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Fic: "Special News" Logan/OC

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  • "Sunshine"
    The next chapter of my Into New Territory saga. Title: Special News Rated PG-13 for language and adult situations Disclaimer: I don t own any of the Marvel
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 7, 2004
      The next chapter of my "Into New Territory" saga.

      Title: Special News

      Rated PG-13 for language and adult situations

      Disclaimer: I don't own any of the Marvel characters, however the
      creation of Danielle aka Panther is mine.

      Feedback: Please!

      Summary: You gotta read it to find out - no spoilers here!

      Archiving: please with my permission - I would like to know where it's
      being saved.

      Danielle laid in bed next to a sleeping Logan. He was tuckered out
      from a hard day of play with his daughter. Jean Marie was fast
      approaching two years old and was running the Wolverine ragged. She
      had incredible energy and Logan wondered at times if he could ever
      keep up with her. The children of the Xavier School loved taking
      turns babysitting the youngster - her big smile and happy disposition
      and great energy kept the residents busy, and in many respects for new
      residents, allowed them to focus on something other than their
      troubles. And now, the fiesty Wolverine can all but say he met his
      match in a little girl of his own flesh and blood.

      There was a knock at the door and Danielle invited the guest in. It
      was Jean with Jean Marie and her own son, Patrick. She had taken
      charge of the youngster when Logan decided he needed a rest.

      "How's Logan doing?" Jean asked.

      "Look at him. She did him in again," Danielle giggled.

      Logan was sprawled out on his stomach and sound asleep - an arm
      hanging off one side of the bed, a leg over the other - not a pretty
      picture by any means.

      "She's giving him a run for his money, huh?" Jean asked.

      "It's so funny. He has the unending energy to fight bad guys or
      battle bullies in bar room brawls, and we won't even discuss his
      non-stop antics in bed, but he can't keep up with his own daughter!"
      Danielle said with a laugh.

      "That's exactly what he needed, though. He's found a direction in
      life instead of wandering aimlessly. He needed this - you, a family,
      and that little girl," Jean responded.

      "He did. Except there are times I don't know who the kid is - JM or
      Logan. He's just so into her," Danielle said.

      "I think many of us had no idea Logan had it in him - to be so devoted
      not only to you but to his child," Jean said.

      "He surprised us all, didn't he," Danielle said while brushing her
      fingers through his hair.

      "Danielle, when you get some time, could you come down to the medlab?
      I want to show you a few things," Jean said handing JM to Danielle.

      "Sure. How about tomorrow, say around 11. Logan's going out with JM
      and Yulanda - he's taking her to the zoo in the Bronx," Danielle replied.

      "Oh, that's good. We'll have plenty of time to chat then. I'll see
      you tomorrow. I gotta get Patrick to bed," Jean said.

      "Ya know, I am so surprised Logan and Scott haven't set up a baby
      pageant yet to compete over who's got the cutest and most talented
      baby," Danielle said.

      "Oh, you were doing riding lessons yesterday and missed when Logan and
      Scott were comparing notes on what their kids could do. It really was
      funny! I will have to fill you in on it tomorrow," Jean said.

      "See ya then. Goodnight," Danielle said.

      Jean waved goodnight and quietly closed the door.

      "You men just can't stop competing," Danielle said as she looked over
      the still sleeping Logan.

      She put Jean Marie to bed and attempted to slip into bed by Logan's
      side. Danielle tried to push Logan's body over but he was like dead
      weight. The only other thing she could resort to was pulling up his
      shirt and tickling his side. That always woke him up. He grabbed her
      hand just as she tugged his shirt.

      "I know what yer gonna do, darlin'," Logan said with a yawn.

      "Move yer ass over. Yer hoggin' the whole damned bed," Danielle said.

      Logan rolled over onto his back and Danielle curled up next to him
      laying her head on his shoulder. Almost instantly, Logan fell back
      asleep. Danielle quietly ran her hand over his chest and wondered
      what Jean might have to show her in the morning.


      "Come on, little darlin'. Daddy's taking ya somewhere special today,"
      Logan said picking Jean Marie up out of her crib.

      "Da da," Jean Marie said quickly wrapping her little arms around his neck.

      "You two be good. And Logan, don't go scarin' all the animals now,"
      Danielle playfully warned.

      "Why would I do that?" Logan said.

      Danielle narrowed her eyes in jest at him. Logan leaned over kissing
      Danielle gently.

      "I'll be back before six, ok?" Logan said.

      "Ya got everything?" Danielle asked as she swung the baby bag up onto
      Logan's shoulder.

      "All set - baby bag with baby goodies, tickets to the zoo in wallet,
      wallet in back pocket...oh, no... I forgot something," Logan said
      sounding a little frantic. "Where's the baby? Where's my little

      "Da Da, here," Jean Marie responded.

      "Oh, there's my little darlin'. Who loves ya?" Logan asked the child.

      "Me," Jean Marie responded hugging her father.

      "Give Daddy a kiss, sweetie," Logan said.

      The child instantly kissed her father and then hugged him tightly.
      Danielle smiled at how wonderful Logan was with Jean Marie. It never
      failed to amaze her that Logan was so capable of such gentleness. He
      was a walking killing machine, as she herself was, and in ways that
      always made Danielle feel good. No one, unless they were incredibly
      ignorant, would ever take on Logan or attempt to injure his child.
      But, despite the hot temper and animal instincts, Logan proved to be a
      loving doting father and that thought always made Danielle smile.

