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My first post, my frist fanfic... : )

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  • dallogli
    Hey... my name is Daniella and I m posting my frist fanfic in English ... I hope that you ll like it ... : ) Just a little explanation: In portuguese, the
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 1, 2004
      Hey... my name is Daniella and I'm posting my frist fanfic in
      English ... I hope that you'll like it ... : )

      Just a little explanation: In portuguese, the sentence begins with --
      and not with " " ( a quotation ) ... maybe it will a little
      difficult for you to read, I dind't pay atention to that ... so...

      Now the Story :

      Name: The Note
      Autor: danimully ( dallogli )
      Disclaimer: Scott Summers, Jean Grey and Ororo belong to Marvel
      Comics and Fox. But I wished that they were mine).Allan the Golden
      Retriviers and Olga , the cooker are mine.
      Synopsis:Young S/ J , before X - Men the movie. A note and a
      Rating: PG.

      The Note

      23:07 PM

      Jean turned on the lights and entered in her bedroom, sighing. She
      was tired and a little sad. It was a long day and she had a fight
      with Warren in the restaurant because of Scott. She told him that
      she was in love with Scott and Warren went crazy when he heard it.
      She knew that Scott and him had a rivalry because of her, but the
      boy that could kill a person with a look, that used ruby - quartz
      glasses and was four years and a half younger than she, had won her
      heart. What she could do ?

      Walking to the bed, Jean sat down and tried to think about what she
      was going to do. She knew since her birthday that Scott had feelings
      for her, when he had given her Trinity and Blaze ( he choose the
      names ), the Golden Retrievers. Very strong feelings. But he didn't
      talk about it then and won't talk about it now. Everytime she tried
      to speak with him about it, he walked away or invented something to

      What he didn't know is that she had feelings for him too. She didn't
      know when she became in love with him, but she couldn't keep it from
      him anymore. Sighing again, she looked at the floor and saw a folded
      paper on it.

      Rising from the bed, she went to it and picked it up. Jean soon
      recognize Scott's letters and opened it to read. When she finished
      it, her heart was very accelerated. He was declaring, finally. She
      looked at the paper again, just to make sure that he was really

      " Jean: I can't hide my feelings for you anymore. I want you to know
      that I'm in love with you and want you by my side." Scott.

      The letters on the note were simple and a little naive, but she
      didn't care. She had to make a decision, quickly. Scott wouldn't
      wait forever.Thinking on what to do, Jean decided that she would
      speak with him tonight. She just hoped that Scott was wake.

      She changed to a pajama quickly. It was simple but beautiful. Just a
      t - shirt and pants. After all, she wanted to speak to him and not
      letting him thinking about other things. Walking into the bathroom,
      she washed her face to take off her make - up and brushed her teeth.

      After, she looked at the mirror and took a long breath. " It's now
      or never... " she thought, before getting out of it.

      Scott was sitting alone in the library, on the seat by the window,
      with his back to the bookshelf. His arms were on his knees. He
      started to read a book, but stopped and it was long forgotten now.
      Looking outside for the stars on the sky, he was thinking in his
      life, more precisely in Jean. He knew that he didn't have a chance
      with her, but didn't want to give up.

      He was so distracted that didn't see the object of his dreams at the
      door. Jean looked at him from where she was standing for a few
      seconds, before knocking.

      -- Can I come in ? she asked while Scott looked at her.

      -- Sure... he said, smiling. Scott turned his back to the window,
      putting his arms beside him.

      Jean. It was hard to control himself near her, but he managed it.

      Jean walked towards him and sat near him. She put some hair behind
      her ear and looked at him.

      -- What are you doing up at this hour ? she asked him.

      -- I couldn't sleep... he said, looking to the ceramic floor. --
      When did you arrive ?

      -- Minutes ago... she said. Taking a long breath, she continued: --
      We need to talk Scott...

      He nodded, but said nothing. He knew that she would say that she was
      in love with Warren and this made him sick.

      -- How was dinner with Warren ? he asked, not wanting to hear this.

