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FIC: X-Book 4: Of Politics... , PG-13, Chpt 1

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    X-Book 4 -- Of Politics, Tacos and Other Things that Give You Indegestion: Chapter One - Home Again By: Kath713/Leen713 Rating: PG-13 (violence, language)
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      X-Book 4 -- Of Politics, Tacos and Other Things that Give You
      Indegestion: Chapter One - Home Again

      By: Kath713/Leen713

      Rating: PG-13 (violence, language)

      Genre: Crossover (with anything I can squeeze in), SPOILERS FOR X2

      Summary: See prologue to book 4

      Disclaimer: I own nothing in regards to the Marvel characters or
      any character from a previously published source portrayed in this

      Reviews: Any feedback would be great and is appreciated!


      Chapter One:

      As Rogue opened her eyes, she squinted at the medical lab's white
      lights shining down from the ceiling above. She was groggy, but
      otherwise felt like herself again. The brief trauma she experienced
      when absorbing the mutant Cody Weinberg's power had passed. She
      looked up at the vague forms around her with confusion.

      "Where am I?" she asked and a familiar voice spoke from her right
      side. He was holding her hand and smiling with relief when she
      finally was able to focus her eyes on him.

      "In the lab," Bobby said, giving her hand a reassuring squeeze, "You
      guys got back a few hours ago. Me and Storm were already awake

      Rogue's eyes opened wide as the events of the past day suddenly came
      back to her. She tried to sit up quickly and Bobby supported her by
      the arms.

      "Oh, God...I forgot...you two were unconscious...how do you
      feel...are you okay? How is Storm?" Rogue asked, speaking quickly.
      Bobby grinned and ran one hand safely down along her hair.

      "We're fine..." he said, "Dr. McCoy said whatever sedative they used
      wore off pretty quick...if we had known where you all had gone we
      would have followed..."

      Rogue sighed and smiled, but her eyes were rimmed with tears as she
      hugged him around the neck. He heard her voice break a little as
      she spoke close to his ear.

      "What about everyone else?" she asked and Bobby held her close.

      "They're all here...and safe," he replied, "They haven't given me
      any details yet about what happened but..."

      "It doesn't matter..." Rogue said quickly, pushing him back so she
      could look at him, "The Professor will go over everything, I'm
      sure...I'm just...I'm just..."

      Rogue lowered her face and took a deep breath before speaking. When
      she looked up at him again, Bobby used a clean, white cloth to brush
      the tears from her cheeks.

      "I just didn't want to lose anyone else..." she said, "Not like
      before...I didn't want to lose any of you..."

      Bobby leaned forward and gave her a brief kiss on the temple. Rogue
      inhaled sharply as an icy shock ran down her spine and Bobby gave
      her a sad grin.

      "You haven't lost any of us," he said, "Me and Storm are fine. The
      Professor and Cyclops are getting ready for that debriefing. Kurt
      is getting the kids ready for taco night. And...Logan's been
      harassing Gambit about the bourbon he has hidden in his room...said
      he could smell it...and warned him about not sharing..."

      Rogue laughed then and wiped her eyes.

      "Yeah," she said, "I think Remy's officially part of the team after

      Bobby nodded, "He's the one who brought you from the jet. He was
      pretty worried...he hung around in the hall until Henry told him to
      go upstairs and get something to eat."

      Rogue bit her lip in exaggerated worry, "The Doc wasn't mad was he?
      That we took off without telling him..."

      Bobby grinned, "No. After he noticed you were gone, Peter said he
      just shrugged and told him, `My boy, never get in the way of a
      determined woman.'"

      He quoted the doctor in a fairly good impersonation of his voice,
      and nearly jumped out of his chair when the real thing spoke from
      behind him.

      "Excellent advice, Mr. Drake!" Henry McCoy said with a grin, "Just
      excellent! I'm glad my words are not falling on deaf ears!"

      Bobby chuckled with slight embarrassment and McCoy directed Rogue to
      hold her head up as he shined a small light into her eyes.

      "So..." he began again, "How are you feeling? Headache? No.
      Dizziness? No. Any spots interfering with your vision?"

      "Not until just a second ago, Doc," Rogue said, blinking as the
      after images of McCoy's light danced before her eyes. McCoy smiled,
      and nodded.

      "Good," he said, and then his face grew serious, "Professor Xavier
      said he would like us all to meet in his office as soon as you feel
      able. I imagine...we have a lot to discuss..."


      Xavier picked up the phone on his desk, almost before it rang. He
      had been expecting this call for hours, and addressed the caller

      "Good afternoon, Mr. President," he said calmly, and heard McKenna
      laugh on the other end.

      "You know, I don't think I'll ever get used to that, Professor," he
      replied, "I suppose you know why I'm calling."

      "The incidents in Chicago and West Virginia," Xavier replied

      "Yes," McKenna said, "I'm very much hoping you can tell me that
      mutants had nothing to do with either."

      Xavier spoke, "Unfortunately, our intervention was necessary. The
      reports you have about a machine attacking a home are true, and
      mutants, in fact, were residents there."

      McKenna sighed, "And West Virginia?"

      "The machine had taken three mutants captive," Xavier continued
      truthfully, "We followed it, and discovered a hidden military-style
      base. After the prisoners were recovered, we left the area just
      prior to the explosion."

      "Are any of your people responsible for that explosion?" McKenna
      asked directly.

      "No," Xavier responded, again truthfully.

      "Alright," McKenna said, "Any explanation for why this machine was
      created...or by who?"

      "Beyond having the capability to take someone against their will, we
      don't know why such a machine was created," Xavier said, "But we did
      encounter the leader of those forces...and he claimed his name was
      General Stryker."

