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FIC: Secret Bonding, NC-17, 4/? WIP (f/f, m/m/f)

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  • Henrika
    I m sorry I haven t updated this in a while. I admit I sort of forgot about this fic. Earlier parts can be found here:
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 7, 2004
      I'm sorry I haven't updated this in a while. I admit I sort of
      forgot about this fic. Earlier parts can be found here:


      The epilogue is coming soon, so be patient.

      Chapter 4

      Raven didn't think she had ever felt as melancholy and broken as
      did when she went to the mansion to see Rogue again, only two days
      after her last visit. That time she'd been in good spirits, but
      she was no trace of such in her. This was it. Probably she'd
      see Rogue again after this; at least not as a lover.

      She left the Brotherhood lair in the morning, after having promised
      Erik she'd be back in the evening. Erik had been cold and distant
      ever since their confrontation a couple of days ago, but Raven
      didn't really care. She didn't exactly crave his intimacy at
      point either.

      "You are going to talk to her, and that's all," Erik had
      told her
      before she left. "Don't get sentimental. Make sure the girl
      understands. You are not seeing her again after this. Do you
      understand, Raven?"

      "Crystal," she had replied, not showing him any of the
      emotions she

      Once she reached the X-mansion, she morphed into Bobby, who she knew
      had been Rogue's boyfriend for a short while. Erik had clearly
      her not to let anyone know she was there, and she wasn't going
      This time she'd be very discrete.

      Trying to look like a normal teenage boy, she took a deep breath
      before knocking on Rogue's bedroom door. She was quite sure her
      lover was in there, because she hadn't seen her anywhere else
      Rogue had told her that she and Bobby were still friends, so she
      assumed he coming to see her was nothing unusual.

      Rogue opened after a few seconds, looking great as usual, wearing a
      short-sleeved black shirt, black jeans and her usual long gloves.
      Her long hair was pulled into a ponytail, but the sexy white streaks
      that Raven loved so much, were hanging loosely around her pretty
      young face.

      "Bobby?" she asked with mild surprise when she saw her
      Despite that they were still friends, her ex boyfriend didn't
      to see her very often. Especially not alone.

      Mystique quickly stepped inside and closed the door behind
      her. "It's not Bobby, it's me," she said in her
      normal voice and
      morphed back into herself.

      Rogue's face burst into a happy smile when she saw her lover, and
      usual she threw herself into Raven's arms without hesitation.

      "Hi!" she exclaimed, revelling in the heat and solidness of
      Mystique's blue body, that she didn't have to be afraid of
      hurting. "What are you doing here?"

      Despite that it hurt, she had to catch Rogue's arms and hold them
      steadily in place. She recalled what Erik had told her about not
      becoming sentimental, and she started to think it was a good piece
      of advice. It would be a lot easier if she didn't.

      "We have to talk," she said seriously and sat down on
      bed. "Come here."

      The happy expression was instantly erased from Rogue's face when
      heard the grim tone in her lover's voice. She also noticed the
      strained expression on Raven's face, and started to fear
      serious had happened.

      "Raven, what's wrong?" she asked anxiously and sat down
      next to
      Mystique, trying to catch the other woman's eyes.

      "Marie…" she began, not quite knowing how to continue.
      "There is
      something I must…tell you."

      "What?" Rogue asked confusedly.

      Mystique knew it would hurt the girl, but still he figured being
      straightforward would be the easiest and least painful way to say

      "I can't see you anymore," she told her shortly. "I
      came here to
      tell you that."

      At first Rogue's face displayed no emotions, but after a few
      of uncomfortable silence she gasped and started to shake her head,
      like she refused to believe what she'd just heard.

      "Why?" she asked in a small voice. It mostly sounded like a

      Raven sighed. "Erik came prying into my room, and found your
      in my computer. He knows. He told me I can't see you anymore.

      "Sorry?!" Rogue snorted. "I can't believe this! You
      do it because of
      *him*? *He* told you you can't see me? Raven… I didn't
      think you
      were so…weak!"

      "Then what am I supposed to do?" Mystique hissed with glowing
      eyes. "Erik did not "ask" me not to see you anymore. It
      was an
      order. He told me he'd kick me out if I didn't do what he
      said. It's
      not because I want to, but because I must!"

