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Fic: "FOH: The Return" PG-13 (1/?) [Scott, L/R, Ororo/Legolas]

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  • Nadja Lee
    Fellowship Of Heroes 3: The Return By Nadja Lee 06/03/04 You have to read “Fellowship Of Heroes” and “Fellowship Of Heroes 2: Towers Of Darkness” to
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      Fellowship Of Heroes 3: The Return
      By Nadja Lee 06/03/04

      You have to read “Fellowship Of Heroes” and “Fellowship Of Heroes 2: Towers Of Darkness” to follow this. You can read it at fanfiction.net [http://www.fanfiction.net/profile.php?userid=104470] or my own webpage [http://www.100megspop3.com/scottororo/fiction/FellowshipOfHeroes.html%5d.

      All usual disclaimers apply. You can read them at the beginning of “Fellowship Of Heroes”.

      Romance: Legolas/Ororo, Aragorn/Arwen, Logan/Rogue, Scott/Jean(Phoenix), Scott/Eowyn, others

      Summery: Okay, you asked for this….let’s see how I can fuck up PJ’s “Lord Of The Rings: The Return of The King”…

      Rating: PG-13

      Feedback: What do you think? Give me some, and I’ll write more….Flames will be eaten by my nonexistent dog. My e-mail address (one of them anyway) is neh@...

      Anyway, to the fic and enjoy!

      This fic takes off right where “Fellowship Of Heroes 2: Towers Of Darkness” ended.


      Part 1:

      The joy at Boromir’s return became dimmed when it became clear how much their victory at Helm’s Deep had cost them. The rising sun had revealed thousands of dead, men and Elves alike. Scott couldn’t even begin to imagine the pain Haldir and his Elves had to be in when they buried their dead, knowing that their friends shouldn’t have died…ever. Knowing they truly could have lived forever and not just a few more years.

      It had taken them a week to move out from Helm’s Deep. They had had to bury all the dead, prepare those who wished to take the body of a beloved one with them back home for burial and get all the wounded gathered. It didn’t take an expert to see that many of the wounded wouldn’t survive the hard trip back to Immuseeld. They had decided to divide the forces now, one part taking the civilians and the wounded back to Rohan while another force went to Isengard to see what had happened for Phoenix to be summoned there. ‘They’ in this sense was everyone in a position of power or as Logan has called it, the Powers That Be or PTB. It was the Rohan King Theoden, Haldir, Aragorn, Boromir, Legolas, Gimli, Gandalf, Eomer and the X-men who made up this group. However, much to Eowyn and the female X-men’s frustration, the Rohan King still wouldn’t give them the right to speak in council; earning him many sharp comments from a pissed off Rogue while Ororo had remained uncharacteristically quiet as if her mind was far away. King Theoden had agreed to lead his people back to Rohan and had wanted Eowyn and preferably the other women as well to follow him because it would be safer than going with the other group that would lead an army of uninjured soldiers, men and elves alike, towards Isengard as they didn’t know what they would find at Isengard. Unsurprisingly, none of the women had taken him up on his offer and all had joined the group going to Isengard. They would then all meet back at the capital of Rohan to figure out what to do, depending on what they found at Isengard.

