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[xmmff] sweet dreams in new york pt 3 [xmmff]

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  • Lilly christensen
    sweet dreams in new york part 3 see first for info... the after afect...
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 1, 2004
      sweet dreams in new york part 3
      see first for info...

      the after afect...
      In the dawn of my first day at the school. i was wraped tight in bobbys arms. i didnt want to be there, i wanted to ba anywere in the world. but i knew i had done it and i was stuck. you see i was the love em and leave em type. but this time... i couldnt just leave. i was stuck there, in his arms near his beating heart. i could hear it in my ears, slow and calm. i knew he was still asleep and if i was to leave the bed i would have to be quick and quiet. but because i had cat in me... i could. i slowly sliped out of his arms, and out of the bed, he moved but didnt wake. i dressed and walked out of the dorm, closing the door quietly and i walked down the long hall. i could hear the other kids moving about on this cold saturday morning. i knew it was normal for the younger ones to be up. they had cartoons to watch and cereal to eat. i walked down the stairs and past the reck room. i was right there they were eating and watching t.v. some on the floor laying down others on the couches. i
      walked pasted them, thinking about my childhood, knowing that they had it good. but also knowing that most had come from lifes on the streets. i walked down the hall in to the mess hall or the dining hall. i couldnt tell, and i didnt care. i walked in to the kitchen and i saw Jean, she and some of the other girls were cooking. i placed my self one of the unused counter tops. i sat there watching them, listening to them talk about the boys at the school and what they were doing in there classes and who was with who, you know the girl stuff. i dont think they knew i was there... not untill jean turned and smiled and asked me straight up.
      "what do you think of bobby Krista?"
      i stummbled on my words i was abit shy and shooken up that she cared but i had to say something. so i was my self and said something only i would say.
      "he is strong. and slow. his hands are gen'le and he takes his time. he wispas to ya sof'ly and he asks if ya ok. he is very sweet and kind. and i can tell ya train him hard. tis a shame... dough, dat he didn' see wha' he did was wrong, and dat his timin' was off.."
      i knew i hadnt said anything wrong but most of girls hadnt understood what i have ment. but jean... being older knew were i was coming from. she smiled and took my hand and lead ,me out in to the empty dining hall.
      "krista i understand that you dont know how to stay with one guy after one night. but if you could... just.... stay with him... for a week. try to get to know him befor you brake his heart. please if you could do this for me..."
      i just sighed and i knew she was right. it wasnt just him it was me. i had lead him on, and i did like him... i didnt know if i could sleep with the same guy after a week but i was willing to try. i had just got there, and i didnt want to leave. i just hope...
      "i just hope he isnt mad i left him this morning..."
      "here, take him some food and then tell him that you wanted to make it for him, trust me... works every time... but you beter go quick. ok?"
      i noded and took the tray she had made while we were talking and i walked away. i headed back to our room. when i walked in he was still asleep and he was so beautiful. his hair was abit messy and he was on his back, sound asleep and his lips were parted just abit. the sheet was draped across him near his waist. i smiled and set the tray down and i striped down and i curled up next to him. i set my head on his chest and i closed my eyes. i must have woken him because he jumped abit and moved under me. he voice was soft and abit craked.
      "i thought you left... "
      i looked at him with soft eyes and i smiled sweetly.
      "non i wen'.... i went ta ge' ya food... i though maybe ya would be hungry"
      "yeah... thanks... so you didnt... you didnt leave me?"
      "non... i... i couldn' leave ya..."
      "really? wh-why not?"
      i knew i was just digging my grave. i didnt know how to... so i did what my mind said to do. i kissed him softly at first but the way his lips met mine with a soft hunger and a passion, i was on him, with his weight under mine. passionitly, kissing. i moved back abit and looked into his soft eyes and i smiled.
      "did- did you want to eat now? while it is still warm?"
      he nodded and sat up, and i slide into his lap as i was agenst his chest and i wraped my arm around his neck. i went to move so he could eat, but his arm looped my waist and i couldnt. he wispered softly into my ear,
      "where are you trying to go? i want you here... if thats ok?"
      "oh.... oh ok. i'll stay... if.. if that is what you want. i'll stay i was just going to... to lay next to you... and and sleep some more."
      "oh... i just thought... you would... you would want to eat with me... but if you want to sleep thats... thats ok..."
      After he ate and i slept i was woke it his body meting mine, i jumped back and i brought us closer. but once i was in his arms close to him. i could smell him, he was drifting off i could sence it on him. i was calmer more relaxed that i had been. it was weird i didnt understand how i could be so.. calm with him. i didnt want to leave i couldnt bring my self to move away, i just turned into him and kissed his chest and curled into him, and slept. it was saturday and we had no were to go. but after i woke i freaked. he wasnt there, i was alone and i knew that wasnt right. i sat straigh up and i opened my eyes, and i saw him. he was sitting there, with a thick pad of paper and he was drawing. i could tell he had the photo. the image of me in his mind. he was drawing from his thoughts. he finished and closed the book and look ed at me.
      "your awake?! did you sleep well?"
      "yeah... how long was i out?"
      "not to long... just a few secoinds after me. i had just enough time to get me stuff, and draw you. then we woke up. it was an hour or so that we slept. it is only one."
      "you draw?"
      "is that all you herd?"
      "no it is one. and you have boxers one?"
      "oh yeah... i forgot about that... looks like maybe you did sleep alot longer than me. but you were... so cute i had... i had to draw you.."
      "you draw?"
      "yeah... but i cant... i dont show them off... i just.. i never like them i still dont see the life in them. but now that i have such a beautfil roommate maybe i will get better."
      i blushed and looked away, pulling the sheet higher. He smiled and got up and sat next to me on the bed.
      "i didnt mean to make you uneasy...i-"
      "don' be i jus... i'm not use ta havin' any one near me in de mornin' i am abi' of a loner...ya know?"
      "yeah i got that about you...you tend to take control"
      i blushed and looked away from his soft eyes, but he took my chin with his finger and he turned my head back to face his. and his lips met mine.
      "but i like it that way... i tend to be shy in bed...i cant help it. i want to to take it slow... i guess it is becouse i dont know want i want. but you... you knew just want you wanted, and how to get it. and you took total control. it was sexy"
      "you liked it? i didnt... i am sorry... i just it is like... i am..."
      "ssshhh. enough. it is ok."
      He softly kissed my forehead and i laid in his arms. i was in shock, i couldnt even begain to understand what he was doing to me. all thouse years of never given a damn, and now all the sudden i sleep with one guy and my whole fucken life changes. it was just one night. one night of passion and sex but still one night and already i wanted to stay right there in his arms, forever. i dodnt think i could tell him that... or anyone else for that matter. but in my heart i knew i would never sleep around, not like i use to atlest. i would be thinking of him if i did. and i knew that would tare me apart. so i had to hold on. i couldnt let anything drive me away from him. nothing i had to hold on to the first thing i felt was mine. i had never had a family or a home. i only had one friend and that was about it. it was just me and my brother, who by the way was in jail for drugs. i never saw my brother, but i saw much of the U.S. i traveled alot. i couldnt stay in one place to long. but that
      was a hole nother story.

      END... or is it?
      (next will be out soon.)

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