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[xmmff] sweet dreams in new york part 1 [xmmff]

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  • Lilly christensen
    title: Sweet Dreams in New York. author: Lilly Christensen rating: i don t know...um...pg-13 character(s): bobby, john, rouge, Kurt, Scott, Logan, jean, storm,
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 1, 2004
      title: Sweet Dreams in New York.
      author: Lilly Christensen
      rating: i don't know...um...pg-13
      character(s): bobby, john, rouge, Kurt, Scott, Logan, jean, storm, prof. and my character Krista.
      warnings: this is my first email...and i just thought and typed so...please bare with me with spelling and it may just suck. but any ways it may get very...touchy feely and violent.
      disclaimers: the only character i own is Krista Scott. every one else belongs to marvel
      feedback: please...i would love to hear what you think.
      archive: ask first please.

      ok, so this is something i just made up. i write fanfic all the time but this is my first on here...so, please bare with me.

      at the start....
      I lay soundless on the ground under the tree. i had been there for about a week, and i knew someone was bound to find me. i just didn't know it would be so soon. They were walking up on me softly, and i don't think they were trying to hurt me, but i didn't trust to many people, not since i left home, but still...my eyes fluttered open and i looked around it was still dark, i knew it couldn't be any later than one am in the morning. i could smell thick leather, and sweet morning dew. I could hear there footsteps in the soft wet grass. they were about a yard away from me. fear quickly grew inside me. building up and i darted up the tree. i could see them now. there was about eight or nine of them. they all wore tight black leather. i could see the bright silver X's on them. before they took my brother away, he told me of them. they were like me and i shouldn't be scared. they would come and show me the way to control my power. but i didn't want to leave. i was just fine right were i
      was. i had been on my own for years now. i wasn't about to bind over backwards to fit to there molds.
      First there was the professor. He was a telepathic. he lost the use of his legs years ago, and had a electronic wheelchair. he was smart and very rich. he had a school, you know for gifted ones like me. Then there was Jean. she had brownish red hair and was very prim and proper. she was also a telepathic. There was also Scott. he has to wear ruby sunglasses to control his lasers. Then there is storm. she is a weather witch. she is also very proper. and she has white hair. There is also Logan, who i know quite well, you see i was found and adopted out, and he just happened to be the one who wanted me. but you see he never really met me, so he doesn't know who i am or even what i look like. but he is a loner and is very Violante. but deep down inside he really does care. But with them were people i had never hear of, but my brother said that there may be students with them. There was one, he was blue and fuzzy. there was also a tall boy nicely build with dirty blond hair and sharp
      blue eyes. Also there was a boy with brownish red hair and he was very...well...angry looking. And then there was her. i could see her white streaks farly well. she wore gloves of leather on her hands. they had come for me, and i didn't want to go. after being on the streets of New Orleans most of my life, i have learned to steel wallets and bikes. and i am quite fast. But all the time i spent there, really changed they way i talked. i was in a guild, a guild of thieves. i was in love with they're leader. Remy...Remy Beau. I had spent many good years in the same bed as him. but things change...
      They came closer, nearing my tree. Then they split up, they went off to look for me. the boy with the blond hair and blue eyes, and Logan came my way. Logan sniffed the air and walked to the tree.
      "come on down. We wont hurt you." he then mumble thinking i couldn't hear him "much"
      the boy with the blue eyes smiled.
      "how do you know she is up there? did your little nose pick up her sent?"
      Logan growled and i jumped down. the boy with the blue eyes jumped and smiled shyly.
      "uh....hi, I'm bobby..."
      "me name is Krista, if ya wanna know...."
      He smiled and looked at me sweetly, and hold out an out rose. i looked down at it, and then up at Logan. i could hear the others coming...i started to freak. Then jean walked up, and smiled sweetly al me. The professor rolled past her, and stopped in front of me.
      "hello Krista, i am professor Xavier. and these are some of my top mutants. i have come to talk to you about..."
      "not ta sound rude, or anyt'ing bu' i know who ya are...i know alo' abou' ya too.
      "yes, i am sure your brother, Hayden, told you about us. We have talked to him in the past week. And we agree that you have become quite powerful."
      "yea, abou' dat...i know ya are de good guys or wha' eva...i jus'...i don' know if i wan' ta go wit ya."
      Bobby looked at me softly, thinking to himself.
      ~no, you have come with us...please come with us...i want you to. i want a room mate!~
      I shook my head, tring to control my witch powers, and cat like instincts to pounce him... i looked around at the faces of them, and knew i had no choice. i had to go.
      " o'tay, o'tay... I'll go, jus' stop lookin' at me like dat."
      i watched every ones faces lighten alittle ofter i said that.
      Once we were back on the jet i was watched everything i knew fly by. i saw bars, and clubs were i would dance. i started to cry. it was just to hard. i didn't want to leave. but i knew i had to. Jean who picked up on my pain, sent bobby back to talk to me. he sat down next to me, and softly touched my arm to get my attention.
      "hey, are....are you ok?"
      "huh, oh...yeah. I'm fine."
      He smiled and looked out the window next to me.
      "you miss it already, huh?"
      "yeah, i mean i know is wasn' de bes' life, bu'..."
      "it was one you could call your own. one you started for yourself...."
      His eyes met mine again. and they seemed to dance when he smiled.
      "i know, so does every one else. we've all been through it. different ways, different problems, but we all know what it is like. the heart ache, the since of loss. it gets easier, plus you will make new friends, and fast."
      i couldn't help but laugh. i knew he was talking about himself, and well he was cute, but, i just don't think that he would want to be my friend. not after he got to know me. i knew, that was how it worked. i mean, he would get to know me sleep with me, and that be that. but something in his eyes, just did me in. i wanted to trust him.
      "why are you laughing at me? did i say some thing lame?"
      "non, non, no' dat, it's jus'... i... i don' t'ink ya would feel dat way if ya knew who i was..."
      "who you are has nothing to do with it. It doesn't matter what you did in your past, just as long as you change. then it doesn't matter.......unless you killed some one."
      His eyes got wide.
      "you didn't, di you?!"
      "non, non...not'ing like dat..."
      i couldn't help but laugh. the look in his eyes and on his face. pure fear mixed with confusing. it made him look even sexier. i knew it would be hard to tell him no.
      "i just...i used ta steal...crotch rockets...and walle's and s'uff."
      "oh, well....thats cool. so, what was it like on the streets of new Orleans?"
      " well tis jus' like any other street i guess...dark and cold at nigh' and lonely and dirty. bu' i guess i liked de feel of de rush, and excitement. De feeling dat one wrong move, and i could be in jail till i died, and den some..."
      "wow, sounds nice. that rush of addreanalen. the feel of not needing anyone on your side, the lonlyness of that life. it sounds cool."
      "non, don talk like dat. it ain all it tis cracked up ta be. ya bath when ya can, non when ya wan. ya eat wha ya can steal, and dat is always very lil. non nice warm bed, non one ta hold ya. tis harder for de girls, we have'ta sleep around, ta ge' a bed ta sleep in...."
      "well you have a nice warm bed to curl up with anyone you want to here, you our room...."
      "our room?!"
      "Oh yeah and i hope you dont mind, we are roommates, cuz there are no girl dorms open....is that ok?!"
      "yeah, i guess. ya seem nice enough....i may have a hard time not sleepin wit ya dough i may jus' curl up wit ya."

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