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[xmmff] sweet dreams in new york pt 4 [xmmff]

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  • Lilly christensen
    title: sweet dreams in new york author: Lilly christense Rating: R characters: Every body plus krista warrings: this is just something i though and typed so
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 1, 2004
      title: sweet dreams in new york
      author: Lilly christense
      Rating: R
      characters: Every body plus krista
      warrings: this is just something i though and typed so spelling sucks and it may trail off abit here and there...
      disclaimers: none of this (but krista is mine)
      feedback: yes please
      archive: ask first.

      Time in my life...
      Its been a week and i still cant get out. but something worse, i dont want to. I know that i was getting in to deep oncw my heart was racing after our secoind night, but now even after a week i was learning so much. there is just so much to him. and i cant get my fill. i want to be with him every second of every day. but anyways. it is midnight, and i am wraped tight in his arms, and i can smell his soft calm sent. i am surrounded by him in all his warmth. i could hear him breath steadly agenst the heat rising in the room. i could feel the sweat on him. it was after sex and we were both sticky with sweat and it was hot in our room. i wispered to him softly
      "Bobby, let me turn on the fan so it isnt so hot. maybe i will sleep better then"
      he moaned and moved in his sleep, i was free. i got up and walked over to the fan, i turned it on and let the cold air spill over me. then as if he hadnt even been asleep, he was there behind me, holding my cold naked body into his hot firm body. i moaned with joy and i turned to face him. his arms circled my waist and he held me close and kissed me softly. his lips seemed to dance on mine, and heat rose again. i could smell his hunger building in him. and it caught up with him. there he stould hard as a rock kissing me. i wispered softly
      "i want you"
      i nodded and he lifted me up and brought my to the bed. he set me down and laid himself next to me. i ran my fingers down his still some what sweaty chest and i kissed him, and it started again. i had lost count of how many times it was for that night. but i knew it was high. our bodys met in hunger and passion i was kissing him madly. i could feel him in me sweeling perfectly. I moaned and wimpered as i tried to keep the motion. i was lost in his perfection, in his wonderfully perfect body and his wonderfully soft hands and lips. i wanted him all over again. i wanted him more. ever time i thought of him, or looked at him something in side me screamed at the top of its lungs
      and i listened. i heard it loud and clear, and i knew it had to be right.
      After an hour, i woke to the sweet sound of his pencel on that same old pad. i didnt move or even open my eyes, untill it stoped. and i sat up and smiled.
      "do ya have ta do dat everytime ya wake up firs'? ya know it gets to a girl, known ya got drawin's of her see cant see dem."
      " o can stop, if you really want me to. i mean... i dont have to draw you, its just how can i not. i love you with every beat of my heart and you are all that i am. i need you baby. and to see you asleep wraped up tight in my sheets.... its just... you look so beautiful i had to...."
      i got up and sat my self in his lap. and i kissed him. i stumbled on my words but i knew that this was real.
      "and... and i love .. you"
      it was monday and i had classes, so after i was showered and dressed. i walked down the hall into my first class.i sat my self in the back, like always. i hadnt really made friends, and i didnt care. i just... i wanted to learn and get it done, so i could be with bobby. i was tired and weak, but i didnt show it. i could walk just fine, and i was with it all the way. i was listening to Mr. summers talk about world war 1 when he came in.
      "Sorry Scott, but i need to talk to Krista for a while. If you could please exuse us..."
      "yes professer X. take your time. she can just make it up when she gets back to my class."
      "Thank you Scott"
      i followed him out, with my stuff inhand, and he turned to face me once in the hall. he was kind and very easy and laid back. hiw words were wise and fatherly, but strick at the same time.
      "Krista, if you could... please come with me and tend to your room mate. he has... how sould i.. drifted off in my class. and also i have moved you up into your grade level classes, so from now on i want to see you in mine class every morining, awake, along with mr drake."
      we talked as we walked till we got to the class room. and he opened the door and sure enough there was bobby asleep at his desk. and again i knew it was love. i stould there watching him and i had to write i sat my self down and i did. i wrote a small poem about him, lieing there. once i was done i shook him and he jumped awake. he looked around and saw me and smiled.

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