty would have kept ignoring her.

      At that point, Kitty looked in her direction and reciprocated by
      yelling: "ROGUE!" She proceeded to run to her, leaving the poor
      pilot standing there without a word. The two friends embraced in a
      hug. Time seemed to stretch forever and then they separated
      slowly. "Oh god, it's good to see you. How have you been? I'm
      sorry I didn't call you as often as I should have, but school kept me
      from almost everything. God, you must think I'm such a bitch for not
      calling you when I said I would. Where's Jubes," Kitty finished her
      long introduction, barely with enough breath left.

      "She is on a mission at the mall. You know no one can keep her from
      that. And don't worry about not calling us. If you had called as
      often as you said you would then we wouldn't have anything to talk
      about. So, how about you tell Mr. Handsome down there that you're
      going to play catch up with me – instead of playing catch me with
      him – and hit the road," Rogue said, looking at the pilot who was
      waiting for Kitty.

      "You just never lose your charm do you," Kitty teased, and then
      walked towards the pilot. He seemed disappointed to hear Kitty
      wasn't going to be joining him for whatever they had planned. He
      walked away, leaving Kitty to push the trolley all by herself, which
      she could barely push.

      Rogue went to help. "Sorry you had to dismiss your loyal servant.
      Here let me help," she said, reaching down for the handle. They both
      started to walk towards the airport's parking lot.

      When they reached Rogue's car, Kitty exclaimed: "Damn! I should have
      stayed and joined the team. Look at this baby! How long have you
      been riding in it?" She was referring to Rogue's new green BMW

      "Got it last week after the other one got blown away in our last

      They loaded Kitty's luggage in and then went to their favorite
      restaurant in lower Manhattan. They were lucky to get a table at
      lunch hour. Once seated, Rogue ordered an Ice __Mocha and Kitty
      for a raspberry ice tea. In order to eat, Rogue took her gloves off
      and it was then that Kitty noticed the ring on Rogue's index
      finger. "Oh my god, how could you not tell me you were engaged! I
      thought we were friends."

      "Calm down, Kit-Kat. I was going to tell you, okay? I just wanted
      it to be a surprise."

      "Well it sure is. So who's the lucky fellow, huh? Is it Bobby?
      Scott? Jamie? John? Piotr? Or your platonic love, Logan?"

      "One: it's Bobby. Two: Logan is just my best friend, okay?"

      "You know, Rogue, the Nile is not only a river in Egypt."

      "Oh shut up! You're worse than Jube's. How many times do I have to
      keep on telling you guys that me and Logan are – in contrary to
      popular belief – just friends?"

      "Keep telling yourself that. Anyway, when did this happen?"

      "Two years ago when we were…"

      "TWO YEARS! I should have called more often! What else am I missing
      out on? Well keep on going: how did he propose?"

      "As I was saying: we were coming back late one night from a mission
      that had gone badly. I just wanted to go back to the mansion and
      sleep, but Bobby asked me to meet him in the kitchen. So after I
      changed, I went into the kitchen and he was sitting by the window.
      He told me how much he loved me and how he thought that sometimes he
      was a jerk for doubting my love for him. Yet, he was ready to
      commit. He said that the world was a bad place, but I made it so
      much better for him. That's when he got down on one knee and asked
      me to marry him. I said yes!"

      "How very boring. I always thought he would be the type of guy who
      would propose in a more romantic way. So have you guys set a date
      yet or are you going to wait?"

      "Actually, we decided we wanted to wait for all of our friends to be
      back and then set a date. You, my dear Kit-Kat, are the last of our
      friends to come back. So your arrival means that my wedding day is
      to be in four months." Rogue beamed with a million dollar smile.

      At that moment, the waiter returned and asked them what they were
      going to order. They both settled for a Caesar salad.

      "The professor told me that he is having a fundraiser ball tonight,"
      Kitty commented. "Are you going?"