      Rogue was still shaking her head. "Leave him," she said

      "I can't do that," Raven replied.

      "Why not?"

      "I just can't, okay? Don't ask that of me. I…I belong
      with Erik. I
      just… I can't…"

      "You can't what? Live without him? Good God! Of course you
      Leave the stupid shit-head, and stay here instead. I am sure the
      professor would let you stay, if you talk to him…"

      "Oh, sweet thing, you don't understand…" Mystique sighed
      dramatically. "It's just not that easy. I mean… He took
      care of me
      when I had no one else… He helped me, he protected me… he
      saved my life. I just can't leave him. I'd be lost."

      She knew now she did not stay with Erik because of love, but because
      of safety and old habit. She knew he'd always be there for her in
      case she needed help, and in return he wanted her to be loyal to

      "How can you do this to me?" Rogue asked, now with tears
      gleaming in
      her eyes. "Was it all just a game for you? Huh? Were you merely
      playing with me?"

      "Of course not!" Raven objected hotly. "I care about you,
      Marie. I
      always have. I wanted to… give you a chance to…know what
      it's like
      to…feel physical love, and I did. But…" She swallowed,
      dreading the
      reaction she would probably receive. "…but it wasn't more
      than that.
      I know you don't really love me. You just think you do, because I
      was your first."

      Rogue smiled a joyless smile. "Yes, Raven, you were my
      first," she
      agreed. "My first and only, too. It's not like I can seek
      comfort in
      someone else's arms after you've left me," she added
      acidly, and the
      words burned the very core of Raven's soul.

      "I am sorry…" she said again, because she couldn't come
      up with
      anything better.

      "Well, when you go back, can you please punch Magneto from me,
      give him my regards? Tell him that if I ever see him again I will
      suck him dry. And don't be sorry. It won't make things

      "I know it won't change anything, but at least you know how I
      Mystique said softly and gently placed her arm around her young
      lover's shoulder, fearing Marie would throw it away, but she
      didn't. "I came here because I wanted to tell you face to
      face. Or
      would you have preferred a phone call? Or an email? I thought this
      was the best way."

      Rogue just shrugged. "I don't know. When are you leaving?"

      "I promised Erik I'd be back this evening."

      Rogue glanced at her wall clock. It was 2:16 PM. "Well, I suppose
      that gives us a little time. Can we make love one last time? It will
      probably be my last chance to ever touch anyone."

      Raven sighed and stared down at her hands that lay in her lap. She
      should say no, and she knew that. Making love now would only make
      this a lot more difficult, and besides, Erik would not be happy if
      he found out. But how could he? she then thought. It's not like
      can smell it or anything.

      "We mustn't…" she murmured. "I should be leaving.
      The sooner the

      "Please? I don't want our last time to end like this.
      Please…" The
      younger woman grasped her older lover's blue hands and squeezed
      them. "Let it be something worth to remember," she pleaded.

      Mystique raised her head and looked into Rogue's large brown
      Then she carefully extended her hand and seized her by the jaw.
      can't," she said.

      "Oh yes, we can!" her lover exclaimed and pulled Raven into a
      desperate kiss. "You can't just leave me like this! Let's
      enjoy each
      other one last time. Okay?"

      "Alright," Raven whispered.

      Rogue leaned out and kissed Raven's blue lips, exploring the
      of her lover's mouth with her hot little tongue. Mystique
      help but moan into the kiss, and eagerly began sucking on Rogue's
      tongue, countering with her own.

      The girl's hand gripped her left breast, rolling her nipple
      her index finger and thumb. Rogue began to unbutton her own blouse
      with her other hand and then started wriggling out of her jeans.
      This would be their last time ever. She really had to make sure it
      would be perfect. Once she was undressed, she felt Raven's long,
      skilful fingers slide in between her legs and make contact with her
      wet centre, and she moaned when those fingers found the small bundle
      of nerves hidden beneath her folds, which she had touched so many
      times herself, usually in bed at night, while thinking of her lover.

      "Lie down," Mystique instructed her, and made Rogue lie prone
      on the
      bed, her fingers not leaving the younger woman's hot wet cavern
      one second.

      While sliding downwards, she kissed Rogue breasts, and briefly
      dipped her tongue in her lover's belly button. Her skin was so
      so white, so flawless… And so deadly. Raven was the only living
      person on the face of the earth who could touch that skin. To
      everyone else it was poison.

