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Oh, The Irony 4/4 X2 [PG-13]

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  • Amy Denton
    Everyone, here is the final installment of Oh, The Irony. I hope everyone has enjoyed reading it. I certainly enjoyed writing it. Enjoy! Amy D.
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 2, 2004
      Everyone, here is the final installment of Oh, The Irony. I hope
      everyone has enjoyed reading it. I certainly enjoyed writing it.


      Amy D.

      Please see Part 0 for relevant disclaimer info and notes. Also, I will
      put the websites I used for medical info at the bottom of this message.
      Oh, The Irony

      "Honestly, this place is becoming a regular Grand Central Station."
      Hank commented to Jean when the Med-Lab's door slid open and Micah
      walked in. He looked over at Bobby, then at Hank and Jean.

      "Don't be so antisocial, Hank. You know you love all the attention you
      get when you're here." Jean replied. "Good morning, Micah."

      "If I was the subject of the attention I would but this parade of
      people is not for me but for young Mr. Drake over there. If I was any
      younger, I would be jealous." Hank said. "Good morning, Micah."

      "Good morning, Dr. Grey. Good morning, Dr. McCoy. May I see Bobby?"
      Micah asked.

      Jean looked over Micah's head and caught Bobby's eye. He shrugged.

      "Go on but be quick about it. You're going to be late to class as it
      is." Jean told Micah.

      Micah walked over to Bobby's bed and looked up at the older boy. "I'm
      really sorry. Please, please forgive me. I didn't mean for any of this
      to happen. I wish...I wish I could take it all back but I can't. I'll
      do anything to make things right."

      Bobby watched Micah's face very carefully as the younger boy spoke. He
      wanted to stay mad at Micah, wanted to hold on to the anger. The longer
      he did, the less time he had to be mad at himself for going off
      half-cocked. Micah wasn't the only one responsible for his extended
      stay in the Med-Lab.

      "I understand what you're saying, Micah and I know you're sorry but
      it's going to take me a while to forgive you." Bobby told him.

      Micah dropped his eyes from Bobby and nodded. "I...I hear you. I...I
      just don't want you to hate me."

      Bobby made a face and said "I don't hate you but I don't like you at
      the moment either."

      Micah nodded again. "I understand." He turned to leave but Bobby
      reached out and grabbed Micah by the wrist.

      "Micah." Bobby said, letting go of Micah's wrist. "Just don't do
      something dumb trying to 'make things right', you got that? You
      wouldn't like it down here. There's no tv and the food's terrible."

      Micah met Bobby's eyes and mumbled "Yeah, sure, whatever." His eyes
      stayed on Bobby for a long moment, then he turned and left.


      "You wanted to see me, Professor Xavier?" Micah said.

      "Yes, Micah, come in. Have a seat. I do not want to keep you from
      lunch. Cook will be very unhappy with me if I do, but I did have some
      questions that only you can answer." Professor Xavier said. He looked
      at the office door and it swung shut noiselessly.

      Micah sat down and waited. He knew what the questions had to be about,
      Jonathan. Just like all the other questions over the past two days.

      "If you were to set a trap for Jonathan, what would that trap look

      Micah blinked. "You're asking me?"

      "Yes. No one here has the insight into Jonathan's mind that you do."

      Micah frowned. "What's 'insight' mean?"

      "You know how he thinks." Professor Xavier supplied.

      "If I was to set a trap....Jonathan likes money, he always wants more
      of it, he never has enough. Any trap would have to have a lot of money
      with it."

      Professor Xavier nodded.

      "Maybe if I can get a hold of him and tell him that I've got another
      kid for him to snatch or that I know where he can get his hands on a
      lot of money, he'll come out from wherever he's hiding. I know he's got
      to be ticked at me for letting Bobby get away."

      The casualness with which Micah mentioned 'snatching another kid' sent
      a cold shiver through Professor Xavier. Micah was far too young to be
      knowledgeable on such things but he was.

      "I know where he stays, if I could get a message to him then he could
      call and then he'd come out and then he'd be caught. You could use me
      to lure him out!" Micah blurted out the last part with a smile on his

      "That is something to think about." Professor Xavier told him, leaving
      out the tiny detail of NOT using children as bait. "Is there any
      particular method you used to use to contact him when you were with

      Micah shook his head, then his eyes widened. "He got a pager just
      before I left. He was real proud of it but I don't remember the

      "Would you remember what Jonathan's last name is?" Professor Xavier
      asked. Even the smallest piece of information could be used to find and
      trap the man.

      Micah shook his head again. "He wouldn't have it under his own name

      "That's all right. You've given me exactly what I was looking for.
      You've been a great help."

      "Really?" Micah's face lit up at Professor Xavier's words. "What else
      can I do?"

