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[xmmff] Sweet dreams in new york pt 6 [xmmff]

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  • Lilly christensen
    see others for info (thanks to nicca for some help with my story. you really pulled me outa the rut. :) ) The fur will fly
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 4, 2004
      see others for info

      (thanks to nicca for some help with my story. you really pulled me outa the rut. :) )

      The fur will fly
      It was Friday night, and everyone was getting ready to go out. i was in my black tank top and low rise black hip huggers that tied up the sides, with my black cloak. It had been months since i went out, and i was ready to so my new boyfriend how i moved. i love to dance. it is fun and free... and you can do it with just about anyone. but i guess not every one was keen on me going. you see not everyone really exsepted me yet. like Kitty, she still had a small thing for bobby, and i was in her way of that. But john... he was crushing on bobby as well, and also me, so he was ok. every one but logan, noel, bridget, remy, bobby and john hated me. Kurt didnt so much, but we didnt talk and it was the same with most of the teachers. Like scott, or jean, i mean i know that they dont hate me... but still they dont stand up for me eather. But Chales. professor x. he is always there for me.... and once again he saved me from my self.
      I was sitting on the bed, waitting for Bobby to finish up in the bathroom, as he changed into all black, and spiked his blondish brown hair, and put his silver balls on around his neck (chain) and put in his earrings and lip ring. once he was done and he walked out, my jaw dropped and i smiled. he was so hott, and i loved him.
      "what? you dont like?"
      "oh... oh god non... non dat... i jus' neva saw ya in ya.... style befa now.... i like it, ya should wair it more...."
      "you think? ok.. i'll try that out...."
      we walked arm in arm down to the X-van, and waited. Noel and birget were already there, and so was john. i was ok wit that, untill we started to talk. i was still sorta uneasy around them.... you see... i am still new and i dont really know the ways around here. and i guess i didnt feel i had any place to talk. as we were talking kitty walked up and she didnt like what i said...
      "well, i mean de school is grea' bu' day don' really make it homly.... i mean it is very.... i don' non above me and some of da others..."
      "like, just because you area hood rat and you like stole... that like doesnt mean that we are above you. and like dont lower the like other kids. that isnt like your place at all. you like dont even know half of them, and like you can judge them. we are a family, and like you just have to deal."
      "look, kitty i didn' mean it like dat. i was jus' saying dat it isnt how i though' it would look, you know.... it is very large, and it jus' doesn' really scream home. and i know we are like a family.... bu' ya don' really seem ta want me 'round ya...."
      then bobby who was suppost to help me, stepped in... on the wrong side....
      "hey k, we try you know. i am sorry you dont feel at home here, and i am sorry we dont have a drug selling 18 year old to watch over you like back home, or that we dont have some freak of a theave, who takes you in at will. but this all we have, and we are trying to give you a good life as a mutant."
      His words flowed so smoothly off his lips, and they cut me deep. i felt the hot tears burning in my eyes, and i blinked theem back. i look past him, my hard shell covering my exsposed heart. i felt my lip grow tight, and curl up like that of an angery cat. i could feel myself softly growl in my chest, and i just wanted away. i heard footsteps behind me as i walked up the stairs. so i stoped and turned around, and i was face to face lips to lips with my old green haired lover, noel. i moved back and looking into his eyes and he smiled
      "wha' was dat for?"
      "you needed a friend back there, so i thought i would come make sure you were ok.... i know she can be mean, and bobby had no right to call out your life like that. that was low....."
      I felt them again, those hot burning tears and i kissed him. i then hide my face in his neck and i cried. He held me close as we walked to his dorm.
      Once in his dorm, we sat on his bed and i cried. i hate crying, it stains the face and messes everything up, but at that moment, it was ok somehow. i felt safe to be me. Noel and i went back, he knew alot about my past and my life. he knew were i came from and he know what i went through, and he still loved me. i knew it was tarning him apart seeing me with another guy and i wanted so bad to make that up to him, to let him know he was still in my heart, but i didnt know how. i couldnt ever find the words, but it was starting to look like i was going to get to show with out words. His hands carressed my back and arms slowly, and he kissed my forehead. i looked up into his green eyes and i smiled. i let my lower lip tremble as i leaned closer to him. i kiss his lips softly, then i grew more and more passionitly. i let my lower lip slip between his and i slide it back out, and i bite his lower lip, and i wimperd. i could feel his body under mine as i laid us down, him under me. i could
      feel his hunger as his body surged and called for me. I kissed him passionitly over and over again, feeling his hunger. i slwoly pulled his shirt off over his head of green hair. i kissed down his chest stoping at the low rim of his boxers, that rose up above his pants. i nibbled on them playfully as i undid his pants. his hand lifted my chin and i stoped. his voice was horse and raw.
      "slow.....slow down... i want this to last..... forever"
      i swollowd hard and i let him pull me up into him, as he kissed me. i could feel his hands under my shirt and i wispered softly
      "i am all yours.... for as long as you want me"
      he smiled softly and his slide my shirt off and kisses my chest above my bra. i wimpered as he unhooked the hook in the front and slide it off me. He then kisses my breast, and softly sucked my nipple, causing me to moan and he smiled at that. he then slide his hands over my back and held me close.
      Once we were bound together, in hot sweaty passionit movement, our bodys met and i wimperd and moaned. i could hear his raw sexy voice in my ear, as he moaned and moved. It was hours later, when we finished and i drifted off. Noel, was awake, holding me. running his fungers throught my hair and watching me sleep soundlessly. Then his roommate walked in, and saw me. i was naked with the sheet just above my breastes, wraped tight in Noels arms. John, gasped and caught Noels attention, and Noel moved away from me slowly, and got dressed.
      "what the fucken hell are you doing with krista you asshole!? you fucken now shes bobby's girl? how could you fucken screw her like that? you sick basterd. i cant believe you!!"
      "john, quiet down... please dont wake her... i know what i did was fucken wrong, but atlest i am fucken there for her. bobby didnt even stand for her in a fight that she didnt even need to be in. kitty started shit with her, and bobby took her side. he fuckin left her by her self, then just watched her walk away. so it isnt me you should be fucking yelling at. it is that son of a fuckin bitch of a friend of yours. he had no right to do that to her!!"
      "so that justafise you action you asswipe? you fucken slept with his girl. that is so fucking low!!! i mean come one, just be cause she fuckin broke your heart, and you still hang on, doesnt give you the right. what gives you the fucking nerve to do that? what the hell was runing through your fucking mind?"
      "i can tell ya wha' he was thinking..... de same t'ing ya were. dat bobby was wrong and dat some one should be dere for me. Noel was jus' brave enough ta do it. so don' yell at him. it isnt his fal' it is mine. i came on ta him.... i made de first move. i made him do it..."
      (part 7 soon)

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