      "What are ya up to today?" Logan asked Danielle.

      "Some stuff with Jean. You have fun," Danielle said before receiving
      one last kiss from her husband.


      "Hi, Danielle. Look, I won't dilly dally around. I think this is
      pretty important and I wanted you to see it first. I don't want to
      get Logan's hopes up without thoroughly checking this out first," Jean
      said while turning on her computer.

      "OK, yer killin' me. What is it?" Danielle asked.

      "I had General Miller send me some files he had confiscated from
      William Stryker's base of operations. There were some interesting
      tidbits he stumbled across while reading through them. There's
      mention of a Logan Darrell Adams that was enlisted into the U.S. Army
      in 1972 - white male, 22 years old, son of Lillian and Mark Adams of
      Toronto, Canada. Blood type <A+>," Jean read off of the computer
      screen. "There's no picture or officer's number. That information
      seems to have been conveniently deleted and the listing says deceased
      as of 1978."

      "Yer thinkin' this might be our Logan?" Danielle asked.

      "The timing might fit perfectly. This file has all the detailed
      information on the experimentation on Subject #458-25-243," Jean said
      opening another data file.

      "That's Logan's dog tag number," Danielle replied.

      "Yes. But, there is no mention of a name - referal is made only to
      Subject 458-25-243 from here on out. No dates either. However,
      Stryker does make mention of "Wolverine" in a few of the passages,"
      Jean said.

      "But, this might be a start in tracking something down with the
      listing of the parents. Perhaps I could try to check that out,"
      Danielle said with a little excitement.

      "I think we could start with a blood typing test first. Can you get
      Logan down here without him suspecting anything?" Jean asked.

      "I could just tell him we are doin' an experiment to see what major
      bloodtype runs in the mutant population. I'm sure he'd volunteer a
      little donation," Danielle replied.


      "It's <A+>," Jean said to Danielle.

      "Holy Shit! We might have something," Danielle said with excitement.

      "Let's not get too crazy. This could just be coincidence," Jean said.


      Danielle began spending a great deal of time researching material on
      the Adams family name. She turned up a Mark J. Adams from Canada who
      was a member of the Canadian National Reserves and then moved to St.
      Petersburg, PA to join the US Army in 1945. He rose in rank to a
      General, married his long time love, Lillian in 1949, and had a son -
      Logan Adams in 1951 and another son, Drew, in 1955. Danielle wondered
      if Drew could still be alive. If he turned out to be Logan's brother,
      would he have the same mutation as Logan?

      She spent many more long hours on the computer and Logan became
      suspicious of her.

      "What are ya doin' spending so much time with Jean?" Logan asked as
      Danielle ran in to grab a bite to eat and run again.

      "Jean and I are workin' on a big project and it could mean a major
      breakthrough in some research she has been trying to move forward,"
      Danielle said while shoving a sandwich into her mouth. She halted for
      a moment seeing Logan lying in bed with his arms crossed behind his
      head. Jean Marie was sound asleep.

      "Oh, my God. I have been neglecting you both."

      "It's ok. I know ya get really passionate about a project. JM and I
      are enjoying our time together," Logan said.

      "Yeah, but it's no excuse to be ignoring you like this," Danielle said
      hopping into bed by Logan's side.

      She kissed him gently.

      "Can ya forgive me?" she asked.

      "Hum... I dunno. Actually, JM is sound asleep now. Why don't ya come
      here and show me how much ya love me," he slyly replied before pulling
      Danielle on top of him.

      Logan and Danielle quietly made love. Afterwards, Danielle got up and
      wrapped herself in the bedsheet. She sat by the window looking
      outside and deep in thought.

      Logan walked over to her standing behind her and rubbing her tensed
      shoulders. She stood up and he pressed his chest to her back and
      wrapped his arms around her. His hands rubbed her stomach and he
      pressed his lips to her shoulder. Danielle leaned into his embrace
      enjoying his affections. Then, she broke away and walked over to the
      bureau where she kept her special dose birth control pills.

      "Come back to bed, darlin'," he softly said.

      She was just about to pop the pill into her mouth when he strongly
      said, "Now, woman."

      Danielle eyed him suspiciously.


      He got up and quickly walked over to her. His hand opened hers and
      removed the pill.

      "Forget about this shit. I want to get you pregnant again," he said
      as he tossed the pill and the remainder of her script into the trash.

      Danielle looked deep into Logan's eyes.

      "Are ya sure?" she asked. "You wanna knock me up again?"

      Logan's eyes narrowed and he sniffed the change in her scent.

      "I think yer likin' the idea," he said as he pulled her close.

      He buried his face into the crook of her neck smelling her heightened
      arousal as he kissed her shoulder.

      "I wanna have a whole room full of babies, Danielle," he said as his
      hands grasped her hips pulling her closely to him.

      He held her body possessively close and began grinding against her.
      She panted with excitement and arousal. Again, he sniffed the change
      in her scent - her readiness for him.

      "I want ya to give me a son, Danielle - a little brother for Jean Marie."
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