      She eased Rogue's thighs apart and the first touch of her tongue
      against the girl's glistering, pink nether lips was intoxicating
      them both. Rogue cried out in ecstasy and grabbed Raven's hair
      almost forcefully, slamming her face against her crotch.

      Mystique didn't really mind it. She was used to rough partners
      nothing Rogue did could actually hurt her. The girl's small hands
      her hair were nothing compared to the huge paws of the feral mutant
      Sabretooth, for example, which she had experienced a number of

      She licked her lover's sex, parting her labia with her tongue,
      using one finger to add extra pressure to her clit. Rogue was
      moaning and squealing indiscriminately, her cries of passion loud
      enough to sound all over the mansion. Normally Raven would have told
      her to keep her voice down, as there was always a risk they would be
      discovered, but now she didn't care.

      Using her skilful tongue to lap at Rogue's clit, she penetrated
      vagina with two of her fingers, and slowly began to thrust them back
      and forth. The delicious friction made the young woman buck her
      hips, desperate for even more stimulation.

      Mystique grinned up at her, and firmly held her hips down. "No,
      don't, sweet thing," she said. "Let me do my work and
      just lie down
      and relax."

      Rogue whimpered in frustration. Often when Mystique said that it
      meant it would take long – too long, perhaps – before
      she'd reach
      her peak.

      "Please, Raven… Please…" she breathed, stroking
      Mystique's tousled
      red hair. "Make me come…"

      "You sure you don't wanna wait?"

      "Yeah… Now. Please."


      Raven began to pump her fingers in and out again, as she
      simultaneously nibbled at Rogue's clit, now swollen and exposed,
      usually concealed beneath her warm, silky folds of flesh.

      It didn't long before the young woman climaxed, and pleasure, so
      intense it almost felt like pain, surged through her entire body,
      making her feel light-headed and heavy at the same time. She lay
      completely still for a few minutes, panting heavily, and waiting for
      her heart rate to return to normal. Her pulse certainly never went
      this high when she was running during gym classes!

      Raven crawled up beside her, and threw a slim, yet heavy arm across
      her chest.

      "So, was that good?" she asked with a slight, half-hearted

      "Good?! No, it was fucking fantastic!" Rogue panted.
      "Maybe it will
      make up for…some of the lonely nights that are awaiting me in my
      future," she added then, almost having forgotten it was probably
      last incredible orgasm ever.

      "Oh sweet thing…" Mystique sighed, resting her forehead
      Rogue's temple. "I wish it weren't so, I do, believe

      "I hate him…" Rogue whispered.


      "Magneto. Wasn't it enough that he tried to kill me? Does he
      have to
      take away everyone dear to me as well? Why, Raven? Why can't he

      "Marie…" Raven tried. "That wasn't very fair. You
      have people who
      care very much about you. You know I belong with Erik."

      "He took John, too…" Marie said sullenly.

      "Erik didn't "take" John," Mystique explained.
      "John chose to go
      with Erik himself."

      "And you? Why do you go with him?"

      "Because I have to. We've been through this, and you know my
      to that question."

      "You never gave me an answer. Not really," Rogue reminded

      Mystique sighed. She was thinking maybe her young lover was right in
      that. Really, why did she stay with Erik? Because that's what
      everyone expected of her? Because she owed him that? Frankly, she
      didn't know anymore.

      "When will you leave?" Rogue asked, realizing she would get
      answer from Raven to why Erik was so important to her.

      "In a couple of hours, maybe… Until then, I'm all

      Rogue smiled weakly, and rolled over, so she lay half-atop Raven,
      resting her chin on the older woman's slim shoulder.

      "I haven't done you yet…" she said, once again claiming
      lips, tasting her own juices of arousal on them.

      "No, you haven't…" Mystique agreed, returning her
      lover's kiss.

      But Rogue never had the chance to return the favour, or even to end
      the kiss properly, because suddenly the door to her room was thrown
      wide open, and Logan stood in the doorway, looking as though he'd
      just run a mile or two in cheetah-speed.

      "Marie, what…" He didn't get any further, before the
      words stuck in
      his throat.

