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Fic: "When Love and Hate Collide" part 3

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  • "Sunshine"
    When Love and Hate Collide pt 3 Rated PG-13 for violence Disclaimer: I don t own any of the Marvel characters, however the creation of Danielle aka Panther is
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 7, 2004
      When Love and Hate Collide pt 3

      Rated PG-13 for violence

      Disclaimer: I don't own any of the Marvel characters, however the
      creation of Danielle aka Panther is mine.

      Feedback: Please!

      Summary: The continuing adventures of Wolverine and Panther. Mystique
      rekindles her interest in Wolverine and plays deadly games to capture him.

      Archiving: please with my permission - I would like to know where it's
      being saved.

      Mystique entered the room with a carry case in hand. She set it on
      the table off to the side. Logan lifted his head slowly. His body
      ached from being restrained, and he tried to ignore the discomfort.

      "You are some soldier, Wolverine. Pain means nothing to you,"
      Mystique said.

      Magneto entered the room. His proud strides carried him to stand
      before the wavering Wolverine.

      "So, your little feline friend is quite some fighter. She is
      recovering nicely, although I am sad to say it was a traumatic
      experience for her," Magneto said.

      "Traumatic?" Logan asked.

      "We did what we could with the least amount of pain. I am sure you
      remember having that alloy bonded to your bones. I nearly had to
      remold some of it to get it right," Magneto responded.

      A distressed look crossed Logan's face.

      "Oh, dear boy, please understand it was a dreadful procedure in the
      first place, and it was even worse trying to sift through pieces of
      broken bone. It's not like I am a doctor. Mystique did assist – her
      knowledge is more enhanced than mine. But, I assure you she will be
      just fine," Magneto answered.

      Logan's eyes were filled with a restrained fury. Magneto could sense
      that if he ever got free, there would be bloodshed.

      "Such anger I feel. Why?" Magneto asked.

      Logan didn't need to answer.

      "Ah, yes. There's that protective nature of the animal in your heart.
      You really should stop being everyone's watch dog," Magneto snidely
      remarked before leaving the room.


      Danielle's recovery would be considerably long and slow. Mystique led
      her into the room that held Wolverine captive. Danielle ran to him
      wrapping her arms around his midsection. Logan wished his arms were
      free to embrace her.

      "They are letting you go," Logan whispered.

      "Me? What about you?" she asked.

      "Get outta here!" Logan yelled trying to push Danielle away.

      Tears began to stream down her face.

      "Tell Jean Marie I love her," Logan said before Sabertooth roughly
      pulled Danielle away.

      Logan lowered his head hating himself for yelling at her, but he
      needed to know she would be safely on her way home.

      "Very touching. I wonder how that little girl will feel when she is
      old enough to understand what her father is really all about?"
      Mystique asked slyly.

      Logan looked angrily at Mystique as she giggled softly.

      "Now, I have you all to myself, huh, big boy," she said while tracing
      her finger around his chin.

      "Why can't you leave me alone?" he growled.

      "What is it that furball has that I don't?" Mystique angrily asked.

      "I can't begin to tell you. More than you will ever have," Logan
      retorted as his voice strained.

      Logan snarled deeply before she injected him with another drug.
      Slowly, he became a bit more subdued.

      "What an awesome pairing we would make," Mystique giggled. "You, me
      and a little one of our own," she replied saucily.

      "Never," he said drowsily.

      "Trust me, darling. You will soon forget about her," Mystique replied.


      Sabertooth escorted Danielle into another room with metal walls. He
      sat with her for a few moments then kneeling down beside her, he
      dragged a clawed finger around her face and he eyed her most curiously.

      "They ain't lettin' me go?" Danielle said.

      The hulking beast said nothing.

      "Hey, no time for love," Toad snorted as he passed by.

      Sabertooth growled. He found Danielle most intriguing and the feline
      in her was very attractive to him.


      It seemed like weeks had passed since the last time she had seen
      Logan. Magneto and Sabertooth constantly visited her. The stress
      Danielle had been feeling was showing in her eyes and her body.
      Mystique kept her prisoner as a play thing. The blue mutant enjoyed
      tormenting her by not allowing her to eat or making loud sounds that
      would keep her awake.

