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Beyond Words: Chapter 1: A Day In The Life of Rogue

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  • Laura Elaine
    This is a story that I wrote and posted at Fanfiction.net and a few other websites/groups. Enjoy and please review!!!! Beyond Words: Chapter 1: A Day In The
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 26, 2004
      This is a story that I wrote and posted at Fanfiction.net and a few
      other websites/groups. Enjoy and please review!!!!
      Beyond Words: Chapter 1: A Day In The Life of Rogue
      Author: Sparkling-Diva
      Summary: A day in the life as the title suggests. A P.O.V. story
      from Rogue's perspective on the whole L/R relationship. My first X-
      Men fanfic so comments are greatly accepted. Enjoy!!!
      Disclaimer: All credit is given to Fox and Marvel and anybody else
      dealing with the X-Men.
      I can't stand Monday mornings.
      I swear sometimes that just like Sunday was made to worship God,
      Monday was made to worship the Devil.
      I roll over and look at my alarm clock.
      7:00 A.M.
      Stupid thing didn't go off and now I only have an hour and a half
      time all to myself before classes begin.
      Sighing, I finally manage to scramble out of bed and got to the
      bathroom connected to the bedroom.
      I stare at myself in the mirror.
      Christ alive.
      I'm a total mess!!
      My hair is all over the place wanting to get its fair share of
      attention while under my eyes appears bags.
      I haven't been getting much sleep lately since lately my mind has
      been too preoccupied thinking of…-no I mustn't think of him.
      absurd. It isn't good, nor is it healthy. I must stop thinking of
      him at all costs and that's it.
      I take a warm, hot shower as I begin to softly sing to myself sad
      love ballads. Mostly ones on heartbreak and ones of unacceptable
      love since you "can't-be-with-that person" ones.
      I finally finish and get into my white robe. My hair is soaking wet
      and I'm waiting for it to dry.
      I walk over to my window and peer over the curtain enjoying and
      taking in the somewhat silence peace that the morning tends to bring.
      The sun is rising over the fields and trees and the pink and orange
      sky gives a creepy yet warm, romantic feel into the atmosphere.
      I turn around and walk over to my closet and take out what I plan to
      wear. This is a difficult task with my poisonous skin and all.
      I finally settle for a red sweater, black nylons, a black shirt, and
      of a course, a pair of long black gloves.
      Time for breakfast.
      I go down to the kitchen where there already is pancakes waiting for
      me on the counter.
      "Morning," Scott, Jean, and Storm chimed all at once when
      they saw
      me enter the room.
      "Hey," I say grumpily as I sit on a stool.
      "Ready for school?" Storm asks.
      I just nod.
      It's clear to everyone that I'm not in the mood to talk so we
      somewhat remain silent.
      "Mornin' everyone."
      My heart skips a beat and then stops. I can always recognize his
      sleek, but yet gruff Canadian accent.
      He moves across the room to the counter where I'm at and pours
      himself a glass of orange juice.
      "Mornin' kid."
      Out of everyone else in the world it had to be him.
      He had to be the one who let me enter his life, his world, and he
      promised-he PROMISED- he promised that he'd take care of me.
      I couldn't ever forget that.
      But then I thought about reality. He only saw me as a sister and
      even a best friend. But I saw him differently. More than a best
      friend, an older brother, a means of support…..
      I was in love with him.
      I knew that I shouldn't have thought that way but it was true.
      I loved Logan.
      "Morning," I said quietly as I could feel myself blushing.
      "You're going to be late for school if you don't hurry
      up," he said.
      "I know," I said hesitantly after I picked up my backpack off
      floor and hurried out only to catch a small glimpse of everyone else
      with the certain "I understand" look and Logan looking
      They knew. It was all too obvious to them. Storm talked to me once
      after class since I was having trouble concentrating and paying
      attention. I would spent most of my time just staring out of the
      window. She was so determined to find out why. I couldn't speak.
      only broke down in tears.
      "Is there something going on that I should know about?" she
      "No," I replied.
      "Then why are you crying?"
      It took a moment but then I started by saying, "It's-," I
      say anything more than that.
      "Oh. I see. I get it now. It's Logan, right?"
      I simply nodded as I felt more tears roll down my cheeks.
      Understanding this, she just gave me a hug and said no more about. I
      soon left after that.
      There was another time when I was walking into the kitchen at the
      mansion and caught Logan flirting with Jean. He was leaning towards
      her trying to get a kiss and telling her things that I only wish
      that he could've just said to me. Too bad Scott was around since
      would've definitely had a fit.
      Unfortunately, for some unknown reason, he didn't pick up my
      Jean did and managed to push herself away from Logan and say
      something to him that I couldn't hear. With a tear on my cheek, I
      had enough time to get out unnoticed.
      I was so heartbroken and so shocked to understand that it was true
      what the others were saying. Logan did have a thing for Jean. It all
      dawned on me that my chances of being his girl were completely
      impossible. I just cried myself all night with nothing but the light
      by bed on. It was also raining outside. The pit and the patter made
      a somewhat comforting sound as it hit against my bedroom's window.
      Suddenly, I remember there being a knock at my door.
      "Mind if I come in," I heard Jean say.
      I didn't say anything but she managed to open the door and let
      herself in. She moved forward and sat on the edge of my bed beside
      "I talked to Storm a while ago."
      Oh Great, I thought to myself. Why wasn't I surprised?
      "You love Logan don't you?"
      Oh gosh. Once again my very own little secret had been spilled once
      more. I just had to stare out into the distance, out of my window
      unable and unwilling to answer.
