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Fic: "When Love and Hate Collide" pt 2

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  • "Sunshine"
    When Love and Hate Collide pt 2 Rated PG-13 for violence Disclaimer: I don t own any of the Marvel characters, however the creation of Danielle aka Panther is
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 7, 2004
      When Love and Hate Collide pt 2

      Rated PG-13 for violence

      Disclaimer: I don't own any of the Marvel characters, however the
      creation of Danielle aka Panther is mine.

      Feedback: Please!

      Summary: The continuing adventures of Wolverine and Panther. Mystique
      rekindles her interest in Wolverine and plays deadly games to capture him.

      Archiving: please with my permission - I would like to know where it's
      being saved.

      Mystique watched the loving couple play with their young child. It
      was a touching scene that began to incite a fury in Mystique's dark
      heart. It nauseated her thoroughly. She had always been strongly
      attracted to the feral man and had promised herself an opportunity to
      claim him some day. But first, she had to get rid of her competition.
      She could kill two birds with one stone, so to speak - get Wolverine
      for herself and get him to join the Brotherhood.

      One thing Mystique knew was the protective nature of the feral parents
      for their offspring as well as for each other. She had to get the
      female alone – to fight her one on one.

      She returned to the Brotherhood compound to begin plotting. Magneto
      liked her ideas and agreed to assist her.

      Mystique followed Panther and child one late afternoon as they walked
      down the street in town. She was lucky that she was upwind or the
      scent of the imposing threat would have alarmed Panther.

      Toad leaped out from the shadows scaring both adult and child.
      Sabertooth snatched up the child as Toad occupied Panther. The
      fighting would seem to go on forever. It was bloody and furious.

      Danielle managed to retrieve her child and shielded Jean Marie as
      Sabertooth pummeled her with blow after blow of his talons. Toad
      joined the attack kicking her down to the ground from behind. As the
      Brotherhood warriors beat her down, she tried to fight back while
      guarding her offspring.

      Back at the School, Jean sensed the trouble Danielle was in and tuned
      into Danielle's mind seeing the fighting going on as Kurt quickly
      teleported to the scene to assist.

      Nightcrawler appeared and made off with Jean Marie teleporting her
      back to the mansion and into the safety of Wolverine's arms. He was
      anxious to return to help Danielle.

      Claws appeared and the slashing began. Several strikes put Toad out
      of the fight. It seemed to be the end of the battle as Danielle
      started to run down the street towards her car. She knew she had
      taken an incredible beating feeling great pain of several torn muscles
      and internal bleeding. She needed time to heal.

      But, it was the craftiness of Mystique who stopped Panther before she
      could reach her vehicle. Mystique is as smart as she is deadly. Her
      knowledge of Panther went beyond the facts of her ability to heal and
      her response to situations through instinct. Mystique managed to
      outplay Panther as they battled, and she held Panther out in the open
      until Magneto turned up.

      Mystique stepped back allowing her leader to finish the job.
      Panther's adamantium skeleton was no match for Magneto's powers. The
      fight would end here. Danielle slumped to the ground feeling her ribs
      buckling under Magneto's hand. The broken shards of bone and alloy
      pierced Danielle's lungs filling them with blood.

      Kurt tried to take Magneto's attention away from Danielle. When
      Magneto tried to attack Kurt, he would teleport around. Sabertooth
      was too slow to keep up with Kurt and didn't bother to try. Kurt
      dodged both Magneto and Mystique keeping them occupied until the other
      Team members arrived. Several local residents also joined in. They
      tried to fight off the Brotherhood, but to no avail. Kurt was
      surprised – it was the first time humans and mutants were fighting

      Jean sensed the trauma of the injuries as if they were occurring to

      "Logan!" Jean called. Wolverine was panicked by Jean's outburst.

      "She's in big trouble, Logan!" Jean said of Danielle's situation. "I
      feel her. I am with her."

      "Where is she?" Logan asked angrily.

      Jean tried to focus. She closed her eyes tightly and sank into deep
      thought. The pain was intense and Jean began to feel faint.

      "She's across town. Mystique and Magneto...she's dying," Jean faded
      off dropping to her knees. Scott held her close.