      The trip to Isengard hadn’t been long but it had been silent and filled with thoughts, a veil of foreshadowing seemed to hang over them all. Boromir had been worried for his Little Ones despite Scott’s and Logan’s reassurances and had had a hard time coming to terms with going back to Isengard, the place where he had been so brutally tortured. Ororo had been very silent the entire journey and Scott had begun to worry about her. She didn’t want to eat but something seemed to force her to try. She moved with more caution than she usually did and would often move her hand to her stomach as if to protect it whenever she heard a sudden noise. Something was going on with her, Scott was sure of it and had also voiced his concerns to Logan. He knew Legolas and her had broken up, which saddened him, and he guessed that would account for her distress but the other signs she was displaying hadn’t been consistent with the distress of losing a lover. Logan, however, hadn’t been much help to him. He had been worried about her too but had enough worrying to do about Rogue who was sad that she would soon lose her powers. She wanted to keep them and her wish to do so had both men worried, their thoughts going to Boromir and his play at the Ring. He too had had the best of intentions, wanting to save his people, but the Ring was evil, pure evil. What would happen if Rogue got near the Ring now, having tasted the sweetness of power? Well, as Logan said they’d cross that bridge when they got to it. For now Scott was satisfied that they were all safe. Ororo had even managed to get under Boromir’s skin a little, she needing the distraction to keep her mind of her own misery and him needing the support from someone who wouldn’t make him feel weak. He had seen Ororo comfort Boromir one night on their way to Isengard and had heard a few of the things he had told her. Details of his torture…terrible torture. A survivor’s account of brutality, agony, pain, death and humiliation, all inflicted upon him by a woman Scott couldn’t help but still love even if that love was now being tainted and contrasted with his own feelings of disgust and hate towards a tormentor who so brutally and calculating had worked hard on breaking a human spirit. The things that Phoenix had done to Boromir no one should have to be subjected to yet his friend had lived through that…at the hands of the woman Scott loved. In an attempt to try and not drive himself insane with worry, guilt, hate, love and a million other emotions Scott couldn’t even begin to explain he tried to focus on the others and their needs instead of his own inner turmoil. He would speak to Boromir to make sure he felt welcomed back, he would look in on Legolas who seemed very pale and silent and who drew concern and support even from Logan who had seen the Elf like this before, only worse, when they had thought Ororo and Aragorn lost. Through it all Legolas had remained a study of silent suffering, graceful as always he remained the ever vigilant watchman but had become distant. Scott would consult with Aragorn on the Elf’s health and share worries and plans to try and keep him safe. He would keep an eye on Ororo, trying to get her to cheer up and eat more, he would speak with Logan who was going out of his mind with worry over Rogue and her anger and sadness over her losing more and more powers each day. He would try his best to calm Rogue down when she was screaming how unfair it was that she would lose her powers again now that she finally felt like she was attributing to the group’s safety and victory. He would try to organise things, talking strategy with Eomer and Gandalf. Still, at the end of the day not even sheer exhaustion could drive away his fears. Every time he closed his eyes he saw Phoenix, an evil entity wearing the skin of his beloved, hurting his friends and killing him. It was in those moments, only then, that he allowed himself to break down and Eowyn, always a calm pillar of strength to him, would embrace him and hold him close in her arms all through the night. Never pushing or asking why, never speaking of his need for her comfort in the daylight which he was immensely happy and grateful for. More than anything he was happy for her grace and dignity, which kept her from assuming anything and from pushing him to make promises he wouldn’t be able to keep or explain things he couldn’t explain. He wasn’t sure what he was feeling towards her. He knew he cared for Eowyn a lot but where that fitted in with his love for Jean he had no idea. Scott hated feeling helpless and at the moment he had more questions than answers. Was Jean even alive inside Phoenix? Could she come back if she was? Would she kill him as he had dreamt so often? Could they ever return to their own world? If he did survive, if duty didn’t bind him anymore…Would he then feel safe to strengthen his bond with the beautiful blond princess? Questions he wasn’t sure if he wanted an answer to given the unsure world they lived in.

      There had been bright spots though. Gimli’s tries to cheer up Legolas with grumpy humour, Gandalf’s sharing of wisdom with Aragorn and Boromir like a kind uncle or teacher to his brightest students. The otherwise distant Haldir who had shocked both Aragorn and Legolas by warming up to his rescuer and Boromir who had found he had a lot in common with the Elven commander. They shared a great love for their people, a true bond of duty and an urge to protect their lands and people. Other nice episodes had been Aragorn’s protectiveness towards Legolas and Boromir, determined not to lose either friend. Boromir was moved by the show of affection he was getting but though everyone had forgiven him for his pass at the Ring the Steward’s son had yet to forgive himself. Those nice episodes had made the trip more bearable despite the sad looks that passed between Ororo and Legolas. Not that either was unfriendly towards the other but it was more like they were slowly killing each other every time their hands by accident touched each other or their eyes met. So far no one had been able to get out of Ororo why she had broken up with Legolas but Scott had a feeling Aragorn knew because he claimed it was for the best when Scott had asked about it, something that had made Scott furious. He might not be able to be happy, his own love life might be in pieces but he would be damned if his best friend would suffer too. Sometime soon he would get Ororo to explain this mess to him because from what he had seen and from what Logan had told him he had picked up with his senses, like salty smells on both Ororo and Legolas after shed tears, he couldn’t understand why they had broken up when they seemed to care so deeply for each other.

