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"Alkali Secrets" Chapter 2, Logan/OC [PG-13] X2

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  • lilyanialeigh
    Alkali Secrets Chapter 2, Logan/OC [PG-13] X2 Title: Alkali Secrets author: Megan Ellyson (lilyanialeigh@yahoo.com) (brief) summary: Logan goes in search of
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      "Alkali Secrets" Chapter 2, Logan/OC [PG-13] X2

      Title: Alkali Secrets
      author: Megan Ellyson (lilyanialeigh@...)

      (brief) summary: Logan goes in search of more truth to his past and
      heads back to Alaska. What he does not except to find is a mutant
      with a familiar feel. Could she know about his past? Is there more
      to Alkali Lake that meets the eye? He seeks an answer to what they
      were doing at that facility.

      Rating/warning & pairing (if applicable): PG-13

      Feedback: Open to any feedback

      Alkali Secrets - Chapter Two

      Logan took a few steps outside the bar to look for the young mutant
      who had an interesting vibe about her. He could sense her scent
      which was almost fearful of being found. The scent lingered in the
      air like an addictive perfume that was to cuddle itself around his
      lungs. His thoughts were dazed at the idea of trying to remember her
      or some kind of indication that he knows her. The snow was falling
      down like feathers in the wind. Logan finally caught the trail of
      the mutant's scent and started towards an abandoned barn just a
      little into the woods.

      He opened the heavy wooden doors and felt the warmth of a fire from
      the upstairs. He saw the honey colored straw with a coal black horse
      munching the straw. Logan heard the murmured cries of the lady from
      in the loft. Her sweet scent of cucumber lotion brushed through the
      air and into Logan's grasp. That simple scent brought to life a
      memory of a scarlet light hanging over a table. Him and another were
      strapped to it and having blood taken from both. A scream shattered
      the dream like stage that Logan was intoxicated in.

      Logan slowly made his way quietly up the wooden ladder to the loft.
      In the distant corner, curled up in near a lantern, was the auburn
      haired mutant from the bar. She was shaking due to the cold and her
      actions at the bar. Her emerald eyes glanced up at Logan as she
      began to hide further in the corner. The remains of tears were
      stained on her jade-scaled face. The spines stuck out of her
      forearms like jagged teeth to protect her.

      "I won't hurt you," Logan stated peacefully. "Don't be afraid." He
      slowly made his way towards Medusa.

      Medusa lifted her face again to meet Logan's. All she could do was
      look in terror at what she was and at why he followed her. "Why are
      you here?" She questioned. She was frightened but not by him. It was
      what she was that terrified her, the monster she becomes because of
      her mutation.

      Logan looked directly at her, "I am not sure." He sat down near the
      warming lantern. "I am Logan. I am not going to hurt you."

      "Medusa," she said starting to get more comfortable with Logan being
      there. "Medusa Leigh, well at least, is all I remember." Medusa
      covered her self with one of the old horse blankets lying near her.
      Her eyes went to Logan's knuckles, "You have them like me."

      "Adamantium metal," he stated looking at her emerald eyes. "You
      don't remember how you got them?"

      "No, not really. My dreams are haunted by these visions or
      something. Then I turn into the monster you see. All I have is an ID
      tag with the name MEDUSA on it and a post card that says the name
      Leigh. I thought it was mine so I thought my name must have been

      "I had one that said WOLVERINE."

      Medusa was shocked to know that she wasn't alone in this. She
      changed back to her pale ivory smooth flesh in a matter of seconds.
      She uncovered her arms, face, and torso to be more comfortable with
      her own skin. "So are we the same?" she asked quietly.

      "I don't know." Logan answered solemnly. "Do you remember anything?"

      Medusa face became consumed with a confused look. "Just what I kind
      of remember from nightmares and what I saw at the bar after I took
      your order."

      "What are they?"

      "Screams mine, I think, and another's. Men talking saying names,
      ideas, operations. Flashing lights, needles, pain, fearÂ…..death."

      "DamnÂ…Sounds like Alkali Lake."

      "Alkali Lake?" Medusa questioned.

      "It was a military research facility. I was there and escaped. A man
      named Stryker created me. And I guess, you too. But there are so
      many things left unknown."

      "Like what?"

      Logan paused for a moment, "Like why don't I remember you? Or why
      didn't the professor tell me about there being another mutant if you
      are from there."

      Medusa stared at the ground wondering who he meant by the professor.
      She was left more confused that when she started talking. Although a
      feeling of joy was building in her to finally after about fifteen
      years that she had been lost, that she was finally going to be able
      to answer hopefully all her questions. "Logan, how do you know all
      this about what happened to you?"

      "I found someone who could read my mind. He was able to unlock my
      mind and memories."

      "Can he help me too?"

      "I'm sure."

      "Are you hungry?"

      "Huh?" Logan was shocked from the question.

      "Are you hungry, Logan?" Medusa asked again. Her voice was smoother
      since she was becoming calmer. Her smile graced her face and made
      her shine with hope.

      Logan answered, "a little."

      "I have some food around here. It isn't much, but it is eatable."
      Medusa got up and walked towards a small cooler.

      Logan just watched her walk lightly towards the bluish cooler. Her
      steps were in perfect rhythm with the nature around her. She looks
      so at home, but even he knew she must have a past. She didn't belong
      here, in this tiny little barn, with not even plumbing or a bed.

      Medusa sat down next to Logan and handed a brown rumpled bag with
      sandwiches in it. Medusa reached in the bag she had and took a small
      bite from her sandwich. She looked at the lantern and the warmth
      brought her blood flowing faster. She looked at Logan, "is it okay?"

      "It is fine," he answered. "You live here?"

      "Yep, it isn't much, but it is shelter."

      "I have a motel room in town. You shouldn't have to sleep in a barn."

      "I don't want to be a bother."

      "Not at all," Logan said smiling.

      "If you are sure I won't be a problem. I will take you up on the
      offer." Medusa smiled slightly at Logan's offer. She couldn't
      believe someone could be that nice to her. Her being a freak and him
      seeming to accept her for being what she is.

      Logan grabbed the lantern and a few of the blankets that were on the
      floor. "Let's go before it gets too cold." He said heading to leave
      the barn. Medusa followed him to the door of the barn to lock the
      doors. They walked into the snow and started back towards the motel
      which Logan's motorcycle was parked.
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