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[xmmff] Fic: A Marvelistic Time. 2/? R

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  • Nicca
    *sorry about the many spaces there s something wrong with the yahoo email right now.* Title: A Marvelistic Time Author: Nicca Rating: R to be on the safer side
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 1, 2004
      *sorry about the many spaces there's something wrong
      with the yahoo email right now.*

      Title: A Marvelistic Time
      Author: Nicca
      Rating: R to be on the safer side
      Continuity: X1/X2/AU
      Disclaimer: Don't own the character, notta, nothing,
      Feedback: Pretty Please???
      Summary: It's my life series. The one the only Ms.
      Marvel arrives at Xavier's
      Notes: Right now just planning on the future
      chapters, there will be a lot of twists in these
      Comments: Oooh, thank you to 2 friends for helping
      with this fic.

      ~this means telepathic thoughts~
      ** this means that there will be some writing around
      so Logan can't hear.


      Logan's thoughts:

      What the hell is wrong with that girl? She�s been
      acting really weird since her mutation workout with
      Chuck a few days ago.I know that she still has a
      little problem withletting people know that she can
      touch, she didn'teven tell me. Why would she not tell
      anyone that? I found out by opening the door and
      seeing her touch Chuck, before she even really noticed
      that I saw her touch without any fuckin' gloves on.
      I'm happy for her, but that's notwhat's wrong with
      her. What's wrong with her is thatsince Jean's, uh,
      death, she's been distant around me, like avoiding me
      and that really pisses me off. Is it the people here
      thinking that she's been hanging around me too much?
      �Cause that's not even wrong, fuckin' people. Who the
      fuck do they think they are?'

      There's nothing wrong with that, at all, mother
      fuckers, asshole, dipshits, why don't they just mind
      their own business? If they have a problem with that,
      why don't they just take it out on me, and not Marie,
      (pauses) uh, Rogue? Why the fuck do I keep on calling
      her that? That's so fuckin' weird. Shit, what the fuck
      is wrong with me I gotta fuckin' stop feelin' like
      this for her. If they have a problem with that, why
      don�t they just it out on me, and not Marie *pauses*
      uh, Rogue. I gotta remember to call her Rogue.

      Marie entered the conference room with the lone Logan.

      Marie's thought:

      OH SHIT!!! Just great, just freakin' great, the last
      person I wanted to see, and the only person I've been
      avoidin' and he's here, alone, with me, starin' at me.
      Aw crap, my eyes are betraying me �cause now they�re
      just starin' at his lips, his gorgeously almost thin
      reddish-pinky lips. Oh God, I think that he noticed.
      Ok, bring my eyes to his eyes and smile, and close the
      door behind me.

      Marie closed the door behind her, walked to the
      couch in front of Logan and sat down.

      "Hey, kid,� Logan said.

      "Hey, Logan, what's up?" Marie said.

      "Nothin' much, you?"

      "Um, nothin' much also, just been listening to loud

      "Really, �cause I thought maybe you've been avoiding
      people �cause you don�t wanna make a big deal about
      the touchin� thing.�


      "Sorry, but you don't have to explain to them why you
      didn't tell them, or me."

      "How'd you find out?"

      "I'm not exactly blind, plus I saw you touch Chuck a
      few days ago."

      "Oh, sorry."

      "Sorry, about what?"

      "That I didn't tell you."

      "You didn't have to. I just wanted to know if that's
      the reason why you've been avoidin' me?�

      "I was not avoiding you." �What a crock�, Marie

      �Liar, I know that you've been avoidin' me, but why?�
      Logan thought.

      "Yes, you were. I can read you like a book, Marie."



      "What did you just call me?"

      "Uuuuhhhhh, Marie, sorry"

      "Did you do that on purpose?"

      "No, it just slipped out that's all."

      "So, how long have you been wanting to call me that?"

      "Never really thought about it before, all that I know
      is that I've been calling you that for some time now
      and I don't know why, sorry.�

      "It's ok,"

      "So, why have you been avoidin' me?"

