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[xmmff] sweet dreams in new york pt 5 [xmmff]

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  • Lilly christensen
    Sweet dreams in New York part 5 see first and forth for info. oh and plus i have a new character his name is noel/ leaf/ jandie. he is split. he is half noel
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 1, 2004
      Sweet dreams in New York part 5
      see first and forth for info. oh and plus i have a new character his name is noel/ leaf/ jandie. he is split. he is half noel and half leaf. Noel has blond hair and leaf has green. plus he can control trees leafs... anything that grows in the round. you know plants and stuff. and there is also Bridget.

      New Classes...a new life...leting go
      I sat through a whole new set off classes that day. i was with bobby all day too. it was lunch now, and i was sitting with Bobby, john, and noel/leaf. Right then he was both, then i just called him Jandie. Well anyways i was next to bobby and jandie and we were talking. you see all four of us were bisexual, and we were talking about who all we thought was bi. or whatever. When she walked by. i never liked her nor her i. i dont know even her name rubed me the wrong way. Rouge. we all stoped talking till she past and i shivered and started up again.
      "well you know that Ray guy... i think he is too. dont you?"
      bobby blushed and looked tword ray who was three tables away.
      "i know he is... we had a thing... i dont know... never mind... forget it."
      i gigled softly and looked away. i could sence johns hunger to touch bobby, and it was making me abit mad, but i knew that was how they were. i had stepped into their lives, and they welcomed me. it wasnt that it grossed me out, it was just... i didnt know know if i wanted to share him with anyone. i loved him, and i knew it, but i also knew john loved him too. and that was hard for me, the first man i ever loved, i had to share his heart. i knew i ment more than john, but even though he didnt want to say it, john ment alot to him too. it was cute they always went to the dances or what not together. they were so close. Me and noel or leaf or jandie with ever you want to call him... we went back to middle school. It had been him Bridget and i. we were all so close. We lived together in my brothers place, and we were like faminly, that slept together. it had been about three years since i have seen Bridget but leaf says she is great, bouncing around like i use to. that makes it hard to
      talk, but they do. she calls him ever night to talk. and i knew that the bond between my and leaf made bobby uneasy, just like him and john. so we both knew the heartache and pain. we were going steady, but it was an open relationship in the maner i could sleep with noel or leaf or jandie, as long as bobby was with us, and bobby could sleep with john, as long i was with them. We trusted each other so well that i knew he would never leave me. but tha one thing that freakes me out, is when i am with john... in bed... having sex bobby will get out of bad and draw us kissing, moving, holding each other close. I love him so much but i want to see those drawings. i just dont know... i want to know how goo he really is... and what all he draws. but in time i know i will get to see them
      It was time to head back to class and i walked with bobby to Mr. McCoys Science class. Mr. McCoy was cool. his real name was Hank also known as the beast. and everyone loved him. i still dont see how you couldnt, he is like on big teddy bear. He is really great, and fun. he knows how to take a lesson and make it all worth while. but anyways. I walked in with bobby, and i knew it was oging to suck ass, because i didnt have a partner and bobby did, so we would be split up. but i was ok with that... sorta.
      "well hello Ms. Scott. can i help you out with anything today?
      "yeah ya could ge' me a lab par'ner and set us up ta go... if ya don' mind?"
      "you see it aint that i dont mind... its just, what are you doing here... in my class?"
      thank god for bobby!
      "the professer bumped her up in to all my classes, cuz she is on this level, and well... yeah. so she is in this class now Mr. McCoy."
      "oh i see... ok, well come on in. you and bobby can work together, and i will just get john and noel, that leaves kitty and rouge. so... there you helped me out with that one, Ms. scott."
      "please... call me krista. ok?"

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