      "I know that you might not want to talk to me right now but at
      listen to me, okay?"
      I nodded.
      "First of all, I want you to know that I am not in love with
      I understand that yes there is a certain je ne ces't que about
      but that doesn't mean anything to me. Second of all, I love
      Only Scott. I wouldn't do anything to jeopardize our
      Lastly, I don't like it either one bit that Logan is flirting
      me just as much as you do. He should really stop it and realize that
      he and you are the ones that should be together and that you care
      about him more than anything. It's unbelievable that he just
      too dumb to notice. But if I know one thing, I know that he cares
      about you. A lot."
      That got my attention.
      "Yup. And he's always talking about you and asking about you
      to the
      Professor… he wants you to have the best and be happy. I'm
      not one
      for spoiling secrets but did you know that he has even talked with
      the Professor and Beast and they have agreed to helping you find a
      cure or at least something that will actually let you control your
      "He did?" I asked in shock.
      "And he never even told me?"
      "Well, like I said, it was a surprise. He knows that you hate
      your skin can do and that you want to be able to have a better grasp
      of it. He's trying to help you. He doesn't want you to suffer
      There was a long pause of silence.
      "He cares about you so much, Rogue. You're basically the only
      he has. You should tell him how you feel and I bet you that he'll
      tell you what he feels about you too.
      "How do you know?"
      "I can feel it. Plus, don't forget, I'm psychic."
      With that, Jean left me there drying tears quickly and pondering if
      what she said was true.
      Was she right?
      Is it true?
      Could Logan actually feel the same about me?
      All I can remember after that is not being able to sleep that night.
      I just tossed and turned over and over again thinking of him.
      That was a while ago. This was now.
      School was hectic today. Storm noticed how I wasn't paying much
      attention in class but had the guts to leave me alone.
      Bobby was a different case.
      He just couldn't stop bothering me.
      "What's wrong with you Marie? Come on and talk to me.
      I'll listen.
      Just tell me what's wrong," he told me while we were waiting
      for the
      food in the lunch line.
      I simply ignored him, turned around, and went to go sit with Kitty
      and Jubes.
      I know that what I had done just then was harsh to Bobby and all but
      I couldn't help it.
      What Bobby and I have is an attraction for each other. As far as I
      am concerned there is no real passionate love. The reason is that we
      know that we are both something that we just can't get. I
      wanted something more than that.
      I needed….
      I needed Logan.
      He likes me just as I am and not because of the attraction on
      on the outside but what's on the inside as well.
      How could I tell him though?
      Kitty and Jubes fortunately, were aware of the situation and knew
      when to back off. They left me alone all during lunch and continued
      chatting with each other and debating the latest "Fashion
      Do's and
      Don'ts" as made famous by Joan Rivers.
      I went to Logan's room after school to hang out like I sometimes
      but found out that he wasn't there.
      I went to find the others. They were all talking with Charles. They
      told me that he had left in the morning to go back and check some
      stuff about his past up North.
      Why didn't he tell me?
      I was always usually the first to know about all these things.
      I could only go up to my room, not caring what the others thought. I
      slammed the door so they would all take the hint. I was about to
      flop down on my bed to cry when low and behold. I realized that
      there was a note and small package on my pillow.
      Curiously, I picked up the letter that said "Marie."
      There is only one person that could ever call me that and that had
      that writing.
      It was from Logan.
      Something told me to put it down and open the package fist. So
      that's what I did.
      Carefully, I unwrapped it and opened the square box there and could
      not believe what I saw.
      It was half of a heart that said Logan at the top of the heart and
      for- at the bottom.
      Then it occurred to me.
      Marie and Logan forever.
      Logan must've had the other part. I sat back down on my bed and
      it around my neck. I felt myself begin to cry. It took me a minute
      or two before I was able to control myself enough to pick up the
      envelope, open it, and read the letter to myself:
      Dear Marie,
      I know that it was all sudden my leave and everything, but darling,
      I just had to go. I kinda found out last minute.
      You've seemed to be kinda depressed lately and you hardly speak
      eat. I can tell that you've been worried about something and that
      just worrying me. I swear darling that I wish I could be with you
      and there for you doing your moments of pain and need.
      A new lead on my past has been found so I have gone to explore. I
      don't know how long it'll take for me to come back but I
      promise you
      that until that day comes, you'll always be on my mind, my head,
      most importantly, in my heart.
      Your birthday is next week and chances are that I am going to miss
      I have a surprise for you. Wheels, Beast, and I have been coming up
      with a cure or something of the sort that can help you to be able to
      control your skin. I know that this is what will make you happy and
      that's what I want too. For you to be happy. For us to be happy.
      You probably got your other gift by now. I thought that the dog
      chain thing was kind of weird so I got you a friendship necklace
      that we can both share that will have a greater importance for the
      both of us.
      Just like I am, I want you to wear it around you at all times and
      keep it close to your heart. That way you'll know that I'll
      be there for you.
      I promise I'd take care of you, remember?
      And until that day comes where we will meet again, I'll always
      of the day when I can wrap my arms around you and hold you to death.
      Take care darling.
      Lots of love,
      You're no "kid" anymore.
      I put down the letter and through the tears I silently cried, I
      smiled to myself.
      I was able to sleep a lot better that night than any other night in
      Now I could relax and know that no matter what happens, I'll
      have Logan.
      Author's note: Hope that you enjoyed it and feel free to review.
      Thanks and a hello goes out to my family and friends. I'll be
      soon with more stories. See ya.
      Laura Elaine
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