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Beyond Words: Chapter 2

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  • Laura Elaine
    Chapter 2!!! Yeahy!!! I hope that you all enjoy!!! Beyond Words-Part 2 Author: Sparkling-Diva Feedback: Yes, Please and thank you!!!! You can do so at
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 26, 2004
      Chapter 2!!! Yeahy!!! I hope that you all enjoy!!!
      Beyond Words-Part 2
      Author: Sparkling-Diva
      Feedback: Yes, Please and thank you!!!! You can do so at
      Dedication: Thank you's to everyone I know and the people at the WR
      message board and my reviewers at FanFiction.net. I promised I'd
      write more.
      Archive: If you are interested please ask me first just so I know. I
      don't consider it a problem if I say it is OK. I am a member to
      Disclaimer: They are not mine!! WAAHHH!!!
      Rating: PG-13. Due to some romancy stuff.
      Summary: If you have read the first part you'd know. It is just a
      cute little L/M fic about them in luv with each other and them
      telling their P.O.V. of the whole situation.
      Warnings: More romancy (my little made up word) stuff in the next
      parts to come. I promise!! I'm slowly working my way there so please
      be patient.
      Author's Note: Now the time for Part 2 has arrivedÂ….
      Logan's P.O.V.
      My heart was aching for her.
      Marie, I thought to myself, where are you now, darling? What are you
      doing? Are they treating you right? Are you thinking of me?
      Oh, how I wish that she could have been with me at this moment.
      I had gone down to Alkali Lake to find the imprint of my claws on a
      I had been there. But I don't remember when, how, or why. All I know
      is that I was.
      She must be thinking about me now. I have part of her with me and
      all. I hold tight the piece of heart that says, "Marie" and know
      that despite how wrong it may have seemed to be, it felt so right.
      She's young and this I know. Dumb One-Eyed Cyke despises the whole
      situation but I'm glad that Storm and Chuck are fine with it.
      Believe me, how often is it that an old man (hey I am old) and a
      young girl fall in love.
      Real love.
      Well, not enough bub and that's what makes it is so difficult.
      Then there is her whole skin thing. I think about it a lot and see
      what she has to go through and you wouldn't believe how deeply sad
      and impacted I am. I just want to hold her. In fact, I'm the only
      one that really actually does just that. Hold her.
      You would not believe how happy I was when she broke up with that
      Bobby kid.
      Of course, I never told her that but I saw that when she came to me
      for comfort she was neither too sad nor too happy. She just cried
      and listened to my theories on how there are more fish in the sea
      until she feel asleep in my arms, in my bed, in my room. I wish that
      we could have stayed that way much longer than what we had. Possibly
      forever. She woke up the next morning and realized that I was
      watching her sleep. She began to excuse herself and then I told her
      that it was all okay and that I liked it. I just loved the smile
      that she gave to me that was on her face. It matched with the
      twinkle of her big bright eyes as she positioned herself back down
      in my arms. We then made another promise to one another that come
      what may, we would always be there for each other in times of needs.
      Oh, did I need her now. The search for my past has been killing me
      and I needed her to guide me and help me.
      I wonder if she had her talk with Charles yet about her skin. Can
      she touch by now or was there a problem? Maybe she decided to wait
      until I came back.
      That's it. I've seen what I have to see. I know all I can ever know.
      I just need to go.
      I am leaving this place that is a bunch of nothing right now and
      going back home. I'm going back to the woman I love.
      Author's Note: Part 3 is coming really soon. I know that it was
      short but the next one will be longer. I promise. I'll be back
      soon!!! See ya!!
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