      Mystique played with Logan too - enjoying watching him try to get free
      whenever she teased him with ideas of how she would eventually kill
      Panther or how she would make him see how she and him really belonged

      Logan looked deep into the golden eyes of Mystique. An odd sort of
      feeling filled the pit of his empty stomach. Somehow, he felt a
      strange fascination in the blue mutant. This time in her captivity
      left him unable to deny that she had an unusual sort of beauty and her
      confident nature was rather enticing too. But then his mind would
      drift back to the feline beauty he thought was waiting for his

      return and the young child wanting her father. He glanced over to his
      restrained hand – his wedding band was missing.

      "You should eat something, darling," Mystique said raising a plate
      with a steaming steak on it.

      The smell of the seared meat filled Logan's nostrils. It had been
      several days since he had eaten. His body craved food.

      "Where's my ring?" he asked.

      "What ring? I didn't see a ring," Mystique said as she lifted a piece
      of steak to Logan's mouth.

      He lunged for it just as she pulled it back out of his reach. She
      giggled knowing she was tormenting him. Mystique finally fed him.
      Then, she began caressing him – her hand gently exploring the contours
      of his chest and shoulders. It began to disgust Logan, but he knew he
      might have to resort to extremes in order to make his escape. The
      soldier turned off his emotions as Mystique began kissing him.

      "I can't do much in this position," Logan said between kisses.

      "You really think I would be that stupid to let you go? Not yet,
      darling. I don't trust you yet," Mystique snickered.


      The X Team began to fear the worst. There were no signs of either
      Danielle or Logan to be found in any of their searches. It became so
      frustrating that even Magneto's compound could not be located, even
      after all these years. Yet, John remembered a few things when he was
      taken there.

      "It's out over the ocean – an island maybe. A very small island just
      big enough for the large metal house," John said.

      "Are you sure?" Scott asked.

      "Positive," John replied.

      The team frantically began searching again. They used every resource
      available to them and finally the one small island was located.

      "We will have to be very careful how we do this," Scott said.

      "You know they are never going to just let us in," Ororo replied.

      "Yes, but we have a trump card here – me," John said. "I've been
      there. I know the layout of the place and I have a pretty damned good
      idea where they might be holding them," he added.

      They planned to attack late at night when the inhabitants were asleep.
      The entrance was open. There were no locked doors. John walked down
      the expansive hall and looked into the window of one of the rooms.
      Inside was Danielle. He opened the door and went in followed by the
      rest of the team. She was lying on the floor - cold, hungry, and sad.

      "Danielle, oh my God, yer still alive," John said sitting down next to

      She weakly lifted her head and took his hand.

      "Jean Marie is fine. She misses you," Jean said to reassure her.

      Danielle looked up to the other X Team members.

      "Why don't you stay here and let me look for Logan," John said.

      They agreed and John left in silence. With the stealth of a predator,
      he searched the other rooms down the hall until he found
      Logan. He walked in awaking an exhausted Logan.

      "How the hell do we get you loose?" John asked.

      "I dunno. These restraints are adamantium and I can't even get a claw
      on them," Logan said.

      John looked around.

      "There has to be something. Hey, would you trust Scott to blast you
      free?" John asked.

      "I dunno if he can. Guess it's worth a shot," Logan agreed.

      "I know – Danielle could free ya. She's got them metal claws too,"
      John said with excitement.

      "Danielle's still here? They were going to let her go," Logan said
      with surprise.

      "Never trust these guys. They say one thing and do something else.
      Especially that bitch, Mystique," John said.

      Danielle and Logan were happily reunited. She popped a single claw
      and opened the lock freeing Logan. He stretched his aching muscles as
      Danielle quickly massaged him trying to relieve the pain caused by the

      Just as they were to leave, Sabertooth and Toad were standing in the
      doorway. Mystique entered the room after them.

      "And just where do you think you are taking my prize?" Mystique asked.

      "You have something of mine, bitch!" Danielle said as she stood in
      front of Logan.

