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Fic: "FOH: The Return" PG-13 (2/?) [Phoenix, L/R, Ororo/Legolas, Scott]

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  • Nadja Lee
    Hi all, Still a part of the FOH series, still a crossover to LOTR. You need to have read the earlier parts to follow this. You can read it at fanfiction.net
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 6, 2004
      Hi all,

      Still a part of the FOH series, still a crossover to LOTR.

      You need to have read the earlier parts to follow this.
      You can read it at fanfiction.net
      [http://www.fanfiction.net/profile.php?userid=104470] or my own webpage


      Part 2:

      This was intolerable. She, Phoenix, who had once destroyed a whole planet…she had been beaten by an army of trees! The thought alone made her anger flare to an unprecedented high, making several Orcs who were near her fall dead from the telepathic echo of her rage.

      For some reason her powers hadn’t worked against the trees, or Ents as they called themselves. It was like they were a part of nature itself, drawing strength from the earth and everything around them. Their minds were too alien for her to manipulate and her telepathic powers had seemed to bounce off on them as rain on a goose. She had tried to reach the minds of the two Hobbits she could sense to be with them but the Ents had blocked her powers by carrying the small beings, shielding them from her. She had, however, seen that these two Hobbits did not have the Ring. When the Ents had reached Isengard Phoenix had known the battle had been lost. Despite her arrogance and her fury over being unable to hurt these magical forest beings, she wasn’t going to commit suicide by staying and fighting them till the bitter end. She had ignored Saruman’s threats, protests and finally pleas as he had known he was about to die. She had left him to his own devices; one less being to have to kill off when this war was over. Instead she had taken flight and had received Sauron’s command to join him in Mordor.

      In Mordor she had helped the Orcs get ready for their attack on Gondor and Sauron had agreed that Saruman would have been disposed off sooner or later so save a mild punishment in the form of a mind ripping agony in her skull that had lasted several hours Phoenix had escaped unharmed from Sauron’s fearsome rage.

      Now that everything seemed under way she was musing over the whereabouts of the Ring. Sauron wasn’t a forgiving man or being or whatever the hell he was and she still hadn’t gotten the Ring for him. More importantly, if he didn’t get the Ring he wouldn’t help her back to her own time so she could rule there. She had some leads and ideas about how to get the Ring. Boromir was bound to the Ring with his life. He might have been brave once for his brother but she was sure he would fail in the end. Humans always did. They were weak; all of them. She had unfortunately found that her connection to him was dimmer now. She had been able to sense him, find him, through his darker emotions like guilt, anger and hate but lately a blinding light that could only be love had shielded Boromir from her telepathic searching; she could no longer pinpoint his whereabouts. He must have found someone he loved. Just the thought was laughable. Love! What a weak emotion! Jean had loved someone. She had loved Scott and Xavier and Ororo and…her lover and her friends. She had been weak as well. As Phoenix her powers were unmatched. She had the power; she had complete control! Scott was still a danger to her though. Last time her powers had grown, last time Jean had become Phoenix Xavier and Scott had managed to reach inside her, managed to find Jean and her weak emotions of love and compassion. Xavier wasn’t here this time but Scott was. He was a threat to her and her plans for power and domination. She would have to deal with him sooner or later but first she needed that blasted Ring for Sauron so she could get her promised reward. Why in the world had Sauron put so much power, so much evil, into a one tiny Ring? It was such a small thing, easily hidden. Now, had she had anything to do with it she would never had parted from such a powerful object and if she had had to then that object would have been big…like say a large statue of her…or, even better, a temple so no one could steal it from her. Yes, a temple sounded nice. Someone with powers as great as a God deserved to be worshipped as the Goddess she was!

      The light that glowed in her green eyes from her own thoughts of grandeur, not to mention her earlier display of her telepathic powers made the Orcs walk past her, putting as much distance between her and themselves as possible. Normally Orcs feared no man but this firebird of a woman, a flame of pure fury and power, was enough to make even the Orcs stand back in awe and fear. Phoenix despised those slimy, lowly creatures but she had to give Sauron that Orcs were the perfect beings as canon food; seemingly as stupid, cruel and ambitionless as the lowest human she could force to serve her, they fulfilled their function well.

