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ADMIN: Reminder on appropriate posts

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  • Mara Greengrass
    Hey folks, I thought this might be an opportune time to remind everyone about the list rules on appropriate and inappropriate posts. So, straight from your
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 4, 2004
      Hey folks, I thought this might be an opportune time to remind everyone
      about the list rules on appropriate and inappropriate posts. So,
      straight from your friendly neighborhood FAQ...

      * * * * *

      1. What's allowed?

      A) Fiction based on the X-world of the films -- any genre, rating,
      pairing (or none). Unfinished works are permitted, but please
      so-indicate in your story notes, as some readers prefer to wait for a
      story to be completed before starting in to read it. Crossovers are
      also permitted.

      B) Public feedback and discussion of posted stories is once again
      permitted. This rule has gone through waves. Originally, the list
      allowed public feedback, then due to the sheer volume of daily posts,
      discussion and feedback was asked to be taken to our sister discussion
      list. But in the past year, traffic has been extremely light, so we're
      revoking the "stories only" rule. If, however, things turn heavy enough
      to start swamping mailboxes, we reserve the right to return to a "Fic
      Only" policy.

      If you're sending feedback on a story, it'd be helpful to place "[FB]"
      in the subject header. Also, simplifying the subject to title and
      author would be appreciated. ALL feedback will be assumed to contain
      possible spoilers, so please don't read a feedback letter on a story you
      haven't read yet and complain about spoilers. Likewise, any fiction
      based on a movie installment may be assumed to contain spoilers for that
      movie. (In short, if you haven't seen X2 yet and you read fic about it,
      YES, you might be spoiled.)

      Please do NOT post heavily critical feedback onlist, unless the author
      has specified that such feedback is welcome.

      C) Posts concerning fanfic matters (such as fanfic contests), as well as
      archive announcements and site changes may be posted. Please indiate
      such posts with a [META] in front of them.

      2. What's not allowed?

      A) GENERAL DISCUSSION OF THE MOVIE(S) is not allowed. This is not the
      place for X2 (or X1, or X3, or ...) film reviews, discussion of the
      characters, the actors, the director, or possible sequels.

      Please don't post an introductory "Hi, I'm new." We're delighted to
      have you and glad you're enthusiastic, but this list has over 1000
      members now. PLEASE keep that in mind, or other list members might
      cheerfully skin you. :-)

      Please take any questions about the film[s] (even if asking for fanfic)
      to our sister discussion list, and/or to X_MEN_FILMS.

      B) FLAMES of any kind are absolutely forbidden. Goes without saying,
      but I'll say it anyway. You flame, we'll boot you, do not pass go, do
      not collect $200. What's a flame? An ad hominem or personal attack on
      another list member, or a post containing vitriolic hostility towards an
      author, a story, a character, a pairing, etc.

      C) NO REPOSTING of stories unless a year or more has past. Reposting
      your story does NOT elicit more feedback if you received little or none
      the first time. It simply annoys people. The only exceptions to the
      'no reposting' rule are stories that suffered severe formatting problems
      the first time -- e.g., half the story was cut off, all paragraph
      spacers were accidentally removed so it was one long paragraph, etc.
      This does not include editorial changes to fix spelling or grammar
      errors. Don't post an unbetaed version then the corrected one; please
      have stories proofread *before* posting, thank you.

      It is, of course, perfectly acceptable to post a link to previous
      chapters or prequel stories at the top of your current (new) story.

      C) No virus warnings, get rich quick schemes, cookie recipes and
      anything about a sick boy who wants 5,000 greeting cards before he dies
      is not a message for this list. Also, one line "me too"s and off topic
      discussions that go on and on are frowned upon. Basically, if your
      message is only for one or two people, please mail it to those people.

      D) Although I'm not sure it qualifies as "disallowed" -- we do ask
      posters to use normal spellings rather than chatroom abbreviations (ur
      for 'your' NEways for 'anyway'), as a matter of courtesy. An email list
      isn't a chat room, and chat shorthand is hard to read. Thanks.

      Repeated violations of the above may result in being placed on moderated
      status, or even expulsion.

      * * * * *

      Thanks for your understanding everyone, and we hope to keep this a happy
      list :)

      Moderator Mara
      Fanfic: http://mara.ink-and-quill.com
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