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  • Mo
    Title: Different From All Other Nights Author: Mo Website: www.angelfire.com/comics/mo Feedback: Yes, please! Write to mogbrg@yahoo.com Fandom: X-Men
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 31, 2004
      Title: Different From All Other Nights

      Author: Mo

      Website: www.angelfire.com/comics/mo

      Feedback: Yes, please! Write to mogbrg@...

      Fandom: X-Men Movieverse (first movie), in the
      broadest sense. A lot has happened since the movie and
      this story primarily concerns characters who don�t
      appear in the movie at all.

      Pairing: Jean-Paul �Northstar� Beaubier/OMC

      Rating: NC/17 for explicit descriptions of sexual

      Background: This is a story I meant to write a couple
      of years ago. Better late than never. It�s a Pesach
      (Passover) story, and I�m publishing it in time for
      Pesach this year.

      In my X1 fiction, I introduce a few of the Alpha
      Flight characters in the context of a joint
      X-Men/Alpha Flight project to build a mutant outpost
      in rural Saskatchewan. Northstar, Marvel�s first
      openly gay character, is a favorite of mine and shows
      up in a lot of my series, beginning in �Canadian
      when his decision to come out of the closet at Alpha
      Flight is contrasted with Cyclops remaining closeted
      among the X-Men.

      Jean-Paul met and fell in love with an investigative
      reporter named Adam Greenfield in my series �Foreign
      Adam was covering the mutant cleansing in the Republic
      of Belarus and Jean-Paul was involved in a mutant
      rescue operation there. They are portrayed as having
      a long distance relationship in subsequent stories.
      In a series called �Safe House�
      Adam invites Jean-Paul to come to New York for Pesach
      (Passover) to meet Adam�s family. This story now
      tells what happens when Jean-Paul takes him up on the
      invitation. So, for readers of my previous fiction,
      this one fits in shortly after the events in �Safe
      House� and �Commencement� and just before the events
      portrayed in �Chips Cashed In.�

      Much of the action takes place during the celebration
      of Passover at Adam�s mother�s apartment. Here are a
      few words that may be unfamiliar to non-Jewish

      Pesach (pronounced �pay sach� with the guttural ch as
      in the Scottish word �loch�): the Hebrew word for
      Passover, the Jewish festival of freedom. It
      commemorates the story of the Exodus from Egypt.
      According to the biblical story, the Jews were slaves
      in Egypt and were rescued by G-d, with Moses as G-d�s

      Seder: the major event of the Pesach holiday is a
      ritual meal called the seder (rhymes with Ralph
      Nader). The Pesach story is told, and a variety of
      rituals are performed. In many households parallels
      are drawn between the Exodus and other incidents of
      slavery and other ways in which people have been � and
      still are � deprived of basic human rights. �Seder�
      means order, and the rituals are performed in a
      specified order.

      Hagaddah: the book of ritual that is read at the
      seder. Many different versions exist, but the basic
      story and order is consistent throughout.

      Seder Plate: In the center of the seder table is the
      seder plate, with specific ritual foods on it. In
      some households, an orange is added to the seder
      plate, to represent inclusion of often marginalized
      members of the Jewish community.

      Matzo: On Pesach, Jews eat matzo � unleavened bread
      that represents the bread baked by the escaping slaves
      in Egypt. They had to leave so quickly that they
      could not wait for the bread to rise.

      Afikomen: The seder ends with the sharing of a
      particular piece of matzo, called the afikomen. In
      many households (and the Greenfield house is one of
      them) it�s traditional for the children at the table
      to sneak the afikomen away, early in the seder, and
      hide it. The adults pretend not to notice this is
      happening and then the kids ransom the afikomen back
      to the adults at the end, so that the seder can be
      concluded. The idea behind this custom is that it
      keeps the children interested during the long seder.

      Additional Information: It has been my practice to
      publish literature guides to go with my stories,
      providing more information and hyperlinks for poetry,
      plays and other literature referenced in the fiction.
      As this is a one-shot, it�s probably not necessary,
      but a few notes are in order.

      The title of the story is a quote from the hagaddah,
      and pieces of the hagaddah are interspersed throughout
      the description of the seder. Plenty of information
      about Passover in general and the haggadah in
      particular can be found at

      Adam�s mother performs the ritual of Miriam�s Cup and
      honors Hannah Arendt in doing so. The best source of
      information on Miriam�s Cup is
      http://www.miriamscup.com/. A good page on Arendt is
      in the Jewish Virtual Library:

      The Blake poem Adam quotes is a favorite of mine and
      shows up in a few of my stories. It can be found at

      Acknowledgements: Thanks to Mara and SW for beta
      reading and to Nancy the Web Goddess for posting to my
      website. Any mistakes are mine alone.

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