      Watching the Orc army get ready Phoenix’s thoughts returned to the Ring and how she could get it. Either the Ring was with Aragorn and his people or it was with Boromir’s younger brother. A cruel smile graced her lips as she recalled Boromir’s defence of his younger brother. Big brother syndrome, the older always protecting the younger. In Boromir’s mind she had seen that during Boromir’s childhood he had often done his best to shield his younger brother from their father’s rage, taken beatings or scorn for him whenever possible. Yes, Faramir was Boromir’s weak spot. If he was in danger Boromir would come running at once and she was sure that when Gondor was attacked Faramir would be sent to protect its borders; he would be in the frontline of fire and thus the first in danger. Though she would prefer to kill Faramir before Boromir’s eyes as payback for his insolence to her then having him arrive too late to save his brother, having to hold his brother’s cold corpse in his embrace…Yes, that idea sounded pleasurable to her as well.

      The Orc army would march into Gondor soon so that would mean that Aragorn and his people would have to come to the defence of Gondor or see Gondor fall and with it the last real defence Middle Earth had. No, they would come, no doubt about that. If nothing else she knew the mind of her ‘dear’ Scott…he would never walk by people who suffered. Her smile became a wide grin. All she had to do was wait. Boromir would come to his brother and country’s aid so even if this cloud of love that seemed to surround him held firm then she would be able to get her revenge over him soon enough. She hadn’t forgotten his betrayal and he would pay dearly for it. If he didn’t have the Ring someone of the others who would come to defend Gondor would have it. It was just a matter of time.

      Unfortunately, Phoenix wasn’t a patient woman. The few weeks remaining until Sauron launched a full frontal attack on Gondor felt like years instead of weeks. She needed something to do and killing off Orcs wasn’t something Sauron liked. At the moment she couldn’t defeat Sauron. His magic was too strange to her but as soon as she understood how the Ring could get her back she would love to kill him. He was a bit too dark even for her. What good was it to rule if he killed off every living thing in sight? She wanted worshippers and slaves; not corpses. Besides, she didn’t trust him but then he didn’t trust her either. This was a marriage of convenience, a race against time. Neither of them could kill the other…yet and they needed each other...for now.

      An idea came to her. She could always see if she could figure out if those tales about many Elves leaving these lands were true…and she could try and track Aragorn and the others. Maybe she could visit a few human villages to see how great the resistance was in them. Maybe she could get them to pay homage to her already. The thought excited her and she took flight after having mentally gotten an approval from Sauron on her plan as long as she was back in time for the attack on Gondor, which of course she would be…she was not going to miss that. And, of course, he wanted assurance that she got the Ring back soon which she promised…when Sauron had defeated Gondor he would also have the Ring she vowed and that answer pleased him enough to allow her to go her own ways.

      Phoenix flew over the lands and smiled to herself. Things were going well. Everything she could want, all the power she could wish for, was within her grasp. Things were going very well indeed.

      * * *

      Things were not going well at all, Sam was sure of it. Despite all his warnings, Frodo would not heed his advice. After years of friendship, after years of support and comfort and sharing each other’s pain, tears and happiness Sam found that Frodo took Gollum’s words and advice over his. Sam couldn’t deny that it was tearing his heart apart. Frodo had been his friend for years but their friendship ran deeper than words could describe; it was in their very souls. A friendship meant to last forever. Or at least that was what Sam had always thought, what Frodo had assured him of. Now, Sam cast a grim look after Gollum’s disappearing form, now he wasn’t so sure.

      The Ring was weighing Frodo down. He was becoming thinner and was beginning to look like he was plagued by a physical need that pulled at his body just like the one Ring around his neck pulled at his heart and soul. Sam had seen Frodo suffer and had offered to carry the Ring for him but urged on by Gollum’s evil whispers Frodo had believed that his best friend had wanted it for himself. What an absurd thought! Sam wished nothing more than to stay with his beloved friend forever. It pained him to no end to see his friend suffer yet being unable to help him, to ease his suffering.