      "Nothing at the moment. However, when I need your help, I'll send for
      you. Go on to lunch. Give Cook my apologies." Professor Xavier told

      "Yes, sir." Micah slid out of the chair and walked from the room.

      //Jean, after classes are finished for the day, come to my office and
      bring the others. I think I may have a way catching Micah's guardian.//
      Professor Xavier sent out the mental message to Jean, then turned to
      complete the equations on the blackboard next to him.


      The end of school came quicker than anyone had expected and, as soon as
      the children were released, the adults made their way to the
      Professor's office. Scott arrived first, followed by Jean and Storm
      and, finally, Logan. Kurt was asked to keep an eye on the some of the
      children, especially Micah, just in case.

      After the Professor related what Micah had told him, he asked Scott
      "How easy would it be to trace Jonathan through his pager without
      knowing his last name?"

      "Depends. If he bought it legally, it can be traced based on where and
      when it was bought. Illegally? That's a bigger problem. There's no real
      place to start looking for the stolen ones." Scott replied.

      Logan snorted.

      Scott looked over at him and said "You got a suggestion, Logan?"

      "Yeah, Micah said he knew where this guy stayed, work at it from that
      angle and skip the pager. Yer gonna spend a whole lotta time looking
      for something that's not there. If ya can't find him that way, then go
      back to the pager thing."

      Scott frowned, he hadn't gotten quite that far in his thinking and it
      annoyed him that Logan had.

      "Okay, once we know where the guy is, do we call the cops?" Jean asked.

      "Give me some time with him and I'll come up with somethin'." Logan
      replied, smiling a truly evil smile.

      "Logan, as much as it might make you feel better, beating the stuffing
      out of the guy isn't going to solve anything." Jean replied.

      "Yes, it will. He'll think twice before pulling that kind of *%&*^ on
      some other kid." Logan said.

      "I can't believe this but I'm agreeing with Logan, again." Scott said,
      earning him a LOOK from Jean. "What are the police going to do?"

      "All right." Professor Xavier said, holding up his hands. "We've gone
      over this already. Beating the man senseless will accomplish nothing in
      the long run and that is what we need to focus on. Yes, Logan, beating
      him to a bloody pulp would be quite satisfying, I'm sure but what then?
      Are you going to keep watch on this character for the rest of his life?
      No. What is needed is his removal from society."

      Logan smiled again.

      "Through legal methods," Professor Xavier added. "We must also take
      into account what will be best for Micah. He has witnessed enough
      depravity, he needn't see any more especially at the hands of people he
      trusts." Professor Xavier looked pointedly at Logan and Scott.


      Once again, it was the phone that brought Micah and Jonathan together.
      That very night, just after dinner, the phone rang and it was for

      With not a little trepidation, Micah took phone from Jenna, a
      telekinetic like him, whispering to her " Could you get Mr. Summers for
      me? Please?"

      Jenna eyed him for a moment, then nodded.

      Micah took a deep breath, then spoke into the phone. "Hello?"

      "I am NOT happy with you." Jonathan's irritation came across the phone
      lines clear as a bell.

      "I told you it wouldn't work. Bobby was on to me from the start." Micah
      replied, his stomach tightening at the sound of Jonathan's voice. He
      looked around the room and prayed that Scott would show up soon.

      "It would've worked if you had told me he was a mutant freak like you."

      "I tried to tell you but you were too busy spending the money before
      you had it." Micah felt some of the old fear climb up his spine. He
      swallowed and refused to give in.

      "Shut up, boy! Now, I'm gonna give you one more chance to make things
      right or I'm comin' to get you and no one's gonna get in my way."

      Scott came into the room at a dead run at that moment and Micah pointed
      at the phone 'Jonathan' he mouthed. Scott nodded and withdrew, looking
      for another phone to listen in on.

      "Are ya' listening to me, boy?!" Jonathan's voice rose in anger.

      "Maybe I don't care, ya' ever think a' that? You think you can get me?"
      Micah snapped back. In the background, he heard a faint click as Scott
      picked up a receiver nearby.

      "Feelin' pretty brave, are ya? How brave you gonna be when your
      precious school finds out you helped kidnap one a' the other kids? You
      think they're be so understandin' then?"

      "I know they will. They actually care about me."

      Jonathan laughed and laughed. "You know what? After I'm done with you,
      I gonna leave ya where I found ya', on the side of the road."

      Micah gulped but took a deep breath and remembered what Kurt said 'Have
      faith, child....We are not perfect. We make mistakes...The Creator has
      already forgiven you.'

      //Micah, tell Jonathon to meet you near the New Salem Dinner tomorrow
      evening around six and you'll give him enough money to go away and
      leave you alone.// Jean's voice echoed in Micah's head.

      He nodded, even though Jean wasn't there to see him. "If I give you
      some money, will you go away and leave me alone?"