      "I don't know. I just didn't wanna talk, and be around
      people. But why? Did you wanna talk or something?"
      �That's right something, like wanting you to take me
      every time we cross paths.� Marie thought.

      "Yeah, talk. So when are you free for that?"

      "Whenever, I guess. You ok with that?"

      "Yeah, of course."

      They looked at each other, which was too short for
      them both, because just then the professor, Ororo,
      Scott, Kurt, and a blond blue-eyed woman enter. Then
      suddenly Marie sees the blond haired woman staring and
      smiling at Logan.

      �That's just fuckin' great, another hot woman to
      compete with for Logan.� Marie thought.

      Then the blond woman stared and smiled at Marie, and
      Marie had no choice but to smile back at her.

      "Logan, Rogue, I would want you to meet Carol
      Danvers, also known as Ms. Marvel. She is an old
      friend of mine,� the professor said.

      "Hi," said Logan.

      "Hi,� Marie said.

      "Hi to both of you, too,� Carol said smiling.

      "Uh, Logan, Carol informed me that she knew you,� the
      Professor said.

      "Really?� Logan said.

      "Yes, we were friends. We were both agents for the
      KBG, do you remember?"

      "No, I don't."

      �What the hell, they probably fucked. Look at her;
      there is no other person that could compete with that.
      This is bullshit.� Marie thought.

      "Shit." Marie muttered under her breath, but everyone
      else heard it loud and clear.

      "What?" Logan said.


      "Tell me."

      "No, it's nothing, it just slipped out,� she said
      sarcastically, knowing full well that Logan would
      remember how her real name just slipped out from his
      mouth, and he got it.

      "Fine, if you won't tell us, then you'll tell me
      later, and I'm gonna make you tell me."

      "Yeah, fine, whatever, but I don't really have an
      answer for why I just said shit."

      "Fine, but we're still gonna talk."






      "Whoa,� Carol said looking at Marie. "Guess you're not
      afraid of the Wolverine?"

      "No, why should I? I have no reason to. So, he's been
      called the Wolverine for, like ever huh?"


      "Dang, you look young to be an agent. How old were
      you when you started?" Marie asked.

      "Well, I was eighteen when I started, and I was
      nineteen when Logan and I met."

      �So, did you guys get close right away?�

      "Yeah, I guess so.� Carol started glancing at Marie,
      so that Marie would catch it when Carol took her eyes
      off of her then went to Logan, which he didn't catch,
      but Marie got the hint.

      "Oooh." Raising both her eyebrows.

      ~So professor, you told Carol everything, about what
      had happened to me and him, since we arrived here,
      then huh?~

      ~Yes, indeed I have, and also thoughts about you two.~

      ~And what would that be?~

      ~That you are a dignified chicken, and won�t tell
      Logan how you feel towards him.~

      "Aw shit." Marie said out loud. "Uh, sorry."

      Then the professor chuckled.

      ~How'd you know? ~

      ~You always projected it, and it wasn't hard to see
      the look on your face when you two look at each

      ~So you don't care about the age difference?~

      ~No, not at all. I know that you are the last person
      that Logan would want to hurt, and you are definitely
      wise beyond your years. Not only that your eyes say
      it all, but your actions.~

      ~Thank you, I'm so freakin' speechless.~

      ~Well, you are most definitely welcome.~

      ~But why did you tell her.~

      ~I knew that you were kind of somewhat jealous of Jean
      because of Logan, and I knew knowing that there is
      indeed a history with Carol and Logan that you would
      get jealous. I understand your feelings, and all you
      really have to be is brave and don't care about what
      people would think, just go with your gut instincts.~

      ~Thanks again, professor.~

      ~No problem.~

      "Uh, so, do you two want to be alone to talk about
      your histories with the agency and your friendship?"

      Marie asked while looking at Carol.

      "Um, no, it's very short, so I can just tell you, that
      we were partners. We looked out for one another, and
      we became so close that we were like brother and
      sister,� Carol said with another of her famous smiles.

      "Oh, cool,� Marie said, trying to hide her happiness.