      "But, she can't die!" Logan yelled.

      Logan's eyes narrowed with restrained fury – his heart breaking that
      his Danielle was in trouble and he wasn't there for her.

      Storm and Scott flew the jet in silence.

      Mystique and Magneto laughed as they disappeared down the alleyway.
      Now, it would be a matter of time before Mystique could make her move
      to capture Wolverine for herself and the Brotherhood. She knew
      Panther would die this time and Wolverine would be alone. The child
      was of no consequence in Mystique's golden yellow eyes.

      Danielle lay silent and still on the ground – her body damaged
      severely and not healing. Jean sensed the intensity of her injuries
      and knew deep down inside her gut that there was little hope of saving
      her. Danielle's healing abilities were unable to mend the crushed
      bones and alloy. Even surgery seemed out of the question. Danielle's
      pulse had all but faded away and her eyes were unresponsive to Jean's
      pen light.

      Logan crouched down by Danielle's side gently resting her in his lap.
      He held her close feeling the vibrant life slipping into death. She
      almost seemed to look into his eyes before heaving a final breath.
      Logan howled – his distressed voice filling the streets with the
      sounds of his pain and anger. The residents that had tried to fight
      realized that even mutants had feelings.

      Logan lifted her limp body into his arms and looked over the form that
      had been so full of life, passion, and love. Logan held her close and
      still not believing she was now gone. He turned to his teammates.

      "Fly us to Canada," he ordered.

      "Where in Canada?" Storm asked.

      "There is a place there that she loved," Logan replied blankly – his
      emotions hidden.

      They boarded the jet and Jean followed Logan's directions.

      The place was near Alkali Lake – a camping site along the water's edge
      where he and Danielle spent many of their getaways. The jet landed
      and Logan carried Danielle's body outside. The rest of the team
      followed but stayed back giving Logan some space.

      He sat down with her – her body lying across his lap and her face
      nestled into the crook of his neck.

      "I know how much you loved it here," Logan said.

      Jean began feeling his emotions flooding through the wall he put up.
      The team slowly approached him sensing his need of support and comfort.

      Scott laid his hand on Logan's shoulder. Tears were streaming down
      Logan's face. His pent up emotions were slowly being freed.

      "She always loved it here," Logan choked out.

      "It's ok, Logan. We are all here for you," Storm said before turning
      to Jean and sobbing.

      "Do you want me to help you..." Scott trailed off knowing Logan was
      eying a place to bury her.

      Logan lifted her up and approached a tree that overlooked the lake.
      The scene before him was peaceful and beautiful. The lake waters were
      calm and there were flowers blooming all around. He turned his
      attention to the limp body that he held in his arms.

      "She would like it here," Logan said.

      He knelt down laying her body on the ground. The tears continued to
      fall in silent expression of his wounded heart.

      "Logan, if you need us to do anything..." Storm began. His painful
      look was enough to know he appreciated her offer.

      Scott began cutting away at the earth with several optic blasts. As
      the team gathered around, Logan knelt down near Danielle. His finger
      traced the outline of her face. He sat with her unable to accept her
      death. Once her body is claimed by her new resting place, he knew he
      would have to let her go and return home to tell his daughter her
      mother was not coming home. He picked her up again tightly holding
      her close – there was no movement, no warmth, no response. She was
      really gone. Tears began flowing freely again and this time from all
      team members.

      Scott approached Logan laying his hand on his shoulder.

      "Logan, you have to let her go," Scott said.

      Logan buried his face into Danielle. Letting her go was nothing he
      wanted to do. His hurt was voiced again and the birds in the trees
      flew away in fright.

      Jean, Ororo and Scott surrounded Logan. The solemn look on their
      faces mirrored Logan's expression of pain and loss. Scott gently
      grasped Danielle's wrist wanting to pull her hand to his lips to kiss
      it. Ororo and Jean stroked Danielle's hair.

      Scott was unsure, but he thought he felt something. Scott tapped
      Jean's shoulder in order to get her attention. Jean grasped
      Danielle's wrist. It was hard to believe but it was indeed true –
      there was a pulse – a weak one, but it was nevertheless there.