      "Maybe, depends on how much money we're talkin' about."

      "Meet me tomorrow night around six near the New Salem Dinner and I'll
      give you enough money to leave me alone."

      "You sure you got that much?" Jonathan asked, an evil chuckle following
      his words.

      "You want the money or not?"

      "All right, 6 o'clock tomorrow. But you cross me boy and there's
      nowhere you'll be...."

      Micah cut Jonathan off and hung up the phone. He stood there for a
      moment, than another, then sat down on the floor, shaking. Jean came in
      and knelt by his side, followed by Scott.

      "Micah?" she asked him.

      Micah looked at Jean and smiled. "I did it. I stood up to him. He can't
      scare me anymore."

      Jean nodded and said "You did a great job. You thought on your feet,
      you sent for an adult and you helped Bobby."

      Micah's smile grew brighter. "I did. Can I tell Bobby? Is it too late?"

      Jean looked at her watch, then at Micah. "Sorry, he's asleep by now."

      "That's okay. You think he'd want to see me tomorrow?"


      Micah nodded and scrambled out of the room, headed for his bed, a bed
      that no one could take from him now.


      5:58 p.m. Micah looked at his watch, again and stamped his feet.
      Despite his warm clothing, the cold was seeping through and all he
      wanted was to go back to the mansion and warm-up but he couldn't go
      back to the mansion. Not yet, anyway. Jonathan hadn't shown up yet and
      until he arrived, Micah could do nothing but wait.

      At least, he was out of the wind, sheltered in the shadow of The New
      Salem Diner. He leaned against the building and blew on his hands. He
      kept expecting a familiar fear to knot up his insides just as they
      always had when Jonathan was around or was coming to get him. Nothing
      so far. His eyes swept the length of the alleyway, starting at the
      diner. Nothing out there. Nothing that could be seen, that is. Lurking
      in the shadows of the alley were Storm, Scott, Jean and Logan, all
      waiting for the chance to nab Jonathan, Logan taking the position
      closest to Micah. If he squinted, Micah thought he could just pick out
      tips of Logan's hair.

      "Well, don't you look all warm and comfy?" Jonathan's voice echoed off
      the alley's walls and made Micah jump.

      Micah looked in Jonathan's direction and wished he hadn't. He looked
      terrible, Of course, he never had looked too good to begin with. His
      clothes threadbare and worn, did not fit his tall, thin frame. His eyes
      were sunken into their sockets, a scraggly beard covered the bottom of
      his face with a layer of grime covered the top half and the stench
      wafting from him made Micah's nose wrinkle.

      "Think you've got a pretty good thing goin', don't ya?" Jonathan said,
      advancing on him. Instinctively, Micah backed up, the familiar fear
      finally appearing. He backed up until his back was pressed against a
      stack of trash and old boxes.

      *Have faith, child...We are not perfect...* Kurt's words rang in
      Micah's head again and he was not afraid any longer.

      "You want the money or not?" Micah asked Jonathan.

      "How much you got?"

      "Enough. More than you would've gotten from Bobby. If I give you this,
      you'll leave me alone."

      "What if I don't?"

      "You want the cops on your case for kidnapping?"

      "You think they'd believe you?"

      "Over you? In a heartbeat. I told you kidnapping wouldn't work."

      "It woulda worked if not for you and your screw-ups."

      "Me? How's this my fault?"

      "You never told me he was some mutant freak."

      "Like you would've changed your mind."

      "Don't smart mouth me, boy, you'll wish you hadn't."

      "What are you gonna do? Kidnap me?"

      "Don't tempt me. I've done it before."

      "You don't scare me any more, Jonathan."

      "I don't?"

      Jonathan moved quicker than Micah could react, his hand lashing out and
      smacking Micah across the face. Micah stumbled backwards into the trash
      and boxes and tasted the blood on his lip. Jonathan loomed over him,
      grabbing him by his coat and hauling him to his feet.

      "Where's the money? Where is it?!" Jonathan snarled, the smell of
      alcohol on his breath. He pushed Micah against the wall and starting
      searching Micah's coat.

      A snarl came from behind Jonathan and suddenly, his feet were lifted
      off the ground and he was flying through the air, landing in the street
      in a heap.

      "Logan, you're not supposed to toss the guy into the street. We don't
      want all of New Salem as witnesses." Jean came out from her spot and
      made her way over to Micah.

      Logan grunted and stepped out into the street. Jonathan tried,
      desperately, to scramble out of Logan's reach but he didn't get far.
      When Logan collared him and dragged him to his feet, he started to
      plead and beg for his life, Micah now forgotten.

      "Yer too ^&$%* lazy to steal so you get kids to steal for you? What
      kind of creature are you?" Logan snarled at Jonathan, throwing him up
      against the wall of the restaurant.