      ~Ouch, that really hurt.~

      ~Oh, sorry, professor.~

      ~Yes, well you are so glad that I can control your
      feelings around Logan or you would give him the
      realization that you truly love him without warning.~

      ~I know and thank you for that.~

      ~You are welcome. Remember, just tell me when to turn
      it off ok?~


      "So, what time is it?" Marie asked. Scott looked at
      his watch.

      "Five to six."

      "Cool, I'm gonna eat now. So, um, I'm heading to the
      kitchen, um, who would like to join, me? Ororo?" Marie
      stared Ororo with pleading eyes and a smile.

      "Oh, sure."

      "Cool, hey prof, did the pizzas arrive yet?"

      "Yes, they did.�

      "Alright, time for me to pig out. Well, see ya guys

      Then Ororo and Marie arrived at the kitchen with Marie
      carrying a notebook with a pen knowing full well that
      Logan would come into the kitchen with them.

      "So you must be happy." Ororo said.

      "Happy about what?"

      "That Carol and Logan's relationship was a
      brother-sister one, instead of romantic.�

      "Damn, is that so fuckin' obvious?"

      "Yes, and just go for the gusto."

      "Yeah sure, when I learn on not to be a freakin'

      Logan, Scott, Professor, Kurt, and Carol arrived at
      the kitchen. Then Marie opened her notebook and wrote

      *I don't know why I was so fuckin' jealous of Jean and
      Carol *

      *Why? *

      *Because Logan always had Jean's attention and
      now Carol *

      Scott comes to check on what Marie and Ororo were

      "Hey, Scott, not to be mean and all, but fuck off and
      keep your eyes off where it doesn't belong,� Marie

      "Whoa, ok there, are you sure you're not pmsing?"
      Scott said.

      "I don't know, but I won't get moody if you leave your
      eyes off the notebook."



      "Jeez, what's her problem?" Scott said to Kurt, and
      maybe Logan.

      "I do not know, I think that Rogue just might need
      some space, from uh, men, right now."

      "That's why I'm gonna have a little talk with her
      later or before next week when she cools down a bit,�
      Logan said taking another sip of his soda.

      "You wish that soda was a beer right about now
      huh, Logan?" Scott said while smirking.

      "Yeah, and why don't you shut up, Cyke?"

      "Make me."

      "Fine then I will."

      Logan casually stalks in front of Scott and stares at
      him, but Ororo, Marie, and Carol notices, and Marie
      walks over and lays a hand on Logan's very very
      muscular chest and looks at him with those eyes that
      Logan could see right through. He puts up his arms,
      signaling that he surrendered. When Logan did that
      Scott had a big fat smirky grin on his face.

      "Wow, I can't believe that the big bad ass Wolverine
      backed down. Man, are you ever whi.."

      "Scott, shut up. If anyone here is whipped, it's gotta
      be you. Jean can even agree with me when she comes
      back. Face it, Scott, you're her bitch."

      Marie shot back at Scott, then looking back at Logan,
      they both stare at each other until Carol cleared her
      throat, and Marie noticed that she still had her hand
      on Logan's very very very muscular chest.

      "Uh, sorry,� Marie said.

      "Nothin' to be sorry about, kid,� Logan said that to
      her while giving her a small smile.

      "Ok." Marie smiling back at him. "Dang, I'm gonna go
      eat some pizza now. Ro, you wanna grab the box of
      pizza please."

      "Certainly, Miss Rogue," Ororo said

      "Why thank you."

      Both women start to walk towards the dining room when
      Marie stopped abruptly, turned around and then walked
      over to the kitchen counter. She grabbed the pen and

      "Ooops, I almost forgot this."

      When Marie left, Scott looked like he really had his
      feelings hurt.

      "Damn, I really wanted to know what they were writing

      "Too bad, why don't you just ask them?" Kurt said.


      "Why not?"

      "I just can't that's all.�

      "Well, why not?"

      "I just can't, because they�re, well, women. Why don't
      you come with me later and ask them?"

      "Well, I do not think so, Scott.�

      "How come?"

      "Because they really like me right now, and I do not
      want to damage that right now."