      "Logan, I can't believe it but she's alive," Jean said softly.

      Logan raised his eyes to Jean – the look of shock obviously overtaking
      him. Was this some sick joke, he wondered? Jean would never do such
      a thing – he knew that in his gut. They all rushed inside the jet
      where Logan laid Danielle down in one of the chairs. Jean gently
      opened one of Danielle's eyes and flashed a pen light across it. Sure
      enough, her pupil dilated with response to the sudden flash of light.
      Logan grasped Jean's shoulder with enthusiasm and hope.

      The jet rocked unexpectedly. Storm cried out that Magneto was outside
      along with Toad, Mystique and Sabertooth. Magneto's powers kept the
      jet from being able to fly off.

      The X Team rushed outside to defend their jet and fallen comrade.
      Battle ensued. Optic blasts from Cyclops sent Toad onto his backside.
      Wolverine fought his primal enemy Sabertooth until Mystique knocked
      Wolverine unconscious. Storm tried to occupy Magneto with blasts of
      wind. Mystique maneuvered her way inside and stole away with
      Panther's body. As Cyclops, Storm and Jean were backed into the jet
      and trapped inside, Magneto and his Brotherhood made off with Panther
      and Wolverine.


      Logan opened his eyes. He was chained to a wall of metal. It was
      cold and dark, and he knew instinctively that he was in the fortress
      of the Brotherhood. He could smell Sabertooth – his scent lingered in
      Logan's nostrils so strongly that he memorized its distinctiveness
      from any other mutant or human he had ever encountered.

      "Wolverine," a familiar male voice sounded from the darkness.

      "What do you want with me?" Logan replied while trying to break the
      chains that held him captive.

      "You will never get free, Wolverine. Those restraints are made from
      the same adamantium inside you," Magneto said.

      Logan growled softly.

      "Intimidating sounds you make – they don't scare me," Magneto laughed.

      He raised his hand and pinched his fingers together. Logan could feel
      his body being squeezed from inside as if his ribs were being crushed.
      Then, the pain let up.

      "Would you like to feel what your darling Panther felt before she
      died?" Magneto asked.

      "Why are you doing this to me? What the hell do you want?" Logan
      stammered out.

      "I wish to strike a deal with you. I will repair your precious
      Panther if you vow to join me," Magneto said.

      "She will never tolerate the procedure," Mystique said as she
      sauntered in.

      "You bitch!" Logan snarled.

      Mystique laughed.

      "You have only one love, Wolverine – yourself. No matter what, the
      animal in you remains a solitary beast," Mystique said.

      "Is that what you think?" Logan asked.

      "You can never change who you really are," Mystique giggled.

      "I have to say she is right. Even Charles Xavier knows this," Magneto

      "What are you trying to say?" Logan asked.

      "He knows everything about what you have been searching for – the
      mystery of who you really are has been known to Xavier since well
      before you were even brought to the School," Magneto replied.

      "Xavier knows everything?" Logan again questioned.

      "Xavier knows – he has betrayed and lied to you all this time,
      Wolverine. He has led you on wild goose chases for years now when all
      along he has had the information you have been desperately looking
      for," Magneto said.

      Logan's eyes narrowed. His heart pounded with fury. It was so loud
      that even Magneto could hear it.

      "Think about my proposal. Your feline friend doesn't have much time,"
      Magneto said before leaving the room.

      Mystique walked over to Logan. Gently, she slid her scaly blue hand
      over his chest. He glanced down watching her hand slide over his
      sweaty flesh, but her touch didn't stimulate any response from him
      other than feeling disgusted.

      "This was all your doing," Logan said.

      "Yes...but it was for all of us. You know I can be anyone you want,"
      Mystique said morphing into Danielle.

      "You can never be her and I would never want you – EVER!" Logan
      snorted in anger.

      "The war is far from over and we could use a warrior like you,"
      Mystique giggled.

      "Never. I would rather die," he replied.

      "So will your precious Panther – if you don't join us," Mystique
      snorted while pulling a choker collar tight around Logan's neck.

      "I will never join you," he said while trying to breathe.

      "Maybe you need a little persuading," she said before leaving him.
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