      The two lovers never really had time to understand what was going
      on, before Logan was already standing by their bed, and despite that
      Mystique's reflexes normally could impress just about anyone, she
      had no time to react now. With a ferocious growl, Logan tore her off
      the bed and away from Marie, sending her flying into the nearest
      wall with an audible crash.

      Raven could feel her head smashing into the plaster, and after that
      everything went dark for a few seconds, and she fell to the floor,
      slumped in a heap of normally graceful, blue limbs. She didn't
      time to rest for long. Logan seized her by the throat with one hand,
      and extracted his claws on the other, which he then put to
      Mystique's throat.

      "What were you doin' with her?!" he snarled in her face,
      wild and furious. His nostrils were distended, his eyes large and
      bulbous, almost looking like they were about to pop out of their
      sockets, and his lips were pulled back in a feral grimace, exposing
      his small, but sharp and fully visible canines.

      Logan pressed his deadly adamantium-claws even closer to her
      throat. "What were you doing, you sick fuck?" he repeated,
      tightening his hold of her to the point she almost couldn't

      "I…was…" Mystique murmured, still dizzy from the blow to
      her head,
      and quite unable to understand how she could have gotten herself
      such a predicament.

      Marie was screaming now. To begin with, she clutched the sheets to
      her nude body, and simply gasped in terror, but when she had come to
      her senses, she started screaming at Logan.

      "Logan, stop!" she cried. "Stop it! Let her go! You hear
      me?! Stop!"

      "Marie, get out of here!" Logan hissed in reply, not taking
      his eyes
      off the blue woman, still firmly held in his grip. "I've got
      Get out, Marie. Go get Cyke and Storm."

      "Logan, no!" Marie said. "She hasn't done anything!
      Let her go,
      right now! You're hurting her!"

      Logan snorted in confusion and disbelief, like he really couldn't
      believe what Rogue was asking him to do. Let her go? Was she insane?

      "I can't let her go!" he yelled. "She was fucking
      molesting you!"

      "No, she wasn't!" Rogue cried in reply. "Logan,
      listen to me!"

      But Logan wasn't interesting in listening, it seemed. To him,
      Mystique was just an enemy, and there was no way in hell he was
      going to let her slip out of his hands once he had her caught. He
      pressed the tip of his middle-claw against the underside of her jaw,
      and almost took pleasure in watching her swallow nervously. One more
      millimetre, and he would pierce her blue skin and draw blood. Maybe
      he would even leaver her yet another scar.

      Rogue jumped out of bed, not paying any attention to her nudity now.
      All she cared about was to stop Logan from doing something foolish
      and hurting her lover. She grabbed his forearm and pulled.

      "Stop it!" she yelled. "Logan, stop it! You're
      hurting her!"

      Logan finally turned his head and looked at Rogue over his shoulder.
      She was naked, and that alone was enough to distract him, but he did
      not retract his claws, and maintained his firm hold of Mystique's
      throat. He had had so many dreams about Marie, about her young, firm
      body, about touching her untouchable soft skin, and making gentle
      love to her in a large bed with silken sheets. He passed his eyes
      over her body – probably his one and only chance to see her
      the clothing she always hid under – before turning back to give
      Mystique his undivided attention.

      Logan was still looking feral, but the look in his eyes had lost
      some of its deadly gleam. He finally retracted his claws, but did
      not release his hold of the blue woman's throat. Instead he
      her against the wall once more, and with a certain satisfaction
      watched her grimacing in pain.

      "What the hell were ya doin' here?!" he hissed in her
      face, his
      fangs exposed.

      "I…I came to see Marie…" Raven croaked, glancing over
      shoulder at Rogue, who was still regarding the scene with a shocked
      and puzzled expression on her face. Her eyes were wide open, and she
      was clenching her teeth so hard Raven could see her facial muscles
      flexing under her skin.

      "Let her go," she said once more, but in a much calmer voice
      time, sounding more like a plea than a command. "Logan, please.
      hasn't done anything to me."

      Logan moved his gaze between the two women, and wasn't quite sure
      who to trust. The shapeshifter was shrewd, no doubt about it, and
      she was also as slippery as an eel, and there was a chance she'd
      slip out of his hands if he loosened his hold but a little.

      Another thought suddenly occurred to Logan. If what Rogue said was
      true, then what the hell *had* they been doing?

      Hesitantly he released Mystique, who clutched at her sore throat,
      gulping for air, clearly relieved. She made no sign to move, but
      Logan was still watching her closely.