      Things had gotten steadily worse. Frodo had drawn back from him, seeking Gollum’s advice, believing that he would understand him because he too had felt the burden of the Ring. Their rations had been running low and they had had to take a detour into Mordor that went over many high mountains instead of through the large Black Gates. Then tonight things had gone from very bad to explosively bad. Gollum had set him up, making it look like he had eaten the last of their rations. In rage Sam had attacked Gollum only to find Frodo take Gollum’s defence and even worse…Frodo had asked him to leave.

      Sam now watched in silent frustration and pain as his best friend disappeared into danger with a being that Sam knew would try to kill him at the first and best opportunity it could so it could steal the Ring from him. Tears fell down his cheeks as Frodo disappeared from view, his body weakening along with his mind and soul by the power of the Ring. His beloved friend was suffering…he was dying. Sam fought with himself. He had tried to warn Frodo, he had done all he could. Frodo had dismissed him, sent him away as if he was an unwanted dog…as if their friendship was nothing. That hurt deeply. With tears blinding him Sam began to walk slowly back towards the Shire and away from Frodo. He had done all he could do. He had done more than anyone could ask. Frodo had been nothing but suspicious and mean to him for weeks now…he had sent him away. Really, what more of a hint did he need? Frodo didn’t want him…maybe their friendship had never meant as much to Frodo as it had to Sam? Fear and doubt filled Sam’s soul. Maybe Frodo had just been using him, easing his loneliness by taking on a friend who was loyal and stupid enough to never push or demand more than he was willing to give? Was he a fool? Had he been played? Had his deep friendship with Frodo been nothing but a lie?

      Caught up in his own misery, Sam didn’t notice where he was going and ended up falling downhill from the mountain he had started to climb with Frodo and Gollum to reach Mordor on the other side. Sam laid still for a moment as he came to a halt on the mountainside, letting the minor physical pain be intensified by the pain in his heart and soul as tears freely fell, self-pity laying itself as a blanket around him. With a determined shake of his head Sam forced himself to his feet and he wiped his tears away with an almost angry gesture. No, he wouldn’t believe that Frodo had used him. If Frodo asked him to leave one day, without the Ring nearby, then he would do so but as long as the Ring was near…and Frodo was weakening more and more as time went on...maybe the Ring needed to destroy all good? Maybe it needed to get Sam away so he couldn’t protect Frodo from Gollum and so the bond of love that existed between the two long-time friends would no longer protect Frodo’s heart from the coldness of the Ring? Maybe Sam was desperate now, reaching? Wanting so much to find a reason, any reason, to explain his friend’s coldness other than what his words had said; that Frodo did not want Sam anymore. A sudden calm settled over Sam as he with steady hands began to climb back up the mountain, ignoring the bruises his fall had given his body. If there was just the slightest chance that Frodo was in danger then he had to save him, no matter what. Even if Frodo never had or no longer did care for him, Sam still loved his friend. He couldn’t just stand by and let Frodo get hurt just because his emotions and pride had been hurt. With that in mind Sam began to climb the mountain, knowing he had fallen at least half a day behind Frodo and Gollum. Still, he could not rest, wouldn’t give up until he was sure Frodo was safe and that wouldn’t be until the Ring had been destroyed. Sam was going to rescue his friend from himself and from any other danger, whether or not Frodo himself wished to be rescued!

      His love and determination carried Sam onward, not knowing just how desperately his help was needed…


      Author’s notes:

      The first part of this chapter is to those who wanted to see more Phoenix. The latter half is to try and make up for the lack of Frodo and Sam in this story. They will appear later as well but I admit I’m not much of a Hobbit fan and with so many main characters they do seem to drown a bit. Sorry about that.

      Also sorry for the long wait for updates. Real life is hectic. I will try to write faster but won’t promise anything.

      Thanks much to Jonas for beta! *hugs and kisses*

      Again, any and all comments and suggestions are welcome as long as you voice them kindly and politely.

      Thanks to anyone who reviewed this story. Your kind words is what keeps me writing *smiles warmly*

      Take care


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