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FIC: X-Book 3: Within the Storm, PG-13, Chpt 12

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    Title: X-Book 3: Within the Storm - Chapter Twelve: X-Men vs. the Brotherhood, part I By: Kath713/Leen713 Rating: PG-13 (violence, language) Genre: Crossover,
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      Title: X-Book 3: Within the Storm - Chapter Twelve: X-Men vs. the
      Brotherhood, part I

      By: Kath713/Leen713

      Rating: PG-13 (violence, language)

      Genre: Crossover, SPOILERS FOR X2

      Summary: see prologue for book 3

      Disclaimer: I own nothing in regards to the Marvel characters or
      any character from a previously published source portrayed in this

      Reviews: Any feedback would be great and is appreciated!


      Chapter 12:

      Nightcrawler disappeared in a cloud of smoke as Sabertooth's fist
      swung toward him. He reappeared at the other end of the hall and
      called out to the others.

      "There's someone here!" he said, and heard Cyclops and
      Wolverine running toward him. The hall was fairly wide, and the X-
      Men arrived at the entrance just as Sabertooth stepped in from the
      other end.

      There was a moment of silence, until the large mutant began to
      growl. Wolverine bared his teeth viciously and a metallic snick was
      heard as he unsheathed his claws. The two enemies regarded each
      other patiently, before pacing down the hall.

      "Logan..." Cyclops said, but he was ignored. The predators
      had their targets now, all else faded away into the shadows. Their
      pace quickened, and broke into a run.

      Sabertooth roared and Wolverine challenged with his own.

      Cyclops charged after Logan, until a wall of flame tore across his
      path. He and Nightcrawler jumped backward as the fire flowed in a
      practiced line and then was drawn back. The two raging fighters
      were occupied with each other, and another figure walked down the

      Pyro was grinning broadly, his eye shining from the light of the
      fire. Cyclops looked at the boy warily. No trace of the student he
      had known was evident now, and he heard John Allerdyce chuckle

      "Hey, Teach," Pyro called, "How are things at nursery

      Cyclops leveled his ruby gaze at him and spoke firmly.

      "John..." he said, commandingly, "Stop this..."

      "Pyro," his former student hissed back angrily. He was
      pointing his index finger at Cyclops as he spoke, his burning
      lighter held firmly in the palm with his other digits.

      "Don't talk to me like I've ever been anything but
      Pyro," he continued viciously.

      "John," Cyclops repeated firmly, watching the anger rise in
      the boy's face, "I know you have a friend lost in here
      somewhere...so do we. This is not the place for..."

      "A Brother!" Pyro shouted, "A part of the Brotherhood is
      in here...but I doubt he's lost. My other Brother over
      there...he's gonna tear the Wolverine apart. What did you ever
      teach us about brotherhood? Huh? What did you ever teach us that
      was truth?"

      Months of anger poured out of Pyro's throat, he was finally able
      to express all the injustice he felt toward Xavier and his school.

      "Well...guess what I've learned now..." Pyro said, his
      face molding again into a wicked grin, and a fireball formed in his
      palm, "I've learned...I have the power...and now you'll
      learn that,

      The ball of fire flew towards Cyclops and Nightcrawler, who dodged
      separate ways as it flew down the hall. As the smoke cleared, they
      could hear Pyro chuckling again.

      Cyclops looked over to Nightcrawler, who was on his feet quickly.

      "I'll distract him," Cyclops said in a low voice,
      "See if you can teleport over there and get that lighter away

      Nightcrawler nodded and disappeared. Cyclops stood quickly and
      walked toward Pyro. He could have easily disarmed the boy with a
      shot from his visor, but he would be damned if he would open fire on
      one of his students...even if the student was trying to harm him.

      Wolverine swung his clawed fist toward his raging enemy, but the
      large mutant evaded the blades. Sabertooth growled and lashed out
      with his own clawed fingers and the blow met Wolverine's arm.

      The X-Man staggered a step, but felt the injuries healing almost

      Wolverine slammed one adamantium-lined arm into Sabertooth chest and
      the large mutant flew backward against the wall. With feline
      reflexes he recouped and lunged at Wolverine again.

      The battle was loud, and the sounds of their struggle echoed down
      the dark corridors.


      The three ex-prisoners marched in a line down one corridor. Toad
      walked in front, turning them left and right through the underground
      tunnels, deciding their route based on the piping and mechanical
      devices he saw. He had worked on and helped build a much larger
      underground fortress for over a decade, and he had a sense for the
      right direction to the outside.