      "Please....just let me go...I'll...I'll never bother the kid again, I
      swear...please, don't kill me." Jonathan babbled.

      Logan pinned him to the wall, made a fist and held the claws inches
      from Jonathan's throat. "Yer a waste o' human being. You don't deserve
      to live."

      "Please..." Jonathan whimpered.

      Logan sniffed the air, wrinkled his nose and looked down at the growing
      stain on Jonathan's pants. "Not so brave now, huh?"

      "Enough, Logan." Storm laid her hand on Logan's arm.

      Logan looked at her, then over his shoulder to see what the other's
      thought. Jean was still talking to Micah but Scott stood there,

      "I think you've gotten your point across." Storm said.

      Logan's scowl deepened but he relaxed his hand and let go of Jonathan.
      "You even *think* of moving, bub...."

      Jonathan nodded and folded into himself.

      "Now, what? Dump him on the cops?" Logan asked.

      "That's the idea. They'll get him for assault, theft, attempted murder,
      attempted kidnapping and my personal favorite, contributing to the
      delinquency of a minor." Scott walked around Logan and squatted down
      next to Jonathan. "And you're going to write all that down, aren't

      Jonathan nodded.


      Five sets of eyes watched from across the street as the cops pulled up
      to the dinner, lights flashing, siren going, in response to a 911 call
      reporting a break-in. Instead of a burglar, they found Jonathan, seated
      on the doorstep, hands bound behind him, a written confession tucked
      into the pocket of his ratty jacket. The cops stared down at him for a
      moment, then one cop pulled the confession out of the pocket and
      started to read. He whistled when he was finished and handed it to his
      partner before going back to the patrol car and opening the patrol
      car's back door. By then, his partner was finished reading and was
      shaking his head. He tucked the confession into the pocket of his coat,
      then hauled Jonathan to his feet and stuffed him into the patrol car.
      Moments later, the police car pulled away and the five pairs of eyes
      came out of the shadows.

      "You watch way too many 50's movies. That was just plain corny." Logan
      said to Scott.

      "Corny it may be but it worked, didn't it?" Scott replied.

      "He's not going to be back any time soon, is he?" Micah asked.

      Logan squatted down in front of Micah and said "Nope. He's gonna be in
      jail for a long time."

      Micah smiled and said "Good, bastard deserved it."

      Even Logan was surprised at Micah's words but he didn't show it.
      Instead, he took Micah's hand in his and led him back to the car, with
      the others following behind.


      "Bobby? Can you help me with my math?" Micah came up to the older boy
      in the library of the mansion.

      Bobby stopped reading the magazine in front of him and looked at Micah.
      In the week since Jonathan's collar by the police, Micah had gone out
      of his way to try and get back into his good graces. When Bobby was
      released from the Med-Lab, Micah was waiting for him. Whatever Bobby
      wanted, Micah got. If Bobby forgot his books, Micah retrieved them. If
      he overslept, Micah would come and wake him up. Micah even offered to
      do some of Bobby's homework, despite the age difference and grade
      level. And yet, Bobby did not appear to have let Micah off the hook,
      publicly anyway.

      Way down deep inside him, Bobby had already forgiven Micah, he just
      hadn't told Micah yet. He didn't know if he ever would. Bobby had never
      been more scared then when he was trying to stay warm in the barn and
      he had never been more relieved to open his eyes and see Jean looking
      at him. He had trusted Micah and that had almost killed him. It would
      be a very long time, if ever, before he blindly trusted anyone again.

      Micah stood waiting, patiently, math book with notebook paper sticking
      out, clutched in his hands.

      *Oh, Hell. The kid needs help. I can be mad later.*

      "All right. Pull up a chair and let me see what the deal is." Bobby
      said to Micah.

      Micah's face lit up like a Christmas tree. He dropped the math book on
      the table and scrambled into the chair next to Bobby. He flipped open
      the book to the problem section and showed the assignment to Bobby.

      Word problems.

      *Not my favorite.* Bobby thought but he looked over Micah's work and
      began to explain the next problem.

      "You going to do something dumb like that again?" Bobby asked later,
      referring to the failed kidnapping plot.

      Micah vigorously shook his head. "Nope. I'm never gonna do that again."

      "Good. If you ever do, *I'm* coming after you. You got that?"

      Micah nodded. "Thanks, Bobby."

      Websites used:

      http://www.hypothermia.org/ <---------------- This site has the best
      comment on hypothermia that I've ever read. 'Not dead, until WARM and
      http://www.hypothermia-ca.com/res-q-air.htm <----------- This is where
      I got the oxygen mask that Jean uses in the first part.

      I also typed the word 'hypothermia' into Google's search engine and
      used what it came up with.

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