      "But not William Stryker," McKenna said.

      Xavier sighed, "Mr. President, I do still believe Colonel Stryker
      died in the flood at Alkalai Lake. This...person...who was using
      him, or his name, was also killed. Unless the remains can be
      identified, I'm afraid we can only assume...it was not William

      He heard McKenna sigh again through the phone. The President
      sounded more than a little relieved.

      "Were any of your people injured?" McKenna asked.

      Xavier appreciated the President's concern, "No, thankfully. And
      the residents of the destroyed home have also been taken to

      "Yes, I know," McKenna said, and Xavier looked surprised, "We
      located the owner of the property, and he said neither he, nor his
      niece and nephew, were harmed. He had spoken to them just before
      the local authorities contacted him."

      This information was new to Xavier, but he simply continued to
      listen as the President spoke.

      "I doubt his insurance covers Martian invaders," McKenna said
      cynically, but sounded more at ease, "I appreciate your honesty in
      this matter, Professor. I still don't entirely condone your active
      interference in such matters...but I do support the idea that the
      situation may have turned out much worse without it."

      "And I appreciate having your support, Mr. President," Xavier said.

      Xavier heard him chuckle suddenly.

      "You know," McKenna said, "I'm probably the only President who ever
      wished he had something simple to handle, like Watergate...or the
      Civil War..."

      Xavier smiled, and agreed, before exchanging departing formalities
      and hanging up the phone. He leaned his chin thoughtfully against
      one hand.

      "Why didn't you tell him?" Logan asked, and Xavier glanced over at

      "About Magneto, you mean?" he asked and Logan nodded.

      Xavier sighed heavily and glanced around the room at the X-Men. The
      primary members were there, including Dr. McCoy, Bobby and Rogue who
      came up from the medical lab only a few minutes before the phone
      rang. Scott, Ororo and Kurt, as well as Logan had been waiting with
      the Professor after discussing the previous day's events among
      themselves all afternoon.

      "I did not tell him about the Brotherhood's involvement in these
      events, because I do not believe it would have been beneficial for
      those who were involuntarily involved," Xavier explained, "The
      Malloy family has had their share of difficult times in the past,
      and I am positive that the Council will question them to no end
      about what happened to their home. Hopefully, additional
      interrogations by a federal investigative team will not be
      necessary, since they have been in contact with Sebastian Malloy

      "Do you really think they're safe with Magneto?" Storm asked
      angrily, "The Brotherhood is obviously back to full strength. What
      if he convinces them, or threatens them, to join up too?"

      Xavier's face suddenly broke into a strange grin, "After seeing what
      the children of Charlene McGee are capable of, I highly doubt Erik
      would risk threatening either of them again. Besides, dealing with
      their uncle may prove the most challenging of all."

      "Do you know him?" Scott asked with a frown, and Xavier's eyes
      almost twinkled with amusement.

      "I believe `unfortunately' may be too harsh of a word," Xavier
      admitted, "But not by much. As soon as Sebastian realizes it was
      Erik Lensherr who `visited' his family, I do expect to receive a
      call from him as well."

      "Don't sound so thrilled, Professor," Logan remarked sarcastically
      and Xavier sighed again.

      "What about the other presence in the hanger?" Scott asked and
      everyone in the room was silent for a moment as they remembered the

      Xavier looked somber, "I honestly have no idea. I've never sensed
      anything like it before."

      "Was it a mutant?" Logan asked and folded his arms.

      Xavier shook his head, "No, not a mutant. Whoever...or whatever it
      was, it was certainly one of the most powerful beings I have ever

      "And Mary stopped it," Kurt said thoughtfully, touching the rosary
      hidden beneath his shirt.

      Rogue looked over at him with surprise, but the others once again
      fell silent. Xavier leaned back in his chair with a frown.

      "Yes, she did," the Professor said, "But I doubt she even knows how."

      "Where is she?" Rogue asked with concern.

      "She's been up in her room since you returned," Storm said, "I've
      checked on her a few times but she's been sleeping."

      "When she wakes," Xavier said, "It may be a good idea for you to
      talk to her, Rogue. You were unconscious when the `stranger'
      attacked her. She may feel more comfortable discussing what
      happened with someone who didn't witness the emergence of her new

      Rogue nodded and gazed thoughtfully at the floor.

      "We will continue to monitor this situation," Xavier finally said to
      all of them, "If this new danger is a threat to us or anyone else, I
      want to know if it appears again. I will utilize my governmental
      resource to keep abreast of federal actions being taken. Otherwise,
      I want everyone to keep a close eye on the news and internet
      sources. We must be aware of how the public views these events as
      well. Once I speak to Sebastian Malloy," Xavier sighed again with
      annoyance before continuing, "I will also seek out sources in the
      Council. They may be able to help us learn more about
      the `stranger' himself."

      They adjourned quickly, until the only one left in the room with
      Xavier was Scott.

      "Do you think we'll need to send a team after the Malloys?" Scott
      asked, "Magneto may not be so willing to just let them go, despite
      what he saw them do."

      Xavier shook his head and smiled, again with strange amusement.

      "No. Trust me when I say the Malloys will not need any assistance
      in dealing with the Brotherhood," Xavier replied, "Erik is as
      familiar with their family as I am. Not so much their mother, as
      their paternal relatives. That particular family has been `watched'
      by the Council for a long time, even before those children were
      born, and they never fail to…entertain. My main concern now is with
      our own students. I do hope Rogue is able to get Mary to open up…
      especially about her past…"

      Archived at www.fanfiction.net/leen713
      *work in progress*
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