      Rebecca followed second, walking with her arms folded against the
      chill, which was still enough to make her shiver even through her
      power to heat the air around her. She kept her eyes focused on
      Toad, because he would dart around corners without warning, and
      could hear the X-Man close on her heels.

      Gambit followed last, listening behind them as they moved, and
      occasionally glancing over his shoulder. There were many corners
      and corridors for enemies to hide and surprise them as they passed.
      It reminded him of walking along the streets of New Orleans at
      night, staying cautious by allies and old abandoned manor houses,
      which could be hiding any sort of mugger or pickpocket.

      None of them spoke, much to Toad's relief, but each silent step
      put him more on guard. They were bound to meet with resistance
      eventually; question was...where is everyone?

      Toad exhaled slowly, and realized he could see his breath. The hall
      was definitely getting colder, and he hoped that was a good sign
      they were reaching a way out. He hated the cold, whether that was a
      genetic throwback due to his amphibious mutation...he really did not
      care. He just hated the bloody cold. He was tempted to take a step
      back into Rebecca's little bubble of slightly warmer air, but
      refused to allow his discomfort to become a weakness.

      "Mon Deux," he heard the X-Man mutter, "Do they have the
      fucking A.C. on or what? How you holding up, chere?"

      "Not too bad..." Rebecca said, giving him a barely believable
      grin, "Is it always this cold underground?"

      No, Toad thought but did not speak. There was something odd about
      the sudden temperature drop.

      "I don't know," Gambit replied, "Xavier's secret
      underground halls are actually quite pleasant..."

      "Will you two shut up?" Toad hissed, feeling growing unease
      as they moved. There was some thing wrong here, he suddenly felt
      like his sense of direction was off. Like they were heading deeper
      into the mountain instead of out...

      They reached a fork in the tunnel and Toad paused. Gambit and
      Rebecca walked up beside him and each examined the halls. One was
      wider, better lit, and seemed to get brighter as it went on. The
      other was darker, and seemed to slope downward from where they were.

      "That looks like it leads out," Rebecca said, glancing up the
      lighted passage and Gambit nodded and looked relieved.

      But Toad was glaring into the light suspiciously. The hall looked
      more promising, but also seemed to be much colder than the other
      passage. Something about the light unnerved him, though he did not
      know why.

      "What do you think?" Rebecca asked, and it took Toad a moment
      before he realized she was speaking to him. He shifted uncertainly.

      "I'm not sure," he said softly, frowning deeply.

      Gambit shrugged, "None of us are sure. But that way seems to go
      up...and hopefully out. Besides, what did that movie say? `Go
      into the light,' no?"

      "Actually," Rebecca said doubtfully, "They said
      `DON'T go into the light'..."

      Toad rolled his eyes and then shook off his unwanted fear.

      "Come on..." he said, and began to head up the brighter
      hallway. Before he took more than a few steps, he heard a very
      familiar roar echoing from the darker passage.

      The three of them turned in surprise, but Toad suddenly grinned

      Before the other two could react, Toad bolted down the dark hall,
      grabbing Rebecca by the arm and dragging her along.

      "Hey!" she cried as the stronger mutant pulled her roughly
      into the darkness, "What...ow! What are you doing?"

      "Pussy's meowin'," Toad said, "Magneto'll be
      this way."

      Gambit did not stop moving after them, but frowned and
      shouted, "Wait a minute, ami! I don't think that's the
      best idea for the femme. Magneto's the big bad, no..."

      "Fuck you," Toad hissed back and yanked Rebecca to move

      Toad clamped his fist down on her arm painfully and Rebecca flared
      with anger.

      The heat was immediate and Toad hissed again, this time in surprised
      pain. He spun at her, but Rebecca did not flinch. He stood more
      than a few inches taller than her since she was barefoot, and glared
      down into her face viciously.

      Gambit had a card in his hand quickly, instinctively expecting the
      enraged Brotherhood member to attack the young woman physically.
      However, Toad had witnessed Rebecca's power first hand and he
      knew better.

      "Fine..." Toad said after a minute, seething, "Stay here
      with the X-Man. We'll be back for you..."

      He turned his head, and sneered at Gambit. The Cajun blinked in
      surprise at the hate he saw there.

      "For you both."

      Toad met Rebecca's fiery gaze again and held it for a moment,
      before leaping away with a sudden burst of speed. Rebecca watched
      him disappear and then turned to Gambit.

      "Let's follow him..." she said, "If that was that big
      cat guy from the Brotherhood...he sounded like he was fighting.
      Maybe your friends are around, too."

      Gambit ran in front of her and looked into the darkness grimly,
      "I hope you're right."

      Archived at www.fanfiction.net/~leen713
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