      "Fine, I'll do it right after Logan has that talk with

      "Suit yourself, Cyke."

      "I do not get it. Why do you not just ask her?" Kurt
      said with a questioning face.

      "Because Kurt, there's something you need to know
      about women and that is that they tend to overreact
      more than men sometimes."

      "Why? Does not everybody get mad at the same rate?�

      "Yeah well what ever. That could be possible."

      Meanwhile, in the dining room...

      Both Ororo and Marie sat down beside each other with
      their box of pizza, and started writing to each other.

      * Ok, so what's your problem, Rogue? *

      * Nothing.*

      * Yes, there is. Now you know that you have no reason
      to be jealous of Jean and Carol, right?*

      *No, it's just that, well look at me and look at
      them, I mean Jean's got that thing I don't know what,
      but she has something that Logan wants that I don't
      have, and that's well, the age, the look, and the
      womanly walk. Trust me she has the walk. Then there's
      Carol. She comes here and just like Jean gets all
      of the guys attention. I mean just look at her, and
      not only the looks but she has the past with Logan and
      for some reason that really makes me jealous.*

      *Look, Rogue, you have insecurities and that's why
      you've been bottling up all your feelings for Logan.
      You need to tell him how you really truly feel and no
      matter what you'll feel better, somewhat because the
      weight on your shoulder had been lifted off of you.
      And you never know how Logan would react, it might be
      a good thing.*

      *Yeah, well, that, I might not take it into heart
      because he just sees me as a kid.*

      *No, he does not. You�re just putting words into
      his mouth.*

      *No, I'm not. *

      *Yes, you are.*

      *No, I'm not.*

      *Ok, sure fine, but you have to stop this self pity
      and swallow your pride and tell him how you feel.*

      *Can't, too scared. *

      *You might be during the few sentences, but soon
      it'll get better, plus you survived the last 8 months
      on your own, that is how I know that you will survive
      telling him. *

      *Okay, fine, but really? I have to say sentences,
      all I was thinking of saying to him was, "hey Logan, I
      love you do you love me back, and I mean not just as
      friends kinda thing, so do ya?" *

      Ororo laughed.

      * Sure you can go that way, but you cannot berate
      and torture yourself over this. It will kill you. *

      *Really? *

      *Yes, it will, by not telling him it will leave you
      embittered and full of regret in the long run. Leaving
      him oblivious to your feelings will only end in sorrow
      and regret. You should take the plunge and tell him,
      again you might be surprised by what you find out. *

      *Yeah, I'll let that sink in later, but um, I don't
      know if you noticed but there's this age gap. Not that
      I care because I feel like I'm more than just
      eighteen. Well almost eighteen, but that's not
      important, the important thing is that I'm worried
      about what people might think. *

      *Well, let me see, you should never care what people
      think unless you asked them for their opinion,
      otherwise that's just your insecurities talking. Never
      let people get the best of you in a demeaning way. *

      *I know, thanks. I really love this notebook chat,
      plus I hear footsteps. *

      *Well, you are mostly definitely welcome.*

      Then the X-Men, the professor, and Carol enter
      the dining room, and everyone sits down to eat dinner.

      *Oh hey.*


      *Logan has the sensing ability thing, and you're in
      love with him, how come he couldn't you know, smell
      the way you felt about him? *

      *Oh, well, the professor knows and he helped me out
      with that one. *

      *Wow, that's cool.*

      * I know.*

      *Hey, sorry that I lectured you. *

      *Why? I wanted you to. *

      *Oh, well it's just that I kinda know how you are
      feeling. *

      * Yeah, really? *

      *Yeah, really. *

      *It's Kurt isn't it? You�re in love with him,
      aren't you? *

      *Well, not exactly in love with him, but it's
      getting there. *

      * Cool.*

      After dinner Rogue went, you guessed it, she went back
      to her room. She went to bed eating some chips and
      watching TV, until she passed out.

      The next afternoon.

      Marie walked into the common room and sat down on the
      couch next to Scott.

      "Wow, you're a late riser, aren't you?" Carol said
      with that smile that Marie absolutely loves.