      "I have to be there since I'm in charge of the whole event. I need
      you to be there, too. I have been assigned to get you ready for the
      ball tonight. So we need to get you into a dress."

      "I don't know, Roguey. I'm not so sold to the idea of being in a
      dress in a room full of wealthy people, but I'll do it to show my

      "Great! Now you and I have to meet Jubes in the mall…"

      "Sorry, Roguey, but I already have a dress. So there's no way you're
      going to get me to meet Jubes at the mall, especially when she is on
      the hunt for a dress."

      Rogue's cell phone started to ring. She looked at the number and
      flipped it open. "Hello?…Oh hey, yeah, I'm on my way…Yeah, I picked
      her up…Hold your horses, okay? I won't be late for our session…No, I
      haven't seen Jubes. She said she was going to K-sport. They had
      some kind of sale…No, Logan, I made sure the artillery was locked…
      Yeah, tell Forge I'll come and find him when I get back home…Yes,
      Logan, I'll pick up your Tux on my way back…Don't worry, you'll be
      fine…Yeah, see you later." She closed the phone in one swift move.
      She hated it when he called to remind her of what she already knew
      she had to do. It was as if he didn't trust her to remember herself.

      "So, you're just best friends, uh?"

      "You've just read too many romance novels for your own good, Kit-
      Kat. We are just friends. Why is that so hard to believe," Rogue
      asked. Over the years, her friends had always characterized her
      relationship with Logan on a romantic level. Sure when she had been
      seventeen she had a crush on him. She would even admit that for a
      time she had loved him, but soon realized that he would never see her
      in that way. Then, Bobby had come into the picture and there was no
      doubt that he wanted to be with her: something she desperately had
      needed and wanted. In the years that followed, their relationship
      had gone through a few rocky times, but they had survived even when
      it had seemed unlikely.

      "Because you don't act like it," Kitty answered. "For one, you guys
      are inseparable, even when you aren't together you act like you are.
      You do chores for him – things you absolutely don't do for Bobby.
      And you care way too much for him. Do I need to make a list of
      everything you do for Logan that you don't do for your "boyfriend"?
      It really doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that you guys are so
      into each other," Kitty said, taking the last bite of her salad.

      "How would you know what I don't do for Bobby? And, really, Kit-Kat,
      I don't want to discuss this anymore. Let's go home or I'll be late
      for my Danger Room session with Logan," she demanded, standing up and
      slapping a twenty-dollar bill on the table a little to harshly.

      She didn't need to have this conversation right now. What she needed
      was to get to the mansion fast before Forge left (he was going to
      explain the mechanisms of all the new weaponry he brought for her).
      Rogue also needed to get to her training session with Logan. And
      then get ready for the fundraiser and oversee all the final
      preparations. Why couldn't Storm have gone on her solo mission after
      the fundraiser, she thought bitterly.

      Kitty took the last sip of her ice tea and got up. "I'm sorry I
      annoyed you with my comments, Roguey. It really wasn't my intention
      to do it. It's just that I had always hoped that you and Logan would
      end up together. You know what a hopeless romantic I am," Kitty said
      softly with a melancholic tone in her voice.

      "No biggie, babe. Now let's leave. I have to get back before Forge

      "Forge? Who is he? Or is it a she?"

      "He is a mutant whose power is to invent machinery. And he came to
      deliver an arsenal for me and I need him to show me how to use them,
      especially now that I'll be needing them to go on my solo missions,"
      Rogue explained as they walked to the car.

      "Solo missions? You can't be serious. I thought those were only for
      the more experienced X-men! No offense, Roguey, but you don't look
      like the kind of girl who would go out there and fight bad guys on a
      daily basis."

      "None taken. I'm accustomed to hearing it. Ever since I chose this
      line of work. Now let's get home, Kit-Kat. I bet everyone is
      wondering where you are. And Jubes is probably on her way home to
      meet us."

      They got into the car and headed home.

      End Chapter One
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