      They had been prepared for another battle when they had reached Isengard, tension rising high and nervousness all around after the bloody battle at Helm’s Deep but for once they had been pleasantly surprised. Isengard had been destroyed. Despite their searches they hadn’t found Phoenix’s body and Scott was both relived and sad to hear that. He knew his happiness over her survival was a selfish feeling since Phoenix was a dangerous enemy who would destroy a world in a heartbeat without second thoughts. Yet, she was still Jean, his wife and lover and he couldn’t let her go, had never been able to. They had found Saruman dead however, his body a bloody puddle. At the sight Boromir had thrown up, not from the grizzly image but from the memories of his own torture, death and revival at this place. Scott had been amazed that had been the man’s only breakdown considering all he had been through. Hell, back in his own reality there didn’t even exist enough therapists who could help him over what he had been put through. Not only did he have his past to fight but it wasn’t far from everyone’s minds that they might lose Boromir again if Phoenix had spoken the truth to him when she had claimed that the destruction of the Ring meant his own final death as well. Strangely enough, Boromir was the one who was most accepting of that fate, maybe because he had already died. Not just in the woods but at Phoenix’s hands as well during her torture.

      The most joyous moment had been when they had found Merry and Pippin. Boromir had smiled like a small sun, as had his Little Ones. He had knelt before them and they had run into his embrace. He had held them close as a father would his young sons, laughing in joy as tears rolled down his face. Scott didn’t need to be a telepath to know that the joy of this moment, as Boromir was rejoined with the two small Hobbits who he loved like the sons he would never have, that in that moment Boromir had felt that all his pain had been worth it to see them safe.

      After having made sure there were no enemies nearby and hearing Merry and Pippin speak of the Ents who had helped them they had moved back towards Rohan to decide on a battle plan that would end the war of the One Ring once and for all. While the small army of men and Elves moved back towards the capital of Rohan to regroup Pippin and Merry never left Boromir’s side. The change in them all was profound. The love between man and Hobbits had only increased but Boromir was more open about his feelings, taking great care of his ‘children’, keeping an eye on them, keeping them safe and in general spoiling them rotten which Merry and Pippin enjoyed to the fullest. Despite this and the good news of the fall of Isengard, the group still had a lot of worries on their minds. Phoenix was still out there, up and coming bloody and possibly deadly battles laid ahead and the small group of commanders worried about Rogue, Ororo, Legolas and the possible loss of Boromir.

      Scott tried his best to keep his worries at bay and tried to enjoy this moment. For now they were safe, moving back towards Rohan. Eowyn silently moved up to him and he smiled warmly at her, feeling some of the tension leaving him at the sight of the courageous Princess who for some reason that was still a mystery to him had looked with kind eyes on a young red shaded stranger. As if she sensed his inner turmoil she smiled softly at him and stuck a comforting hand under his arm. Smiling even wider at her kind gesture he patted her fingers on his arm with his other hand, feeling better than he had for a long time. For now there was nothing else to do…for now they were all safe. He feared that would be something he wouldn’t be able to say for long.


      Author’s notes:

      This is for everyone who wanted me to continue this story. Thanks so much for all your support. Your kind words keep me writing.

      I apologize for the long wait but RL has been heavy and as some of you know I’ve had my hands full with updating webpages and writing fanfic in other fandoms than X-men or LOTR.

      Thanks much to Jonas for beta on this chapter.

      Suggestions and comments are welcomed if you use and kind and civil tone.

      Take care


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