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FIC: X-Book 3: Within the Storm, PG-13, EPILOGUE

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  • Kathleen
    Title: X-Book 3: Within the Storm - EPILOGUE By: Kath713/Leen713 Rating: PG-13 (violence, language) Genre: Crossover, SPOILERS FOR X2 Summary: see prologue for
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 1, 2004
      Title: X-Book 3: Within the Storm - EPILOGUE

      By: Kath713/Leen713

      Rating: PG-13 (violence, language)

      Genre: Crossover, SPOILERS FOR X2

      Summary: see prologue for book 3

      Disclaimer: I own nothing in regards to the Marvel characters or
      any character from a previously published source portrayed in this

      Reviews: Any feedback would be great and is appreciated!



      The remains of Stryker's base were still smoldering as the
      Brotherhood moved among the wreckage looking for Rebecca...or her

      Pyro was easily redirecting the remaining flames away from the
      search areas. Magneto was commanding Sabertooth and Deathstrike to
      shift the heavier debris out of the way. Everything was covered in
      dark gray soot, and it was difficult to tell the difference between
      what had been the walls and what had been the Sentinel

      Sid was moving with the most urgency. He was not prompted by the
      chance that Rebecca had been injured by the explosion and fires.
      She had been shot, and she did not share his ability to regenerate.
      He had no way to know how serious her injury was until they found

      A short distance away from the others, Toad searched through the
      rubble with much less enthusiasm. Magneto's assurances on the
      helicopter as they circled held much less weight now that they were
      on the ground. The base had been decimated; the mountain under
      which it had been hidden looked like it had been sliced in half.
      Thick clouds of smoke rolled across the charred landscape, making
      the air thick and breathing difficult.

      Toad shoved pieces of wreckage aside roughly as he walked, scanning
      the ground for any sign of Rebecca. His mind was numb as he worked,
      unfeeling. Whenever his thoughts strayed back to the moments before
      the explosion, the image of that fiery rage caused unwanted emotions
      to stir up inside of him. He did not understand them, and did not
      know how to cope with them, so he buried them with all of his other
      unpleasant memories.

      "Anything?" Sid's voice shouted angrily. The expression on the
      young man's face was understandably worried, but also becoming
      frustrated at the apathy of the Brotherhood.

      If you wanted a shoulder to cry on, you should have stayed with the
      X-Men, Toad thought bitterly and continued on away from the others.

      He made his way forward, the charred debris crunching under his
      boots, until he passed a large piece of rubble jutting out of the
      ground. Once he was out of view of the others, he crouched and
      rubbed his eyes with one hand. The dust and ash in the air were
      making his eyes water and sting.

      His thoughts lingered again on those last moments in the hanger.
      Her anger…her rage…so different than the young woman who had helped
      him escape from their cell. After the mysterious tremors had passed
      over in the tunnels, Toad had walked beside her for a time. Even
      thought they had not spoken, it felt like they had. Something had
      passed between them, unspoken but…

      "Oh, hell," Toad mumbled and wiped his face. He could hear Sid
      shouting again and wondered how he ever expected to find anything in
      this chaos.

      When Toad stood to head back, something caught his attention amongst
      the rubble. It was not much, just a change in color against the
      gray ash. As he moved forward, he saw a hand lying against the
      ground. He walked over and lifted a wide, thin piece of debris from
      above the hand. He looked down and saw a thick tangle of hair,
      still partially braided as it ran down Rebecca's back.

      Toad felt his blood run cold as he carefully shifted Rebecca into a
      sitting position, her head hanging limply against her left
      shoulder. She was covered in ash and soot, and the only color
      against the sea of gray was the red blood around her right shoulder.

      He pulled a cloth from one of the many pockets in his coat, and
      pressed it against the wound. He reached forward and tilted her
      head upright, before pressing two fingers against the artery in her
      neck. The pulse was faint, but it was there.

      Toad let out a haggard sigh, and then heard Rebecca's own strained
      breath. For a long moment, he could only stare at her. The hand
      checking for heartbeat was suddenly touching her face, his gloved
      palm covering her cheek and ear. There was another hint of red,
      this time from the hair closest to her scalp which had not been
      covered with the gray dust from the fire.