      "Please, Logan, get out," Rogue said, now blushing furiously.
      was aware that they had been caught in a *very* revealing position,
      and that she was now standing here before Logan, stark naked. Still,
      she stood her ground and resisted the urge to cover herself up with
      her arms. Instead, she let her hands hang along her sides, balled
      into fists.

      "The fuck, Marie…" Logan said, in a mixture of shock and
      disbelief. "Were you… No, fuck me, you can't mean

      The questions all seemed to hit Logan at the same time. How? Why?
      Mystique? When? Was Marie a…?

      "Marie, were you two… I mean… are ya a dyke?"

      "That's none of your business!" Rogue hissed in reply,
      furious at
      the condescending word Logan used to describe what she shared with
      Raven. "Why did you even come here? Jesus, can't you

      "What was I supposed to do?" Logan yelled in reply. "You
      fucking screaming, so I had to come in and see how you… And when
      saw her on top of you…What did you want me to think?!
      She's… she's
      an enemy!"

      "She is my lover!" Marie said, emphasizing every word.

      "I have to tell the professor," Logan said. "This is…
      outrageous. I
      can't believe you…"

      "No!" Rogue exclaimed ferociously and grabbed Logan's arm
      spasmodically. "Don't do that! I'm not going to see her
      This was our last time. Logan, please don't tell the professor,
      anyone else. At least not before we can talk. Please, leave now.
      I'll come by to see you later, okay? Please…until then…"

      Logan looked hesitant, and passed his eyes over to Mystique, who was
      still standing leaned against the wall, silent, rubbing the back of
      her head with her hand.

      "Okay," he agreed after a few moments of hesitation. "But
      if she
      hurts you…"

      "She won't," Rogue stated, and the tone of her voice was
      enough to convince Logan that she was right.

      Giving the two women one last look each, Logan then left the room,
      and was even considerate enough to close the door behind him.

      Raven breathed out when he was gone, and withdrew her hand from her
      head. A sticky, red substance covered it, and she knew it could be
      nothing but her own blood. The smash into the wall had caused her a
      wound, and apparently something else too, since she was feeling a
      bit light-headed.

      The two lovers regarded each other across the room for some time,
      without speaking, but they both had a pretty good idea what the
      other was thinking. Then Rogue saw the blood on Raven's hand.

      "What happened? Are you hurt?" she asked in a worried voice.

      "It's just a cut. I'll be fine," Mystique replied,
      wiping her
      bloodied hand on a tissue. "It's nothing."

      "I…I'm sorry…"

      "For what? It wasn't your fault, sweet thing."

      "Yes, it was," Rogue concluded sadly, realizing that her
      were probably what attracted Logan to her room. He was always so
      protective of her. If she didn't know better, she'd almost
      he was in love with her. Sweet Logan. She couldn't really blame
      for his actions. He had only done what was expected of him in a
      situation like that.

      "I should probably go now…" Mystique sighed, putting an end
      to the
      uncomfortable silence. "Erik's waiting for me."

      She approached the young woman, and bent down one last time to kiss
      her cheek, but only her cheek this time. They weren't lovers

      A large tear drop was slowly tricking down Rogue's pink cheek,
      Raven could feel the taste of it on her skin when she kissed her.

      "Don't cry, sweet thing," she tried, wiping the
      girl's tears away
      with her thumbs. "You'll find someone else. I'm sure you
      will. We
      just weren't meant to be together anyway."

      "Goodbye, Raven," Marie said in a thick voice, not wanting to
      postpone the inevitable any longer. "I do wish you well, despite
      that I really hate you for doing me this…"

      "I wish you well too, Marie," Mystique replied seriously, and
      the young woman wrapped her arms around her throat, clinging to her
      much like a frightened child not wanting to be separated from its
      mother. At last Raven felt forced to grab her wrist and pry her arms
      away, using little, or no force.

      "Goodbye, Marie," she said in a fairly neutral voice before
      into Bobby Drake again, in order to leave the X-mansion unnoticed.

      They exchanged one last brief glance, and this time Rogue did not
      try to stop her. Raven slipped out of her room, and started making
      her way toward an exit. Maybe they would never see each other again,
      or if they would, they'd meet as enemies during battle.
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