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FIC: X-Book 3: Within the Storm, PG-13, Chpt 13

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    Title: X-Book 3: Within the Storm - Chapter Twelve: X-Men vs. the Brotherhood, part II By: Kath713/Leen713 Rating: PG-13 (violence, language) Genre: Crossover,
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      Title: X-Book 3: Within the Storm - Chapter Twelve: X-Men vs. the
      Brotherhood, part II

      By: Kath713/Leen713

      Rating: PG-13 (violence, language)

      Genre: Crossover, SPOILERS FOR X2

      Summary: see prologue for book 3

      Disclaimer: I own nothing in regards to the Marvel characters or
      any character from a previously published source portrayed in this

      Reviews: Any feedback would be great and is appreciated!


      Chapter Thirteen:

      Cyclops stood about thirty feet from Pyro, and was closing the
      distance with slow, cautious steps. Pyro was still grinning,
      holding out the burning lighter in front of him threateningly.

      "Pyro," Cyclops said, "This is not why we're here.
      We didn't come here to stop Magneto or the Brotherhood from
      interfering with the people who created that machine. It's
      destructive, and dangerous to mutants. We want to stop it as much
      as Magneto does..."

      Pyro's eyes were narrow and suspicious as Cyclops spoke, but the
      X-Man did have the boy's attention.

      "Have you found any sign of the prisoners?" Cyclops asked,
      trying to placate the boy's anger.

      Pyro wavered slightly at the unexpected civility from his enemy.

      "No," he admitted and Cyclops nodded.

      "Ok," he replied to Pyro, "Fighting like this isn't
      going to help us get to them any faster. You saw what that machine
      could do. In order to capture mutants, it injects them with a heavy
      sedative. We don't know if it is toxic or not...but Bobby and
      Storm were hit with it too. We haven't heard what their
      is yet..."

      Pyro felt the smug grin slip from his face a little. He knew what
      Cyclops was trying to do. Negotiate...make him feel bad for his
      former friends so that he would drop his guard. Magneto had warned
      him about these kinds of tactics, and instructed him on how to
      counter them.

      "What the hell do I care?" Pyro asked bitterly.

      This was not John Allerdyce, friend and student. This was Pyro, and
      he had no loyalty or Xavier or his people anymore, a product of his
      time with the Brotherhood.

      "John..." Cyclops said, taking another step forward. From behind
      Pyro, he noticed Nightcrawler step out of the shadows. Under the
      din of Wolverine and Sabertooth, Pyro had not heard the soft noise
      of Nightcrawler's teleportation.

      "Sorry, man," Pyro said and the fire in his palm began to
      grow, "...School's out..."

      "Now, Kurt!" Cyclops shouted and Nightcrawler jumped toward
      the boy. Pyro's eyes widened and he spun to face the new
      attacker, hands blazing with orange light.

      Suddenly, an unexpected impact hit the blue mutant just before he
      was able to reach Pyro. The boy staggered, and watched as
      Nightcrawler was thrown across the hall and fell to the ground
      hard. The new attacker leapt agilely from the floor and clung to
      the wall above Nightcrawler's head. Pyro grinned as he heard
      Toad laugh.

      Nightcrawler gasped in breath and opened his eyes to see the green
      mutant's strangely colored eyes glaring down at him.

      "Not so fun to be snuck up on, is it?" Toad sneered wickedly,
      and then glanced at Pyro, "Light it up, mate. Let's end this
      quick and find Magneto."

      Nightcrawler was on his feet quickly, and Toad jumped down and
      crouched on the ground. He tilted his head, almost curiously, as he
      regarded the blue-skinned, yellow-eyed mutant.

      "You look kind of familiar…" he said mockingly, "You
      change into other people, too, do you?"

      "No," Nightcrawler said angrily, and disappeared.

      Toad blinked in surprise and hardly had a minute to react before
      Nightcrawler lunged at him from out of nowhere. He was knocked to
      the side and landed on his back. Nightcrawler appeared in front of
      him again, and Toad kicked the blue mutant hard. Nightcrawler flew
      across the hall again and disappeared just before he would have
      impacted the wall.

      Pyro turned on Cyclops with a wide grin. Fire curled around his
      hands but Cyclops stood resolutely. A hand strayed to his visor.
      He did not want to hurt the boy, but if he was going to attack,
      Cyclops would have to incapacitate Pyro with force.

      A line of fire shot towards the X-Man and Cyclops evaded it easily.
      A second stream of flame followed quickly, and Cyclops lowered
      himself underneath Pyro's attack. He adjusted his visor to a low
      setting and took a shot at the raging boy.

      Pyro yelped in surprise as the red beam missed him by inches. For a
      panicked moment, he was not sure if Cyclops had meant to be off
      target or if he was really aiming for him.

      Their battle was interrupted as the heavy bodies of Wolverine and
      Sabertooth entered the space between them. They slammed into the
      wall, and Sabertooth roared as Wolverine sunk his claws into his
      arm. Wolverine was shoved away and Cyclops had to take a few quick
      steps backward as his teammate hit the ground.

      Pyro took the moment to glance back at Toad and Nightcrawler.

      They were moving further and further out of the hall as they
      fought. Nightcrawler was able to avoid most of Toad's lunges,
      and Toad was fast enough to fend off Nightcrawler's acrobatic
      attacks. The battle was erratic and almost dizzying, as the pair
      fought as easily on the ceiling as they did on the floor.