      -- It was good... she said, looking away. -- That is, before he said
      he loved me...

      Scott felt his heart broke. It was what he imagined.

      -- I couldn't lie to him anymore... lie to me anymore... I said to
      him that my world is different from his and that I was in love with
      somebody else... she said, looking at him again. -- You...

      Scott looked at her. He couldn't believe in what he was listening.
      She loves me ?

      -- Yes, you... she said smiling.

      Scott knew he was projecting and looked away. It was what he want to
      hear the most in the world and he didn't know what to say. Jean
      looked away, but looked at him again.

      -- How did you know ? asked him before she could say something.

      Jean didn't answer, but showed him the note. He took it and opened.
      It was the note he wrote earlier.

      -- It was on the floor, near my bed... answered her. -- Is it true ?

      -- Yes... he said, arranging his glasses on his face. -- But how ?

      He wrote it, but chose not to give it to her. And after he knew that
      she would go in a date with Warren...

      Jean was confused too. -- If wasn't you, who...

      She didn't complete the question. Scott looked at her after a few
      seconds and they both said: -- Allan....

      Allan is the only one that would have had the courage to do it.
      Ororo, Hank , the Professor and Olga, the cooker, knew that he loved
      her, but only Allan, his human cousin, would do something about it.

      They smiled to each other. The situation was almost comic. To know
      that to persons love each other with a note was weird. Jean was
      feeling like she had fifteen again. She was so happy.

      -- I'm glad he did it... she said.

      He smiled.

      -- Me too... but I didn't want you to know it by a note... he showed
      the paper folded in his hand. -- I wanted to say it...

      -- Why don't you say it now ? she asked, looking forward to hear him
      saying that he loved her.

      Scott took a long breath before finally saying what was in his heart:

      -- I love you Jean Grey...

      -- And I love you Scott Summers... she said too.

      This day, that started good and got worse after, is now the best day
      of his life. they looked at each other for a few seconds. Scott
      inclined his head to the side and kissed her. It was gentle at
      first, but after a few seconds the kiss was becoming more strong,
      more urgent, more passionate.

      When they break the kiss after a few seconds, the looked at each
      other and smiled.

      -- You know... he said looking away, remembering his life before the
      mutation. -- I need to say this before we can start dating... I
      thought I was in love with Selena, but I was wrong... what I feel
      for you is more deeper, more strong... I loved more the idea of
      having a girlfriend than her... and now I know that I never loved

      Jean could feel the pain behind his voice. She knew what Selena did
      to him.

      -- I'm happy to heard this... she said. -- I don't know her, but she
      was cruel to you...

      -- You know how the humans are... he said. -- But she is in the past
      now ... I want to live in the present...

      Scott took her hand in his and kissed it. Jean smiled. He knew how
      to be a romantic.

      -- Come... he said rising from his seat.-- I'm sleepless now...
      let's do something... unless... are you tired ?

      -- I'm fine Scott... she said. She wanted to have some time alone
      with him, specially now.

      When Scott went to his room, it was almost three in the morning. He
      was so happy now that he doubt he could have any sleep at all.

      Since his arrive at the school, his life started to change: he was
      able to see again, thanks to the Professor; he started to study to
      enter on the university, he had friends and now the woman he always
      wanted, Jean Grey. Could life become better than this ? he thought.

      He sighed and looked at Allan, sleeping on his bed. Remembering his
      promise to himself, Scott walked to the other bed and punched Allan
      hard in the shoulder. Allan woke up and looked at him.

      -- What was that for ? he asked

      -- This is because the note... I said to you not to give it to
      her... Scott said sitting in his bed.

      -- I didn't give to her... Allan protested. -- I put it in her

      -- Whatever... he said laying down. -- I said to not do it...

      -- At least, did it work ? Allan asked, rubbing one eye.

      -- Yeah, we're together... Scott said, putting his hands behind his

      -- Finally... Allan said, going to sleep.

      Scott looked at him. "Thanks Allan to take care of me", he
      thought. "And to give me the most precious thing, Jean."
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