      "What are you going to do about it?" Mystique asked.

      "I want him back. We want to go home to our daughter," Danielle replied.

      Mystique laughed deeply.

      "NOW!" Danielle cried out.

      "You can't leave. We won't let ya," Toad replied.

      Danielle and Logan stood back to back with claws extended. Toad
      approached from one side while Sabertooth did from the other side. It
      would seem a hopeless battle for the Brotherhood. The feral mutants
      were ready for battle and bloodshed if necessary.

      "Mystique, call off your dogs. This battle isn't worth fighting,"
      Magneto called out. "You will never win his heart."

      "You should have let her die when I asked you too. He will never be
      mine as long as she lives," Mystique angrily replied.

      "Mystique, darling, you can be anyone and have anyone. Let this one
      go," Magneto pleaded softly.

      "Kill them both first!" Mystique cried out.

      "Why are you doing this? Why are you trying to break up a family?"
      John cried out standing in front of Logan and Danielle.

      Everyone looked to John unsure of how to respond to his words. Jean
      felt a deep sympathy for him feeling his desire to be accepted and
      having wished to have his family again. It was something he always
      craved – the love of parents and siblings.

      "Because I am the better choice for Wolverine. I have been him - I
      know him - what he wants, what he likes," Mystique responded.

      "So, that's why you tortured me and drugged me? I see - for love,"
      Logan snidely replied.

      "I do love you, darling," Mystique said.

      Danielle's anger began to flare immensely. Without any control, she
      morphed into a 300-pound black panther. Her eyes had turned the most
      brilliant golden color and her midnight black coat shined under the
      bright lights. The members of the X Team stood paralyzed by what they
      witnessed, and Mystique took a few steps back in fear.

      Mystique listened to the low rumble of a deep throaty growl as Panther
      circled her. Alloy claws popped from her front paws and with
      incredible speed Panther raced after Mystique pouncing on her and
      knocking her down.

      Panther began ravaging Mystique with bites from 4-inch fangs and tore
      at her body with alloy claws. Mystique became Wolverine and fought
      back as best she could with claws of her own. Panther's anger raged
      at fever pitch, but Mystique was able to get in a few good licks
      wounding Panther. Toad and Sabertooth tried to help Mystique, but
      Panther was strong and unrelenting.

      It wasn't long before Panther backed away leaving Mystique bloodied
      but alive.

      "Your infatuation with him isn't worth us getting killed," Toad scolded.

      "I knew I should have just killed her," Mystique said. She vowed revenge.

      Meanwhile, Panther darted down one of the hallways looking for a way
      to escape. The sound of deep growls echoed against the metal walls.

      "Danielle, come back," Scott called out.

      John raced down the hallway with Logan right behind. Logan could
      smell blood and followed the trail down the hallway. She became
      trapped in a room.

      "Danielle, please. You helped me. Now, let me help you," John begged
      as he entered the room. Logan pulled his shoulder.

      "You better let me go, kid. She seems pretty pissed off," Logan said

      Several silent minutes seemed to pass and the growling stopped. The
      sound of paw pads on metal was heard as Panther slowly made her way
      into the open. She sat down in front of Logan, who knelt down near
      her. He took her right paw in his hand lifting it up. There was a
      trail of blood from the shoulder down but no wound could be seen.

      "What the hell happened?" Logan asked as he looked Panther over.

      John sat down near her and admired her.

      "Ya gotta admit that was one hell of a cat fight," John giggled.

      "That's my girl – always kickin' ass," Logan said just as Panther
      morphed back into her human form.

      "Damn, woman. I had no idea you had that in ya," Logan said.

      "I told ya I would kill to keep ya," Danielle giggled.

      The Team exited the Brotherhood compound peacefully. Magneto had a
      few scolding words with Mystique which only incited more of her fury.

      Back at the mansion, Danielle and Logan were reunited with Jean Marie,
      who stretched out her arms for her parents.

      "We are gonna have some stories to tell her when she gets older,"
      Logan snickered.

      "Yes, we will," Danielle replied.
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