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FIC: X-Book 4: Of Politics..., PG-13, Chpt 3

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    X-Book 4 -- Of Politics, Tacos and Other Things that Give You Indegestion Chapter Four: Wondering and Waiting By: Kath713/Leen713 Rating: PG-13 (violence,
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      X-Book 4 -- Of Politics, Tacos and Other Things that Give You

      Chapter Four: Wondering and Waiting

      By: Kath713/Leen713
      Rating: PG-13 (violence, language)

      Genre: Crossover (with anything I can squeeze in), SPOILERS FOR X2
      Summary: See prologue to book 4

      Disclaimer: I own nothing in regards to the Marvel characters or
      any character from a previously published source portrayed in this

      Reviews: Any feedback would be great and is appreciated!


      Chapter Four:

      Erik Lensherr tapped his fingers rhythmically against the hard
      surface of his desk as he watched the feed of a local news program
      out of Chicago. The screen displaying the broadcast was mounted in
      between two metallic supports on one wall and the anchor's voice
      echoed through the circular chamber.

      "In local news," the neatly dressed man spoke from the
      screen, "Federal teams continue to investigate a strange series of
      events which took place the other day in a northern suburban section
      of the city..."

      To Erik's left, Mystique was seated in a metallic chair similar to
      his own. Her hands were folded delicately on the desk's surface and
      she watched the news report with quiet unease.

      "...According to federal investigators, the exact cause of the
      disturbance has not yet been identified, however, many eye witnesses
      have reported seeing a 'giant machine' of some kind impact one home
      and may have caused damage to several neighboring properties.
      Rumors have been spreading about who is responsible for these
      bizarre events, though local authorities have denied the possible
      link to recent rash of gang violence or of the involvement of
      several mutant terrorist groups..."

      Erik and Mystique exchanged significant glances on the last few
      words. Cover-ups were so interesting to watch develop from the
      outside when one already knew the truth.

      "...we will bring you more on this story as it develops..."


      With a few taps on an embedded keypad, Erik shut off the feed, and
      rubbed his chin thoughtfully. Mystique tilted her head as she
      looked at him.

      "Strange, isn't it?" she asked and Erik glanced at her
      curiously, "That they have been so quick to dismiss possible mutant
      involvement. I would have expected them to take the easy route and
      blame mutants immediately."

      "Yes," Erik said slowly, "I wonder...if certain organizations are
      influencing certain high ranking governmental officials..."

      A smug, knowing smile touched Mystique's face. Suddenly, the sound
      of steady footsteps echoed up the tunnel and they both turned to see
      Yuriko enter the chamber.

      Erik smiled, "Well...how are our guests fairing?"

      Yuriko acknowledged each of them with a nod before speaking.

      "The girl is conscious and stable," she reported, "The boy is
      watching over her."

      "And what of the mutant from the Lot project?" Erik asked.

      "Luckily, his wound was not as serious," Yuriko replied, "After
      treating him, I had Pyro take him to one of the unused living
      quarters. He indicated by his attitude and body language that he
      wished to be alone."

      Erik nodded, "Very well...give them all a short time to recover. I
      do, however, still wish to speak with them as soon as possible."

      "Of course," Yuriko said, "I will check on all of them again
      shortly. I have asked Pyro and Toad to bring them all meals if they
      would like."

      "Excellent...such courtesies should be appreciated," Erik replied
      and stood.

      "Perhaps not by all our guests..." Yuriko said with annoyance, "The
      boy is quite adamant about leaving..."

      Erik smirked, "I'm sure he is. But, I doubt his uncle will find our
      sanctuary here as easily as he expects."


      Sid pressed the send button on his cell phone over and over again.

      "Damn it," he said and then sighed, "My phone is showing full
      service but the call won't go through..."

      Rebecca grinned and reclined back in the medical bed, "Fine by me.
      I'm really not looking forward to having to convince Uncle S that I
      wasn't responsible for the house."

      "Come on, Bec," Sid said, shaking the cell phone with
      annoyance, "Fires...explosions, sure...but he can't blame you for

      Sid stopped talking when he saw the cynical look on his sister's

      "...or...yeah, I guess he could." Sid finished with a grin. He
      snapped his phone closed and glanced at the med lab's main entrance.

      "I'm gonna go try to call from outside," he said quickly, "Maybe
      we're too far underground to send calls or something. You think
      you'd be okay for a few minutes while I find my way back to the
      outer hanger?"

      Rebecca frowned, "Sure. Believe me, I'm not planning to go anywhere
      for a while."

      Sid nodded and headed out the door. Rebecca watched him go
      curiously. He had never been one to go looking for the strange
      situations that seemed to find them, but he was more on edge than
      she had seen him for a long time.

      After the door hissed shut, Rebecca shifted herself upright and
      leaned back against the wall. She closed her eyes and moved her
      right shoulder as much as she could without having too much pain.
      Once it healed, she would have two more scars to tell stories about,
      though she doubted she would be so conscious about hiding them as
      the scars on her arms.