      "What time did you go to sleep last night?"

      "About 2:30 or 3 around there."

      "Whoa, what else did you do last night after dinner?"

      "Stayed in bed drinking some soda and eatin' some junk
      food, all while watching TV.�

      "What shows?"

      "Oh, Jay Leno, Conan O'Brien, then re-runs of the
      Cosby show, then passed out. I woke up about 15
      minutes ago, cleaned, and ate."

      "That's so cool, I wish I could do that. I bet you're
      also a morning hater?"

      "That I am."

      So everyone talked until 6:15 pm then that's when
      trouble hit, there was no time for the X-Men to get
      into their uniforms, so they just hoped into the
      Blackbird and went to the site, and they couldn't
      believe what they saw.

      "Holy shit what the hell is that?� Marie blurted out.

      ~Those are called the Sentinels. These are Magneto's
      big new project to try and destroy us.~ ~ the
      professor said to all of them.

      "Oh, my God, how the hell are we gonna destroy them?"
      Carol asked.

      "I don't know,� Logan said while all were looking up,
      then he whipped his claws out and started attacking
      the Sentinels and Cyclops blasted at them. Carol used
      her super strength and flying abilities, Storm used
      the weather, and Kurt tried all of what he can do.
      Rogue was just standing there 0with what appeared to
      be a look of intense concentration, then she took off
      her gloves and held both of her hands in the air and
      then lifted the remaining Sentinels and started
      crushing them until they were broken in half. When she
      finally accomplished that she looked at the X-Men, and
      they had shocked faces on them.

      "Shit, my hands really, fuckin' hurt right, now,�
      Marie said, in almost agony. "What? Remember as long
      as I have Magneto in my head I have his power with

      Then lifting both her hands to her streaked white
      hair, they stopped staring. Suddenly in came another
      Sentinel, but this time it shot at the first thing in
      sight and that was Carol. When she went down Marie
      went to her side.

      "Don't worry, it'll be alright,� Marie said.

      "No, it won't. I'm dying, I know that I am,� Carol
      said while gasping for air.

      "Stop thinking like that. You are not dying. GUYS,
      where are you guys?"

      Marie turned around and saw a fiery Phoenix, and with
      a shocked look. She yelled out.

      "Shit, JEAN, HELP, CAROL NEEDS HELP!!!." But Jean
      wouldn't turn around and neither would the X-Men. It
      was like they were in a trance by Jean, which was the

      "Marie, it's ok, no need to do that, no one and
      nothing can save me."

      "What?" Marie said referring to her real name which
      Carol got the hint, she had to tell the truth.

      "I know who you are and I need to tell you the truth
      before it's too late."

      "What is it?"

      "Your real name is Rogue Marie Darkholme Creed."

      "What?" Marie paused remembering the name Darkholme
      and Creed. "Wait, that's Mystiques' last name and
      Sabertooth's name. Are you saying that they're my

      Now was a good time for Rogue to get freaked knowing
      her hatred for Mystique.

      "Yes, remember all the blackouts that you've had over
      the course of your life?"


      "That's when your real parents, got to spend real time
      with you. Look, I was here to find you and tell you
      the truth and to destroy the Brotherhood, along with
      your mother, but not your father. Your father is a
      good man. He was drugged into believing that he was
      evil to become a part of the Brotherhood, for your
      welfare." Carol said while coughing.Then once Marie
      got all the facts into her head "Oh, my God,
      Mystiques' my mother, and Sabertooth's my father. I
      can't believe Mystique can be my mother, what I can't
      belie..WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOIN'????"

      Suddenly Carol's hand shot out and latched onto
      Rogue's bare hands and then Marie's mutation suddenly
      kicked on and start sucking out Carol's mutation,
      which was now going into Rogue. Then once the
      mutation was all sucked out Carol's life force was

      "Don't worry you'll find out, and good bye Rogue, take
      care of Logan for me would ya." Those were Carol's
      last words. While all of that was happening Rogue was
      screaming and the last thing she saw was Jean passing
      out into the arms of Scott and Logan. Then she too
      blacked out.


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