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[xmmff] sweet dreams in new york pt 2 [xmmff]

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  • Lilly christensen
    sweet dreams in new york part 2 see the first one for info.... down the road...
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 1, 2004
      sweet dreams in new york part 2
      see the first one for info....

      down the road...
      His eyes widend and he coughed abit.
      "crawl up in bed with me?!"
      "it t'was a joke...don freak"
      he tried to cover up his little freak out, and did a fine job too...(lol)
      "i....i wasnt freaking out....you...you juat caught me off gaurd, thats all. and i dont think i would....um mind all to much if....if you did."
      i just had to laugh. the look in his blue eyes said everything he couldnt. they seemed to dance with joy and pleaser, but also scared of pain, and loss. but i dont think i shoudl have laughed, because i tihnk i scared the shit out of him.
      "what?! did.....did i say something wrong? why are you laughing at me?!"
      "oh....oh....oh i am non... i'm non trin ta.. i am jus....ya looked so cute....i...i had ta..."
      His eyes got wider, and i had to laugh more.
      "is....is that bad?"
      "non...non...it....it tis cute...i liked it."
      i couldnt help it, i had to kiss him. the look in his eyes, the soft pink in his cheeks, and the smile that was hung perfictly on his lips. I leand forword and pressed my lips on his. he jumped back surprized, but i think he liked it. Because he moved into me, and kissed my again. soft at first, but then i was closer to him, nearly in his lap, his tounge corressing mine. i was moaning and lost in to the feel of his body on mine, as his hands exsplord my back. Logan, walked back once we had landed, and he taped bobby on the shoulder. Bobby stoped and looked up at him abit blushing.
      "hey bub, think you two can take it some were else other than the blackbird?"
      he nodded, and took my hand and led me off the jet. we walked into the hanger, and walked out into a long, white hall. it was tile, and clean. it was bright with white lights filling the room. we walk on, past it, and into the hall, we headed up the stairs to the dorm floors. it was a good three stories up, till we got to the first floor of the dorms. we walked down the hall past the rooms. i counted to my self trying not to get bord
      i was draw out of my thought with a kiss on my neck. i looked at him and smiled.
      "you ok? you seem out of it?"
      "oh... yea i'm fine. i jus'.... how far we go ta go till we are at ya room?"
      "it is our room. we are sharing a room. remember?"
      "oh... yeah... sorry i forgo' dat part."
      He smiled and laughed and we walked up more stairs till we were three more floors up. we walked down a hall, and we stoped at a room. the door was clean, freash stained polished wood. it was a red wood, like a cherry pine or something. i couldnt tell. all i could smell was the stain. there was bright, shinny clean silver numbers on it. 513. that was our room number, it was weird it seemd to call to me. friday the 13th. it was cool, the 5 for friday cuz it was the 5th day of the week. it was nice. he opend the door, and his cent hit me. it was like a wall. nothing but him, his warm, safe cent. i smiled to myself, and walked in. my stuff was already on the empty bed, waitting to unpacked, and put away. I walked over and unziped my stuff, and je sat him self at the foot un the naked bed. he watched my pull out folded black pants and shirts and set them in the drawers. i then turned to him and smiled as he sighed.
      "am i boring ya?"
      "naw go ahead and finish... i can wait i guess..."
      But i knew in his heart he didnt want to wait. so i didnt make him. i pushed my bag aside and i sat my in his lap, and i kissed him. passionitly. i rolled my tounge on his and then i wispered into his ear.
      "who said you had to wait... can i just ask you to... let me put sheets on my bed and maybe a blanket or something?"
      All he could do was nod. i got up and he moved and he helped me place the sheets on the bed and the he finished making for me. i smiled and crawed into the center of the bed and smiled at him. he got on in front of me, and pulled me into his lap. i kissed him passionitly. wimpering and moaning into his soft lips. i could feel my self sliping beck as i lay on the fresh clean crisp sheets. his body hovered over mine. i could feel his warm breath on my lips. i knew my lips were parted becuase i was panting softly. he was too. his fingers corresed my cheek and i smiled. his hand softly slide down my cheek and neck to the collor of my shirt. his eyes seemed to ask the questen he could not and i nodded. he smiled softly and sliped my shirt off over my head and then his hand down my neck and chest. i swollowed hard and i tried to control my breathing. but i couldnt his hand just kept going. it slid down my chest and down my side. i felt his hand on the butten of my jeans. my cloths had
      been wet from the moring dew, and i was abit embarrassed about it. but i had forgoten all about it once he had unziped his leather suit and i could see his well built chest. i could tell he worked out and that he did often. i wispered softly.
      "you look beter with clothes off... "
      He blushed lightly and i helped him out of the suit. i looked at him with soft wide eyes and i let my hand slide down his chest slowly. he kissed me softly and wispered
      "so do you... may i finish?"
      i noded and he removed my jeans and eyed my small frame. he swollowed hard and unhooked my bra, and sliped it off. he ran his hand over my chest and kissed it softly. i wimpered as his lips carressed my nipple. i could feel him through my pantys i wanted his so bad that i wimpered again. he the removed them and slide into me with a moan. my hips met his and i moaned as well. i could feel him moveing in and out. completly in and completly out. our breath was short and shallow. his moaned my name softly and i closed my eyes. my body was moving with his. in a fast but smooth pace. i couldnt help but moan meaningless words like yes and oh god. i thought i heard his moan i love you, and that scared me. because everyone knows that a man cant lie while having sex. and if he said it, i knew he ment it. but i didnt let that stop me. i just kissed him passionitly and i let our bodys move.

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