      She looked down at her left hand, where the Lady was planning to put
      the IV. Sid had moved the needles and other medical equipment away
      from her bed without having to be asked. Rebecca flexed her fingers
      and wondered what had ever possessed her to agree to go to medical

      Rebecca's thoughts strayed again to the scars on her arms and she
      pulled back one long sleeve carefully. Memories of her childhood
      came back easily, and she smiled as she thought of the long rows of
      corn that had surrounded the small town where she had lived with her
      grandparents for so long. She remembered her friends sadly, those
      lost and nostalgic days of her youth when nothing mattered but the
      rain and the harvest. On summer nights, the swaying fields would be
      filled with fireflies, making the earth and the sky look almost

      But, that was before. Before the two long, black cars had passed
      her on the road. Before, the men in dark glasses grabbed her, and
      everything went dark. Before, the pain in her arms began...before,
      their was reason for nightmares.before the fire raged around
      her...before the screaming...before her mother's angry eyes focused
      on those men, and their dark glasses began to melt...

      Rebecca jumped and inhaled sharply as the medical bay door hissed
      open again. She blinked and looked around, wondering how much time
      had passed.

      From the other side of the room, the mutant she knew as Toad walked
      toward her with a thin, covered tray. He scowled at her as he
      walked up beside her, seemingly annoyed with the chore he was given.

      Rebecca gave him an appreciative smile and sat up slowly.

      "Hi," she said.

      Toad glanced at her quickly and placed the tray on a table nearby.

      "The Lady asked me to bring you this," he said quickly and handed
      her a large bottle of water, "And, this. She said to tell you to
      drink it slowly, but to finish it if you can. Since, you know, you
      lost a lot of blood and fluids and all."

      "Okay, thanks."

      Toad nodded and turned to head out of the room.

      "Hey..." Rebecca called again, "Um...I just wanted to say...um...I
      wanted to know if...anyone else was hurt when I...um..."

      Toad glanced at her and shook his head, "No. No one else got
      killed. We've got that Pusher with us who was shot, too, but the
      Lady said he's doin' alright."

      Rebecca sighed, and looked relieved.

      "What about Remy and Xavier's people?" she asked. Toad frowned and
      glared at her.

      "They left," he spat hatefully, "Before we did. I suppose their all
      safe and sound, considering they decided to just leave..."

      "I'm glad they did," Rebecca said firmly, "I mean...you saw what
      happened. Right? There was a fire, right?"

      "Yeah," he replied, "I doubt anybody missed that..."

      Rebecca ground her teeth nervously, "It...it was that bad, huh?"

      Toad turned back toward her and frowned, "You don't remember?"

      "No...not yet," she answered. Her eyes looked distant then,
      sorrowful, almost lost. Toad shifted on his feet and took a few
      steps back toward her.

      "Well...I don't think anyone was hurt in it," he said carefully,
      unsure of how to address her sudden somber attitude. Rebecca
      glanced up at him and smiled reassuringly.

      "That's good to know," she said, "I...I'll remember it after a
      while. Not really looking forward to it, but dealing with that will
      be easier than dealing with my uncle..."

      Toad nodded, without understanding her amusement since he had yet to
      meet the infamous Sebastian Malloy.

      Rebecca took a short drink of her water and then regarded him for a

      "You know," she said, "I never got your name when we were in the

      Toad frowned in confusion. The first question she asked him was for
      his name.

      "It's Toad," he said, feeling as if he was stating the obvious.

      Rebecca shook her head, "No, I don't mean your code name, or
      whatever. I mean your real name."

      Toad glared at her indignantly, almost at if he were insulted, "Toad
      is the name I've taken for myself."

      Rebecca nodded and looked apologetic, "Fair enough. I'm
      just...Rebecca Malloy..."

      Unexpectedly, she held out the hand of her uninjured arm properly.

      "But, you knew that already." she said, grinning as she extended him
      the gesture of professional courtesy.

      Toad glanced between her and her hand with confusion. No one every
      really offered to come in close contact with him, and he immediately
      took the gesture as mocking, misinterpreting her grin.

      His discomfort was immediately obvious and Rebecca lowered her arm.

      "It's okay," she said and looked down at her hands.

      With a look of contempt, Toad began to head toward the door again.
      Just as it hissed open, he heard her mumble to herself.

      "I'd be afraid of me, too," Rebecca said quietly. She hated her
      power the most for this one reason. It made people fear her. She
      hated that most people walked on eggshells around her, if they knew
      of her gift, because they expected her to spontaneously combust or
      something at any minute.

      Suddenly, her heard Toad's pounding footsteps approach her again and
      she blinked in surprise as she met his glaring eyes. He held out
      his hand toward her roughly and she took it.

      "Mortimer Toynbee," he said, and then added bitterly, "And I'm not
      afraid of you."

      Rebecca grinned again, and shook his hand once.

      "Rebecca Malloy," she repeated, and then looked at him
      wearily, "Thanks."

      Toad drew his hand away quickly, and nodded again before stalking
      out of the room.

      As he exited, Sid nearly ran him over as he sprinted into the
      medical lab.

      "Bec!" he called to her, "I got a clear signal in the landing bay,
      but Bastian's damn phone died. I'm gonna try again in a few
      minutes. I really have to get him another charger. He leaves his
      behind all the time."

      Rebecca groaned, much less enthusiastic at the idea of speaking with
      her uncle, and stood carefully.

      "The Lady said I need to eat something first," she explained, and
      then held up the large bottle of water, "And I have to drink all of
      this before I can leave this room. That might take hours so maybe
      you can just talk to Uncle S again and give him my regards and..."

      She stopped talking when Sid began to glare at her.

      "Nice try," Sid said, and then lifted the cover off the tray of
      food, "However, I happen to know that you have never eaten slowly in
      your life."

      Rebecca sighed and took a few bites before mumbling though her food.


      Archived at www.fanfiction.net/~leen713
      *work in progress*
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