      Finally, the blue mutant appeared behind Toad and knocked him to the
      ground. Pyro stepped toward him and Toad growled in frustration,
      before getting to his feet. He turned his head quickly and glared
      at Pyro.

      "The target in down the hall!" he shouted, "With another
      of Xavier's! Get to her...kill the other if you have to..."

      Pyro hesitated only a moment before nodding. He looked toward the
      battling pair of Wolverine and Sabertooth. Cyclops was trying to
      make his way past. Pyro focused his power and formed a wall of
      fire, cutting the hall in half.

      The heat from the flames drove the dueling enemies out of the
      corridor. Pyro watched as Toad and Nightcrawler began to leap along
      the walls, chasing each other further away, and Pyro ran after them.


      Between the flames and fighters, Cyclops was unable to follow
      Nightcrawler, who was now cornered alone with two members of the
      Brotherhood. Sabertooth was also now trapped among two enemies, but
      Cyclops doubted the large mutant minded the challenge.

      He was still exchanging heavy blows with Wolverine, and Cyclops
      tried in vain to get a lock on the large mutant to make a strike
      with his visor.

      "Logan!" he called, "Give me a clear shot!"

      Wolverine glanced at Cyclops, struggling to regain his composure
      during the battle. He acknowledged his teammate's words, but so
      did Sabertooth. The large mutant turned his rage on the other X-Man
      with a roar.

      Cyclops braced himself for a blow. He tried to reach for his visor,
      but realized suddenly that he could not move. He jerked his arm
      with an effort, but felt as if someone was holding him in place.

      Fortunately, Sabertooth also seemed to be trapped in mid-stride.

      From the end of the hall, two voices rose in malicious laughter.

      Cyclops saw Logan frowning past him at the new arrivals, and Scott
      was able to turn his head far enough to see two men he did not
      recognize standing before them. Sabertooth was growling and
      struggling, and then managed to take a step.

      The unrecognized pair exchanged very amused glances, and then
      returned their gaze to the others.

      "Who the hell are…" Wolverine began, but was thrown towards
      the flames by an unseen force. With a roar of pain, Wolverine
      brushed out the fire as his uniform began to burn. He tried to move
      away, but the invisible hold kept part of him inside the fiery wall.

      Cyclops fought to move, but did not possess the same strength as
      Sabertooth. A moment later, he felt his body shoved across the hall
      and he hit a far wall roughly, causing stars to flash painfully
      before his eyes.

      Sabertooth stepped toward his new enemies again, ready to rip them
      to shreds for interrupting the battle. Unbeknownst to him, the two
      men were telekinetic and now both of them were focused on him.
      Their minds were very powerful, and they looked at him with
      childlike curiosity.

      "Feline-like characteristics…" one said pacing around the
      growling mutant to the left.

      "Super-human strength…" the other agreed, pacing around in
      the opposite direction.

      "Possible hyper-regenerative…" the first continued.

      "…healing and immunative qualities," the second agreed.

      They moved with eerie similarity, and despite the fact they did not
      look much alive, they were obviously twins. Sharing the same
      powers...and the same interests…

      The expression on the first man's face changed to a vicious
      sneer, watching Sabertooth struggle with glee.

      "Muscle structure must be much more developed than most
      mutants," his tone spoke to more sinister intentions than simple

      "Perhaps we should examine the subject and make positive note of
      said muscle structure," the second said, with the same enjoyment.

      From one pocket, the first drew a very sharp scalpel and held it
      lovingly in his hand. The second nodded, holding the struggling
      mutant with his mind. Sabertooth was very aware of what the two men
      were intending to do, and he bared his teeth in a menacing sneer,
      daring them to take a closer step toward him.

      "Hyper-regenerative healing capabilities should make this very
      interesting," the first said, and then glared at the second,
      "Hold him…"

      The second raised one hand to focus, and the cried out in surprise
      as a thin red beam struck him in the wrist.

      Cyclops was struggling to his feet, and took a shot at the mutant
      with the scalpel quickly. He hit the surgical tool dead on, and it
      flew from the mutant's grasp.

      Sabertooth was able to break free of their hold in the moment of
      distraction and swung at the first mutant with one clenched fist.
      The formerly arrogant twins suddenly panicked and ran from him.

      "Stop it!" the second man shouted, his voice sounding much
      younger than his appearance, and he tried to get a lock on the large
      mutant again, but in his terror was not able to focus.

      Wolverine was also freed of the telekinetic hold and rolled away
      from the fire in pain, feeling his skin heal slowly from the deep
      burns. Cyclops moved toward him but Logan waved him away.

      "I'm fine…" he said, standing with an effort. Logan
      could see the new skin forming through the holes burned in his

      Sabertooth was now stalking after the strange pair. Logan could
      hear their quick footsteps as they ran off. Cyclops took a step
      away from the heat of the fire and turned his head back and forth.

      "I'm going to try to contact the Professor," he said.

      Logan nodded and then frowned, "Who the hell are those guys?"

      Cyclops shook his head, "I don't know. Not the Brotherhood.
      Nightcrawler's on his own over there with the rest of them."

      "Cajun's around," Logan said, keeping his gaze fixed on
      the direction Sabertooth went, "Caught scent of him before the
      fire. He and Blue are gonna have to fend for themselves. I'm
      after the big guy…"

      Logan began to run quickly and Cyclops followed. Their enemy in
      this compound had finally shown themselves. They were mutants, or
      mutants being used. Cyclops knew from personal experience that was
      possible. However, he wanted to question the pair, and that meant
      getting to them before Sabertooth.

      Archived at www.fanfiction.net/~leen713
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