      "Toad!" a voice rang out, and he jumped in surprise, "Have you found

      It was Magneto's voice, and Toad turned his head to look over his

      "She's here!" he shouted, "She's alive! But, she's…"

      Toad choked on a gasp as a hand closed around his right wrist. His
      palm was still against Rebecca's face, and when he looked back, her
      eyes were open wide. She looked up at him wearily, and struggled to
      take a deep breath. She moved her mouth, trying to speak. Then,
      Rebecca's eyes closed again, and the hand holding his wrist fell

      Toad's heart was pounding as he watched her fall back into
      unconsciousness. Her hand had still been very warm and the shock
      against his cool skin had been almost painful. He could only
      imagine what would have happened if she had thought he was an enemy,
      and had lashed out again. But, her look had been one of
      recognition, not angry or disgusted, just relieved at being found,

      "Becca?" Sid said as he knelt down next to them. Toad moved back as
      Sid reached down and drew his sister from the ground. Sid also
      checked for a pulse first, and then lifted the cloth on her shoulder
      to examine the wound.

      "Jesus," he breathed, "We have to get her to a hospital."

      "What makes you think they would help you?" Magneto said and Sid
      glared up at him, "How long do you think it would take before they
      discover you are mutants?"

      Sid stood and drew Rebecca up with him, "It's never been a problem

      "No, not when your physicians know of the Council and their people,"
      Magneto said, "Correct? Do you really thing any local hospital will
      just take you in off the streets, without names, without
      explanations for your wounds?"

      Sid did not reply as Magneto continued.

      "The Lady is quite adept at treating wounds like this. She can make
      use of the medical supplies in the helicopter until we reach the
      Island. We will go there directly…"

      "Why not just take us home?" Sid asked angrily.

      "You do not know just where we are, do you?" Magneto asked, "We are
      in the Appalachian chain, and the flight will be shorter to our
      Island. Besides, this began with our search for you, and I do still
      wish to continue our earlier conversations."

      Magneto made a wide gesture, "Otherwise, you are free to go any
      direction you choose."

      Sid sighed and, considering his only other option was to walk out of
      here and hope to find a doctor soon, he turned toward Magneto and

      "Fine, let's go then, quickly, she's still bleeding," he said as he
      marched off in the direction of the helicopter.

      As the aircraft rose, Mystique and Toad sat at the controls as the
      Lady Deathstrike tended to Rebecca's wound. Sid was by her side,
      closely watching everything the Lady was doing.

      Pyro sat near by, and tried to give Sid an encouraging grin.

      "Don't worry, man," he said, "She'll be okay. The Lady's good at

      Sid glared over at him, but then sighed and nodded apologetically.
      He was exhausted and wanted nothing more than to go home and sleep
      for a few days.

      Suddenly, a harsh ringing filled the enclosed cabin. Pyro frowned,
      and wondered if the noise was an alarm in the chopper. Sid looked
      around, and then began to pat his jacket until he drew his cell
      phone from one inner pocket. He stared at it for a moment, almost
      as if he did not recognize the device. He opened the cover and put
      the phone to his ear.

      "Hello?" Sid said with a frown.

      "Sid?" a voice called back, "Is that you?"

      Sid's eyes grew wide, and his face filled with a surprised, and
      comical, fear. Pyro frowned, and thought Sid looked more nervous
      now than after the explosion.

      "Uh...yeah, it's me," he said, "Hi, Uncle Sebastian."

      "Ok...good," Sebastian said back, "Is Rebecca with you?"

      Sid glanced over at his unconscious sister, "Um...yeah, she's here."

      Sebastian sighed with relief, "Where are you guys? I've been trying
      to get a hold of you for hours."

      "Oh," Sid said, "I guess... we've been kind of... out of range..."

      "Well, now that I've found you," Sebastian continued, "I actually
      just wanted to ask you guys one quick question..."

      "Sure," Sid said, and had a sick feeling he knew what the question
      would be.

      "What the hell happened to the house?!"

      End of Book 3

      All X-Books are archived on this message board and at

      Hope you all enjoyed this book. Number 4 is still a work in
      progress but I'll begin posting here as soon as I can! Thanks again
      to those to gave reviews and feedback! :-)
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